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Sometimes I joke that I should change the name of this blog to “fANNEtastic food and fitness,” because as the blog has evolved over the years I’ve started writing about running and workouts just as much as quick meals/recipes, if not more! I just have a lot of fun sharing my fitness adventures, although I’m obviously by no means an expert. So I thought that while I’m continuing to enjoy my Outer Banks vacation this week, it would be fun to have one of my favorite personal trainer/fitness blogger friends, Gina, over to share a little workout with you guys. Gina and I have become good friends through our blogs over the past year and I’ve loved getting to know her better. I’m also very inspired by her – she is in awesome shape AND she has an 18 month old! Pretty amazing. I asked Gina to share a good travel-worthy workout that we can all take on the road with us this summer on our own adventures. I hope you enjoy it – I can’t wait to give it a try! Take it away, Gina! :)

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to be crashing the party over here while Anne is enjoying a little vacation. I had the pleasure of hanging out with her just a couple of weeks ago at Fitbloggin’, and was thrilled when she asked me to stop by for a guest post.

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For those of you that I haven’t *met* yet, my name is Gina and I blog at The Fitnessista. My blog focuses on quick workouts and healthy recipes, with some adventures and shenanigans mixed in there, too. ;) I’m a military wife, group fitness instructor (Zumba is my fave), and a mom to an amazing 18-month old girl.

Today I figured I’d share an at-home workout that you can also take with you on your summer vacation! Here’s a quick and sweaty workout you can do anywhere with just a few tools. These tools cost a grand total of around $40, and once you have them you can get an amazing cardio and strength workout on the go.

  • dumbbells or resistance bands (if traveling)
  • a jump rope (easy way to quickly get your heart rate up!)
  • a timer (Gymboss makes a great one, and I also like the Tabata Pro app on my phone)
  • stability ball (optional if traveling – but many hotel gyms have them!)

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As always, check with a doc before making any fitness changes, and be sure to warm up first with some dynamic stretching, foam rolling (optional, but I find that it helps, especially with squats and lunges) and moderate cardio (about 5 minutes).

Jump and burn

Here are some tips, modifications, and explanations for the workout by number:

  1. For this move, you’ll alternate between a basic squat (you can hold weights if you’d like) and a dumbbell swing. Make sure that the movement for the swing is coming from your glutes, hips and core, NOT your arm. For the first set, do the swing with your right hand, left hand on the second set, and switch hands at the top of the movement for the third set.
  2. Try both feet at the same time instead of alternating feet for the two minutes.
  3. Alternate between a ball pushup and pike for 3 sets of 10. To make it harder, have the ball closer to your ankles (closer to your knees is easier), and if the pike is too much, just bend your knees and bring your legs in towards your chest. You’ll shoot them back out to a plank position to do your pushup from there.
  4. Try high knees!
  5. For your triceps dip, bent legs will be easier (straight is harder, for a challenge: lift one leg) and make sure to do 3 sets of BOTH sides of the side crunches! You’re welcome ;)
  6. Change something! Cross country feet, or maybe some double unders?
  7. As you chest press, bring your legs up, engaging your abs. As you release, use control to lower your legs towards the floor. For your jumping lunges, you’ll do 10 total before going back to your chest press combo. (Alternate between the two until you’ve done 3 total sets of each.)
  8. Make sure to keep your back flat and your core TIGHT as you row. Alternate with regular bicep curls.
  9. Interval time! Set your timer (or watch the clock) and have fun!

I hope you enjoy the workout! This workout is similar to the types you’ll see on my site, including our recent challenge: the Summer Shape Up. All of the meal ideas and workouts can be found in this post. Please stop by the blog anytime; I’d love to see you! Thank you again to Anne for having me <3


  1. 1

    Awesome workout! Thanks for posting!!

  2. 2

    Miss Gina is is fANNEtastic shape for having an (adorable) 18 mo. old!!

    Love that your blog incorporates lots of fitness talk.

    Enjoy your vaca :)

  3. 3

    Sounds like a great workout. I am going to do this at home soon – thank you! But I don’t think that it is ideal for travelling: a jumping rope is no problem to bring along, but dumbbells and a stability ball? Probably if you have access to a hotel gym.

  4. 6

    I need quick workouts that I can do at my office, and this one fits the bill. Thanks!

  5. 7

    This sounds like a great workout! But I’m not sure how realistic it is to travel with dumbbells and a stability ball (especially if you’re flying!). I think you could get a great workout in with body resistance and a jump rope!

  6. 9

    Love this workout idea!

  7. 10

    Nice workout, but taking dumbells and a stability ball into my suitcase that can weight max. 20 kg and needs to carry a lot of other stuff?

  8. 12

    This workout looks fantastic!! I’m pregnant and am trying to find motivation to workout, and this looks like it will do just the trick! Enjoy your vacation!

  9. 13

    Love this! I’m also traveling right now for work and love finding new ways to keep up my fitness routine on the road.

  10. 14

    Great workout! Thanks for sharing!

  11. 15

    Great workout! This is definitely going to be my workout tomorrow morning!

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