Riese’s Birth Story

Friday, November 24, 2017 – a day I will never forget because at 2:48p.m., our baby girl Riese came into this world! Meeting her for the first time was the most incredible and surreal moment of my life.


I wanted to make sure to take the time to write out our C section birth story while everything was still really fresh in my mind – I know that Matt and I will love having this post to look back on years from now when we can hardly remember how little she was, and what first meeting her felt like. Even just typing this now makes me cry – the love I feel for her is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced – it’s so powerful that even thinking of her makes my heart swell and my eyes tear up.

As you guys know from my recent pregnancy update posts, we found out at our 36 week ultrasound that our little lady was in Frank breech position. We considered doing an ECV (external cephalic version, where a doctor will try manually to move her from the outside by pressing on the belly), but in the end our gut said we shouldn’t do it, and I don’t regret that decision at all. We tried all sorts of at-home turning methods (peppermint oil on my upper belly, warm baths with an ice pack on my upper belly, prenatal chiro visits, moxibustion, inversions, pool handstands… the list goes on), but she never turned. I was sad to not have a chance to give a vaginal birth a shot – but I accepted that Riese had other plans, and that it was out of my control. A scheduled C section it was! All that mattered was getting her out and into the world safely.

40 weeks pregnant 1

Picking our baby’s birthday was strange – we debated between two options (either Monday, November 20th – which would have been 39 weeks and 4 days – or Friday, November 24th – 40 weeks and 1 day). In the end we decided we felt better about gambling a little and doing the later date – she was measuring on the smaller side and by 39 weeks I still hadn’t felt any sort of pre-labor anything, so we felt it made sense to give her a little longer to bake.

As I shared in my Thanksgiving recap/whirlwind post last week, I started having some period-like cramps on Thanksgiving day – 40 weeks exactly – which was the day before the scheduled C section. They ramped up a bit overnight, but not enough to go to the hospital early, and then slowed again by morning. It seemed we were lucky to have timed things well – and we were able to have one last adult only Thanksgiving with my family, which was the perfect way to spend our final day before her arrival.


As I said previously, the morning of Friday, November 24 was totally surreal – the scheduled nature of the birth felt so weird compared to what we had imagined in our minds when we thought of her birth day. Matt woke me up at 4 a.m. with breakfast in bed (I wasn’t allowed any food or drink for 8 hours before the scheduled C section at noon), and after snoozing a little longer (as best I could, anyway, given the early labor contractions I was feeling) we took one last “just the two of us” walk that morning, finished packing up our stuff, and headed to the hospital for a 10 a.m. arrival as instructed. Eek – this was really happening!

last pre baby walk

“Hi… um… we’re here to have a C section?!” <- so weird

I remember the woman at the desk in the Women & Infant area first asking who we were there to visit (guess she missed the big belly!), and then when we said we were there to have a C section, asking if I was okay to walk back to Labor & Delivery on my own. I was surprised she was asking that – and then I remembered, duh, most people are probably in active labor when they arrive and in tons of pain! After signing some forms, we strolled calmly back to our pre-surgery room and the nurses got me set up on various equipment to keep track of my vitals, the baby’s heartbeat, and also any tightening/contractions. It was neat to see the contractions part of the screen registering the spike when I started feeling a period-like cramp coming on. Cool – guess I was having some actual contractions!


They also got me set up on some IV fluids – ironically, they pumped 3 bags worth of fluid into me over the next couple hours and I STILL felt crazy thirsty. It was weird that I was technically hydrated but my mouth never got the memo! I swished water around in my mouth a few times just to try to wet it a bit – sooo dry.

Around 11, our doula arrived – we hired her way back when we were hoping for a vaginal birth, and by the time we found out we were having a C section it was too late to cancel. To be honest, though, I actually ended up being really glad to have her there anyway – she was a calming presence, and we were actually able to convince the doctors and operating room team to let her come into the OR with us, which was AMAZING because she got a ton of photos that I know I will treasure forever.


I call this the “hurry up and wait” portion of the morning – our C section was scheduled for noon, but around 11:45 someone needed an emergency C section and we were told it might be awhile. Obviously we were happy to wait – we didn’t envy the person having the emergency C section and hope everything turned out okay for them. <3

Matt, our doula, and I hung out (and they had some food –  I was so jealous) and the nurse and the rest of the team came in to check on us and give us updates every once in awhile. The extra time actually made me less nervous than I was originally because it didn’t feel rushed at all anymore – we were a bit impatient, but it wasn’t a bad thing to have some time to relax and wait. See the Christmas lights behind Matt in the photo below? Our doula brought those – such a good idea! It made things feel more like a party, which it was – a birthday party! :) She left the Christmas lights with us and we had them in our room for the rest of the hospital stay – soft light was so much nicer than the harsh overhead lights. Everyone who came in complimented us on them!


I ended up standing up for awhile during this time, which was nice – I figured I should take advantage while I could still stand!


Around 2 p.m. (ironically, this was our originally scheduled C section time, but they called earlier in the week that the person who had the noon slot had gone into labor early, so they moved us up – oh well!) it was officially go time. Oh man – this was it!

It was completely surreal walking into the operating room. I’ve never had surgery or stayed in a hospital overnight before, so this all felt very new and pretty scary.


Matt and our doula waited in a small room across the hall while the doctor, anesthesiologist, and support staff administered my spinal block. This was… not fun. The team had me sit on the edge of the bed with my legs over the side, and I had to hunch forward and try to stick my lower back out (not easy with a huge baby belly in the way). My OB stood in front of me and held my hands in my lap while the anesthesiologist did her thing in my lower back. It took ages – probably 10 minutes – of them poking around in my back before they found the right spot, and when they did it sent a weird current of pain down my left leg that made my leg jerk and me scream because I was so surprised – ouch. I don’t think it normally takes this long, but I found out during my prenatal chiro sessions that I have some very mild scoliosis – I wonder if that’s what made finding the right area harder? Or maybe it’s normal it takes that long – who knows!

Shortly after, they had me lie down on my back and I could no longer feel my legs – at all. It was so crazy. My understanding is that with an epidural you still have some sensations in your legs (not pain, but you can still feel them a little and move them a bit? I may be wrong here though), but with a spinal your legs are completely dead weight. It was totally bizarre to have no idea what was going on down there. At this point, they also inserted a catheter (which I didn’t feel at all obviously).

I had been warned beforehand that a spinal block will numb you up to just below your breasts (I could feel some pressure when they pushed on my stomach area, unlike my legs, but it didn’t hurt at all), and that this can sometimes cause you to feel like there is an elephant sitting on your chest. Well, that’s definitely how I felt. I remember really starting to panic and saying “I feel like I can’t breathe”… it was terrifying. Obviously your body is breathing just fine on its own, but you have the sensation that you aren’t because you are partially numb up to your chest. I believe this is partly why people are usually given anti-anxiety meds during C sections… not sure if they added some to my IV cocktail or if I just got used to the sensation, but either way it was a relief when a few minutes later Matt and our doula were brought into the room. Matt immediately started stroking my hair and they put a phone right by my ear with calming music on (I think it was a Jack Johnson pandora station).



They weren’t able to do a clear screen so I could see what was going on, but maybe that’s for the best. Once Matt came in, things went pretty quickly – I felt some tugging and pushing on my belly but no pain at all. Matt looked over the screen a couple times to see what was going on, and I remember hearing a sort of wet vac type noise (it sounded like the water sucker at the dentist’s office) – that must have been them sucking up my amniotic fluid since my water hadn’t broken by the time we went in for the C section. Then, a few minutes later, at 2:48 p.m., Riese arrived in this world. <3

The doula captured some amazing photos of her just as she was being pulled out, but I want to keep those private. I’m so glad we have them, though – they are incredible.

A minute or two later, after they cut the cord (it sounds like it was a bit tangled/wrapped around her – I bet that’s why she stayed breech… definitely made me glad we didn’t try the ECV), I got my first glimpse of our baby girl. I’m so grateful I was completely lucid and remember this really well – one thing I was worried about was that I’d be totally out of it from the meds and not remember anything, but that wasn’t the case at all. Seeing her for the first time was so incredible – they held her up next to us and I immediately started crying tears of joy.


I wish they could have brought her to us right away, but with a C section in the OR they first take the baby to get cleaned up and to do some preliminary checks and tests – and they also wrap them up a bit because it’s chilly in the OR. It didn’t take more than a few minutes although it felt like ages at the time, and I remember starting to feel nauseous at this point but they must have given me something for nausea because it went away before I got sick, thankfully.

We quickly found out our girl had a strong set of pipes – I heard her start crying, which I knew was a good thing because she was alert! Check out that blonde hair – one of the doctors said she had never seen such a blonde baby right at birth! My hair was dark when I was born and went blonde later – that must be more common.


Matt went over to meet her as soon as she was cleaned up and assessed (with flying colors, which was a relief) and he got the go ahead. 6 pounds and 5 ounces, and 18 and 3/4 inches long! Our little peanut. <3



The team got her diapered and swaddled (no skin to skin while in the OR sadly – only a small part of my upper chest was not behind the screen so it would have been too awkward logistically anyway, plus I’m sure they didn’t want me jostling around while they were trying to sew me up) and then brought her over and gave her to Matt to hold so I could meet her for the first time. My heart swelled up to about 10 times the size the minute I saw her. I couldn’t believe that this tiny human was OUR baby – the one who had been inside me all those months growing and kicking and hiccupping and coming along on all our adventures, just waiting to join us in the world. It was so, so surreal and amazing.



They let her stay with us for almost the entire rest of the time in the OR while the team stitched me up (this actually took awhile – probably about 30 minutes from start to finish compared to only about 10 minutes to get her out of me!). I remember Matt holding her and me just stroking her head and her face. Her skin was so, so soft and she was pretty calm and snoozy.



Right before we left the OR they took her to do a couple more tests, and then it was time to head to the post-surgical recovery area in the post anesthesia care unit. This is the same room where we were before surgery, which was nice because we were able to just leave our stuff in there while we were in the OR. The medical team wheeled me out in a bed, and they did an impressive maneuver where they rolled me onto it using a blanket under my body, since I was still completely numb – I remember when they removed the divider sheet and I saw my legs they were bent – and I was like, whoa, in my mind I thought my legs were straight! So weird to have absolutely zero idea what the bottom half of your body is doing.


Matt wheeled Riese along with us in a little bassinet. <3


Once we were back in the room, it was time for skin to skin! We got Riese stripped down to a diaper and they immediately put her on my chest. I was so happy to finally be able to really hold her for the first time! Wow – this was my daughter, and I grew her in my body! How insane was that?!


This was when having our doula there was also amazing; she stayed with us a couple hours after the birth while we were in this recovery area, and since I was feeling good – lucid and not nauseous – and was up for it, she immediately had us start working on getting Riese to breastfeed. I think this really helped to get my milk production going ASAP – I was worried because I know sometimes with a C section your milk can take longer to come in, but mine actually came in pretty quickly (within a few days), and I think this early sucking had a big part in that!


It was also just a nice way to start to bond with her right away. :) It’s amazing to me that babies are born already knowing what to do to get food – as soon as she was on my chest she started rooting around for my breast. We had an eager feeder on our hands, apparently! I’m glad our doula was there to help us work on latching properly, because otherwise she probably would have done some serious damage to my nipples given how enthusiastic she was about the whole thing! (Sidenote – if you’re local and interested, our doula’s name is Mari Smith, and I’d highly recommend her – she was amazing and is such a lovely, kind person – I liked her the instant I met her and felt really comfortable having her there for such an intense and personal life event.)


They kept us in the post-surgery recovery area for a couple hours, until my legs started to regain a tiny bit of feeling. In the meantime, we hung out and snuggled, and I feasted on some ice chips (amazing as I was soooo thirsty still) and, once the ice chips went down okay, some apple juice. I don’t think Riese left my chest at all during this whole time. It made me so happy to have her there on me, and I am sure hearing my heartbeat and feeling my skin and warmth was calming to her, too.

she's here!

It still feels crazy to me that this was only a little over a week ago – in some ways it feels like a lot longer, or like the whole thing was a dream! Despite the fact that there were some parts of the procedure that were scary and intense, overall I’d say we had a positive experience with the C section. We delivered at Virginia Hospital Center and found their entire medical, nursing, and support staff to be incredible – everyone we encountered during our stay there was so nice and helpful and kind, and they took great care of us from when we arrived right up until we were discharged. I would certainly have loved to have a vaginal birth, but there were definitely some positives to the C section, too, like knowing exactly when we’d get to meet our baby, being able to plan ahead and be calm and freshly showered when heading to the hospital, and the fact that my undercarriage is pain-free and not torn up. How quick the whole thing was from start to finish was also a big benefit – it was definitely helpful to not be meeting Riese and trying to take care of her after 30+ hours of active labor – the whole procedure was fast and they made us as comfortable as they could during it and afterwards. And even though I didn’t actively push her out of me, I don’t feel at all that I didn’t truly “deliver” my own baby – it was just a slightly different delivery than we had imagined. And she’s here with us now, which is really all that matters. <3


I’ll be back soon to share more details on how our first week/couple weeks with Riese have been going – stay tuned! And as always, thank you for sharing in this special and exciting time with us, and for all your advice and support along the way. <3


  1. 1
    Alicia Makenzie says

    This is a beautiful post. Welcome to the world, baby girl!

  2. 2

    Yay! Congratulations! Some of those pictures the doula took in the OR are gorgeous!

  3. 3

    This made me tear up, too! I cannot even explain how happy and excited I am for you and Matt – you heard it all before (as did I) about how transformative and incredible having a baby is, but there is no way to accurately describe the amount of love you now have until you, well, do it! I am so thrilled that everything went well, and you already know she is absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait to meet her, and for her and Penny to become BFFs as they grow up together!!!!!! Love you guys!!

    • 4

      There really isn’t any way to know what it’s like until you are in it – so crazy! Can’t wait for our little girls to be besties! xoxo

  4. 5

    Your positivity regarding your c-section will be SO BENEFICIAL to so many women. You are right – you no less ‘delivered’ her because this was the medically best option for both of you. While I’ve never had a C-section, I had epidural’s for both my deliveries and they were so weird! My legs felt like logs! I could see them, but it was as though they were detached. But given how bad my contractions hurt, I didn’t mind in the least!

  5. 6

    Your baby is so beautiful and you all look so content and happy together. I’m due in April with a little girl. She is a surprise baby, my first, and reading about your baby’s arrival was actually the first time I’ve properly thought about meeting mine for the first time. I cried my eyes out reading this. Thank you for sharing!

  6. 8

    Beautiful story! I had to have two c-sections with my babies, so I understand all your feelings. I teared up reading your story because it reminded me of when I had my babies. I remember with our first, my husband was able to carry our baby from the OR to our room and show him off to the grandparents at the same time, <3. A treasured time, enjoy baby Riese!

  7. 9

    Oh wow that makes so much sense about not being able to breathe being b/c of being numb to your chest! That happened to me too during my 1st C-section and I just thought I was having a panic attack! This story just flooded memories back of my own experience, you explained everything so well! Congrats to you guys! And just take it easy, there’s no rush to get everything done in a day :)

  8. 10

    Congrats, Anne! She is really a beautiful baby. I’m so glad everything went smoothly and that you had such a positive attitude about your C-section. Thanks for sharing your experience and congrats again!!

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    Love, love, LOVE this! Can’t wait to meet Riese soon! <3

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    Oh girl, all the tears. I felt so emotional reading this—thinking about all of our pregnancy conversations, questions, walks with the pups and talking about these tiny babes, and now seeing her out in the world! My heart is swollen for you and Matt. I’m so excited to come officially meet baby Riese soon! (I wonder if she’ll recognize Banana and me ;) haha JK JK)

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    Oh my goodness!! How sweet is that little girl?? I’m so glad her birth went so well for all of you! What an amazing experience! Enjoy your little one!

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    This was the best birth story I’ve ever read, seriously (which I’m sure has nothing to do with the fact that we’ve been friends since we were 16)! It’s so pure and vulnerable. I’m so incredibly happy for you and Matt! And I can’t wait to meet Riese!

  13. 17

    Congratulations! It’s such an amazing and terrifying time!!!! And, by the way, you hair looks AMAZING in all the pictures :)

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    Congratulations, Anne!! I just had my little boy in January, and reading your recap made me cry giant dinosaur tears at work, haha. Your description of meeting Riese for the first time hit the nail on the head and really moved me because I remember feeling the exact same way. Such an amazing experience. I hope you’re recovering well and that baby Riese is letting you get some rest! :)

  15. 20

    I loved reading your birth story! I am glad that you guys had such a great experience. I really commend you for taking the c-section in stride like you did. My good friend is an OB and she said that conversation about needing a c-section due to breech is not always smooth and some of her patients don’t want to accept it or schedule the c-section since it doesn’t match their birth plan. I can totally understand how hard it is for the birth to be different than what you imagined, but you are my role model if I end up needing a c-section for some reason! It’s encouraging to hear that breast feeding went so well for you guys and that you got skin to skin time pretty quickly, too! I can’t even imagine how much your heart grew that day when you met your beautiful baby girl! I’m looking forward to reading about life at home!!

  16. 22

    Thank you for sharing these magical moments with us. I am SO happy for you guys and lovely little Riese!! Lot‘s of love!!!

  17. 23

    I’m so happy for you and your beautiful family :). It was so interesting to read about the planned c- section, thank you for sharing!

  18. 24

    I can’t tell you how many times I teared up reading this! #suchasap

  19. 25

    So, so happy for you both!! <3 <3 <3

  20. 26

    Thank you for sharing! I had an unplanned section with my first. I really didn’t think it was as terrible as my reading had me believe. I was really interested to read how your planned section went since it may be in the cards for me if we have a second child. Congratulations!

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    Elizabeth Beil says

    Such a wonderful post!! It brought a few tears to my eyes, congratulations again!!

  23. 29

    I am so happy to read this story…such a beautiful, moving moment. I can’t wait to meet Riese and hang as mommies! :) And I love your c-section positive attitude. I also had a breech baby for my 1st and ended up with a c for my 2nd as well. I felt the same as you that it was all in our best interest for a healthy baby and mom. You definitely still get full credit for giving birth! :) Congratulations, Anne and Matt!

  24. 31

    Congratulations to you and Matt. What a gorgeous baby! You looked beautiful as well. Would never know you just gave birth! lol So happy everything went smooth and you had a positive experience. Thanks for sharing your birth story with us. Hope you are enjoying being a family of 3!

  25. 32

    Congrats! She’s a beautiful baby.

  26. 33

    Loved this, Anne! What a wonderful, positive experience, so so happy for you both! My fave pic is the one of Matt shwoing you Riese, they look of absolute love and proudness (that doesn’t sounds right lol) he has for you in that moment is PRICELESS!!

  27. 34

    What a wonderful story, Anne, and your pictures are incredible. Most of them look like professional pics and are so special. Isn’t it just incredible the amount of love you feel? Everyone tells you that you’ll feel that way but there is no way to prepare you for it. I remember those first few weeks after Bella was born I would just cry all the time when I’d look at her because I loved her so much and my heart was exploding with love and joy. I’m so very happy for you and hope the first two weeks go well. The first eight can be a little challenging and tiring for you, especially if you are exclusively breast feeding, but you will get the hang of it in no time and it just keeps getting better and better. It’s hard for me to believe Bella will be one year old next month. Soak in every moment and be fully present. It is the absolute best. Hugs to you and your hubby. xoxo

  28. 36

    What a beautiful story, she is just perfect!

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    Cassandra Nickels says

    Love this!! Congrats again!

  30. 38

    incredible photos. congratulations!!!

  31. 39

    Congratulations! So happy that everyone is happy and healthy and you had a good experience. This is such a great post on what to expect for a scheduled C section – so much I didn’t know, like the whole elephant on your chest thing which is intense. You are so smart to have written this down while it was all still fresh. I swore I’d remember every detail of my son’s birth two years ago and while I remember a lot, it all feels like a dream now and I’m grasping at the small details. Enjoy every second of these early days – even the not so fun ones. It’s so fleeting.

    • 40

      I feel like my memory is terrible nowadays… I am actually going to go back and add a little more detail with little things I want to remember later – so much gets lost so quickly if I don’t write it down!

  32. 41

    I am in my third trimester and just found out today my baby is transverse. I had a vaginal birth with my first baby and so was feeling really panicked about potentially needing to have a C-section for this one. Reading you and Riese’s story made me feel infinitely better — it is really beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to write it up and share it.

    • 42

      I’m so glad this post was helpful if you do end up needing to go the C section route! Wishing you a safe and speedy delivery either way. <3

  33. 43

    Congrats! I’ve never read a c section birth story and this showed it’s way less scary then we have it built up in our heads. Congrats again!

  34. 44

    Beautiful story-thank you so much for sharing it w/us. Congratulations to you and Matt and a warm welcome for your sweet little girl Riese.

  35. 45

    I love this :D Welcome Riese!! Thanks for sharing the experience with us!

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    Fiona MacDonald says

    Oh gosh this makes me tear up, my birth story is almost identical almost to the minute! My son was born at 2:46 pm and we got bumped from our morning spot too! I so remember saying to the Anethesiologist when they laid me down how I couldn’t breath…and he’s like ‘put your hand on your chest is it moving?” and I was like nooo I cant’ feel my chest moving..clearly as I was TALKING..I’m clearly…drugs make us say silly things lol..

    I’m so glad to hear it all went well and your daughter is so stunning. I remember the day so clearly and thinking how it was kind of nice to be able to have things seem ‘more in control’ birth wise, I wasn’t worried, I wasn’t anxious. It was sort of a nice way to have my pregnancy end ..:)

  37. 47

    Congratulations!! This is a beautiful birth story. Thanks for sharing. I’m so happy for your family.

  38. 48

    I also had a baby girl on November 24th so it’s been super fun to follow your updates on your blog and instagram! Congratulations on baby Riese! She is adorable!

  39. 50

    Congrats on your beautiful baby girl! Thanks for sharing your beautiful story. As a fellow C section mom I have to agree with you on some of the silver linings you get vs a vaginal birth. Sometimes it’s just the safest way possible and we have modern medicine to thank for that!

    Hope you are recovering well!

  40. 51

    This has me all teared up! I’ll be meeting my baby via scheduled c section 6 months from today exactly! I’ve had two c sections, one emergency and one unplanned and I’ve gotta say, you make the scheduled one sound awfully nice. Beautiful story, I’m very happy for you and your family. Thanks for sharing.

    • 52

      The scheduled is definitely an upgrade from the emergency and unplanned variations. Wishing you a safe and quick scheduled C section experience in 6 months – congratulations!

  41. 53
    Roadrunner says

    Very, very nice, Anne, thanks! Riese will treasure this account some day! Thanks for sharing all of it so candidly and openly!

  42. 54

    Oh, I love a good birth story. I cannot wait to catch up with you and hear how you and sweet little Riese are doing. Enjoy this time- it’s hard but it goes by so fast. Love you!

  43. 55

    OMG this was so great to read! I’m so glad everything went so smoothly and that Riese is finally here! <3

  44. 56

    Hi Riese! I loved reading this from your perspective. Obviously, so many conditions are out of our control when it comes to birth but I appreciate your honesty and good attitude with everything. Wishing you, Matt and Riese the best – look forward to more updates!

  45. 57

    You’re a mom! So cool to hear the story, i’ve been thinking of you lots, and look forward to catching up when things settle down for you (at least, a little bit :))

  46. 58

    This was written so beautifully!
    Loved the photo of you walking into the OR!

  47. 59

    I’m so happy you wrote this. I’m looking at a possible c-section for this pregnancy and truthfully, I’m scared shitless. This was a beautiful post. Thank for you so much for sharing and so many congratulations on your bundle of joy. xoxo

  48. 61

    Such a sweet birth story. Thanks for sharing! No one should feel “ashamed” with a c section, although I think some people unintentionally do that. Congratulations.

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    She looks so much like her dad! Thanks so much for sharing her birth story!

  50. 63

    You look amazing for just delivering a baby! Happy and healthy — wishing you the best :)

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    Holly Rigby says

    Congratulations Anne,
    So happy everything went well. You look utterly beautiful. So many if us were wishing you all the best. Be gentle with yourself and your little family in the coming weeks. As my mother used to say, the days are long, but the years are short. Enjoy this precious time with all its ups and downs. First babies only come once! Blessing and patience to the grandparents as well.

  52. 65
    Anne Marie says

    Thank you for sharing! I had tears of joy rolling down my face! I am so happy for you and your family!

  53. 66

    Congratulations! :-) Hope your healing is going well. Thank you for sharing your experience…she is absolutely beautiful!

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    Congratulations! She’s beautiful!

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    Congratulations Anne, she is gorgeous!

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    Oh Anne, this is so beautiful. My heart is bursting for you guys!

    Congratulations! I’m so glad to hear that everything went well.

  57. 70

    This is the first birth study I’ve seen on a blog with a c section and I’m so glad you shared! I also had to have a scheduled c section and I never felt cheated out of a “real” birth and get so upset when I hear about people being minimized for how they brought their children into the world. Thanks again for sharing and congrats!

    • 71

      A blog reader awhile ago said that when she had to have a C section and was upset about it her doctor asked her: “You know what they call women who deliver via C section? Moms.” I loved that!

  58. 72

    Congratulations to you two! Reading your story reminded me of the birth of my son. I ended up have an emergency C-Section. It happened so quickly and I remember having that same feeling of not being able to breath but also not being able to swallow. They had to keep sucking out my mouth like they do at the dentist. But the hardest part was that he had to be taken down to the NICU right after, so I didn’t even get to hold him until 6 hours later! Everyone has such a unique birth story and its always cool to hear them. Enjoy all the baby cuddles and I hope you have a speedy recovery!

  59. 74
    Liz Langston says

    Aww, congrats! I had an unplanned C-section with my own Ella Reis in March, and had the same panicky feeling about not feeling my chest rise and fall. At one point I asked the anesthesiologist if I was breathing. :) Enjoy your little peanut. She’s beautiful.

  60. 75

    I had a scheduled C-Section. We had to choose between two dates. I and my husband decided upon a date and we reached the hospital on the scheduled date. The doctors along with the nurses carried out the procedure for C-Section. I had never had surgery before, so I was a bit scared. But things went smoothly. I read your blog & whattoexpect on C-Section and I can completely relate to your experience. There really isn’t any way to know what’s it like until you are in it. But the positive side is that C-section is not that scary as they sound like. The positivity that we pass on is so beneficial to many women out there.

  61. 76

    What a beautiful post! It made me emotional. Being a pregnant lady I’m also anxious to know all these. This story gave me a very good insight of C-Section delivery. While reading on many articles I also found another informative article “Having a C-Section (Cesarean Section)” on WhatToExpect and I would like to recommend this to all the pregnant ladies like me. Enjoy reading and get some knowledge.


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  2. […] If you have a C section, I found these under the bump panties that I bought while pregnant really useful for not irritating the C section scar area in those early days – they will not come up above it. You won’t need these until you get home, though, since you’ll rock the super awesome enormous mesh underwear the hospital provides while there (and probably for a little while afterward). (Related: here’s Riese’s C section birth story.) […]

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