Weekend Adventures

Hello from the beautiful (but currently rainy – darn!) Outer Banks in North Carolina! We are here for our annual beach week vacation with Matt’s family and family friends. We got here yesterday afternoon after spending the first part of the weekend at home and then driving down in parts.

My brother arrived in DC on Friday night with his dog, Freyja, that we are adopting (permanently) because he’s off to grad school this fall! Since he didn’t get in until around 9, we figured it would be best for him to stay at our parent’s place and introduce the dogs in the morning instead. Ashe is a bit territorial/wary of strangers coming to our house, so we decided to introduce the doggies for the first time while out on a hike! We met up on Saturday morning for a hike along the Potomac River in Virginia.

introducing new dogs

It was a lot of fun and the dogs got along really well, which was great! Ashe loves other dogs in general so we figured it wouldn’t be too big of a deal, but I think being out and about vs. in her territory at first was good.

This is Freyja – isn’t she a cutie? She’s about 6 years old and is a corgi lab mix. She’s really friendly and we think she will be a great big sister for Ashe – hopefully Ashe will take some cues from her and be less nervous about new people coming around. :)

corgi lab mix

We all came back to our place after – my brother is staying at our place with the dogs and Zara this week while we are gone at the beach, which worked out well. We got them settled, had lunch, and packed up and hit the road a few hours later. So far it sounds like things are going pretty well at home without us – hopefully it continues!

We decided to split the drive to the beach up a bit this year because one of my best friends, Jess, and her husband David live in Norfolk, VA, which is right on the way to the Outer Banks. Perfect opportunity to get to see them! We arrived in time for dinner and they had quite the feast waiting for us – so nice of them!


Delicious! Here’s my plate. :)


We stayed up until about 10 chatting and then crashed hard!

We slept in on Sunday and had a snack before all heading out for a 2 mile jog around the naval base where Jess and David and their daughter live. It was beautiful – gorgeous water views!

running while 20 weeks pregnant

2 miles of light jogging with some walk/photo breaks is definitely about right for me right now at 20 weeks pregnant – thanks for going slow for me, guys! :)


Here I am with Jess – long time readers will recognize her as one of the bridesmaids from our wedding! :) So good to get some quality time together!


Also, a huge thank you to my friends at Brooks for sending me some new gear as part of my Run Happy Ambassadorship – I got a new pair of my absolute favorite Chaser 5” Running Shorts in one size up from usual and in a fun new print. So nice to be able to wear these again – my normal ones are getting a bit too tight! Plus the Pick Up Tank, also in one size up and a fun new color. They also sent me another of my favorite Run Happy Visors – I wear these allllll the time as you guys know and absolutely love them!

After our workout, we had an amazing breakfast: PIZZA EGGS! Have you guys ever heard of this before?!

how to make pizza eggs

You basically scramble a bunch of eggs, then scrape the toppings from leftover pizza into the eggs once they are cooked. Stir and enjoy! It was soooo good – what a fun idea! You can eat as-is or serve the mixture back on top of the leftover pizza bread. Either way it’s really good! Plus some fruit and coffee. :)

pizza eggs

pizza eggs

We were sad to say goodbye to Jess, David, and little Lillian – thank you guys so much for having us!

We only had about 1.5 or so hours to go from their place to the Outer Banks – easy! We stopped halfway for lunch (just some easy salads/sandwiches from Panera) and pulled into town around 3:30, hitting the grocery store for provisions before making it to the house. Since we did the store, we offered to spearhead the dinner efforts last night – on the menu was our old fave Salmon with Lemon Mustard Dill Sauce (<—recipe).

salmon with lemon dill sauce

It was a big hit and as a bonus it’s easy to make for a crowd since you just toss all the salmon in one pan. :) Plus string beans, brown rice, and some salad!

salmon with lemon mustard dill sauce

We woke up to rain this morning, so my sister-in-law Morgana and I are going to hit up the local yoga studio and hope that it stops by the time our class is over. I fueled up with some toast for breakfast – topped with almond butter, banana, blueberries, and some plain whole milk Greek yogurt to add protein to the mix. Delish!

easy protein breakfast toast

Time to change clothes and head to yoga – have a good day, my friends! And be sure to check in tomorrow – I have a fun smoothie recipe coming at ya. I’ll still be blogging most of the week, although since we’re at the beach I may disappear for a day here and there, just FYI. :)

Until tomorrow!


  1. 1

    LOVE the outer banks! I’m sorry the weather’s not been too good :( 20 weeks?! Yay!!! You’re looking amazing!

  2. 3

    Never heard of pizza eggs! But they sound good! I think I would heat the toppings in the pan first and then scramble the eggs into them. That’s how I did my “spanikopita eggs” this weekend. I had made a big pan earlier, but the filo dough was too carb heavy for me. Couldn’t toss that delicious filling, so scraped it into a pan, cracked eggs over it, and topped with Havarti.

  3. 4

    Hope you have a fabulous vacation! All of the food you shared looks delicious!

  4. 5

    Freyja is adorable, what a lovely mix. Great idea to have them meet on the trail and then everyone gets together instead of her feeling like a dog was invading her space. How does Zara seem to be doing with the latest addition?

    • 6

      Freyja is a lot more interested in Zara than Ashe is, so I think the puppy was a good way to get Zara more comfortable with dogs, because Zara has been coming upstairs already apparently and standing her ground!

  5. 7
    Roadrunner says

    Pizza and eggs is a keeper! Good luck for better weather at the beach!

  6. 8

    Anne–let me know where you end up doing yoga! I’m currently 15 weeks pregnant and will be heading to OBX with my fam in a few weeks. Would love to know of studio for a good stretch!

  7. 10

    Glad the dogs are taking to each other, hope you have an awesome trip!

  8. 11

    Pizza Eggs? Glad I swung by today, hahaha! Nice one Anne.

  9. 13

    It was so smart of you to introduce the pups on neutral turf. We didn’t know to do that when we got our second baby, lol. Don’t worry if it takes them awhile to be friends. It took ours almost a year before they really seemed to even like one another.

  10. 15

    Pizza eggs are genius- can’t wait to recreate!! Love your fitness approach during pregnancy, Anne!

  11. 17

    Pizza Eggs! What a genius idea! My goodness Freyja is adorable, and you guys are sure gonna have a busy household in a few months ;)

  12. 19

    OMG Hi Jess!! :D Lillian looks like a cutie! :D

  13. 20

    Pizza eggs! Growing up I hated pizza but would totally do this. I guess I just hated crust. But I did this all the time and people thought I was weird.

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