2014 ASICS LA Marathon Race Recap

Well, my friends, I did it: I officially conquered my second full marathon, the ASICS LA Marathon on Sunday morning!


It was HOT out there but I gave it my all and had a great time enjoying the scenery and the crowds. :)

Sunday started very early with a 4 a.m. (which was really 3 a.m., since “spring forward” for daylight savings had happened) alarm clock. My fellow running bloggers and the ASICS LA Marathon team met in the lobby at 4:30, ready to hop on the shuttle to the race shortly thereafter. We arrived at Dodger Stadium (where the race started) around 5:45ish, giving us plenty of time to get ready before the main event at 7:25!


While we waited, I ate my pre-race fuel – 2 pieces of Ezekiel cinnamon raisin toast with almond butter and a banana, my standard go to that I brought from home. Around 6:30, we headed out to get in our corrals. Here I am with blogger buddies Jamie, Brian, Jess, and Beth! Apparently our hats were killin’ it on the reflectivity front.


I was in Corral C, based on my Richmond Marathon finish time of 3:56. When I got into the corral, I had to go to the bathroom but the porta-potties were annoyingly on the other side of the corrals from the entrances, and I didn’t think I’d have time to go again before the corral entrances closed at 7. Fail. Too much pre-race water, but I was worried about being dehydrated!


We got to enjoy a beautiful sunrise after lining up. I settled between the 3:45 and 4:00 pacers, thinking I’d be aiming for around a 3:55 finish time.


Ready to rock! For my marathon outfit, I wore shorts and a top that were gifted to me from ASICS a couple months ago for my training. Love them – super comfy! I also wore my Nathan hydration vest, which holds 2 liters of water and has pockets to carry my camera and fuel. I love having my own water during races so I can sip on it whenever I like!


I had fun chatting with those around me and then, before I knew it, it was 7:25 and the race was starting! Gulp – marathon #2, here we go! Let’s do this!


The ASICS team snagged these shots of me in the crowd as we left the starting area – can you find me? :)



Leaving Dodger Stadium!


As with most large races, it was really crowded for the first few miles which made it hard to keep pace (I wanted to aim for an 8:55 average minute/mile). I was also distracted because I still REALLY had to pee – apparently it wasn’t just pre-race nerves! I’ve never stopped for the bathroom during a race before but decided that I might need to make a quick pit stop unless I wanted to be miserable for the next 4 hours.


Side note – wasn’t the sky beautiful?


I kept my eyes peeled for porta potties but didn’t see any until about the 1 mile mark (I was very jealous of the men who were able to just run off the side of the course to relieve themselves…), and then they had a BIG line so I decided to keep going.

Entering Chinatown:


A little after mile 3, there were a bunch more porta potties and I didn’t see a line, so I ran up to them, only to find that someone had forgotten to unlock them!!! Epic fail – every single one was padlocked! Finally, a little before mile 3 I saw a public bathroom right along the side of the course and raced in. Worth the stop, and I was so glad I stopped there because all the other porta potties I saw later on had big lines, too.

  • Mile 1: 9:20
  • Mile 2: 8:39
  • Mile 3: 9:34 (speedy bathroom stop)


With my bladder situation resolved, I worked to get my head back in the game and speed up my pace – the bathroom stop (in addition to the slow first mile due to the crowds) had thrown off my goal pace already.

Unfortunately, as soon as I decided to speed up, around mile 4.5, we hit a MASSIVE hill. You can’t tell in this picture but it was huge – wasn’t expecting that!


Bright side: we passed a fun drum band on the hill – there was a lot of great support for this race with a ton of bands and lots of cheering crowds!


I also really loved the huge mile markers – aren’t they great? You could see them from so far away. Most races I feel like I miss the mile markers entirely! I was definitely impressed with the race organization.


You can really see the hills in my pace for miles 5 and 6.

  • Mile 4: 8:58
  • Mile 5: 9:36
  • Mile 6: 9:58


As those splits popped up on my watch, I knew that a PR was highly unlikely unless I turned up the intensity big time. To PR, I knew I had to hold an 8:55 average – by this point I was closer to a 9:20+ average thanks to the bathroom stop, the warm weather, and the hills. After some debate around mile 6, I decided: okay. A PR is not going to happen today. And you know what? That’s totally fine. I knew the weather was only going to get hotter and that it would be more important to focus on enjoying myself and taking in the course, not worrying about my pace and possibly crashing and burning in the heat.

With my mind free of time constraints, I settled into a pace that I felt was solid and took in the views around me. I loved this lake.


One really cool thing about the ASICS LA Marathon this year is that they offered a “Support Your Marathoner” feature which gave friends and family the opportunity to send in messages for you that would pop up on a screen during the race after you ran across a special tracker. Between miles 7 and 8, we crossed one of the trackers, and I glued my eyes to the screen, hoping to see something for me. And what do you know: after a few messages for others, a video popped up from Matt and his dad (Matt was home in Pittsburgh over the weekend for a bachelor party) cheering me on!! I let out a huge gasp and “AWWWWW!!!” and had the goofiest grin on my face – I think those around me were confused. ;) I could even hear them cheering “Go Anne! Go Anne!!” loud and clear! I was able to snag a picture of it – you can see them on the screen in the top right of the photo below! How fun! It gave me such a great boost. :) Wish all races had this – and that they had it more often along the course, like every mile! I was able to log in to the website after the race and see the other messages people had left for me that didn’t make it onto the screen – so sweet! Even though I didn’t see them during the race I appreciated them so much – thank you to all who submitted them for me! :)


  • Mile 7: 9:10
  • Mile 8: 9:12
  • Mile 9: 9:22


Around mile 10, we entered Hollywood – loved seeing the stars along the Hollywood Walk of Fame!


Lots of great things to look at in Hollywood, too! This was a fun part of the race.




Look – it’s Hollywood High where they apparently filmed Grease!


At this time, it was warm but still cloudy out so the weather felt good.

  • Mile 10: 9:06
  • Mile 11: 9:13
  • Mile 12: 9:24


And then, almost exactly at the half marathon point, it happened: the sun came out. Hello, HEAT.


By the way, in case you’re wondering, I took all these action shots using my trusty old point and shoot camera that I normally bring with me on runs and to races – it’s way easier to take photos while you’re running without stopping with a point and shoot vs. cell phone!

Anyway – the second the sun came out, it got seriously hot – it was already in the 80s and it was crazy how much of a difference the sun made with how hot it felt. I decided I now had a new goal for the race: finish without a visit to the medical tent. Training in the freezing cold and ice this winter in DC did not lend itself well to being prepared to run an 80 degree marathon. Time to hydrate like it was my job and dial back the pace even more. There was absolutely no shame in being smart and slowing down a little to accommodate the heat!

  • Mile 13: 9:33
  • Mile 14: 9:55
  • Mile 15: 9:29


I was really pumped to see Rodeo Drive around mile 17. So cool!! I’d never been here before in my previous visits to LA and loved running through it and thinking of the movie Pretty Woman. :)




  • Mile 16: 9:27
  • Mile 17: 10:00
  • Mile 18: 9:49

Things started getting really tough around mile 18, but when I started to feel too warm or my legs felt really tired, I took the advice that Ryan Hall had given us the day before to not mentally acknowledge how hot it was or how tired I felt. Instead, I repeated the following over and over in my head, which I think really helped:

It is a beautiful day and I am doing what I LOVE. :)

I know it’s cheesy, but it really helped. Sure, I was tired. But I was in LA, on a stunningly beautiful sunny day, and I was running. What did I have to be upset about, really? Another thing that helped? Truly believing that no matter what I would cross that finish line. I didn’t know what my time would be, but I knew that I would get there, and that all I had to do to get there was to simply keep moving my legs. That was it – nothing more.


Some great crowd support really helped, too. There was a whole wall of high school cheerleaders going crazy at one point – loved the sign you can see in the photo below that says “When you feel like quitting think about why you started.” So true.


Around mile 19, I started feeling very slightly lightheaded, so I made it my mission to step it up on the water intake and fuel intake, too. In terms of fuel, so far I had had a Clif shot gel (mocha flavor with caffeine) around mile 5 that I ate slowly and finished around mile 9. Around mile 11, I started alternating with my PB dates coated with salt and my margarita shot bloks (love the margarita ones because they taste good and have extra salt). I ended up not eating the granola bar I packed – apparently I only crave those in colder weather – but ate all the dates (I had 3 big ones) and nearly all the shot bloks by the time I finished. Around mile 19 I also grabbed a half banana from someone handing them out, figuring the potassium could only help the situation.

Passing the 20 mile marker was really exciting – I feel like getting over that mileage hurdle makes the finish line seem much closer, though you can tell by my pace from here on out that I was really feeling the distance and the heat by this point.

  • Mile 19: 9:56
  • Mile 20: 10:11


Somewhere around this time I saw a girl on the sidelines handing out ice and snagged a big piece. I spent the next mile totally engrossed with rubbing the ice over my wrists, neck, legs, etc. It felt sooooo good.


Miles 21 and 22 we ran through the VA – I loved this colorful tunnel – but this part of the race was really challenging both mentally and physically. I was hot and tired, even though I still focused on not admitting it to myself. Just. Keep. Running.


I continued to work on mental exercises and staying positive. Around mile 22, we hit another hill. I didn’t even realize that we had crossed another “Support Your Marathoner” tracker until I all of a sudden heard Matt and his dad’s video chant of “Go Anne! Go Anne!” What perfect timing – it gave me just the boost I needed to finish slogging up that hill!

Also by mile 22, I ran out of water in my hydration pack – I had finished all 2 liters. Wow! There were water stops every mile, so from mile 22 on I started walking through them, taking one cup to drink and one to dump down my neck. I knew if I ran through them I wouldn’t drink enough water or would probably half choke on it (this is why I like having my own water with me).

  • Mile 21: 10:20
  • Mile 22: 11:06

Reaching mile 23 I was PUMPED – I knew that the course was beautiful from here on out and also slightly downhill to the finish. Hooray!


Just. Keep. Going. Focus on these stunning views and amazing houses. When I start making my millions, I think I might move here… perhaps that house. Or that one. Hmmm… so many options. It is not hot. I am not hot.

  • Mile 23: 10:24
  • Mile 24: 10:45


It is a beautiful day and I am doing what I love! Just keeping running!


After passing the mile 25 marker I decided to take a video just for fun (and to distract myself)! Click here to see it on my YouTube page. :)

One thing that was great about the shake out run we did the day before with the ASICS crew was that we ran the last 3/4 miles of the course – I remember Deena saying that once we turned onto Ocean Avenue, we’d only have 3/4 of a mile left. I loved knowing exactly what to expect here – it really helped! Here’s a blurry shot of making the turn onto Ocean Ave – SO CLOSE!!


All downhill from here! The sun was RIGHT on us at this point in full force, but check out these epic views. It was hard to not be excited. :)


Look, there’s the ocean to the right!


As I was approaching the finish line, I heard the announcer say – “If you are on the course and can hear this, you are about to finish a marathon! And there is nothing quite like the feeling of finishing a marathon.” So, so true. It’s really hard to describe the feeling you get just before and while crossing the finish line at a race, and especially a race this long. My pulse starts racing, my heart soars – it’s the biggest adrenaline and endorphin rush all at once. I feel like my chest will explode, but in a good way. It’s relief, and pride, and exhaustion, and happiness all at once.


I did it! Marathon #2 in the books, and despite the heat I still managed to have fun and finish with a big smile. Sure, I was nowhere near a PR. But who cares? It was a beautiful day, and I was doing what I loved. <3

  • Mile 25: 10:14
  • Mile 26: 9:30
  • Last 0.2 miles pace: 9:06


Official finish time: 4:18:10 – average pace of 9:52 minutes/mile. I finished 4,015 out of 21,495 people. Out of just females, I was 964 out of 9,123. In my age group, (females 30-34) I was 177 out of 1,313. Sweet!

Cool medals, huh? Love the Hollywood sign (we could see it in the distance in the first half of the race – so cool!), the Santa Monica Pier ferris wheel, and more.


What an incredible opportunity – I’m so, so grateful to the whole ASICS LA Marathon team for having me out, covering my race/travel fees, and for being the catalyst for me to do another marathon so soon after my first.

Obviously this was not an easy race – I can’t even believe how night and day different the experience was from my first marathon, the Richmond Marathon (click for race recap) back in November, where I finished in 3:56:48, more than 20 minutes faster.

But am I disappointed by my time in this race? Absolutely not. I’m so proud of myself for staying positive despite such hot conditions (that I was completely unprepared for physically given my polar vortex winter training). This race could easily have been a complete disaster for me – while running on Sunday I was thinking back to my first half marathon in 2010, which was extremely hot, and how back then I totally let my mind and the conditions get the best of me. In that race, I completely fell apart mentally and as a result, felt terrible the whole time. Since then, I’ve learned a lot about myself and about running – primarily that positivity makes ALL the difference. Sure, positivity didn’t make my legs go any faster and didn’t lead to a PR – but it did lead to me having a great time out there despite the conditions. At no point in this race did I ever feel that I would not or could not finish, unlike that first half marathon. Had I let doubt creep in, or had I focused on how hot and tired I was, it might have been a different story.


I want to end by saying, as always, a huge thank you to all of you for your ongoing support, motivation, and encouragement. I know I say this every time, but I really mean it – knowing you believe in me really helps me to better believe in myself. Thank you for always inspiring me to challenge myself – and for letting me know that I’ve inspired some of you to do the same. <3


  1. 1

    Anne Congrats on another finish! I smiled about the alarm going off at 4 am-immediately thought of Seinfeld episode when Jerry’s friend overslept for second time for a big marathon.. You’ll also have to convince Matt to find a tropical locale to hang out on weekends for watm weather training during winter months. :).

  2. 3

    Congrats, girl! I’ve been waiting to read this and was cheering you on from DC last weekend :) The heat is SUCH a factor, especially given our winter. I’m running my second marathon this weekend (Shamrock in VA Beach) and am hoping for a huge PR after I bonked at mile 22 in Richmond. You ran a smart race — love the pics!

  3. 5

    Congrats on finishing your second marathon! Good for you for staying positive during the heat. I sweat A LOT so I would have had a hard time with the mental aspect of this but it’s something I need to work on! This marathon is on my bucket list after seeing so many bloggers writing about it :)

  4. 6

    That video cheer thing is so cool!! I’d love to run a race with one of those! And I’m loving the visor you wore-the mesh looks like it helps to keep you cool where it sits and the reflective piping is all over it!

  5. 7

    Congratulations on another awesome race! I’m so glad it went so well!

  6. 8
    Christine says

    WAY TO GO ANNE!!! I heard on the news (in NH!) that a lot of people needed medical attention during the race for the heat – I was thinking of you. I have to say that you and your positive attitude are in inspiration to me! I’ve only run 4 5ks and my goal is to get through a 10k by the end of the year. And I’m going to work on my positive running attitude (b/c my last race was so cold and I really let it affect me)!!

  7. 10

    LOVE IT! Congratulations! I’m even more pumped to start training for the Baltimore Marathon…thanks for the inspiration!

  8. 12
    Alexis @ funrunning4life says

    This made me smile just reading it! I’ve also been hitting a funk recently with my spring marathon training, so this reminded me that running is fun no matter what the time result. I’m now WAY more excited to tackle that marathon, and I know that energy will rub off on my training runs. Thanks for the huge boost, and congrats on a great race!

  9. 14

    Congrats on your 2nd marathon! I’m so impressed that you were able to stay positive in the heat. As a fellow DC runner (who often trains in the summer) this is the part of running that I still struggle with! I might have to revisit this post as motivation for a better running attitude!

  10. 15

    Congrats, and nice recap! I’m impressed that you were able to take pictures while running. I like how you recap your emotions for each mile – that’s half the fun of reading race recaps :)

  11. 16

    No way! You were right behind me in the starting line. I see myself in a long sleeved blue shirt in front of you! Too funny!
    Congrats on a great race. The LA course is my favorite!

  12. 18

    Reading this makes me want to do another one!! I ran the Chicago Marathon in 2013 and I just know I can do better :-) Good job on completing #2!

  13. 19

    Anne, I felt so encouraged by this post – I was crazy impressed with your first marathon time, but this one showed how you pushed through tough circumstances! I think so much of a marathon can be determined by what the weather is like/ how your body is feeling that day, and you just have to go with it and adjust your goals along the way :) Thanks!!

  14. 20

    Congratulations on the great marathon! That’s a great time considering those blistering conditions. I ran it too and could have used your positivity in the midst of my pain and discomfort. So glad I finished and it makes me look forward to the next one.

    Here’s my recap:

  15. 22

    What a race! I am SO impressed by your time–I don’t think people realize how it’s not only hot, but it’s dry (your sweat evaporates) and it’s very exposed (very little, if any shade) here in SoCal, and to top it off, we have hills. So very happy for you, sounds like it was such a great experience with Asics.. you did amazing! Congratulations!!

  16. 23

    Nice recap! I ran the race too and knew before the race began that I needed to scale back my goals. I used to live in Brentwood and would run along the final miles all the time. I’m glad you liked that part of the course! Its one of my favorite places to run in the world! I like your positive attitude despite the terrible race conditions.

  17. 24

    Congratulation Anne,very nice Mat and his dad’s message,you took wonderful pictures also.

  18. 25

    Truly epic!!! There are no words! Such a tough race and what really stands out is your standings out overall and out of the females!!! Amazing! Hope you’re recovering well!

  19. 26

    What a fun experience! Love the Support Your Marathoner feature, very cool.

  20. 27

    I love that mantra, the support your marathoner!! I was thinking of your cold weather training and trying to stay positive that the heat wouldn’t get you down. I ran zooma annapolis last year and I let the heat get to me that day too. This was very inspiring! Congrats and the pics are great!!!

  21. 29

    Way to tough it out, despite the heat! Great job on marathon #2!

  22. 30

    Congrats, Anne!

  23. 31
    Emily Davis says

    Congrats, Anne. Great job on finishing.
    The heat can be killer. Once, I ran a half marathon in November in San Antonio and it was over 80 at the start of the race. I’ll never forget sitting down and bawling at mile 4 because it was so hot. I finished, but like you, I’ve learned a lot since that race!
    Again–congrats on finishing–and btw, your pictures add so much to your posts-I love looking at them.

  24. 32

    Thanks for sharing Ryan Hall’s advice and adding your own – it’s helping me overcome my nerves as I prepare to run my first full marathon this Saturday!

  25. 34

    Congrats, Anne!! I’ve never ran a marathon before but it seems to me like you ran a very smart race considering the conditions, and I love the mantras you repeated. Running can be a lot more mentally challenging than we think. Attitude is everything! I love that your hubby and his dad sent you that video ! That would have given me a moral boost too! I love that support your marathoner thing! I left you a note and I didn’t realize they would be potentially played for you during the race. Awesome!

  26. 36

    Congrats on your finish!! I ran this marathon too as my first full. I loved your race recap, and all the pictures! Sadly, I didn’t take any pics on the course (but will take your advice about the point and shoot for future reference). But I just felt like I got to relive it all over again!! Awesome job.

  27. 38

    That’s a great finishing time! I always need to be flexible when I run in the heat, but it’s not always easy to stay positive about it. I’m glad you had fun!

  28. 39

    Way to go, Anne! I can’t imagine many places more beautiful to run a race than in LA, especially since you finished with an amazing view in Santa Monica. Seeing all of your pictures has me even more motivated about completing my second half marathon this weekend in DC. And I have the same point and shoot camera as you do. Maybe I’ll try taking it along with me this weekend and seeing if I can get some great shots of the wonderful sights in DC!

  29. 41

    Great recap, and congrats on toughing it out! Sounds like a super challenging race, but you should be so proud of yourself for pushing through.

  30. 42

    Congrats Anne! You are FANNETASTIC! What’s your goal for this weekend’s Rock N Roll half? I’m accepting the fact I won’t PR this time around due to this training cycle. I think I am okay with that so I’m going to enjoy running it with a friend.

    • 43

      This weekend’s goal is have fun and don’t injure myself! No time goal – hoping these legs are ready for more miles by then. :)

  31. 44

    Way to go, Anne! That looks like a fun race – great scenery.

  32. 45

    Congrats on finishing your second marathon and doing what you love! :)

  33. 46

    Well done and what a great mentality to have. A good lesson for all runners. have fun and be positive! Thanks for being so inspiring. I have my first marathon this year and I hope I can be as positive as you!

  34. 47

    I just love this recap! You almost make me want to run a marathon myself, honestly. I can 100% relate about focusing on positive thoughts and remembering why you’re out there – and incredible an accomplishment it is to be done once you cross the finish line. This was such a great recap to read!

    I have a half coming up in early May, and mildly freaking out because I injured my shin/calf somehow with the running shoes I wore for my last one in February. Here’s hoping I can get better quickly so I can start training!

  35. 48

    Annie great Job finishing your second Marathon!!! :) Those picture came out great and thats so cute what your husband did!! I have my first half coming up. I am so nervous yet so excited!

  36. 49

    Beautiful write-up and photos! Proud of you for your maturity and determination in dealing with adverse conditions – and your positive attitude!

  37. 50

    Congrats Anne! Such a wonderful accomplishment and I loved reading your recap.

  38. 51

    Congrats on finishing the LA Marathon. I loved your pictures. I could feel the heat from looking at your pictures. My first half marathon was Pittsburgh 2 years ago and it was very hot. The Pitt half was much cooler last year. It makes such a big difference (in my case about 10 minutes). Good luck on the DC rock n roll half this weekend. I will be doing the Pittsburgh half this year, maybe I will see Matt and you.

    PS I love reading your blog (1st time poster)

  39. 53

    Congratulations! I loved reading your recap, you captured what it is all about…Including the emotion of a marathon.

  40. 54

    Congrats on another marathon! I can’t imagine running in that heat after all of this crazy cold and snowy weather we have on the east coast, must have been a sure shock to your body! Nice work staying strong!

  41. 55

    Congrats! I’m running my first half and june and I will keep those positivity tips in mind when I’m running!

  42. 56

    Congratulations Anne! I like how you described every bit of the LA Marathon! This was my first. I finished in 5:59! It was hot, and tough but what a great experience!

  43. 58

    You did awesome! I’m going to be running in my 2nd half marathon this year. I give marathon runners like you so much credit. 26 miles just seems way too long for me.

  44. 60

    Wow…sounds like a pretty epic race, from the scenary, to the temperatures, and bathroom trip. I’m really impressed how positive you stayed through the entire race! I would have had such a hard time doing that, but as you said, it’s a learning experience. Thanks for taking us on your run with you! I’m tired now! ;-)

  45. 61

    Awesome job! I thought I was the only crazy one that brought my pre-marathon breakfast with me all the way from North Carolina to Big Sur, CA!
    I love my Nathan too….I’ve heard too may people complain that there wasn’t any water at water stops! Yes it is a little heavy, yes it may slow me down a bit, but I have what I need when I need it!

  46. 63

    Amazing job! I love your thoughts on positivity! I need to remember your phrase for when I have a hard run.

  47. 64

    Congratulations on your second marathon, Anne! Sounds like the heat was brutal. It’s so hard to go from training in the cold to running in the heat, but you ran a smart race and accomplished a very cool thing. Enjoy it!

  48. 65

    Just awesome. Great to meet you and I especially appreciate the point-and-shoot tip instead of iphone, your pics are super. So proud.

    Mark aka @marathoner

  49. 67


  50. 68

    I love all the photos you got… and our visors look pretty fresh. I feel like you saw everything and I was just running through it. You saw all the things and had a blast. Great job on staying smart and running your race. Glad to have been a part of this amazing experience.

  51. 70

    Congratulations on your race! It was a great recap and I love what a great attitude you had toward everything! I will definitely use your mantra “it’s a beautiful day and I am doing what I love” at my next marathon.

  52. 71

    Congratulations! And what a great race recap! I’m registered for the NYC Marathon this year (which will be my first) but have been feeling burnt out lately, and had been considering deferring the marathon until next year because I might be living in Europe rather than NYC in the fall- but your description of crossing the marathon finish line convinced me that no matter where in the world I am, I will have to come back for my hometown marathon!!

  53. 73

    Congrats! What an amazing opportunity to be able to be hosted by Asics andget out of the cold DC : ) Great job at finishing!!!!

  54. 74

    I love the YouTube video!! Congrats Anne!

  55. 75
    Roadrunner says

    Very, very well done! Despite the heat, you ran on, maintained a positive attitude, and finished what you started. Great/impressive work!

  56. 76

    What a great race! The scenery looks incredible but…I HATE running in the heat. When I lived in New Orleans, I refused to run after 8 am. I would get up at 5 am if I had to!

  57. 77

    Congrats and well done!

  58. 78

    Congratulations! I loved your recap. I could imagine going to the LA heat after running in winter would be sooo tough so you had an incredible time!

  59. 79

    Congrats Anne!! I have NO idea how you ran in that heat after DC’s arctic training temperatures! Hope you’re all set for RnR!

  60. 80

    Congrats on finishing your second marathon! I hope I can do a marathon someday!
    I’m glad you didn’t have to stop at the medical tent, though you could have said hi to my sister at the tent at the 16 mile marker if you had. :P

  61. 84

    Congrats on a great race! That must have been so tough going from one weather extreme to another but you made it look easy. Great job!

  62. 85

    Congrats and thanks for sharing your experience! I have such a hard time running in the heat and crashed and burned a few years ago during an unexpectedly hot half marathon. I love the advice from Ryan Hall and how you were able to use it and power through!

  63. 86

    Congratulations!! Wish I could have been there to cheer for you in person! Super impressed with how you dealt with the heat, holy crap! PS Loved Matt’s video with Mr Mauney- so awesome! :D

  64. 87
    Dede Owens says

    Thank you for such a great recap. I was in the open corral, but other than not stopping to pee (you are so right about the men- I usually resent them for their ability to pee on the run), and I did not take in a banana or ice, but your recap was similar to mine. So much so that I sent it to my Mom to read and pretend it was me… LOL. (except I finished just under 5 hours- I’ll take it!)Thanks to Beth who pointed me to your blog… loved it.

  65. 89

    I found my way here from Pavement Runner :) Great job on the race despite the heat. I don’t know if I will ever do a full marathon, but I think the LA course is a lot of fun.

  66. 90

    Proud of you, Anne! Looks like a fun course!

  67. 92

    Great race recap and awesome race! I LOVED your photos. I honestly do NOT remember seeing much of anything along the course. I think i was too busy focusing on the road (and people) in front of me.

    This is definitely a race I want to run again… but with a camera in hand to take photos along the way. :)

    • 93

      I really love running with a camera because it helps me to make sure I’m noticing things! It’s also a nice distraction from running! :) Loved hanging with you this weekend!

  68. 94

    Congratulations, Anne! I just did a marathon that was “ruined” by heat the weekend before you (The Woodlands Marathon), and I have to say you were SMART for slowing your pace right from the start! I was too stubborn to do that and ran the whole half at goal pace, then slowed dramatically! More than anything, I LOVE your attitude – I moped for 5 minutes, and then took a step back and realized I had just finished a MARATHON, and that is a pretty incredible feat no matter what! It’s all about loving the run and doing the best we can on any given day :)

  69. 95

    Great race report! I love that you shared your mantra and how you got through those tough miles! Also glad you got a picture of cheer alley, for me, that was a highlight of the race! I felt like an NFL Player running on the field for the Super Bowl! ;-)

    Congratulations and best of luck to you in your running and your future races!


  70. 97

    So inspiring Anne — I need to work on this mental aspect of racing :)

  71. 98

    strong race Anne! congrats on finishing a tough #2 in the heat!

  72. 99

    AMAZING & AWESOME!! Love how you took pics throughout the run. You got a lot of wonderful shots and awesome post. It felt like I was running with you, :) absolutely great post. I am going to put that marathon on my list for the future. Congratulations!!

  73. 101

    Awesome post,

    Thanks for sharing.

  74. 102

    I just got back from climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and I remember thinking of you on race day (despite the fact that we were so many hours ahead!). You’re right…it’s truly amazing what positive thinking will do for you…it helped me on the climb that’s for sure! Congrats on a well-run race! Nice job!

    • 103

      Aw, how sweet of you to think of me – and so awesome that you climbed Kilimanjaro! That’s on my bucket list – was it amazing? :)

      • 104

        Yes, it was an amazing experience. But it was by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done…physically or mentally. We went with National Geographic and they were incredible!

  75. 105

    Excellent work, Anne!!

  76. 106



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