The Last Warm Weather Run

Good morning!

My Thursday began just like almost all other Thursday mornings this semester — with a run with my girl Elle. :)


Thank god for running buddies — I would not have gotten up on my own this morning, but we had a great run once we were out there. Combining socializing with exercise is the best.

It was a wet but warm morning — I was able to get away with shorts and a t-shirt! The forecast called for pouring rain so we were happy they were wrong and it was just wet, but not rainy. :)


I also wore my compression sleeve; I decided to just wear one today and be hipster. ;)



Apparently tonight the cold weather will return — it’s been weirdly warm the past few days (almost up to 80 one of the days!) and nights, but tonight will get back down to 28 degrees. Yikes! Fall is back with a vengeance. At least the pretty leaves make it better.


Run Splits:

  • Mile 1: 9:36
  • Mile 2: 9:49
  • Mile 3: 9:16
  • Mile 4: 8:52
  • 0.35 nubbin pace: 8:46

Total time: 40:37. Total distance: 4.35. Average pace: 9:20. Not our fastest run, but it was super hilly and our legs were sore because class at Franklin Street Yoga last night was INSANELY hard — we were both literally dripping sweat during it! I just love that place — since it was the “Rock Your Asana” class, we had the usual fun music, and the instructor had us all dance at one point! So fun and un-pretentious.

I’m going to attempt one more long run this weekend (11 miles?), as long as my ankle/calf feel okay. This will be my last long run before the Vegas half marathon in… 2 weeks?! Wow, that crept up on me fast! Next weekend I’ll go back down to 7ish miles. This training hasn’t exactly been great (I skipped two long runs since I didn’t want to overstrain my ankle/calf, but I have been good about keeping up with my two during the week runs — one speedwork and one 4 to 5 miler), but I’m hoping the race will still be fine, if not my fastest. I’m not expecting to PR — I just want to have a good time. :)

I’m off to school — the rain has started but I’m glad it at least waited til we were done with our run! Have a good one. And stay tuned — tomorrow I’ll be back with my 10 favorite Thanksgiving recipes.


  1. 1

    Too bad my running buddy is my husband and often times we’d rather snuggle in the morning! Congrats on getting out there in the dreary weather; I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for more warm weather before winter hits.

  2. 3

    Awesome run!! I have tried running with someone before but we didn’t really talk that much…we were trying to save our breath! lol

  3. 4

    Awesome run! I wish our weather here in the midwest had been in the 80’s! I woke up to 13 degrees this morning in Minnesota, hello winter (I am not ready for that)!

  4. 6

    Workout buddies in the morning are key! One of my friends just joined my gym so now we meet twice a week for 6am classes. I would totally hit snooze if it wasn’t for her ha. I’m so not looking forward to this cold running weather! Ps – I’m thinking about getting some compression socks since my calves and achilles have been a little tight after my runs. You seem like a firm believer in them. What do you think?

  5. 10

    I miss FSY so much– especially Lori’s Rock Your Asana classes! I have yet to find a studio that I like as much. Any DC recommendations?

    Looking forward to your Thanksgiving recommendations!

  6. 12

    Two weeks! That’s so exciting, it sounds like it will be a fun race!

  7. 13

    I went for a walk tonight with my honey and when we got out of the car I came THIS CLOSE to getting right back in–that cold, cold wind coming off the river can make walking tough in the winter! But I knew it would get better so we kept going and wound up walking at a good pace for an hour. Yay us! That’s three good walks this week!

    And good job, Anne!

    • 14

      That’s so great you stayed out there! And you’re right – as soon as you get moving it starts feeling good. Sounds like a nice walk – I love walking along rivers! Keep it up! :)

  8. 15

    Good luck with the long run, Anne. That’ll be an important one before the half!

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