Wedding Festivities

Good morning!

I’m back in Chapel Hill after a wonderful weekend up in DC for our friends Tom & Janice’s wedding!


Way to awkwardly close your eyes in my only photo of you two, Tom.

For the most part, I was too busy dancing up a storm and socializing to take photos, but I did get a few of friends and the food. :) Here’s my new dress that I bought on Thursday for the occasion — as I said before, all my wedding appropriate dresses are about 8 years old now and considering I was going to see a bazillion friends I wanted something newer. :) I loved the color of this dress and the pretty ruffled/flowery strap! It’s from Macy’s.


Here I am with friends Megan and Sarah:


A bunch of the wedding party (we were seated at the head table since Matt was the best man):



With my friend Kristen:


And now for the food! I loved this salad — you can’t tell in the photo, but the lettuce leaves were all wrapped up in a sliver of cucumber! Very cute.


Steak! With roasted potatoes (hidden behind the steak) and that fun tower of veggies on the right — this was actually delicious. I was impressed — wedding food isn’t exactly the best usually!


No pictures of the cake because I was WAY too busy getting my dance party on by the time that happened. :) I would be a terrible wedding photographer.

Yesterday was also fun — I went for a run (and was reminded how much running sucks when you’ve been out late dancing), and then met my mom and my grandmother for brunch! My grandmother was very excited to see the ring and the three of us had fun talking about their weddings. :) Apparently my parents had their rehearsal dinner on a boat — so cool! I had no idea they’d done that.

Before I headed out of town I also met up with my high school BFF Jenny (who now goes by Jen, but she is always Jenny to me!) for some tea and a walking date.


I asked her to be my matron of honor and she was super excited. :) She LOVES weddings and is even more excited than I am to start the planning! We’ve been best friends ever since we both moved to Falls Church, VA in 10th grade and met at the bus stop on the first day of school. It’s kind of insane to think we were only 14 years old?!? Weird! I <3 you, Jenny!

I’m off to school — as per usual, time to hit the ground running! I will be paying for my lack of school work time over the weekend — we have another take home exam, a biochem quiz, two big assignments, AND a group presentation this week, plus I have a bunch of freelance blog stuff going on too. Gah!

Have a good one! :)


  1. 1

    that dress is GORGEOUS on you!

  2. 2

    That dress is lovely..I just love the color!!

    Looks like a fun weekend!

  3. 3

    The dress is beautiful and your engagement ring matches. I love the look of that salad, I am a pecan lover, especially in salads. So glad you had a wonderful weekend. Have a wonderful week as well.

  4. 4
    Jen Robinson says:

    1) that dress is SUPER cute
    2) we will now cease and desist with this “matron” of honor business- it makes me feel like I’m 70!
    3) YAY for wedding planning! I tell you, i think participating in the details of someone else’s wedding may be more fun than planning your own! :)

  5. 6

    C’mon, don’t lie. You got that dress to match your ring, didn’t you? :) It looks fantastic! Also, yes, my sister IS NOW AND WILL FOREVER BE “Jenny”, and also, bahaha “matron”.

    It should also be noted that despite the fact that she’s the one who is actually married, I know more about weddings and wedding planning than her. So just bear that in mind when you’re looking for a Powell to talk about wedding stuff with. ;)

  6. 8


  7. 11

    no idea what happened to the rest of that comment but it was supposed to say “I

  8. 12
    Pat Elsberry says:

    Love the dress!!! That color is just beautiful and looks great on you! I think it’s so cool that you still have both your mom and grandmother to share things with!! Who knows what kind of great ideas you’ll get for your own wedding! :) Enjoy the week!

  9. 13

    Looks like a great wedding, Anne. Know you’re taking notes! And the ring (still) looks lovely. Must all get you pretty excited about your and Matt’s day, whenever that will be!

  10. 14

    I must reiterate….that picture of you is so wonderful! I got a little nostalgic thinking of what young girls we were in Mrs. Weber’s 12th grade math class. That dress is made for you. I’m so happy for you and Matt and your engagement! And I think Jenny’s title is hilarious. xxx.

  11. 16

    Congratulations on picking a matron of honor! Let the wedding planning begin!

  12. 17

    That dress looks amazing on you – I loved that it matched the ring! Yay for having a matron of honor :)

  13. 18

    You look fantastic in that dress!

  14. 19

    It sounds like you had a great time!

  15. 20

    That dress is insanely cute!!! Are you coming up to Boston again any time soon? I want to hang out!

  16. 22

    You look freaking fantastic in that dress!

    (You like how I tweet you happy engagement, but how amazing this dress is deserves a blog comment?! hehe)

  17. 24

    ps. Zoe loves the ring!

  18. 26

    1. Love the dress. 2. Looks like the wedding was a blast! 3. I heart your Grandma. 4. Hi Jenny! :)

  19. 27

    Great pics! I lovelove your dress :)

  20. 28

    I love the color of your dress and the ruffled strap. I bet it looked very nice with your new ring! :)

    Good luck with your busy week!

  21. 29

    That salad and tower of veggies looks almost as good as your dress. Almost. ;)

  22. 31

    I love that dress! The color looks great on you!!

  23. 32

    You look great in that dress!! Glad it was a fun time, and it’s never easy to remember to take pictures when you’re having a blast! I can barely remember to take them of me food at restaurants before digging in!

  24. 33

    I know that if you’re married you are supposed to be “Matron of Honor” but I think you can still call her Maid of Honor because she is so pretty and young, and matron sounds like a female tequila if you pronouce it May-Trone.

  25. 35

    What a gorgeous wedding! And how exciting, now when you go to these things you can be picking up ideas for your own!!

  26. 36

    Okay, you look completely stunning in that dress — the shape, color, style – everything about it completely complements you! And I like your hair too! :)

  27. 37

    Congrats again! Your ring is stunning! This is such an exciting time for you and I’m so excited to be able to hear all about it!

  28. 38

    You look so awesome in that dress! I agree with you on not expecting much of wedding food. I’m glad you were pleasantly surprised! I’ve always said that Moe’s will cater my wedding because I just know it will be good, and won’t have to deal with any iffy catering companies.

  29. 39

    I love that blue dress! It looks fantastic on you.

  30. 40

    M’gosh, that’s a fancy-looking wedding. Hopefully all the weddings you’ve been going to the past year have given you some good ideas for your own.
    And as for paying for vacation…I’m right there with you. Except instead of working I’m reading blogs. Oops.

  31. 41

    I agree with you-weddings are not usually the place to go to for a 5 star meal!
    Ugh-my legs felt like they were made out of lead this morning on my run!!! That’s what I get for all of those leg stregthning yoga moves yesterday!!

  32. 42

    Haha, you clean up so nicely ;) I am used to seeing you in sweaty running clothes!

  33. 44
    adventurer says:

    What a great time! Give you any ideas? :-) Pls share with all of us your evolving thoughts on where/when you might tie the knot! We’re eager for info! :-)

  34. 45

    You look great in the dress. It is a wonderful color and a beautiful fit for you.

  35. 46

    Looks like a lovely wedding :-)
    Your dress is absolutely gorgeous and you look so pretty!
    I love food at events like this, looks delicious.
    Although I’ve heard about weddings not having very good food, my cousin got married in Italy a couple of years ago and the food was absolutely amazing!
    Aw you and your future made of honour look cute :-)
    Good luck with your tests!

  36. 47

    Your dress is ADORABLE. Color is perfect!!

    So wait — your one friend was going to wear the exact dress (but you figured it out in time), and your other friend nearly had the same dress. It would’ve been so funny if the 3 of you were in your sapphire dresses!!

    Love that color…

  37. 49

    Love the dress!! I just bought a dark blue dress a few months ago and fell in love with the color. I think it must be the blonde hair…the dark blue compliments our tone so well. :) Glad you had a great weekend and a fun time at the wedding.

  38. 50

    Cute dress, mama!

  39. 51

    I love your dress – it’s so pretty! The color looks great on you too. I’m sure starting to plan for your wedding is so much fun! Enjoy every moment of it!

  40. 52

    Anne; What a beautifu dress, i like so much the color blue..good choice. My best regards!!


  41. 53

    I love your dress! I’m the same way and need to update my “fancy”attire for special occasions. Wedding planning is so fun and goes by so super fast. Just remember to have fun, it’s the best party planning ever!

  42. 54

    Great dress Anne! I think you have excellent taste in dresses and always like the ones you wear :)

  43. 56

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress! And your hair :)

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