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Hello from the train on the way from DC to Philadelphia! I’m heading up for the day for my annual holiday meet up with my college BFFs, Turner and Kris. Turner lives in Philly, and Kris lives in Paris but comes home for the holidays, so every year for a few years now we’ve done a little pre-Christmas meet up in the city. It’s an easy train ride from DC and I can work on the way there and back, so everyone wins. You can see what I’m up to on Instagram and I’ll be back tomorrow with a recap. :)

As for this weekend, it was a low key one! Matt and I didn’t have much on the agenda so we were able to get some stuff done around the house, which was nice. On Saturday morning, we got in an 8 mile training run (here’s what we’re training for). I LOVEEEE running in (pre-snow and ice) winter – cold weather running is so much better than hot weather running, in my opinion! (Related post: How to Dress for Cold Weather Running.)

best brooks cold weather running gear

Matt and I decided to do our run on a combination of the (very hilly) Custis Trail and the (flat in the area where we were) W&OD trail.

custis trail arlington running

I took a rest day on Friday and I definitely felt the difference – my legs felt fresh and ready to rock. My feet were also happy – my friends at Brooks spoiled me with a fun holiday gift (see everything it included over in my Twitter post about it) that included a hot off the presses pair of Launch 3’s, and I decided to rock them on the run because my beloved Ravenna 6s are getting really old and worn out. The Launch 3 won’t be available until January – cool to get a sneak preview!

brooks launch 3 shoes preview

I’ve never tried the Launches before but they actually felt really good! I am definitely going to keep them in the rotation for longer runs. Very light and cushy! (For short runs/track workouts, I love the PureConnect 4 <—on sale right now.) 

w&od trail arlington running

Matt played some music for us (I’ve discovered the “Hypnotize” station on Pandora is epic for a) parties, and b) running, if you don’t mind some dirty words and enjoy old school rap) on his phone and the miles flew by. We did our last mile at an 8:09 pace, which I was pumped about because it was the hilliest mile by far! Overall average pace: 8:37 minute/miles. Sweet!

how to run 8 miles

We showered quickly and had a snack and then headed over to Cassatt’s Kiwi Café to treat ourselves to a late post-run brunch. Their mushroom, egg, and cheese quesadilla hits the spot every time. Love the avocado and tomato salad on the side, too!

cassatts cafe arlington va

Also, a whole milk latte (actually a flat white, but it’s very similar), obviously. Pretty design. :)

cassatts cafe arlington flat white

We were out a lot last week in the evenings so we decided to have a cozy night in on Saturday. Sidenote: I discovered on Saturday afternoon that a cute way to display holiday cards is using wire to string them onto the Christmas tree! Fun, right? Bonus: if Zara knocks them off, they don’t break like ornaments. ;)

creative ways to display holiday cards

Anyway! On the menu for dinner: a chicken tortilla soup from Blue Apron. It reminded me of my Creamy Mexican Chicken Chili Soup, minus the hummus. :)

blue apron chicken tortilla soup

On Sunday morning, I treated myself to a yoga class at my local fave Edge Yoga via ClassPass. I wanted to share this photo and the accompanying text that I put on Instagram after class:


edge yoga arlington

I asked my yoga instructor to take this picture of me (after class) in assisted split today because I think it is a nice reminder that fitness is about progress, not perfection. The only person you should be trying to be better than is who you were yesterday, and never feel bad about modifying a move/workout and honoring where you are, whether it’s in running, yoga, or another form of fitness. Many of the others in this class were in full split; I rocked not one but two bolsters. No shame, guys – you do you. Don’t be too scared or embarrassed to try something new just because you aren’t awesome at it (yet) – the beauty is in the journey.

Just a little reminder for all of us. :) Have a wonderful day, my friends!

How was your weekend? Any particularly great meals, adventures, or workouts to report?

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  1. 1

    I’ve heard great things about the Launch shoe and I think I’m going to test them out next time I go to Pacers! I did 7 miles on the Mt. Vernon trail Saturday and I loved the weather–I love running in the cold as long as it’s not super windy or icy. Give me cold over humidity any day! My favorite Pandora station by far is my 2000’s hip hop station–love the throw back jams!

  2. 5

    We got in some awesome Grandma time with the little one. But I’m enjoying getting me and the little back into our normal routines before the festivities of Christmas ramp up to full gear.

  3. 6

    I always have brunch envy reading your posts…I now too have soup envy!

  4. 8

    I’m jealous of your snow and ice free weather.

    Have fun with your friends!

  5. 9

    Your tree looks beautiful!

  6. 10

    Beautiful tree! I did my first run in 3 weeks on Saturday and it felt so good! My foot is finally feeling better! Yay!

  7. 12

    Very nice reminder! Thank you for sharing!

    Weekend was full of great things!
    -14 mile run with a friend in freezing temps (which was oddly refreshing)
    -Went to a Straight No Chaser concert … ALONE! (which was a very freeing feeling)
    -Went to a mom/daughter holiday party where I ate chicken chili with chickpeas (which was delicious)

  8. 14

    I so appreciate this post… I needed it. I just (tentatively) signed up for Barre classes in my ‘hood, which is a college town in which I’m probably 10 years and 30 pounds older than the average clientele. But the message from your post is “you do you”, which is exactly what I need to hear.

  9. 16

    Well done to you and Matt!

  10. 17

    Bravo! Nice to see the encouraging post and photo! :) I could not agree more!

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