Skiing Adventures & Supporting Team USA with #ItsOurTime

Hello, my friends! I hope those of you who had yesterday off for the holiday enjoyed it! Inspired by the Olympic Winter Games, Matt, my dad, and I decided to take a day trip and go skiing!


We drove up to Whitetail in Pennsylvania, which is only about 1.5 hours from DC. It was INSANELY crowded (Matt and I had to wait nearly 2 hours to rent skis – my dad was lucky and owns his so he headed straight to the black diamonds), but once we got going it was worth the wait. It was such a beautiful day for skiing!


So sunny and the trails were mostly powder vs. ice, too, which was great.

Matt and I got in a couple runs on the easier slopes and then spent most of the afternoon on the blue (intermediate) slopes, which were pretty steep but nice and wide and a lot less crowded than the greens.



The lift to get up to the blues was way less crowded and faster, too – good motivation to step it up a notch! I’m not all that great of a skiier since I didn’t learn until late in high school and only go about once a year, but I feel like I’m starting to get more confident out there. Matt was sweet and stuck with me on the easier slopes all day. :)


Before we settled in and I got my ski legs back a little bit, Matt shot a hilarious video of me on the bunny slope on our first run of the day. His commentary totally makes it – you can hear us both start cracking up at the end of the video as I “whizz by” (aka slide by at approximately 2 miles per hour, lol). He totally has the Olympic Winter Games TV commentator voice down, too. Hilarious. I tried to embed the video directly but it wasn’t working, so instead click here to view it on YouTube. Enjoy ;)


I did feel really inspired out there yesterday, though, given that we’ve been watching so much amazing winter sports coverage on TV over the past week! While we were out there yesterday I had a lot of fun pretending I was in the Olympic Winter Games, slicing my way down the mountain to victory. I feel like everyone else out there yesterday was doing the same thing – there were some little stops on some of the slopes where snowboarders could practice some tricks, etc. Anyone else obsessed with watching all the action on TV? Matt and I have been enjoying it nonstop. I don’t want it to end!


One of the things I’ve also really been enjoying while watching the action is, actually, the commercials! The Winter Games-focused commercials have all been so inspiring and sweet and I love seeing an inside look into the athlete’s lives. One of my favorites so far has been the AT&T #ItsOurTime ads, all about showing the hard work and dedication the athletes have to their sport and training to be part of Team USA. I’ve been saying to Matt how much I love these ads since last week, so when I got an email from the AT&T team asking if I’d like to share a sponsored post about the #ItsOurTime campaign to support the athletes, I was all about it. What a fun coincidence!


AT&T is a proud partner of Team USA, and their #ItsOurTime app gives all of us a chance to directly show our support for the athletes who have worked so tirelessly over the past 4 years to represent our nation. The free app (available via iTunes & Google Play) is all about celebrating and honoring all of the sacrifices made by the amazing athletes of Team USA. Their talent, perseverance, and commitment to their sport and their country is palpable — and now it’s time to cheer them on! By downloading the #ItsOurTime app, fans all across the country can record themselves shouting the iconic “USA!” chant, and the chants (put together in an interactive digital wall) will be shared with our Team USA athletes before they compete! Cool, huh? Check out my chant video! U-S-A! U-S-A! It’s so cool to think about the athletes seeing me cheering for them before they compete. :)

AT&T has offered a fun giveaway for you guys as part of this campaign – one lucky winner will receive the new Samsung Galaxy S4 Active (it’s waterproof – how cool is that?! would be great for skiing!), and another lucky winner will receive a $150 visa gift card and an assortment of Team USA gear/memorabilia.

  • To enter to win, simply comment with which Team USA athlete and/or sport you have been most excited to cheer for!
  • Want an additional entry? Download the free #ItsOurTime app, record your own U-S-A chant video, and submit an additional comment with a link to it (just post the link you receive via email once you upload the video through the app).

I’ll randomly select the winners on Friday and will notify them directly via email!

A big thank you to AT&T for sponsoring this post, and for supporting Team USA! See below for a little more about our awesome athletes – I shared a few of my favorite inspirational quotes from some of their interviews!

Get to know Team USA!

Shani Davis – Speedskating

  • (Talking winning gold in 2006): “To this day when I think of all the hard work, sacrifice, and obstacles I overcame to win that race I still get emotional.”

Meryl Davis – Ice Dancing/Figure Skating

  • (Talking walking in to the 2010 Games): “The experience absolutely surpassed my expectations. Wearing our team uniforms, waving the American Flag… what a feeling of pride.”

Charlie White – Ice Dancing/Figure Skating

  • “We always make a point to hug our moms before we go get ready to compete.” – so cute!

Justin Reiter – Slopestyle/Snowboarder

  • “Like all athletes I have faced a lot of moments in my career where quitting would have been a lot easier. Injuries, poor finishes, unmet goals, and adversity have made for a bumpy road. I am inspired to keep going simply because in my heart I know that the pain and regret that comes along with quitting is greater than any difficulty I face.”

Noelle Pikus Pace – Skeleton

Shaun White – Snowboarder

Alyson Dudek – Speedskating

  • Most inspiring thing anyone has said to her: “Don’t let the good days go to your head, but don’t let the bad days go to your heart. It’s a long journey, but the reward is worth it."

Heath Calhoun – Paralympian/Skiing

Alana Nichols – Paralympian/Skiing

  • (Talking winning gold in 2010): “I had overcome so much leading up to that moment and when I won that giant slalom race my spirit exploded with joy and sorrow and everything in between. It was one of the most amazing moments of my life.”

Have a wonderful day, my friends!


  1. 1

    I always love the figure skating!

  2. 2

    I always love to watch the hockey and cheer the guys and girls on!

  3. 3

    My favorite athlete this year is the women’s skeleton racer Katie Uhlaender. She’s from a little town in Kansas about 30 minutes away from my hometown, and not much else comes from that area besides wheat- so it’s exciting stuff! We were so excited to see her get 4th!
    The ice dancing has been fun too- we love it all!

  4. 4
    Danielle Johnson says:

    Lolo Jones, track star turned boblsedder!

  5. 5

    I was really into speed skating for a while, but now I’m all about the ice dancing. I love watching Meryl Davis and Charlie White!

  6. 6

    I’ve been all about the figure skating this year. Go USA!

  7. 7

    I love watching the downhill skiing- their speed is insane!

  8. 8

    I love cheering on Meryl Davis and Charlie White. They are so crazy talented! It’s like watching dancing fairies – they make skating seem so easy! :)

  9. 9

    Meryl Davis and Charlie White! They actually make me interested in ice dancing!

  10. 10

    My kids and I have been watching and trying to learn more about the less known sports during these Olympics.

  11. 11

    Love all of the skiing & snowboarding events, but I’ve been especially enjoying slopestyle.

  12. 12

    Even though we never do well, I love the XC ski events. Such a showing of true athleticism.

  13. 16

    I like Meryl Davis. I love watching figure skating.

  14. 17

    Most of the Winter Sports have me so darn nervous for the athletes, but I’ve been loving the snowboard cross!

  15. 19

    Figure skating! Jason brown went to my high school…it’s been so amazing to watch him

  16. 21
    Chris Anne says:

    Sounds like you had a great time! I miss skiing with my dad so much, so glad you enjoyed it. You should try Seven Springs, it’s only 3 hours from DC and a lot larger and lots of extracurricular activities. I”m sure your hubby has been there being from Pittsburgh and all. I love all the skiing events and anxiously awaiting the women’s skating and hockey!

  17. 23

    Ice skating is my favorite in for winter olympics, I’m cheering on Jason Brown & Gracie Gold!

  18. 24

    My favorite to watch so far has been the finals for the skeleton and watching Noelle Pikus Pace rush the stands. What an awesome moment!

  19. 25

    The hockey game on Saturday was epic, so I’d say I’m hockey all the way!

  20. 26

    I love watching the skeleton/bobsled/luge teams…they’re all always so excited for each other no matter how they did!!

  21. 27

    Ted Ligety in the alpine skiing! I am the least confident skier in the history of the world. Your video is fannetastic!

  22. 28

    I love watching hockey! Go USA!!

  23. 29

    awe that day looks like so much fun! I love watching Men and Women’s ice hockey! Woke up at 7:00 both Saturday and Sunday to watch the men’s games live!

    Sara :)

  24. 30

    Quite the exciting day! I’ve never been skiing…think it should go on my to do list for the year ahead!

  25. 31

    It’ funny how snow can be such an annoyance when it’s on the ground and you are trying to go for a run, or drive , and yet at the same time snow is awesome when you’re up in the slopes or sledding :) Looks like you had a great time! To my surprise I have been actually watching a lot of the Olympics! Those XC skiers are like whoa! I’m also in awe of the participants who ski off the slope and look like they are flying- I don’t know the right term for it. So many of the sports are just amazing to me because I don’t think I could ever bring myself to do those things and their passion for it is so contagious- it makes you want to go out there and try something new!

  26. 32
    Stephanie K says:

    I really enjoying the snowboarding. I think about how hard it was when I first tried to learn and I’m amazed by what they can do.

  27. 33

    I love the skiing games but also love the figure skating! thanks for the giveaway

  28. 34
    Erika Jensen says:

    I used to ski race, so I still love watching the sport, and sometime I see people I use to race with when I was a tot! Go Ted and Andrew!

  29. 35

    meryl davis and charlie white!!

  30. 36

    I’ve really been enjoying the figure skating! It’s my fave event

  31. 37

    I love watching figure skating.

  32. 38

    Team USA hockey!!!! Go get em!

  33. 39

    I love cheering for the Ski Jump! It is so amazing and so scary!

  34. 40

    What a fun time! I’ve only been skiing once and would love to go again. So far my favorite moment of the games was watching Noelle Pikus Pace. Her attitude about her sport, her return after some adversity, and her family is just infectious. I was thrilled to see her win the silver!

  35. 41

    Gotta say, after the US and Russia game, gotta go with TJ Oshie.

  36. 42

    I love it all but have been inspired by our amazing women’s hockey team and the medals earned by the US in skeleton, luge & bobsled!

  37. 43

    I love watching the ice dancing and figure skating competitions since I used to skate, myself. I have been cheering on Meryl Davis and Charlie White! So happy they won Gold!!!!

  38. 44

    1. Matt is hilarious! He def. has that voice down. 2. I LOVE anything slope style…snowboarding or skiiing. So fun to see them use the rails and flyyyy!

  39. 45

    I really enjoy all of the aerial skiing and snowboarding events – I LOVE watching them fly through the air fearlessly!

    I grew up skiing all the time in Colorado and it’s one of the things that I really miss now that I live on the east coast.

  40. 46

    We are obsessed with the biathlon-maybe because it’s so different-our whole family has been having so much fun watching the events!

  41. 47

    I love watching all the snowboarding-they make it look so easy.

  42. 48

    I’ve never been skiing but I want to go SO bad. I want to stay on a resort for a weekend, seems like it would be a lot of fun. I hope to do it next year :)

  43. 49

    snowboarding and skiing are my favorite!

  44. 50

    I love watching snowboarding and hockey!

  45. 51

    I LOVE the freestyle moguls and I am sad that they are over!

  46. 52

    I love Meryl Davis & Charlie White since they are Michigan grads; go blue!

  47. 53

    Charlie white!

  48. 54

    I love watching all the freestyle events. Something about the mix between creativity and athletic prowess is so inspiring. I don’t have a favorite athlete, I’m amazed by them ALL!

  49. 55

    I have been loving the downhill skiing! The routes are so tough! I completely agree that the games have truly been inspiring! I have been training for my first half marathon and every time I am on a run and want to give up I remember all of the training the Olympians have done!

  50. 57

    I have watched more Olympic coverage than I care to admit but here are 2 stories that have stuck with me: Last night I got really excited for Mac Bohonnon in the aerials. A few weeks ago he didn’t even know he was going to Sochi and he placed 5th at age 18! And apparently he’s worried about an English paper he has due next week because he’s still in high school. It was fun to watch him and he was so gracious about the experience. I was HEARTBROKEN for John Daly (skeleton) after he messed up in his last run. That interview was so hard to watch. I think about how hard I trained for the last marathon and how sad I was to miss my goal by 3 minutes… I can’t even imagine what it’s like to train for the Olympics and mess up right at the end. Heartbreaking. These athletes are all incredible and inspiring!

  51. 59

    I really am having fun watching ice dancing. Meryl and Charlie are so fun to watch.

  52. 60

    I’ve really enjoyed watching the different types of skiing. So many incredible athletes!

  53. 61

    I haven’t watched too much Olympic coverage, but I personally love the downhill skiing and curling!

  54. 62

    I’m loving every minute of the Olympics, I even hosted an opening ceremonies party! I’m usually a figure skating a downhill skiing junkie, but this year I have really enjoyed watching Noelle Pikus Pace. She is so optimistic and has a great attitude about the training/life balance!

    So jealous of your ski day! I’ve also been feeling extra inspired to do some winter sports. Part of me wishes I would have given some of it a try as a kid, but then I remember how I don’t really like being cold :) This giveaway is awesome, i’m really keeping my fingers crossed!

  55. 63

    I’ve enjoyed most of it, but the Slopestyle skiing was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I honestly didn’t even understand what I was watching…skateboarding on skis? What will they think of next!

  56. 64

    I enjoyed watching the ice dancing while running yesterday and love watching the figure skating!

  57. 65

    I was excited to see Shaun White, so that was a bit disappointing!

  58. 66

    I really like hockey so I’ve been cheering for both men’s and women’s hockey teams! Specifically Zach Parise and Ryan Suter who are representing Minnesota :)

  59. 67

    Just downloaded the app, but since I have an older smart phone (with no front camera) I can’t record! Such a bummer! But i’m wearing my Olympic shirt for the occasion anyway :)

  60. 68

    I loved watching Noelle Pikus-Pace come out of retirement to win the silver, it was very inspiring. The best part was when she crawled into the stands to hug her family!

  61. 69

    Figure skating, of course!

  62. 70

    I love watching hockey!

  63. 71

    I personally love the Figure Skating. So much fun to watch.

  64. 72

    I have been loving the figure skating!

  65. 73

    I’m always excited for the bobsled teams!

  66. 74


  67. 75
    Tara Soraghan says:

    I’ve been following the alpine skiing – especially hometown fave Bode Miller!

  68. 76
    Kathy Sherman says:

    T.J. Oshie is my new inspirational Olympian athlete.
    TJ Oshie (@OSH74) when called a hero after the game: “No. The real heroes wear camo. I’m not one of them.”
    — Shawn Hutcheon (@ShawnHutcheon) February 15, 2014
    Wow, that’s so powerful! Go USA Men’s Ice Hockey team!
    From a Navy veteran and nurse who works with Veterans everyday, that comment really touched me!
    Proud to be an American

  69. 77

    I did the Chant. Here is my link.

  70. 79

    I have loved watching the inside stories of all the athletes regarding their training and life story really. It gives me the chills at times. Very touching and raw that about the Olympics!

  71. 80

    Huge fan of Charlie White (and his partner) bringing home gold for the US in ice dancing!

  72. 81

    I always love figure skating!

  73. 82

    I love the women’s figure skating

  74. 83

    I look forward to watching figure skating.

  75. 84

    I love all of the cross country ski events! What an inspiring group of athletes :)

  76. 85
    Christina C says:

    Figure skating!

  77. 86

    Curling! Even though both the men’s and women’s team didn’t do so well, my DVR has been working overtime taping every curling match that’s on.

  78. 87

    I love watching speed skating!

  79. 88

    I love watching all of the Olympic action, but I’m seriously rooting for Bode Miller ;)

  80. 89

    So, I would love to win this phone for my husband, who accidentally washed his phone along with his jeans :-( sad day, and absolutely loves curling! A very under appreciated sport in his opinion! Snowboarding, however, is something we both love to watch together, but I have been all about the ski jump this year, which is now an official sport for the first time for women!

  81. 90

    I have loved watching hockey this year!

  82. 91

    I love watching figure skating!

  83. 92

    I love watching figure skating and ice dancing!

  84. 93

    I really enjoyed watching the snowboard half pipe competitions.

  85. 94

    I really enjoyed watching the snowboard half pipe competitions.

  86. 95

    Figure skating and hockey for me!

  87. 96

    I love watching the biathalon!

  88. 97

    Hockey and figure skating all the way! I do love Meryl and Charlie in ice dancing, as well.

  89. 98
    Heather Rennie says:

    i haven’t been watching as much as i’d like to thanks to grad school work, but i think the ice skating is beautiful!!

  90. 99

    Love the stories with noelle pikus-pace! Thank you!

  91. 100

    I love all of it! Snowboarding and skiing have been my favorites this year. Go Team USA!!

  92. 101

    I have always loved figure skating and really like how they added the team competition this year. However, that Nicole Pikus-Pace in the skeleton really stole my heart this year with her dedication to the sport and giving it one more try for a medal. Good for her!

  93. 102

    I love watching the figure skating and all of the snowboarding events!

  94. 103

    I always look forward to figure skating, and this year I have really enjoyed watching bobsled and speed skating! Go USA!

  95. 104

    They’re all amazing! The snowboarders are really exciting to watch. Sage Kostenburg is a trailblazer with his record-breaking wins. Always a shout out to the women snowboarders too! Kelly Clark and Jamie Anderson – hooray!

  96. 105

    I love Charlie and Meryl

  97. 106
    mary matheson says:

    We love watching the ice dancing. Go Charlie and Meryl!

  98. 107

    I really love the snow boarding events!

  99. 108

    I really enjoyed the ice dancing this year! I now know what a “twizzle” is :) Also looking forward to the bobsledding!

  100. 110

    Noelle Pikus-Pace! I don’t know anything about the skeleton except that it’s scary, but her story really stuck with me. Great athlete, great mom, great wife, great attitude! She’s what everyone should aspire to be. GO USA!

  101. 111

    I love watching hockey and giant slalom!

  102. 112

    Keri Herman women’s skiing !!!!

  103. 113

    Mikaela Shiffrin is definitely my favorite, I really want her to do well!

  104. 114

    I’ve always loved watching the figure skating, but curling is fun to watch as well.

  105. 115

    I’m enjoying all the sports however my favorite right now is skeleton and the biathlon! Wow! These athletes are AMAZInG!

  106. 116

    I’ve been watching a lot of ice hockey with my boyfriend,I’m actually starting to like it. I also like figure skating

  107. 117

    My boys are huge fans of Shaun White so we will be rooting for him.

  108. 118

    I love the crazy skiing events like moguls. I can’t believe those people are so good!

  109. 119
    Darius Morgan says:

    Shaun White — !!!

  110. 120

    Gracie Gold in ice skating!

  111. 121

    I love to watch snowboarding

  112. 122
  113. 123

    I love the winter Olympics. I live in Salt Lake City, so it’s a part of life here. We have one college (Westminster) that sent 33 athletes to these games! So I support all my hometown athletes, but my favorite sports to watch are speed skating, skeleton, curling, and ice hockey. GO USA!!!

  114. 124

    love watching hockey!

  115. 125

    I always love watching Ice Dancing and Figure Skating–I guess since those are the ones I loved as a child.

  116. 126

    The Davis/White duo has been a joy to watch. They are so in tune with one another’s movement that they make the ice dancing and figure skating look effortless.

  117. 127

    I was most excited for snow boarding and hockey!

  118. 128

    I’m loving the hockey this year. GO USA!

  119. 129

    I was most excited to see skier David Wise – and he did not disappoint – winning the first ever gold in halfpipe skiing.

  120. 130

    I was most excited to watch the US win Ice Dancing!

  121. 131

    I’m totally into the Olympics and watching as I type this! I’ve been cheering for Team USA in all sports, but watching Meryl Davis & Charlie White was inspiring. Great skaters and dancers, but was amazed at how fit and strong Meryl looked too!

  122. 132

    Excited to cheer for Shaun White – Snowboarder

  123. 133
    Dawn Monroe says:

    Ive been watching a little of everthing but my favorites are the luge, bob sled and curling. Go team USA!

  124. 134
    Dawn Monroe says:
    My son had to help me but we finally got it.

  125. 135

    I am watching and cheering for the bobsled and figure skating sports

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  126. 136

    I am excited to watch figure skating and cheer on Team USA!
    I just found this blog and I am really excited about going through the recipes and workout videos, thanks so much for this! I also went skiing this past weekend at Whitetail, it was sooo crowded!

  127. 137

    I have always loved figure skating and love to cheer on Team USA during this event! :)

  128. 138

    i love ice dancing and figure skating! it’s my absolute favorite!

  129. 139
    tina reynolds says:

    It is a tie for me I love love figure skating but I also am a huge hockey fan! Thanks for the chance GO USA ;)

  130. 140
    tina reynolds says:
  131. 141

    I love snowboarding!!

  132. 142
    Elena Hicks says:

    Lolo Jones! Bobsledding!

  133. 143

    I love curling!

  134. 144
    Tabathia B says:

    here’s my chant

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  135. 145
    vickie brown says:

    i like downhill skiing

  136. 146
    vickie brown says:
  137. 147

    I’ve enjoyed the ice dancing! I had never watched before, but they are some really talented athletes.

  138. 148

    I absolutely love to watch the high flying tricks of freestyle skiing and I also enjoy snowboard cross a lot.

  139. 149

    I love to watch bobsledding.

  140. 150
  141. 151

    I like the Figure Skating the most. Polina Edmunds is from my city!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  142. 152

    I’m rooting for Shaun White from snowboarding :)

  143. 153
  144. 154

    The snowboarding racing is surprisingly exciting!

  145. 155
    rosa rivera says:

    Love watching the skeleton and Pikus Pace!

  146. 156
    Holly Miller says:

    Lolo Jones for bobsledding!!! Love her!!

  147. 157

    I enjoy all of the different events but I have to go with Hockey as my favorite

  148. 158

    I love the figure skating!

  149. 159

    I really enjoyed watching ice dancing.

  150. 160

    My favorite sports to watch are figure skating and hockey!

  151. 161
    Betty Baez says:

    I like watching snowboarding and hockey!

  152. 162

    the snowboard and ski cross are awesome!

  153. 163
    Whitney Schubarth says:

    bobsled was fun!

  154. 164

    i like figure skating- seeing those outfits

  155. 165

    I have been really excited about the new slope style event and, an old favorite, the ski and snowboard cross races. It’s such chaos!

  156. 166
    Amanda Hoffman says:

    i personally like skiing
    [email protected]

  157. 167

    I’m so happy for Meryl and Charlie!

  158. 168
    Ellen Casper says:

    Love watching snowboarding

  159. 169

    I loved the slope style skiing. So sad it’s all over!

  160. 170
    amy stonger says:

    I love watching and cheering on the figure skaters.

  161. 171
    amy stonger says:


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