What to Do & Where to Eat in Seattle

Hi friends! I’m back in DC after a wonderful weekend in Seattle with the Brooks Run Happy blogger crew. What an amazing opportunity to spend the weekend exploring that gorgeous city – a big thank you to Brooks for hosting us!

seattle space needle

I’ll recap the Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in a separate post, but for now I wanted to share some other highlights from the trip, specifically recommendations for what to do and where to eat! (If you missed my first recap about touring Brooks headquarters and the cool PR Invitational track meet, see that first.)

We had an absolutely gorgeous weekend weather-wise to explore Seattle. I’m convinced that Seattle is always sunny and gorgeous and you Seattle-ites just tell the rest of us that it’s always rainy/gray/cold so we don’t all move there immediately. ;) Cause I mean, seriously. Doesn’t this picture look fake or something?

gas works park view

These views are from the top of Gas Works Park, which we did a little shakeout run to on Friday night from Brooks headquarters with the Brooks crew. Gorgeous!! If you ever visit Seattle and the weather is nice, go here. :)

gas works park

Another touristy highlight was taking a spin on the Seattle Great Wheel! It was about $15 and so worth it. Amazing panoramic views of the city and the mountains.

seattle great wheel

seattle great wheel

Meghann, her husband Derek, Janae, and I took a spin on it on Saturday evening before dinner. So fun!

seattle great wheel

view from seattle great wheel

view from seattle great wheel

Look, it’s Mount Rainier in the distance! Wish I could have stuck around and done some hiking!

mount rainier

In terms of food, if you’re planning a visit to Seattle, here are some spots to consider adding to your list.

For lunch, try Eat Homegrown. This place rocked!

eat homegrown seattle

I had half a turkey bacon avocado sandwich and a beet salad on Friday afternoon. Delish! Plus an Honest Tea. :)

eat homegrown seattle

For dinner, we hit up Cuoco on Friday night for some pre-race carb loading. I didn’t get many photos but we went family-style and got a ton of pasta/salad dishes to share. Yum!

cuoco seattle

On Saturday night, we refueled at Matt’s in the Market, which was amazing. Beautiful views of the water, cool vibe, great food!


I had the beet salad (sensing a trend here?) and the salmon. Both were great!

matts in the market seattle

Brunch was another huge highlight – I highly recommend Portage Bay Café.


Love their slogan: “Eat Like You Give a Damn.” Hear, hear!

eat like you give a damn

This place was so good that we went there twice! First on Saturday after the half marathon with the whole crew, when we proceeded to order ALL the food. I had a whole milk latte, the crab cake eggs benedict, and a side of berries and a salad. #rungry My eyes were a little bigger than my stomach. :)

portage bay cafe seattle

portage bay cafe seattle

On Sunday morning, Meghann, Derek, and I headed back to meet our friend Emily, her husband Casey, and their adorable kids, who live in Seattle.

portage bay cafe seattle

This time I went with the Farmer’s Hash, which was basically a massive amount of veggies + scrambled eggs. I got some house smoked wild local salmon in it, too. Delicious! Plus another unpictured whole milk latte and more berries.

portage bay cafe farmers hash

So fun seeing Emily and all her boys! (And no, Meghann and I did not plan to wear the same outfit. Lol.)


I love the baseball hat. Too cute!


One more food highlight: Top Pot Doughnuts. 13.1 miles on Saturday = this needed to happen. So good! I went with cinnamon sugar. :)

top pot doughnuts

Stay tuned for my Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon race recap! Spoiler: it was one of my favorite races to date – so scenic!

Have you ever been to Seattle? Did you hit up any of the same spots we did?


  1. 1

    Mmmm, I went to Homegrown with Emily a couple years ago and still think about the awesome beet and goatcheese sandwich I got there. So good! I love Seattle and would go all the time if it were closer!

    • 2

      And we picnicked at Gasworks! :) They don’t have that beet sandwich on the menu anymore, and it STILL makes me sad. Hope they bring it back (and that you come back and bring that sweet little Allie with you!).

  2. 3

    Seattle is my favorite city! I lived there for two years and cannot wait to move back. The weather is amazing and for this raised-in-FL-girl the summer heat is the perfect temperature–not too hot. I’ve been to Portage Bay and to Top Pot Doughnuts (both delicious). I also recommend eating at the restaurant at the top of the space needle. The food is not to-die-for but the views and atmosphere are! Totally worth the money.

  3. 4
    Lisa McGeen says

    I had Top Pot Donuts when I was there as Tully’s Coffee!!!

  4. 5

    I knew I’d heard so much about Seattle…Emily obviously!!! Looks like such a nice place!

  5. 6

    This gets me excited for my Seattle trip in September! :)

  6. 7

    It looks like you had a great trip. The food looks amazing…making me hungry now!!

    I went to Seattle last fall with some girlfriends. We checked out the market, Space Needle and a Seahawks game. Seattle is definitely a fun city with beautiful views!!

  7. 8

    I love Seattle such an active, green city with plenty of healthy delicious eats! We leave in a little over a week to spend time with family out there. I love Gas Works Park, I saw a wedding once there and it was quirky and fun. Thanks for the food suggestions, I’ve never been to any of those places so it’s great to have some new places to try. If you haven’t been to Green Lake Park yet, if you get back there, check it out it’s beautiful and prime people watching.

  8. 9

    Next time you’re in Seattle and need a doughnut, you have to go to Mighty-O in Green Lake. The best doughnuts in the city!! And I’m so glad you enjoyed Portage Bay. It’s one of my go to breakfast spots (if we can get it, that is!) :)

  9. 10

    I’m leaving for my first trip to Seattle in 10 days and this post just gets me more excited!!!!! It looks more beautiful than I imagined!

  10. 12

    I went to Matt’s the last time I was in Seattle :) I loved it!

    • 13

      So heartening to hear you enjoyed Matt’s! I reviewed as “noshingtonienne” some years ago for A personal fave. Way to seek out the gems while in one of my favorite cities! :-)

  11. 14
    Roadrunner says

    I’ve been to Seattle several times in the past, but I never saw weather like you had! Amazing!

  12. 15

    Too much food Anne,,,great pictures,great time you have spend!
    Have a nice day ahead!

  13. 16

    I moved to Seattle many years ago and it is the most beautiful, fantastic, healthy and balanced lifestyle city there is…I love it here! There is so much to do…hike, swim, ski, boat, fish, camp etc. and all of it is really, really close. I appreciated the post and will definitely try the Homegrown :)

  14. 17

    What a fun trip! I want to visit Seattle one day. It looks beautiful. I also love that you got to hang out with Emily and her two kids!

  15. 18
    Katie D. says

    I was there in May 2013 and loved Wild Wheat in Kent for their fresh, awesome breakfast (fresh crab stuffed omelette!) and Marination Mai Kai in West Seattle for a really delicous Hawaiian twist on breakfast (spam never tasted so good!). Plus I attempted to eat all the seafood and drink all the coffee (DUH!).

  16. 19

    Ahh that looks so beautiful. I’ve been dying to check out Seattle! It always looks so beautiful!

  17. 20

    I was in Seattle about 6 years ago and we went to Gas Works Park too! It’s so beautiful!

  18. 21
    Michelle A says

    I love Seattle! I go up there a couple of times a year to visit a friend. I love Gas Works Park. You get a great view from the Ride the Ducks tour :). And I second Sara B.’s suggestion to try Mighty-O donuts. They are fantastic!!

  19. 22

    Love seeing that you’re in my old stomping grounds! I recently moved to CA after living in Seattle for 8 years.

    Glad to see that you made it to Portage Bay, love that place SO MUCH! Did anyone at your table get a chance to visit the toppings bar? Yum! How was Cuoco? I haven’t been there yet!

  20. 23

    I have never been but it looks lovely and your food looks so tasty. It looks like you had a really fun weekend and that the weather was lovely.

  21. 24

    I live in Seattle! Well, technically Bellevue – which is right across Lake Washington – but I go to Seattle a lot when I’m in a show or have rehearsal.

    We’re actually in the middle of what we call June-uary, which is this strange period in June where it’s cloudy and 60 degrees all the time, with the random sunny day thrown in. You just happened to visit at a perfect time when it was a gorgeous weekend :) I always tell visitors to come between July and October – the best months, in my opinion!

    Glad you enjoyed Seattle!

  22. 25

    Seattle is the most beautiful city anywhere! Looks like you had nice weather; however, I am partial to the cloudy, misty days. Magical. I love Top Pot donuts, Ivars Salmon House, and Lola.

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