This Week’s Workouts + An Easy Breakfast

Hi friends! Happy hump day. I hope your weeks are going well! Mine has been busy – I was traveling yesterday (you can see what I was up to on Instagram – I’ll share a recap soon) so today is spent playing catch up.

Going back to earlier this week, I kicked off my week on Monday morning with an a.m. run with my friend Kathleen. :)


It was so good to see her! We’ve both been traveling a ton for work lately so I hadn’t seen her in way too long. Loved catching up.

We met up at 7 a.m. over at her place near H Street – so nice that it’s light out at 7 a.m. again now! We decided to do a loop around the Capitol, down the mall and around the Washington Monument. No idea what this large line was for…


Since I know you guys read my blog for updates on the construction status of the buildings around DC, here is the latest – the Capitol is under construction with some lovely scaffolding blocking its beauty. Bummer!


I guess they figured since the Washington Monument was finally unsheathed, they needed something else to work on…


We ended up covering a chatty 5.25 miles. I felt pretty sluggish for the first half but got into my groove midway through the run. Great way to start the week!

As for yesterday, I enjoyed a nice rest day! I was due for one and I was traveling anyway so it worked out well. Extra sleep FTW! I got home late last night from my trip and was still pretty tired this morning so I kept things chill with a nice 30 minute swim. I <3 swimming – it always makes my body feel so good.

I had a big piece of toast with lots of nut butter and pumpkin butter before the swim; I wasn’t super hungry after so I nixed my original egg sandwich plan and instead enjoyed two fried eggs with arugula and avocado to refuel. Plus an unpictured whole milk latte (we have a Nespresso machine, which is the greatest thing ever), my fave.


Hit the spot!

Now it’s time for lunch, then back to work! Today is busy – lots of AnneTheRD calls and emails to tackle. Have a happy day, my friends!

Totally random and unrelated, but I need a new fun show to watch because I just finished plowing my way through Friday Night Lights (soooo good) – any ideas? I don’t watch much TV but I like having one show to watch my way through when I need breaks in the evening. We don’t have cable so it needs to be on Netflix. Shows I have enjoyed recently to give you an idea of what I like/have already seen: Breaking Bad, Homeland, Orange is the New Black, The Americans, Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars (yes, I realize half of these make me look like a 16 year old, it’s fine), etc. Thoughts? What TV shows are you loving lately? I’m up for newer shows or old ones!


  1. 1

    You should definitely check out Suits on Netflix, it’s addicting!

  2. 2

    I am rewatching my way through Friday Night Lights too! Is it bad I had a dream about Tim Riggins the other night? haha. I really like Walking Dead and I know I’ve watched original episodes on Netflix. I thought it’d be scary so I didn’t watch it for awhile but it’s really not scary. Mores suspenseful. And of course I find myself planing survival gear for the zombie apocalypse and who I would take with me! And this show “Vikings” is really good, not sure if it is on Netflix. And all the Gilmore Girls series are now on Netflix!

  3. 4

    If you’re looking for something funny I suggest New Girl or The Mindy Project. I also just started watching Gilmore Girls, and it’s great!

    • 5

      Oh and Parks and Rec. It never fails to make me laugh!

    • 6

      I love allll of those (except Gilmore Girls). I’d also add 30 Rock or Parenthood (more serious but addicting). Also, if you liked Orange is the New Black, you should check out Weeds on Netflix. Or True Blood is so great, too!

  4. 8

    I recommend Rescue Me with Denis Leary. I loved it, and there are several seasons!

  5. 9

    I highly recommend Scandal!!!

  6. 11

    That’s the line to see oral argument at the Supreme Court. You should go some day.

  7. 14

    Definitely add House of Cards to your list. Also, that line is in front of the Supreme Court. People camp out to make sure they can get in to hear oral arguments.

  8. 18

    not sure if you’re looking for short comedy shows (and don’t know if these are on american netflix), but i love big bang, the mindy project, and new girl! also game of thrones and walking dead, although i haven’t watched these

  9. 20

    I started watching Grey’s Anatomy a few weeks ago. It’s pretty interesting if you like medical dramas

  10. 22

    My husband and I just started watching all of the seasons of 24. I highly suggest it!

  11. 24

    Friends… every show!!

  12. 26
    Stephanie Wright says

    They just added Gilmore Girls on Netflix…always a fave!

  13. 28

    Nashville! I also recently watched Orange is the New Black.

    • 29

      I’ve heard from a lot of people that love Nashville! Also love that Connie Britton from Friday Night Lights is in it… heart her.

  14. 30

    Justified is by the producers of The Anericans and is excellent. Timothy Olyphant is a US Marshall who follows his own rules. Easy on the eyes too :) Hell on Wheels is excellent as well. comedies Curb Your Enthusiasm, Episodes British shows – mysteries Sherlock,, Foyles War, and comedy the original and Best version The Office. Blast from past Twin Peaks and Deadwood. Love Netflix!!

  15. 31

    LOVE orange is the new black…I got through the first 2 seasons embarrassingly quickly. I also love american horror story and the first 2 seasons are on netflix (season 2 ftw!)

  16. 33

    Mad Men! I watched that on netflix as well, such a good show!

    • 34

      I tried to get into Mad Men and totally couldn’t! Matt likes it, though. I think I got too used to ridiculously fast paced dramatic shows, ha.

  17. 36

    OMG – it’s so nice to see when someone else watches PLL. You know that show isn’t real. I never was that put together when I was in HS.

    • 37

      Right?! Their outfits/hair are INSANE. Especially since half the time they are almost about to get killed… but still look fierce. So addictive!

  18. 38


  19. 39

    Not sure if it’s on Netflix (but it is on Amazon Prime, which is how I watch it)–The Good Wife!

  20. 40

    I would say Downtown Abby, Dexter,Breaking Bad & Weeds, someone already mentioned House of Cards!!! All on Netflix !!!

  21. 41
    Dana Longwell says

    My husband and I are Netflix junkies! Love a lot of the ones that you mentioned you’ve like/watched. Prison Break was really good. A series called “The Killing” (on Netflix) is very good and there’s a shorter series called The Assets which is a true story about Aldrich Ames (think you’re too young to know who that is but I remember his name from when it hit the news). If you like the Americans, you’ll like this and it’s TRUE.

  22. 42
    Dana Longwell says

    oh yeah -saw someone posted Dexter and Downton Abby – both very good and quite different from one another!

  23. 43

    haven’t seen friday night lights before, but a show that comes up on google similar to it is parenthood , which i am currently ADDICTED to. great blend of serious drama and lighthearted chill times. highly recommended! also, agree with someone’s comment above about mindy project, parks and rec, and gilmore girls– those are my favorite shows ;)

  24. 44

    Parenthood! So good!

  25. 45

    The Killing on Netflix…SO good!! My husband and I totally binged on that show until we finished it :( Really great finale, but we’re so sad it’s over!

  26. 46

    I started re-watching Gilmore Girls. Love that one!

  27. 47

    I echo Sherlock. Luther is also amaxing!

  28. 48

    I second The Killing on Netflix. Soooo good! We are halfway through the second season and love it.

  29. 49

    The West Wing!

    • 50

      just scrolled through all the comments to see if someone had mentioned The West Wing yet… add it to your list you wont regret it :)! (just finished re-watching, loved every second, now moved on to Gilmore Girls!… you’d think there wasn’t new TV out there that I haven’t already seen multiple times, hehe)

  30. 51

    I watch PLL too! It is a guilty pleasure :) Friday Night Lights was so good. I didn’t think I would like it because I am not big into football but it really did hook me. I like The Fall, The Following is pretty fast paced, Call the Midwife, Scandal (sooo addictive).

  31. 53

    What kind of running vest is that? I’ve been looking for one just like that but haven’t had any luck!

  32. 55

    I recommend Suits! Drama and laughs all rolled into one! Plus I’m Canadian and it’s shot in Toronto (even though it’s set in NYC).

  33. 56

    My vote is for Parenthood!! I love that show and its currently in its last season. Also, New Girl is funny!

  34. 57

    Your show list sounds like mine! I really recommend Burn Notice and Prison Break, as well! :)

  35. 58

    This is EXACTLY how I watch TV too. Some good ones are: Heart of Dixie, Army Wives, Parenthood, New Girl, and 90210!

  36. 59

    Right when I get down here, they start construction on the dome! For the next 2-3 years! Real bummer :P
    You have to watch Walking Dead if you don’t!

  37. 61

    If I was going for a blast in the past tv show, I’d probably go with One Tree Hill or Buffy. Very different I know! But I love them both equally :)

  38. 66

    GREY’S ANATOMY!! Best show ever

  39. 67

    Ooooh if you like the shows that make you feel like a high school girl (I’m so with you!!!) then watch Reign! It’s a CW show about Mary, Queen of Scots – so you feel kind of better about the historical aspect of it until they totally go away from historical truths. It’s so gossipy and dramatic and entertaining!

    Also, I like The Blacklist. Totally different from Reign, but also fantastic!

    • 68

      Don’t worry I already watch Reign. ;) Ha! It’s SO addictive, right?! Glad I’m not alone in my love of high school appropriate shows. ;) I’ll have to check out The Blacklist – haven’t heard of that!

  40. 69

    I think Suits is GREAT, but I am also LOVING Scandal! Also, if you like The Vampire Diaries then I also recommend The Originals.

  41. 71

    Parenthood and Shameless are both really good!

  42. 72

    I have SO many suggestions for you!
    Marry Me
    Top Chef
    Masterchef Junior
    American Horror Story
    Red Band Society
    How to Get Away with Murder


  43. 73

    I loved the first two seasons of Once Upon a Time! It has trailed off a bit, but I still watch. I’m also eagerly awaiting new Downton Abbey. As for shows I watch with my hubby, we’re addicted to Game of Thrones and House of Cards. Also looking for something to add to the rotation, so these are some great suggestions!

    • 74

      We watched the first 2 seasons of Once Upon a Time, too! But we felt like it kind of got a little ridiculous so we stopped watching a bit… love Game of Thrones and House of Cards though!

      • 75

        Yes! It’s gotten really silly and just keeps getting worse. But for some reason I haven’t stopped yet…
        I’ve heard Orphan Black is really good and am going to start that next. So many good shows to watch!

        • 76

          Sometimes I feel like once you’ve invested that much time in a show you just have to finish it out for the principle of the thing!

  44. 77

    Vanderpump Rules is my current favorite show! I love it!

  45. 78

    Scandal!!! I think you guys have it on American Netflix. We don’t here in Canada so I even went as far as to buy the first three season from Itunes..CRAZY!!! It’s so good! And no judgement on the teen shows..Pretty Little Liars is NO JOKE…..And love me some Vampire Diaries! Apparently the Wire is really good and my husband is obsessed with the show ‘The Killing ‘ right now on Netflix! Hope you find something you love!

  46. 79

    White Collar is SUPER addictive! And it is funny when you picture Turner being Neal. :)

  47. 81

    The wire. Such a good show. I work in education and season 4 is so true!!

  48. 82

    House of Cards!!!

  49. 84

    I’m into the Carrie Diaries, Royal Pains, Last Man Standing!!

  50. 85

    i just started watching Parenthood on Netflix. I think I tried when it first started and didn’t like it. I’m glad I have it another shot because I am 100% sucked in.

  51. 86

    I watched the first 4 seasons of Blue Bloods back to back a few weeks ago and really liked it.

  52. 87

    House of Cards, Teen Wolf and The Mindy Project

  53. 88

    Netflix is the best thing ever! My all time favorite is How I Met Your Mother. If you’ve never watched the entire show from start to finish, it’s so perfect that you really should. I don’t know that I’ve ever watched an episode and not laughed out loud.
    On the opposite end of the spectrum, The Following with Kevin Bacon is so freaky and addicting. I hate scary things but I can’t peel myself away from the tv with that show, and the second season just came on Netflix last month.

  54. 90

    My current netflix favorites: Gilmore Girls and Orphan Black, totally different but both soooo good!

  55. 91

    I agree that the scaffolding on the Capitol is a bummer. It is my favorite building in DC and it’s totally obstructed now, but I guess its necessary for maintenance. It does feel like construction is never ending here though.

    My husband and I love Netflix as well. I feel like we’ve watched ever possible show on there. I agree with other people who suggested Parenthood, Gilmore Girls, and One Tree Hill. Other fun shows are Hart of Dixie and Last Man Standing.

  56. 92

    Bleak House. (I am BBC junkie)

  57. 93

    I love watching shows through on Netflix! I’m watching Gossip girl now :) If you’re into suspense I just finished The killing….really good! Also started “The Damages” which is pretty good as well!

  58. 94

    Have you watched Veronica Mars?? So good. It’s on Amazon Prime.

  59. 95

    You gott awatch House of Cards! So addicting!

  60. 96

    If you liked Friday Night Lights (which, let’s be real, who doesn’t?), you should check out Parenthood! Same producer, and it’s AMAZING. It’s currently airing the last season, but all the older ones are on Netflix. SO SO GOOD. A lot of FNL actors/actresses have small roles sprinkled throughout, too (Lyla, Vince, Luke, and a few others), which is so fun!

  61. 97
    Roadrunner says

    Great to see you making the most of the additional hour of sunlight in the morning!

  62. 98

    60 Minutes did a really interesting segment on the construction they’re doing to the Capitol Dome. They’re usually YouTube if you ever have about 20 minutes and want to check it out.
    I’m currently bulldozing my way through Gossip Girl myself. My husband and I watched Raising Hope awhile back. Highly recommend!

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