Morning guys! We had a busy weekend – it flew by, as usual! We kicked Saturday off with a nice long family walk to the park. It was actually kind of cool in the shade – got me really excited for fall weather eventually! When we got back, we each had variations of a similar breakfast. I had breakfast tacos with scrambled eggs, pinto beans, spinach, and avocado.

Matt had avocado toast with scrambled eggs and arugula.

And Riese had pinto beans (they were soft enough for her to smush), mashed avocado, and scrambled eggs. She wasn’t super into any of this and it mostly ended up on the floor! Oh well.

We spent the afternoon running a few errands. This photo cracks me up – Riese is like, “This is your idea of a fun Saturday?!” I feel you, Riese – the hardware store is not my idea of a good time either. ;)

As you can see, we were getting blackout blinds to finish turning the nursery into a cozy and dark sleep chamber! This weekend was the first time we had Riese sleep in the nursery in her crib at night rather than in the bassinet in our room. We’ve had her doing some naps in the crib so she was used to it, and she had no problems sleeping in there whatsoever! I, on the other hand, had mixed emotions about it… I can’t believe my little girl is growing up so quickly! I really missed having her right next to me all night, but it’s also nice to be able to have the lights on/not tiptoe around our room again, and to have a bit more space to walk around in there (our room is really small and the bassinet barely fit)!

Anyway! As for Saturday evening, we had a big outing! My parents very kindly came over to babysit so that Matt and I could see our sister-in-law Morgana dance in the Capital Fringe Festival show Gilded. It was so good – we had never seen her dance before and she did a great job! We both loved the performance – really well choreographed and very engrossing. Here I am post-show with Morgana:

After the show, we grabbed dinner with some friends. We walked over to the wharf area, thinking we might eat or at least grab a drink there, but it was PACKED so we decided against it. Cool to explore it, though – I’d never been over there before and it has been totally redone in recent years. There was so much going on!

We decided to hop in a Lyft and go to 14th street NW area for dinner instead. We grabbed a quick drink at a place I can’t remember the name of that had outdoor seating open (so nice in the shade!) – I had a glass of prosecco and also got a beet and goat cheese salad because I was starving and needed something to tide me over. The goat cheese was breaded and fried – delicious!

For dinner, we headed over to B Too, a Belgian place. I had the mussels and fries and then we all shared a waffle for dessert. Delicious and fun night! Matt’s birthday is today so this was an early celebration. :)b too DC restaurant dinner

On Sunday morning, I was up and out early to meet my friend Karen for a run date!

rock creek park running

We had planned on doing a run/walk with mostly walking if necessary because I warned her I haven’t felt physically super energized on my once weekly run attempts recently, but this was a good reminder to not decide the outcome of something before you give it a shot, because once we started running I actually felt really good! What a nice surprise!

It was a little cooler/cloudy and less humid, so that helped, as did the great company (so great to catch up with Karen – it had been awhile) and the pretty views. We ran through Rock Creek Park trails which are always lovely and green at this time of year. Beech Drive is also officially re-open after years of construction and on the weekends they close a section of it to cars and just let runners/walkers/bikers use it. Awesome!

I didn’t have my watch on so I got a shot of Karen’s – 4.6 miles, hizzah! Longest run since my 5 miler out in Seattle with the Brooks gang a month ago!

I had a trail mix snack in the car on the drive home to tide me over until I could make a full breakfast. I’ve discovered I really need to be proactive about refueling because otherwise I get home and Riese needs to eat or I’m trying to shower etc. and things get hectic and then I wait too long to eat and get too hungry!

I had some avocado toast with fried eggs for breakfast and then played with the little one for a couple hours before we headed out for a late lunch in Del Ray area of Alexandria. We hit up Stomping Grounds – I had a biscuit BLT! YUM.

We met up with friends after at a coffee shop – they have a 2 year old and Riese had a lot of fun watching him play!

The rest of the day was spent doing some stuff around the house, and we had simple salads (picked up from Sweetgreen on our way home from Alexandria) for dinner before settling on the couch for the night.

What was the best thing you ate this weekend? 

Anyone else get in a fun run or workout?


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    Isn’t it crazy how the Wharf area has developed? There’s a Mexican restaurant down there we really enjoyed back in April – Mi Vida. We hit up our perennial favorite Zaytinya on Saturday for a nice dinner after a day of errands and gentle hiking – we finally got over to Potomac Overlook Park with the pup. Kind of surprised the name hasn’t changed if there hasn’t been an overlook since the early 90s, but hey. Nature is all I’m really after :)

  2. 3

    That goat cheese in the salad sounds UNBELIEVABLE! I definitely need to check out the Wharf when I’m back in DC for the school year. Heard great things! Best thing I ate this weekend was definitely a big chocolate chip banana muffins from the bakery known to have the best muffins in NYC. Yum.

  3. 7
    Roadrunner says

    Sounds like a busy but good weekend! Impressive to see you get out and about so much. Love the picture of Riese out shopping!

  4. 8

    Your weekend looks fabulous! That waffle dessert looks delicious. Well, everything does! I took a Barre3 class on Thursday that kicked off my weekend early, and while hard, it was awesome! I’d say the best sweet thing I ate this past weekend was Alexis’ Berry Crisp with Super Seed Crumble, and the best savory thing I ate was our leftover beef spaghetti with a combo of carrot spirals and GF brown rice angel hair plus roasted eggplant/onion/zucchini.

  5. 10

    Sounds like an awesome weekend!! The best thing I ate this weekend was a waffle cone with a chocolate/vanilla twist dipped in some chocolate crunch. So delicious, and always reminds me of my childhood.

  6. 12
    Christina says

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t want to put the baby in their own room. My son is 4 months and people keep telling me it’s time – but I’m not ready! We have 5 more pounds left for the bassinet so I’m holding out!

    • 13

      Don’t rush into it if you aren’t ready/it doesn’t feel right! You’ll know when it’s time for you – everyone is different. :)

  7. 14

    I really enjoyed last night’s dinner: a delicious side dish made with fresh green beans from our garden, roasted cherry tomatoes (also from our garden) and topped with crisp bacon, garlic, and parmesan cheese with hamburgers on the grill!

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