Pita Pit & New Laptop Recommendations, Please!


Apparently it’s actually fall now. There’s a serious chill in this air this morning — quite the change from yesterday’s 90 degrees, humid, and sunny! After class yesterday, I walked from campus up to Franklin Street (the main street in Chapel Hill) with my classmate Diana for lunch!


You guys probably recognize her as my co-intern from my dietetic internship this past summer! We haven’t had much time to chat just seeing each other quickly in class so far this semester, so we thought it would be fun to have lunch to catch up :)

It was fun being out and about on a school day — I hardly ever come up to Franklin St. during the week since my part of campus is on the far side from it!



I decided that it was necessary to introduce Diana to Pita Pit for lunch :) She’d never been there!



I usually get the hummus pita at Pita Pit, but last time I came Matt got the Chicken Caesar pita and I had serious pita jealousy. This time, Chicken Caesar it was!  




Delicious as always, and fun to catch up with Diana, too!

Our walk back to our part of campus took us through the main undergrad areas — it’s always fun to see everyone bustling around :)


In other news, yesterday meant my standing Thursday morning run date with Elle! We tried to run at one of our favorite trails, but when we arrived at 6:30, we found it was still too dark :( Fail! We headed to campus instead and did a 4 mile loop in better lit areas :) Check out this awesome graph that Elle’s phone made of our elevation and pace during the run:


Um, yeah. It ain’t called Chapel HILL for nothin’. The light gray line is the elevation and the dark gray is our pace. And this wasn’t even one of our so called “hilly” routes! As you can see, those hills were getting the best of us yesterday morning though — we were TIRED after a hard 90 minute power yoga class on Wednesday night at Franklin Street yoga! My body is looking forward to a rest day today :)

Biochem quiz this morning so I must finish studying. Then, I need to get the house ready because my friend Ashley from DC is coming to visit! :) I’m excited to see her. Happy Friday!


p.s. I need some advice! I have a Lenovo laptop that’s about 2 years old and is sadly on its last legs. Not only is it crazy slow, but the battery pack is currently duct taped on and the laptop has also started randomly shutting itself down a few times a day, right when I’m in the middle of something. Not cool. Any recommendations for new laptops? I’m kind of considering switching to a Mac, but I’m worried about how long it’s going to take me to get set up/learn how to use it for blogging purposes (and school work stuff). Unfortunately I can’t really afford to spend a ton of time learning something new right now given how busy school is, etc. Why are Mac’s so awesome? I’ve always been a Windows girl so I’m worried that I won’t like their version of Microsoft Word, etc. I wasn’t considering a Mac at first because I’m not willing to give up Windows Live Writer for blogging, but on Facebook Katie told me that apparently it’s easy to do a partition thingy where you actually install Windows and can use that when you want?!



  1. 1

    Feels like the fall in a dress? I’m shivering when covered head to toe up here thinking I need to add another sweater to the mix.
    And I know more about pitas than computers, so I have no advice to share! :)

  2. 3

    I wish we had a Pita Pit in the Atlanta area but the closest is in Athens at University of Georgia. Boo. You know Anne, I have been having thoughts of switching to a Mac also, but I am leery about jumping into unchartered waters.My son in law wouldn’t have anything but a Mac. Maybe before you decide, check and see if they offer a tutor course. Good luck and good weekend.

    P.S. My computer is 10 years old and still going strong. It is a Gateway. Pretty good, huh.

  3. 4

    Mmm. Pitas. :)

    I have a Macbook and like it, but I don’t really “need” all its capabilities. I think they’re best suited for people who work in graphic design or photography. We also have an Asus desktop (one of the all in ones with no tower), and it’s pretty awesome. My mom just got an Asus laptop and loves it! You can find that brand on It’s a little cheaper than HP, etc. but still very high quality hardware and has all the same features as the more popular brand names.

  4. 5

    Pita Pit win!! Love that place. Way to solve your pita jealousy ;) hah.

  5. 6

    I would TOTALLY get a Mac. No brainer. I grew up and used IBM’s forever, so I was verrrry worried to switch over to a Mac. It’s been NO problem though. If you know how to use a IBM/Windows, you will totally be fine with a Mac. They are very user friendly, very rarely get viruses, and are super fast. I’ve had my Mac for three years now and it still acts brand stinkin new…as fast today as it was the day I bought it. Love, love, love it. Get a mac!!!!!! You won’t be disappointed :)

  6. 7

    I love my Mac, I really do, but I sometimes I wish I had a PC for school. I’m also at UNC getting my MPH (HBHE), and there are some things that are kind of annoying to do with a Mac. Do you use Refworks for papers? Apparently it doesn’t work off-campus if you have a Mac, and the comparable software for Macs is something like $90, which is kind of a pain. I’ve also had some people tell me they’ve had issues with file compatibility when I send them things. Overall, though, I’m glad I have a Mac since I had a PC in college and it got viruses like crazy and my laptop is now two years old and I haven’t had a single problem with it. That’s not a very helpful answer, I’m sure, but I hope it gives you something to think about!

  7. 8

    Yum! That pita is looking delish :)

  8. 9

    Totally go to the Mac store and play around – it’s user friendly and so simple and clean. I think the best part is that most of them last well over 2+ years. I had my last macbook pro for 5 years and just bought a new one – only because I wanted a faster processor, th old one still works fine!

  9. 10

    GET A MAC! I feel like I’m writing to my long lost computer twin! About a year and a half ago, I made the switch. Prior to that I had always had PCs, and swore that PCS were better and that I didn’t need a Mac. I was wrong! And, as you mentioned your friend explained to you, I have both Windows and a Mac Operating System, so I can flip back and forth between the two when need be. You can switch between the 2 with ease. As far as getting used to a Mac, it doesn’t take long at all. I do not consider myself a very tech savvy person and I caught on quickly. The best part about a Mac is that you wont hit that 2/3 year mark and “need a new one.” They don’t get slow or virus ridden, and adding to the hard drive doesn’t slow them down. I strongly recommend a Mac!

  10. 11
    Jen Robinson says:

    Made the switch to Macs at home with our personal laptop and it’s great! Like a lot of other people say I don’t use it to its full capabilities but what I do use it for I like!!

  11. 12

    I’m a hardcore Mac girl, but I’ve used PCs extensively for work and taught/trained people switching to Macs. It all depends on what you want to do with it. If you’re looking for anything photo/graphics related, Mac is definitely the way to go. I can’t imagine blogging with a PC. The photo software is infinitely better, even word processing, if you go anywhere beyond plain text in it, is way better. They are way more resilient against viruses and malware and hit a point of being functionally obsolete far later than most PCs. One of the main selling points of a Mac is its user-friendliness, I guarantee it wouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to figure out where everything is. It might take you a little longer to learn tricks and shortcuts, but that’s certainly not going to keep you from everyday use. While you’re a student, there’s also educational discounts on hardware, software, the works.

  12. 13

    Mac! Once you go Mac, you never go back! Mostly because you don’t have to! My laptop is 7 years old. That’s like stone aged in the computer world, and it still runs fantastically. It’s worth the investment because you have amazing Apple support and no viruses (and you don’t have to buy a new one every two years). And it’s so easy to use the operating system…it’s MUCH more logically laid out than a PC…it won’t be a problem to switch at all!

    And whatever you do, don’t buy a Dell. I don’t know a single person who has had a Dell work well or last. They are AWFUL.

  13. 14

    I’ve heard of Pita Pit but never been. I don’t think there are any close to me.
    For what it’s worth, I have a Toshiba laptop that was affordable and hasn’t given me any trouble (knock on wood). I bought it in March of this year so it’s not a terribly long time. My old roomie got one about 6 months before me and she hasn’t had any issues either.

  14. 15

    It’s like fall here in Charleston, SC this morning too! We had a storm here on the coast that cooled it all down. I had pumpkin oats to celebrate. :)


  15. 16

    I love my mac and am so glad I made the switch. At work I have a PC and I prefer it because I spend my days immersed in excel (nerd!!). I don’t know what kind of programs you need for school and I have no clue about blogging stuff, but I would say if you use excel on the regular I wouldn’t go the Mac route. But since you probably don’t, go Mac. It really doesn’t slow down (I’ve had mine for 4 years now and I’ve got thousands of pics/songs on the hard drive) and you get used to it super fast and you look super cool. Because seriously, that’s what it’s all about, right? haha And if you buy your mac in the next few days you can get a discount and some free stuff because you’re in school (I got a free iPod, but it looks like that’s not a thing anymore.) Happy computer shopping!

  16. 17

    I love our Mac and iPad! I’m not sure about blogging because I don’t have my own blog but I use it to make templates for my students and it’s so easy. I was a Mac person growing up but my husband was PC. After having our laptops break constantly year after year my husband finally broke down and wouldn’t go back. It honestly is easy to use and with the new operating system coming out it will be easier. I’m sure you have tons of pictures you save and the time capsule is really to use and save files. I highly recommend Mac!

  17. 18

    Walking on Franklin Street is always a breath of fresh air! And running through Chapel Hill is my favorite! I love running from Foster’s Market up MLK (big hill!) down Franklin and around campus. It’s always so invigorating to see everyone else running too!

    I’m not very tech savvy and still have my undergrad laptop ha. Good luck finding one you like!

  18. 19

    I made the apple switch about 6 years ago and literally never looked back. Parallels is easy to install and will allow you to use WLW when you need it. Sure some of the fancy, more expensive models have features aimed at graphic professionals, but the base model is fast, runs cleanly, and the interface is truly intuitive.

    Also, I purchased my mac in Spring 2008, over three years ago now, and it still runs perfectly! I’ve made a point to maintain it by reformatting the drive once a year and keeping it clear of junk, but it’s 3.5 years old and still almost as fast as the day I bought it. They say their computers are good for three years, but my last one lasted me FIVE!!! Sure they’re a bit pricier, and it will take you a week or so to get used to it, but they are an investment that is 100% worth it.

  19. 20

    Macs are definitely worth it! And yes, you can use windows on your mac if you wish but really macs are NOT hard to figure out- you can do it!

    -NO Viruses!
    -super fast, ALWAYS
    -amazing graphics & photo editing software
    -great organization tools
    -super great at multi-tasking with ZERO lag
    -soooo compatible with ANYTHING (ex. you can use a mac “word” processor and still save it as a windows file so if you email it to someone they can open it on their PC)
    -automatically finds wifi for you and hooks you up to strongest connection
    -MACS HAVE APPS! there is an app store for your computer where you can download weather apps, email, twitter, facebook– so it’s all on your task bar on your desktop (like at the top by the time/date)
    -Mac support is ALWAYS friendly and helpful (at least with my experience)
    -Apple makes EVERY component of the computer–hardware & software– so it makes the machine run so smoothly.

    Macs are all around super useful- I love them!

  20. 21

    I am a Mac girl for sure, and seeing as you are a student, you usually can get a great deal in purchasing the Microsoft Office Suite on Mac and it’s really so similar.

    At work, I have a LENOVO and it is so buggy.

    I don’t do hardcore blogging, but I know that lots of Mac bloggers use Ecto. I’d actually refer to Allie’s post and comments a few months ago when she was considering a PC:

    Of course, she now has a MacBook Air (AMAZING) so, you can tell how that went, but I think there is a lot of good information in several of her computer-related posts that could be helpful :D

  21. 22

    Well, you’re in luck on the laptop recommendation front, because I have a nerdy boyfriend and we were watching G4 last night and they talked about this AWESOME laptop. It was around $800, it’s an Acer, 13″ screen, and the battery lasts like 7 hours when doing normal things like browsing the internet, using word docs, etc.

    Here is the piece they did on it:

    Note that it does NOT have a cd-drive, which might bother you. I personally hardly ever use my cd/dvd drive so it wouldn’t bug me very much. Good luck on your search!

  22. 23

    I am a die-hard Mac fan. My favorite reasons for Mac’s: easy to use, no viruses, and reliable. My mac book is going on six years and still going strong. I have not had any major issues and having the support from the Apple Store is awesome.

    What is that elevation app?

  23. 24

    I loved my Mac in college. I lasted about 6 years and was very reliable. Now that I have graduated, I moved on to a Dell. I love my Dell because it has Windows Live Writer and was about 1/3 the cost of my Mac. Overall I am satisfied.

  24. 25

    I had a PC that I got for college when I was 18 and it died 13 months later- After that I did some research and got myself a Mac (an iBook G4 but they don’t make those ancient models anymore!) It lasted me 5 solid years- through the rest of undergrad and a year and a half of grad school, so I was using it constantly! When I needed an upgrade I got a MacBook (not a MacBook Pro but I think Pro is all they sell now). My 2009 MacBook and I have been together for 2 years now and I love it as much as I loved my iBook G4. I am not super tech savvy but Macs are EXTREMELY user friendly- it’s not something to worry about. I know they are said to be the best of the best for photo editing which I think would be of interest to you. I use Excel and Word and Powerpoint and everything on mine every day and have never had any problems with the Mac versions of these programs. I think the best thing about Macs is that you DON’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT VIRUSES, and they LAST MUCH LONGER THAN PCs!!!! That to me is worth the investment. Also they have the longest battery life of any laptop- when I first got mine it had 7+ hours of battery life! now 2 years later it lasts about 4 hours, but I still have a year left with the 3 year AppleCare package I purchased with it and they told me I can replace the battery for free before the 3 years is up if mine gets below half of it’s original battery life. One thing to note is that the powercords are infinitely problematic with Macs (fraying, I’ve heard of some catching on fire but not sure if that’s legit!), but you can upgrade it if you start having issues with it through AppleCare too if you purchase that with the computer. They will give you a student discount on the computer and the AppleCare package!

    I have a feeling you’ll be posting how much you love your new Mac very shortly, heh heh………

  25. 26

    Macs all the way!! Seriously. It will change your life. They’re easier to use than a windows machine. And last a lot longer (in my opinion, anyway). I had a MacBook Pro from freshman year of college until about three months ago. Lasted six years. And I wasn’t the nicest owner… It had its few share of drops :-/. Plus, it I used it pretty heavily.

    The mac is SOOOO worth the investment. And you can install parallels which allows you to run windows, and therefore, windows live writer. problem solved.

    Plus, you can get the student discount, which is about 10 percent (I think…) Good luck deciding!

  26. 27

    Ditto to what everyone has said about their Macs! I became a Mac girl about 3 months ago and I will never go back to a PC unless I have to (i.e., for work!). My favorite aspect is that everything is app focused. You don’t need to wait for anything to load when you sign on – you just open it up and start working (or whatever). You also don’t have ridiculous amounts of unnecessary software on your computer.

    I’m probably pretty naive (ok, I’m totally naive and trusting), but I feel like the Apple people are pretty reasonable and honest. When I went to buy mine I asked if I should get something more than just the 13 inch MacBook pro. The guy asked me what I would be using it for – and instead of trying to upsell me he told me that it was probably the best fit. It makes me feel good when a company doesn’t need to pimp out their product like that!

  27. 28

    +1 for Macs, for all the reasons everyone else said. They do last forever. I had my last one for five years, and I only got rid of it because it was starting to slow down, and I knew I wanted a new one and wanted to sell the old one while it was still in sellable condition. I’ve had my Macbook Pro for almost 2 years now, and it still runs like brand-new. They are so so super-easy to use and never ever get viruses. And they’re awesome.

    However, the one thing I haven’t been able to figure out is Parallels. No idea.

  28. 29

    I had a mac laptop for four years. I loved it and bought a new MacBook pro a few weeks ago. I ended up returning it and bought a Toshiba. I really love Mac, but for me, Windows is so much easier for organizing photos (Mac’s iPhoto will take you a while to learn, and you have to drag all of the photos out to your desktop to upload them since there are no “files”, just the iPhoto library.). Also, the use of windows live write on mac is a little different, there’s info and a screen shot here I didn’t even try because I usually get frustrated with those things, but I still use my old Mac for iTunes and syncing to my iPhone and iPod because I don’t know how to move it over to windows correctly and don’t want to lose anything.

    Pros: Macs dont get viruses as easy as PC’s.
    Cons: none of the Mac blogging apps compare to Live Writer

    I paid about half the price for my PC laptop and I’m definitely happy, even after using a Mac for so long.

    Also, transferring files with an external harddrive is more difficuly from PC to Mac. Not sure if Mac will do that for you or would charge you….

    I have the older Office for Mac and it was fine. I don’t know what the new version is like.

  29. 30

    With Macs, they are pretty reliable machines that aren’t typically susceptible to viruses. They have excellent graphics capabilities, which is incredible if you take a lot of photograps. My PowerBook is 7 years old and it still runs, but slowly, and no longer can be upgraded. They are tough machines.

    I bought a Toshiba Satellite laptop earlier in the year and enjoy it a lot, for blogging and for images – i use GIMP for image editing. LiveWriter is an awesome program to have, and while i haven’t had my laptop long enough to really compare it to the Mac, I like them both equally.

    I will say, however, taht if you do partition your mac so it can run Windows, that the Windows side of the partition WILL BE more susceptible to viruses, so you will need to be vigilant and have an anti-virus program installed on your computer.

  30. 31

    Mac laptop + Windows OS= WIN

    That’s what I have at home and I love it! My husband is a HUGE computer geek…I mean HUGE…and that’s what he uses and prefers over his Alienware laptop, which is a laptop for computer geeks!

  31. 32

    Get a Mac and think of it as an investment! Seriously, they last FOREVER. I’ve had 3 Macs in the past 6 years and they all STILL work. I just started with a desktop, moved to a laptop and then my newest laptop was a bit superfluous (bonus for doing a good job) and because I needed a bigger screen to do graphics and accounting work. Trust me, don’t worry about learning a new operating system — back in the day that might have been an issue, but these days they are similar enough and it’s so intuitive that you’ll be fine. Plus, if you have income from your blog that you report, you can always use it as a write-off on your taxes. I also think Mac does a student discount…I think I did that with my first Mac laptop and I also got a free iPod Nano with purchase that I still use all the time! Come to the dark side!!! :)

  32. 33

    I’m a PC girl all the way…had to use a Mac for one of my psych experimental labs and seriously threatened to throw it out a window on a daily basis, the only reason that didn’t happen was because our lab offices didn’t have windows! I’ve used Toshiba laptops for years, each has lasted 5 years easily with no big issues. I bought my mom a basic Toshiba laptop about 4 years ago and am probably going to upgrade her soon.

    I bought my latest one a little over a year ago, great memory, built in web cam for long distance chats and under $400 at Best Buy. I’ve used my sister and cousin’s Macs and still…not a fan! Good for photo editing but most of my computer time is spent in Word, Excel, analyzing data, and building our nonprofit sites.

    Good luck…there are great prices out there to be found!

  33. 34

    Go with a MAC!! I have used both (PCs for work, and Mac at home), and I prefer the MAC a million times over. The PC always ran SO slow and would get viruses all the time. Since you plan on using your computer for blogging, I think the MAC would be a much better option for you. As people have said, it works much better for photography and graphics. And you can get a copy of Microsoft Office Suite for you MAC. Good luck with your decision!

  34. 35

    Hi Anne, I just switched to a MacBook Pro after years of using a PC. The transition did not take long, and I’m happy with my choice. If you do it, you will love 2 things in particular: one is the glass trackpad. It’s really awesome and it knows how many fingers you are touching it with, and can do different commands accordingly. You know how annoying it is to scroll down? not anymore, now just use 2 fingers and scroll like you would with a touchscreen. The other is the battery life. If my laptop isn’t connected to wireless and running more than one application, the life is 10 hours. TEN! Usually it is 7 hrs if starting fresh with say, wireless, firefox open etc. And you will love how quickly and easily the “airport” finds wireless networks and connects to them automatically. Seriously when I open the screen (take it out of hibernate) it takes less than 10 seconds to turn on, connect to my home wireless, and refresh my email. Easy! That being said I did experience a few days of frustration but 3 days of being annoyed is worth it. The only thing that persists in annoying me is the way you view files in windows, somehow it cannot do my favorite view (lots of tiny icons that make multiple columns on the screen), but I can live with that. ALSO: my previous Dell laptop survived several near fatal virus attacks which took my laptop out of commission for days to weeks. Almost all viruses are designed for PC, not mac, so less to worry about there! Ok sorry for the massive rant, Portugal is awesome by the way.. :)

  35. 37

    Definitely go for a Mac!! They are seriously the best, are easy to use, never break down and are great for blogging! Mine is named Elvis :)

  36. 38

    You PC people just don’t know what you’re missing! It’s true–once you go Mac, you never go back. I had a PC in college and a Mac for the last 5 years, on my second one now–MacBook Pro. It’s wonderful, I laugh at PCs. Hate using one for work. HATE. So outdated, slow, not compatible, not fun to use.

  37. 39

    Love your dress! I have it too!

    Go with a macbook…love mine. I had to buy a regular laptop for work and miss my mac everyday!

    Also – I made your mediterranean pasta salad the other night! So good! We added some grilled chicken to it to make it our main meal. Perfect! Loving your website! ox

  38. 40

    Good work on the run — and great to see the advice on the laptops! Hope the test went OK!

  39. 41

    I switched to MACs for college because I was a design major and needed the adobe programs. Truly I love them and I just bought a new 13 inch macbook pro. They are SO user friendly, get no viruses, and just have awesome software and programs to use. I won’t ever go back to a PC…and I am praying they invent something like livewriter!

  40. 42

    Beautiful morning in Atlanta, in the 50’s heading to the 80’s this afternoon. I love fall too. On my way to Ga. mountains to attend a huge 40th birthday bash for my daughter. Her husband is hosting. Will be outside bar b que and rodeo and fun, fun, fun. Even the kids are invited. Fun things for them too.

  41. 44

    You deserve a medal for running up those hills! You go girl! :D

  42. 45

    I made the switch from PC to Mac (and was nervous about it because I’m SO NOT a techie), and really it was not a big deal. My husband also switched to Mac because he was tired of PC problems, but he was issued a new laptop PC at work and even though it’s a nice new computer, he has so many more hassles to deal with than with his Mac.

    That said, you will occasionally run into a website or program that doesn’t work as well on your Mac as on a PC. I’m an Avon Representative, and I find that editing my Avon website goes more smoothly on a PC, for some reason. Sometimes just using a different browser helps, sometimes not. I haven’t tried Windows for Mac, but I suspect that would solve it.

  43. 46

    Get a Mac! It’s really not that hard to get used to. I don’t blog but I’m sure it won’t be that bad. Mine is a MacBook Pro and is going on 2+ years and has not yet crashed (fingers crossed now that I didn’t just jynx it). I just don’t update anything other than itunes now because I heard some bug or virus got into the Mac system or something.

  44. 47

    I just stumbled upon this post and realized it was super old — are you still hunting for computers?? I’ve had my iBook since 2005 and it’s still kicking… yes, I’m in the market for a new one… but it just goes to show how long macs last.

    I’m tempted to get a PC instead because of the price — but macs are definitely worth the investment!


    • 48

      I ended up sticking with a PC (got a Toshiba) because of price – and also my love for Windows Live Writer, which I use to blog! It’s the best – no worthy mac equivalent program yet, alas.

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