Getting Ready for the Holidays (+ Holiday Shopping Tips + a Giveaway!)

Thank you to RetailMeNot for sponsoring this post. Be sure to enter the giveaway at the end of the post for a chance to win $200 towards your holiday shopping this year!

Matt’s parents came down to visit and meet their granddaughter this past weekend! It was nice to have them here and so special to introduce them to our new addition. Having some extra hands around didn’t hurt, either; while they were here, we (and by we I mean Matt and his parents – I hung out with Riese and watched!) actually decorated the house for Christmas! I doubt this would have happened without their help, and it’s so fun to have a festive house now – the warm glow of the Christmas tree is the perfect middle of the night nursing light. :)

They actually watched Riese for a couple hours so Matt and I could go pick out the tree together, which was fun – our first solo outing since she was born! It felt weird to be without her, but also really nice to get some time to ourselves. We stopped for festive eggnog lattes after, too – caffeine is so necessary right now!

All decorated! :)

Now all we need to do is to buy and wrap some presents to put under the tree! Matt and I are going to be doing all our holiday shopping online this year with our brand new cuddlebug supervising the action. Getting out to a store right now = not happening. Hooray for the internet! Also, nursing chairs are excellent for online shopping, in case you were wondering. ;)



As you are doing your holiday shopping this year, I wanted to remind you of a great resource that will make saving money easy – RetailMeNot!


Have you guys heard of RetailMeNot before? I have been using it for years and years – anytime I buy ANYTHING online I do a quick search on RetailMeNot (either the website or the app) to see if there is a coupon code or deal available. They have thousands of coupons, deals, and cash back offers (that you can combine with other offers to claim up to $30 cash back in one click), and I also discovered recently that they have discount e-gift cards.

If you need some gift ideas, RetailMeNot is a great place to start – check out their holiday deals page as well as their blog, which has great round up posts and holiday gift guides. Here are my fave recent posts:

Men's Ugly Holiday Rainbow Unicorn Sweater 33 Degrees Cream

Other gift ideas:

  • Shutterfly has some great deals on RetailMeNot right now (free shipping on orders over $45 and 28% off your total order – both good through 12/31). This is likely going to be the first year that Matt and I actually get Christmas cards made to sent out, so I’m planning to use these deals for those! Shutterfly also has a lot of cute gifts, like personalized photo ornaments, mugs, pillows, and calendars, canvas prints (we love these and have a ton of them hanging around the house featuring scenery shots I’ve taken), photo books, and more. I always love giving photo-related gifts – a nice way to give something more personal! In fact, I think some photo-related gifts featuring Riese might be nice for our family this year, especially since we got some cute professional newborn photos, like this one, taken of her when she was only 6 days old! I want to get a couple made into canvas prints for us, too, for the nursery. :)
  • Macy’s also has some great deals on RetailMeNot right now, like a 30% off deal, good through 12/11, that you can also pair with cash back! Macy’s is one of my favorite places to shop for holiday gifts because they have so much variety – normally I’d go in person and just wander around and see what strikes me, but this year I’m going to spend some time perusing their website instead!


In addition to online shopping deals, you can also use RetailMeNot to help you save money while shopping (or dining) in person! Last month, pre-baby, Matt and I splurged on a couple new pairs of shoes each at DSW and saved nearly $50 on the purchase thanks to a coupon code I found on RetailMeNot on my phone while we were waiting to check out. If you download the RetailMeNot app, it will alert you to nearby offers that can be redeemed directly from your phone at checkout – so easy! I loved these ankle boots so much that I bought them in both black and brown. :)


And now, it’s giveaway time! RetailMeNot is offering a $200 VISA gift card to one lucky winner to help fund their holiday shopping. To enter the giveaway, click here to browse the RetailMeNot website, then come comment back on this post with the deal you’re most excited to use for holiday shopping this year! Good luck and have fun. :)


  1. 1

    Would love some new work boots from Macy’s!

  2. 2
    Sheri Kendrick says:

    OMG – the TOMS deal! So awesome!

  3. 3

    Loving the Amazon deals!

  4. 4
    Lee Abraham says:

    Definitely using the $10 off $100 at hotwire for a hotel I was about to book in Chicago anyway! Saved me from money for sure. Thank you!

  5. 5

    I love RetailMeNot…I use it all the time for coupons and discount gift cards! I’ll have to check out the app…have never used it for “live” shopping, only online. Definitely will be taking advantage of the Shutterfly deal this year…running late on my Christmas cards :)

  6. 6

    As a new second time mom, I love the deal for uber eats! Not a lot of cooking happening in my house!

  7. 8

    Amazon deal would be great! Congrats on your little one <3

  8. 9

    I’m excited for the Lyft codes so we can safely get home from holiday parties :)

  9. 11

    RetailMeNot is the best. I always check for coupons before purchasing pretty much anything online! Your tree looks amazing!

  10. 12

    Hey Anne, I’m really excited about the Amazon and World Market sales! I absolutely could not live without Amazon – like you, I’m doing a lot of online shopping this year and Amazon has everything I need! I also love World Market because I recently moved and am always looking for new cute trinkets to display around the house. :)

    Merry Christmas and congratulations on your new addition!

  11. 13

    I buy at least 1 thing from Amazon weekly, so I’m excited about almost every Amazon deal – those will help tremendously!

  12. 14

    I always use retailmenot before making purchases online and I’m most excited to use their coupons for Amazon and Petsmart deals!

  13. 15
    Briana Lucas says:

    Ooo, Tom’s Deal for sure!

  14. 16

    I’m excited for 25% kohls! I need to shop for my mother in law!

  15. 17
    Robin Brown says:

    I always use retailmenot when I shop – have to look for a deal before I buy! I am most excited about the 60% off Old Navy deal….as an expecting Mom I think I’ll get good use out of it!

  16. 19

    I am good no to have to use the Macy’s deal to wrap up Christmas gift shopping!

  17. 20

    I do so much shopping at Old Navy online, so that deal will come in handy!

  18. 21

    I would love the hotwire or as I am looking for a quick getaway in JAN!!

    Your tree looks gorgeous!

  19. 22

    I use this site all the time! The world market code for Christmas decor!

  20. 23

    Will definitely use the World Market deal for stocking stuffers!

  21. 24

    So many great deals, it’s hard to pick one! Old Navy is always a fav though! :)

  22. 25
    colleenmarie says:

    I would order the new boots I have had my eye on from TOMS

  23. 26


  24. 27

    TOMS! I’ve become obsessed lately!

  25. 28

    Blue apron

  26. 29
    Emma Killion says:

    But 1, get 2 free medium classic Jay candles at Yankee Candle!? Yesss, please!

  27. 30

    Love the Victoria Secret $55 bundle deal. Because let’s face it: mama’s need to spoil themselves too!

  28. 31

    ohh I like those DSW boots! I may have to ask for a pair of them!

  29. 33

    Ulta is my fave!

  30. 34

    Lyft for sure!

  31. 35

    The Weird But True book for my nephew’s stocking and the Unicorn flip gloves for my niece’s stocking. Fun!

  32. 36

    I’m excited by the Toys R Us two day flash sale + free shipping on $29+.

  33. 37

    I really like the bra, panty and lingerie bundle for $55 at Victoria Secrets.

  34. 38
    Charlsie N says:

    I’m so excited for the Amazon and Old Navy! I know how it goes with having the little one and doing the shopping online!

  35. 39
    Kristi Dunn says:

    Def. TOMS or Macy’s!

  36. 40

    Will probably try Blue Apron (at long last!)!!!!

  37. 41

    I’m excited about the $25 off a Toms purchase!

  38. 42

    I love RetailMeNot and their phone app is key! I’m eyeing some of the Macy’s deals right now!

  39. 43

    I was just texting my twin sis, Kaci about wanting to one day take a trip OH to meet Alexis of Hummusapien and dine at Alchemy, so the Airbnb would be awesome! I just downloaded the app, thank you! Also, I LOVE that Stranger Things sweater too!

  40. 44

    5 dollar cash back from Amazon will definitely get used!!

  41. 45

    I’d say Yankee Candle or Tarte – two of my favorites! Glad you guys got to decorate for the holidays :)

  42. 46

    I’m excited about the TOMS promotion!

  43. 47
    Kaydee Brown says:

    Wow, this is fantastic. I had heard of RetailMeNot before but hadn’t used it. I need to get my dad a couple of things from so that $25 off of $50 deal is AWESOME!

  44. 48
    Carolyn Donath says:

    I downloaded the app. Wish I would have had it yesterday while shopping at Macy’s!

  45. 49

    World Market…love their products and their support of women worldwide!

  46. 50

    Basically any of the Amazon deals!

  47. 51

    Oh yes! I’m about to stack some Shutterfly coupon codes to get my family some photos gifts featuring my new edition!!! Hooray for online shopping!!!

  48. 52

    The Toms discount is huge!! Love their stuff. Enjoy your first holiday as a family of 3 :)

  49. 53

    I’m excited about the 25% off at Tarte. I love more natural makeup. Thanks, Anne, for making us aware of RetailMeNot!

  50. 54

    Love retailmenot! I’ve already used it this holiday season- just pulled up the 25% off at Kohls yesterday!

  51. 55

    Definitely the Amazon deal!

  52. 56

    I am excited by the TOMS and Macy’s deals!

  53. 57
    tanya hanham says:

    Sorel boots! What a great website.

  54. 58
    Elizabeth F. says:

    Cost Plus World Market is one of my favorite places to pick up fun, quirky gifts, so the 20% off code seems like one I’d definitely want to use!

  55. 59

    The stranger things sweater is perfect for a couple people I know. I buy flowers as gifts at and Retailmenot always has coupon codes for 15-20% off, sometimes free shipping too.

  56. 60

    I love the Cost Plus World Market deal.

  57. 61

    Definitely eyeing the Toms deal!

  58. 62

    Your tree looks beautiful! I will definitely be using their Shutterfly deals. I have lots of baby picture gifts to order for grandparents.

  59. 63

    I am loving the Amazon 12 Days of Deals!

  60. 64
    Kristin Hayden says:

    I love RetailMeNot I use it daily so many great coupons and codes for in-store and online purchases. My favorite this week’s would be Dicks Sporting goods, Target, bath and body. Just so many great deals.

  61. 65

    I definitely will be checking out the Toys R’ Us deal for my kiddos!

  62. 66

    Up to 60% off at Wayfair for Christmas decorations? Yes please!!

  63. 67

    Love the deals.

  64. 68

    Victoria’s Secret! I get a new set of their pajamas for my sister every year.

  65. 69

    The amazon deal sounds amazing! I do SO MUCH of my xmas shopping there.

  66. 70

    Looking forward to trying Blue Apron for the first time using this offer!

  67. 71

    I love the coupon bundle at Victoria’s Secret! I could always use some pretty underwear

  68. 72

    Since I’m forever buying stuff for my twins, it’s about time I got something for myself. Victoria’s Secret here I come!

  69. 73

    Excited for the amazon deals!

  70. 74
    Colleen Boudreau says:

    Love the Victoria’s Secret deal!

  71. 75

    I just downloaded the app – so excited to find some deals! I think I’m most excited about the Shutterfly deal – creating our Christmas card now and will definitely use the codes from RetailMeNot!!

  72. 76

    Definitely the TOMS coupon!

  73. 77

    Wayfair is running a sweet deal on Outdoor Christmas decorations! DONE:)

  74. 78

    The Yankee candle deal! Obsessed with the Balsam and Cedar.

  75. 79

    That’s funny because I just used RetailMeNot a few minutes ago when buying a present! I’d probably use those Amazon deals.

  76. 80

    These are some great ideas, Anne! And I also have to say I just love your Christmas tree! I would be most excited to use the code for 30% site wide at Aerosoles! Their shoes are so comfortable!

  77. 81
    Kristen Warner says:

    Ooo I need Xmas cards, so that Shutterfly deal will likely be used :)

  78. 82

    I love searching for coupons online. Excited to spend and save at Target!

  79. 83

    Love the World Market deal – love love that store! 20% off is great–

  80. 84

    Ooh I’ll definitely use the gift card deals!

  81. 85

    Would love to purchase new running gear from Macy’s for my husband (…and myself :) )

  82. 86

    I was sad to miss Matt’s parents in Pittsburgh last weekend but I’m happy to hear they met the baby! Congrats on getting out of the house without the baby.
    With the new house Home Depot is always a good deal and I always get excited about UberEATS!

  83. 87
    Angie Jerde says:

    Oohhh the Amazon deal would be great!

  84. 88

    I use retailmenot too! Would love to get some bew Toms with the discount!!

  85. 89

    Victoria Secret bundle is a great deal.

  86. 90

    The Amazon sale!

  87. 91

    I have been eyeing new shoes at Macy’s! But I’m sure I will use multiple :)

  88. 92

    I am excited to use the 25% off at Kohl’s deal.

  89. 93

    It has been two years since I’ve splurged on new running shoes and I was hoping to get a new pair for Christmas this year in anticipation of running a half marathon or two in 2018! I’m definitely excited about the Running Warehouse and Brooks deals to help with this!

  90. 94

    I love atoms for my children. I am eyeing that deal right now.

  91. 96

    I would use the BarkBox deal. My sweet beagle isn’t very thrilled with our new foster dog and I think a BarkBox would definitely help. P.S. congrats on the baby!

  92. 97

    I am a runner, so the Asics deal on RetailMeNot is the code I am most excited about!

  93. 98

    AMAZON AMAZON AMAZON!!! It has everything! :)

    Congrats on your beautiful little girl.

  94. 99
    Becca Samson says:

    I love the half off Dominoes if we are being honest ;-)

  95. 100

    buybuyBaby has a good deal, so that seems fitting with baby on the way! :)

  96. 101
    Jackie L. says:

    Love the Asics deal: $15 Cash Back for $125+ Online Purchase — it’s time for new running shoes!

  97. 102

    So many great deals on here! I plan on using the TOMS deal!

  98. 103

    Wow! I’m so proud of you and Matt for being able to leave new baby with the grandparents already. I know for most new parents this seems like a HUGE step sometimes that doesn’t happen for several weeks.

    P.S. That unicorn sweater is epic!

  99. 104

    I like seeing the new items available at Gilt each day, so the RetailMeNot deal that intrigues me the most is the 30% Off New Years Eve Dressing & Entertaining at Gilt code!

  100. 105

    I would love to buy some new running shoes. I run about 5 days a week and my current running shoes are in need of replacing! I bought them back in January – and boy my feet and sciatica can tell they are overdone! I am most excited about the Dicks deal!

  101. 106

    I’m excited about the coupon for Gap!

  102. 107

    I’m definitely going to start using this app. I can’t believe I haven’t been using it. I like the Victoria’s Secret deal. Time to update everything!
    PS — the tree looks great and I am so impressed you got one up already with the new baby!

  103. 108
    Roadrunner says:

    Great tip, Anne, thanks! Very interesting… Will visit and return!

  104. 109

    $5 off $15 at Ulta is a great deal!

  105. 110

    The Toys R Us code would come in handy for some of the shopping I need to do for nieces and nephews!

  106. 111

    Probably the redbox coupon

  107. 112

    The Macy deals are amazing!

  108. 113

    I’ve been finding SUCH cute stuff at WorldMarket this season that I’d probably spread the joy and use that. :)

  109. 114
    Pat Elsberry says:

    I’m going to buy some e-gift cards. I had no idea Retail Me Not offered gift cards at a discount!

  110. 115

    I’m always excited about a Target deal!

  111. 116
    Michelle Reiter says:

    Definitely Amazon since that is where most of the Christmas items are hanging out currently in my cart, such a great app :)

  112. 117

    I would love to use it at amazin I order something from there just about everyday!

  113. 118

    Tree looks great! :D

  114. 119

    I am most excited for the Amazon deals! I always check it at Kohls, but never think of it when shopping other places. Now I know!

  115. 120
    Lindsay Tritabaugh says:

    Your tree looks beautiful!

    I am excited about the Shutterfly offers! We always make photo calendars for the grandparents, so a discount code would be put to good use!

  116. 121
    Rebecca M says:

    Toys R Us looks fun!

  117. 122

    Amazon, 20%off at Best Buy and I just saved 20% on GoPro accessories that I wouldn’t have otherwise found! Woohoo!

  118. 123
    Ashley Selvey says:

    Super excited about the $32 off my first Blue Apron box, and the cash back from Asics for ONLINE shopping (my specialty!).
    Hooray for sales!

  119. 124

    The Ugg’s cash back deal!

  120. 125
    Meredith L says:

    The Amazon deals!

  121. 126

    I like the 20% off cost plus world market deal the most.

  122. 127
    Shoshana Rose says:

    I’m in the process of decorating our new house so the coupon for Cost Plus World Market would go a long way!

  123. 128
    Danielle Somers says:

    All the deals! But specifically Amazon and Toms.

  124. 129

    The Amazon deala are great, but I’m on a shoe buying kick, so the TOMs and Frye’s deals are also great!

  125. 130

    The Kate Spade deal, 30% off. I have had my eye on a wallet for months now.

  126. 131
    Emily Keane says:

    Blue Apron! What a great deal!

  127. 132

    I’m sure I’ll be using the code for 30% off home items at Target.

  128. 133

    I love all of the Sephora coupon codes for free samples!

  129. 134

    Old Navy: Get 20% Off your purchase + 30% off your purchase of $75 or more.

  130. 135

    I’d love to do some shopping at kohls!

  131. 136

    I’d say the Amazon or Old Navy deals are right up my alley! I love RetailMeNot!

  132. 137

    Amazon deal!!

  133. 138

    the TOMS deal and amazon too. Congrats on your beautiful baby!

  134. 139

    All the amazon deals! Love amazon!

  135. 140

    The West Elm deal!

  136. 141

    Amazon for sure!

  137. 142

    Using Williams Sonoma right now!

  138. 143
    Carrie C. in VA says:

    Excited about that 50% off one item at Michael’s deal.

  139. 144

    Definitely the Uber eats deal ;)

  140. 145

    Tough call between TOMS and Sephora deals!

  141. 146
    christina purvis says:

    Michaels has a 50%off coupon code that i would use from the site.

  142. 147
    Denise Johnson says:

    The Victoria’s Secret bundle deal. Fantastic!

  143. 148

    If they delivered blue apron where I live I’d be all over that! However, I’m also a sucker for chapters so I might have to see what I can get there!

  144. 149

    The deal at Cost Plus would be good for patio chairs.

  145. 150

    Thanks for sharing this, I actually hadn’t used RetailMeNot before, but sure will now! I can never have enough of wayfair, so that would be my pick :)

    I’m so proud of you for doing you first outing with Matt without the baby! I’m sure it was exciting and sad at the same time! Lattes are the perfect way to end it :)

  146. 151

    Kohl’s! I can find something there for everyone on my list.

  147. 152

    I’m going to be selfish and get a new pair of boots from Clark’s for 30% off.
    You look so happy. Thank goodness for family support.

  148. 153

    I need new boots so extra 30% off Aerosoles

  149. 154

    Thank you for the intel, Anne. I’m probably most excited about Michaels or Snapfish.

  150. 155

    We sure could save with the Domino’s 50% Off All Menu-Priced Pizzas Ordered Online coupon!

  151. 156

    I like that Tarte deal! There makeup is very good!

  152. 157

    Can’t wait to use the Macy’s code!

  153. 158

    I love the Kiehls from Sephora for a white elephant!

  154. 159

    I love RetailMeNot! I use them for coupon codes while shopping online.

    The UberEats deal looks pretty good to me!

  155. 160

    Can’t beat Toms, great deal!

  156. 161
    Sarah Anne says:

    Definitely Amazon and probably the deal for Bouq’s flowers….I love sending people flowers as a thank you gift!

  157. 162

    I can always use Target coupon codes!

  158. 163

    I’m definitely going to be using those Macy’s coupon codes!

  159. 164

    Snapfish codes! I recently got a flashdrive with 2000 wedding photos on it and I’ve been printing them out like crazy!

  160. 165

    The Snapfish deal! I’m making the grandparents some photo gifts for Christmas (time is running out- I need to get on that)!

  161. 166
    Colleen V says:

    I’m watching for the best price on a new kitchen aid mixer so Macy’s, Kohl’s, BB&B, great give away!!!

  162. 167

    I would love to use it on the amazon deals!

  163. 168

    I’ll definitely be taking advantage of the Macy’s deal!

  164. 169

    Forever 21, 15% off and free shipping? I could literally buy a closet full of clothes for less than $100! I know they don’t have the best quality, but because I’m in the process of losing a lot of weight, I don’t like to buy expensive clothes because I so frequently grow out of them and then I’m sad I spent so much money. So that is perfect!

  165. 171

    A great deal for Target is listed! 5 Off $50 Select Items + Free Standard Shipping!

  166. 172

    Amazon or Old Navy!

  167. 173

    The 30% off Alex + Ani is a great deal! Especially since their jewelry makes such a nice gift :)

  168. 174

    Amazon all the way! I don’t know what I’d do without it!

  169. 175

    amazon deals for sure!

  170. 176
    Lisa Brown says:

    I am excited to use the Kohl’s 25% Off + Double Points deal for holiday shopping. jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  171. 177

    The Amazon deal looks super helpful – Amazon has everything, and usually at great prices!

  172. 178
    Latonya Ramsey says:

    The cashback deal from amazon is great. Kohls offer is good as well

  173. 179

    If I end up buying someone flowers, which I’m considering, I will keep the 25% Off Orders of $59.99+ deal from Bouqs in mind! :)

  174. 180

    I like the old navy deals!

  175. 181

    $20 off at Old Navy! I love shopping there for my two boys.

  176. 182

    I just used it for $20 off a caviar delivery for a holiday party!

  177. 183

    Sephora – 3 free samples with any purchase. Best way to try new beauty products before being is samples!

  178. 184

    I’m interested in the Victoria’s Secret deal and the Old Navy deal!

  179. 185

    the amazon one!

  180. 186

    amazon – I spent $100+ already today! :)

  181. 187

    Love the GNC deal, I need some new protein powder! Always a fan of Amazon too.

  182. 188
    Jessica Orlando says:

    Love Macy’s or Kohl’s deal!

  183. 189

    The amazon deal for sure!! Amazon never fails haha!

  184. 190

    Forever 21 has a hilarious Christmas tree sweater jacket with a coupon code from retail me not. That Or some awesome ankle booties from DSW as well

  185. 191

    H&M! Congrats to your little family!

  186. 192
    Elizabeth W says:

    I like the Neiman Marcus deal!

  187. 193
    Colleen Heine says:

    World Market

  188. 194
    Shanna Malone says:

    Love the Macy’s deal. Can’t wait.

  189. 195
    Barbara G says:

    Definitely Buybuy Baby for me.

    I just became a Great Aunt on Wednesday, December 6th!

    The RetailMeNot discount for a purchase from Buybuy Baby would be most welcome so I can splurge a bit more on behalf of my newest little family member. YAY!

  190. 196

    LOVE Retail Me Not! it’s always my first stop when I shop online! :) I’m always in need of a good Shutterfly deal so I’ll def be hitting that one up for Christmas cards and gifts!

  191. 197

    Target! Always Target! Loving their new workout clothes.

  192. 198

    Amazon!! They have everything and love the 2 day shipping. Life saver for last minute gifts!

  193. 199
    Annamarie V says:

    I would like the BOGO 50% off,

  194. 200

    Loved seeing a deal for Duluth Trading. Sounds weird but their leather bags are gorgeous and prices really well for the quality!

  195. 201

    I used Retailmenot today! Lots of Christmas shopping happened already. I think I’ll be using the Michael’s and Nordstrom’s coupons tomorrow. :) I love being able to make people happy by picking out gifts for them!

  196. 202
    Emily Smith says:

    I’m excited to use the stackable discount codes on toys at Kohl’s. I’m hoping to finish my gift shopping this weekend.

  197. 203
    Stefanie G says:

    I like the Starbucks 30% Off Friends & Family Sale

  198. 204
    Jennifer Hayden says:

    Best Buy has a deal for $250 off Apple products!

  199. 205

    Oh Lowes for sure right now!

  200. 206

    I could use the 25% off at Kohl’s for sure.

  201. 207
    cathie orozco says:

    checking out Misty Mountain Soap Co. – i love handmade soaps

  202. 208

    I am interested in the ToysRUs 15% Off Sitewide + Free Shipping on $29+

  203. 209

    The Amazon deals!

  204. 210

    So many deals! The starbucks one caught my eye right away

  205. 211

    Anything through dicks sporting goods is good in my opinion. Gotta love new workout gear!

  206. 212

    I’ve been eyeing some new TOMS sneakers so that deal would be amazing. I will definitely be checking this site before buying anything!

  207. 213

    Riese is adorable! Congrats! I want to try a couple of additional meal subscription services, so I was glad to see PeachDish had a deal. We have tried BlueApron, Plated, and HelloFresh already and enjoyed them!

  208. 214

    So many great deals – I’m excited about the Macy’s one, especially!

  209. 215
    Chris Free says:

    Anytime Kohls offers 30% off is great!

  210. 216

    $10 off at Uniqlo! They have such great winter gear – good stocking stuffers!

  211. 217

    I’m all in for the Shutterfly deal! I think I make a new book about every month, and I love their company so much.

  212. 218

    I would like to use $20 off $100 at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

  213. 219

    I like the Kenneth Cole 40% off full price items deal.

  214. 220

    White House Black Market 40% off

  215. 221

    stranger things/gremlins sweater or uber eats

  216. 222

    This is going to be extremely helpful when I’m shopping for books at Barnes and Noble

  217. 223

    I like the 50% off photo cards and stationary deal at Walgreens. This is great for the holidays.

  218. 224
    alicia e gordon says:

    i am excited for the express everything is 40% off in store and online! never would have known that without retailmenot!

  219. 225

    I always buy my Yankee candles for myself for the whole year around Christmas–will definitely be taking advantage of the coupon codes!

  220. 226

    I just used RetailMeNot for an Uber Eats deal the other day, looove that site! Now I’m eyeing the codes for Gap….ahhh so many deals!

  221. 227

    already a retailmenot member, i’m liking the CVS $20 off $40 offer

  222. 228

    the pottery barn discount for sure!

  223. 229

    I’m so excited for the barnes and noble deal!

  224. 230

    I would use the $20 off $100 at Dick’s Sporting Goods!

  225. 231

    Old Navy and Bath & Body Works!

  226. 232

    Excited to use Pottery Barn’s deal!

  227. 233

    I just signed up!! I would use the Kohls 25% off!

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