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Morning, everyone! Just a reminder to continue to bid and spread the word about my Hurricane Sandy Relief Auction. Thank you! It ends tomorrow (Thursday) at 6 p.m. EST.

Quite the exciting night last night with all the election coverage! Matt and I got in line at the polls in northern Virginia around 6 p.m.; the doors closed at 7 and everyone already in line was still able to vote. We finally got our chance around 7:30! The polls around here were so crazy busy all day – gotta love living in the very populated area of a swing state!


We spent the night watching the coverage with some friends downtown. It was really fun to be in DC on election night – when Matt and I left our friend’s party we found the streets filled with people cheering and celebrating. Cars were honking support and everyone was going nuts. We drove down by the White House and it was crazy down there, too! What fun. I’m happy that we’ll have another 4 years of funding for preventative health/wellness and that Michelle’s great national nutrition and fitness efforts will continue as well. :)

During the last election, I was actually living in Prague, Czech Republic teaching English, so I voted absentee and then watched the coverage at a bar in Prague with other American expats. It was really cool to be overseas during an election – interesting to see what those overseas thought about it all!


Anyway! I was pretty tired this morning after our late night but I dragged myself out of bed bright and early to meet my new friend and blog reader Karen for another run! We first met on Friday for a run down on the National mall and I was glad we were able to find another time to meet so soon!


Karen came over to meet me near my place and we debated two options:

         1) A simple, flat run that was easy but didn’t have much nice scenery, or

         2) A really hilly run, but that would reward us with lovely views of the water and the monuments.

We decided we were game for option 2, and off we went! We went down a very steep hill and emerged onto my favorite trail in the area – the Mt. Vernon Trail. We were rewarded with this lovely view. Good morning, Washington!


Loving these brighter mornings again, although dark evenings make me sad. It was cool and cloudy this morning and we practically had the trail and this view all to ourselves – what a treat!



We had a great run, chatting away the whole time. We were both so distracted by talking that we totally dominated the mile long hill of death back up to where we started! Booyah. 5 miles, done and done. Awesome way to start the day! I started my watch but stopped it at a light and forgot to restart it, so I took a picture of Karen’s watch at the end instead. Total time: 43:51. Pretty darn good considering the massive hills!


Matt and I also got in a great workout earlier this week on Monday night at Crossfit Dupont!


It was really hard to get motivated to go out in the cold and dark (it made it feel so much later!), but as always, we were really glad once we got there and started moving.


Our strength workout was to practice squats and pull ups (since I can’t do any for real mine involved jumping up, holding as long as I could, and slowly lowering – and man I was sore the next day from just that!), and then we did a fun fast paced workout involving the following:

Complete 3 Rounds (rest one minute between rounds):

1 Minute Max Reps of Dumbbell Hang Clean to Push Press

1 Minute Max Reps of 10 Yard Bear Crawls (bear crawls are so deceptively hard, especially because we had to do backwards ones too!)


1 Minute Max Reps of 1 Ninja Roll to Lunge + 2 Split Jumps

The “ninja rolls” involved rolling back and then propelling yourself forward into a standing position, then doing two jumping lunges. Whew!



I love this photo – apparently I’m such an awesome ninja that the camera couldn’t keep up with me. ;)


Fun workout! And speaking of Crossfit, next Monday all classes at my gym will be participating in a Wade’s Wings’ workout to raise money for charity. Wade’s Wings is a foundation that works to increase awareness of Neuroblastoma (a childhood cancer), provide support for families going through treatment, and raise money for research. The workout will be held on 11-12-12, one year after 2 year old Wade DeBruin passed away from the disease. I’ll definitely be attending one of the classes that day and donating to the cause – if you’re interested in donating, our gym’s fundraising page can be found here. Thank you!

Have you fit in any great workouts yet this week? Feel free to brag – you earned it! :)


  1. 1

    I can imagine being in the DC area on election night is crazy! I saw some of the videos that showed people in the trees in the park across the street from the White House – INSANE!

  2. 3

    I love that you voted! I live in a swing state too (FL) and right now…it’s still UP IN THE AIR.

    Your workouts look fantastic. Great job :)

  3. 4

    Being in DC on election night must’ve been so exciting–a once-in-a-lifetime experience for sure. (Unless, of course, you plan to live there for the foreseeable future, but still. :))

  4. 5

    How exciting to be in DC for the occasion! I LOVE the ninja move photos – sounds like a fun workout for sure!!

    I’ve reacquainted myself with my treadmill recently b/c of the cold weather and have been loving it! I usually always prefer outside but it has been fun to push harder just by upping the incline or speed – even more exciting, I am able to run at a much higher speed than the last time I was on it – small victory!!!

  5. 7

    We went to a wake last night. The death of America. Born7/4/1776 Died 11/6/2012 R.I.P. my love

  6. 8

    Beautiful run! I also am NOT a fan of bear crawls; my trainer will throw them in every now and then, but they are not fun and you never look very graceful doing them!

  7. 9
    Adventurer says:

    Great run, great workout, great stuff, Anne!

  8. 10

    I’m happy we get 4 more years of Michelle too, she’s such a smartie and a great role model.

  9. 11

    I’m so jealous! Election night in Washington would be amazing!

  10. 12

    Your run pics make me so excited for my DC trip next week! I def want to get in some runs while there. I bet election night was a blast in DC. I am also pretty happy about the turnout and am really excited about Michelle and her initiative :)

  11. 13

    So exciting that you were DC during the election, so jealous!! I ran my first half marathon on Saturday and also came down with a cold, so I’m taking this week off :] I will live through your awesome workouts!!

  12. 14

    Woohoo! Glad you got to vote! Must have been fun to be in DC!! Paris was fun in its own way too, and I also voted absentee (not missing my chance in a swing state either!!). Yay for increased wellness for our nation! :)

  13. 15

    Love the Ninja action….faster than a speeding bullet (mixed super heros). You’re my hero doing those bear crawls and ninja rolls (too bad they aren’t bearclaws and spring rolls!)

  14. 17

    Love that shot – the only thing missing is your ninja hoodie!

  15. 18

    Thanks for all the fun information about crossfit. It looks like an awesome workout, especially with those ninja moves! This week I tried bikram yoga in Dupont, the new Xtend Barre studio by the convention center, and threw a few runs in the mix for good measure. Hope you have a great weekend!

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