Outer Banks, NC Beach Vacation Adventures

Oh, Outer Banks. I miss you so much.


As you guys know, I returned to DC over the weekend after a wonderful week long beach vacation with family and friends. We had the best time – it was so hard to leave on Saturday!


The week was a great mix of relaxation and fun activities. In addition to playing in the water and riding around on the waves (my favorite!), we also played Kan Jam, which is a really fun Frisbee beach game.


One of the afternoons, we went sailing! It was a great day for it – really windy and sunny.



So fun. We only almost capsized twice. ;)




Our other water-related entertainment was the fun pool we had at the house we rented – we set up an inflatable volleyball net in the water and had some epic games throughout the week.


On the exercise front, I got in two good 4 mile-ish beach runs. The one pictured below was just on the road, and the second run was actually on the sand (and much slower as a result – but prettier)!


Another fun workout I tried while at the beach was a barre-style workout class called Fluidity!



Matt’s brother Drew’s girlfriend, Morgana, is a dancer in NYC and also teaches Fluidity classes, so she offered to lead the ladies in a class while we were at the beach, just for fun. We used the deck of our house for our “studio” and the railing as our “bar” for the class. ;) People walking by were very intrigued by all of us!


It was fun! It reminded me a lot of the Pure Barre classes I tried a couple years ago. Fluidity is very similar in terms of the workout, but it’s actually available in normal gyms instead of boutique studios, like other barre classes. Cool! They are spreading to more and more gyms so if you guys ever see it at a gym near you, give it a try! You will feel the burn for sure. :) It’s hard!


Thanks to Morgana for teaching all of us. :)

The other big highlight of the beach was of course the food! Almost every night we had happy hour on the beach.





It doesn’t get much better than freshly shucked oysters and a cold beer while sitting in the sand.


After happy hour, we moved the party to either our house or our family friend’s house for dinner.


One night, Matt’s parents did a delicious fish fry!



Complete with a homemade peach and berry cobbler for dessert. YUM.


Another night was dubbed “kid’s night” – meaning all of us “kids” cooked for the parents! We hosted a pool party at our place. :)



As for the food, we made fish tacos with homemade slaw, grilled corn, and a bean/veggie salad. So good!

fish tacos

We also had two great dinners out – one at Aqua (in Duck, where we were staying), and one up at the Fin & Claw in Corolla.

It was hard to come back after such a fun and relaxing trip – what a treat last week was! I have a few AnneTheRD client calls today and a mountain of emails to climb out from under, so I’d better get back to it. Have a great day, friends!

And until next time, Outer Banks. I’ll be dreaming of you. :)


Have you ever been to OBX?


  1. 1

    That tub of cold beer to bring to the beach looks awesome! So do the fish tacos and the Fluidity class and, oh, just about everything on your trip! I’ve been to the beach a lot this past year but I haven’t done a proper beach vacation and I am itching for one!

  2. 2

    I went to Duck a few years ago and loved every minute of it! I don;t think there is anything better than eating fresh oysters on the beach. HEAVEN!

  3. 3

    Looks like such a fun, relaxing trip! That last photo w the handstand is awesome.

  4. 4

    Awesome trip! It looks so pretty at OBX…I’ve never been there before. Love the last photo!

  5. 5

    So jealous of your vacation. I love going to the OBX and I definitely miss having a family house down there!

  6. 6

    Your trip looks wonderful! I just got back from a long weekend in the Outer Banks myself (recap here and am highly jealous that you had a whole week to enjoy it. I’m glad you had such a fantastic vacation!

  7. 8

    What a great sounding vacation! I love beach getaways – the sand, sun and all the fun. I love how you guys hijacked the deck for the class. Too funny! I used to dance while growing up so it looks like a workout I’d really enjoy.

  8. 9

    Love Kan Jam! I need a beach getaway – we usually spend a week out in Montauk or Southhampton but it’s time to get away from NY! This sounds like so much fun.

  9. 10

    I just spent a week on the west coast at mission beach. The pacific ocean is always so cold. I don’t go in much about my thighs. I was wondering if the atlantic is just as cold?

  10. 12

    What a great looking vacay. Love the Barre at the Beach improv :)

  11. 13

    I grew up just an hour from the Outer Banks. I love it! Fluidity sounds awesome, I’ll keep my eye out for it!

  12. 14

    That looks like such a lovely trip! You did all of the things I love to do on a vacation. Glad you had a good time, and I hope Monday wasn’t too hard on you. ;-)

  13. 15
    Catherine says

    I went to the Outer Banks a few times when I lived in Chapel Hill. It was amazing. I miss it soooo much! Glad you had a great time.

  14. 16

    I have such fond OBX memories — a group of about 30 of us went the week before we graduated from law school and had such a fun time. I won’t say how many years ago that was, but your pictures make me want to go back soon!

  15. 17
    sherry Londe says

    Looks like a fun time was had by all!!

  16. 18

    Growing up my family would rent houses every summer in Duck. We are going back in a few weeks to Corolla. My parents friends gave us a week at their house as a wedding gift. Super excited to head back! Did you like one restaurant over the other in Duck or Corolla??

  17. 20

    Looks like so much fun! People think of beach vacations as just relaxing on the beach but your trip looks so active! Family vacations are the best.

  18. 22

    Hope you enjoyed the sailing! You should consider trying stand up paddleboarding on the Outer Banks!

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