4 Healthy, Quick, and Portable Breakfast Ideas

No matter how busy I get, I always make time for breakfast. That said, sometimes (okay, almost always) I just don’t have time to make a long winded elaborate feast –because let’s be honest, the last thing I want in the morning is a sink full of dirty pots and pans.

Each of these breakfasts is quick and easy to make, requiring only a few minutes of time and a microwave at most, and incorporates a healthy carbohydrate (fiber), healthy fat, and some protein. Having a mix of the three nutrients will keep you going strong until lunch time, so you can focus on your to-do list instead of your growling tummy.

1) PB&B – Peanut Butter & Banana Sandwich

This is one of my all-time favorite breakfasts. Insanely easy to make, very portable if you need to eat it in the car or once you get to work, and satisfying, too.


For those of you who are runners, this is also a fabulous pre-long run breakfast – just make sure you either eat it early enough that you have a little time to digest, or only have one piece of toast if you’re tight on time.

Simply take two pieces of toast (I recommend Ezekiel’s cinnamon raisin toast – delicious and full of nutritious fiber, grains, and a little more protein than usual bread, too. It’s usually found in the frozen foods aisle of places like Whole Foods), spread with a thin layer of peanut butter or another nut butter, top with sliced banana, and enjoy! Smush it together for travel (it’s perfectly portable when wrapped in foil) or eat it open faced at home. If you can’t find Ezekiel bread, any 100% whole wheat bread will do.

  • Carbohydrates/fiber: toast, banana
  • Healthy fat: nut butter
  • Protein: nut butter

Not a big peanut butter fan? Try it with a different nut butter – another favorite of mine is almond butter. Just make sure when you’re buying a nut butter that the only ingredients are the nuts and maybe a little salt. Avoid any nut butters that have “hydrogenated” or “partially hydrogenated” on the ingredients list – that means trans fat, which is not good for you.


2) Egg, Avocado, Tomato & Spinach English Muffin Sandwich

I know what you’re thinking – that sounds time consuming. But did you know you can actually microwave eggs if you’re in a rush? Simply toast up a whole wheat English muffin, and while it’s toasting, spray a microwave safe bowl with cooking spray, crack two whole eggs into it and whisk, then pop it into the microwave for about a minute. Check on it to make sure it’s fully cooked and give it more time if necessary. It should be nice and fluffy and easy to take out of the bowl and put on your sandwich! Top it with 1/4 of an avocado, a sliced tomato, and a handful of baby spinach. Add a little salt and pepper on there, too, and if you want, a dash of hot sauce. :) Wrap it up in tin foil and eat it on the go or at work – or enjoy it at home if you have the time.


  • Carbohydrates/fiber: whole wheat English muffin (or toast – just be sure to get 100% whole wheat), tomato
  • Healthy fat: egg yolk, avocado
  • Protein: whole eggs
  • Bonus nutrient power: baby spinach, tomatoes!


3) Homemade Microwave Oatmeal

Microwave oatmeal can be awesome if you make it properly, and it’s seriously just as easy to make your own homemade microwave oatmeal as it is to open one of those packets of oatmeal. I never recommend the pre-packaged oatmeal packets because they’re full of sugar, low in fiber, and you’ll be hungry again a few minutes later. But my version of microwave oatmeal is super easy and delicious. Eat it at home or put all the ingredients into a to-go container to heat up and eat when you get to work.


For a full recipe, check out my Perfect Microwave Banana Oatmeal (if you want more toppings and less oatmeal, use 1/3 cup oats and milk instead of 1/2 cup). The banana is the key – that and using milk (or a non-dairy alternative if you’re lactose intolerant) instead of water to give it a nice flavor, and to add a little protein. The topping variations are endless, but my favorite is adding a little cottage cheese and blueberries on top once it’s cooked and out of the microwave. If you’re using frozen berries, just add them in half way through the cooking.

Another variation is my Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal – also microwavable and delicious! Perfect for fall, too.

4) Yogurt/Cottage Cheese Mess

The simplest breakfast of all – simply throw a bunch of stuff into a tupperware and race off to work. Or eat it at home before you rush out the door – either way!


In a bowl, simply mix 1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt (Greek yogurt has more protein than regular yogurt) or cottage cheese (or a mixture of both), 1/4 cup raw oats, cereal, or granola, and then whatever fruit you like – I love sliced banana and berries, but anything will work. You can throw on a few sliced nuts, too, for a little healthy fat. For a banana-free variation, check out my Cinnamon Yogurt and Cottage Cheese Mess.

So there you have it! Four of my favorite quick, healthy, and portable breakfasts. You officially have no excuse for skipping breakfast. :) What’s your favorite quick, healthy, and portable breakfast? Let’s share some new ideas!

If you have a little more time in the morning (or time to bake over the weekend), check out some other favorite breakfast-worthy recipes I have here on the blog:


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  1. 1

    Thanks for this! I’m in such a breakfast rut. I will be making an egg sandwich with veggies very soon!

  2. 2

    These all look so yummy. Thanks for sharing!

  3. 3

    Great ideas! I love your focus on keeping it simple but decidedly nutritious.

  4. 4

    These are all great ideas! The PB/banana sandwich is one of my faves and always my choice before a long run or marathon.

  5. 5

    Oh wow! Didn’t know you could microwave eggs!! Really like the options here (plus good facts…never really knew what hydrogenated meant). Merci beaucoup! :)

  6. 7

    This is just what I needed!! I have been really bored with my breakfast routine (oatmeal everyday) so it would be great to change it up! Thanks girl!

  7. 8

    I love microwaving eggs – so quick an easy. My go-to packed breakfast is greek yogurt and a baggie of cereal. quick and easy!

  8. 9

    Hi Anne :) This is a great post. I was just wondering, do the microwaved eggs have a different taste of texture than regular eggs?

    • 10

      No, I don’t think they do! They will come out more solid than scrambled eggs because you aren’t stirring them during cooking, but that makes them easier to put on a sandwich and they taste the same. Give it a shot :)

  9. 11

    I’m a big fan of the yogurt bowl (mess) – I typically do 6oz of plain 0% Greek yogurt, some honey, granola, berries and a sliced banana. I’ve also done the microwave egg sandwiches before and they’re easy and filling!

    Another favorite “to go” breakfast of mine is a protein smoothie. My current favorite combination is unsweetened chocolate almond milk, a frozen banana, a scoop of vanilla protein powder, 1TB of peanut butter and a bunch of spinach!

  10. 12

    I try to keep overnight oats made for busy mornings. If I forget my go to breakfast is a yogurt mess!

  11. 13

    I’ve been getting no sleep lately, and using that as a justification to eat junk for breakfast. You just eliminated all of my excuses re: not having the time/energy to make something healthy. I kind of hate you sometimes. (that’s a compliment) :)

  12. 15

    This is such an informative/RD-esque post–love it! :)

  13. 19

    I make that PB and Banana breakfast everyday! I’m so glad it turns out to be healthy, it really staves off the hunger :-)

  14. 20

    My quick go-to breakfast is either cottage cheese or greek yogurt with fruit. I love to make homemade applesauce – so easy to just boil some apples and add sweetener if necessary. This makes a good topping for either the cottage cheese or yogurt.

  15. 21
    Pat Elsberry says

    Great breakfast ideas! I love the PB&B – I make that often and even my grandson likes it! :) What is pictured at the bottom of this post? Looks like a great egg casserole with spinach and tomatoes?

  16. 23

    Thanks for the great quick breakfast ideas! Do you know if microwaving food changes the nutrition content at all?

  17. 25

    I love your breakfast ideas :) Some of my favorite recipe’s on the blog! I am also a big fan of breakfast (and fast!) otherwise I am totally grumpy and distracted by hunger all morning, and I don’t feel as good throughout the entire day.. Also huge thumbs up for oatmeal :)

  18. 26

    I loooooooove yogurt messes, although my go-to quick/out the door breakfast tends to be toast. Otherwise I make oatmeal in my office. My favorite all-time breakfast, though, is pancakes, obviously. :)

  19. 27

    PB and Banana sandwiches were always my favorite growing up. My dad always made them for me, but I dont’ think he knew they were healthy ;) I probably use a little too much peanut butter though…

  20. 28

    very nice to meet with you Anne and I read about your journey to become RD, so proud of you to pursue what you really want to do- congratulations. Your breakfast ideas are simply amazing and practical for busy weekdays. Looking forward to read more of your posts :)

  21. 29

    I love your microwave banana oatmeal receipe. I eat it at least 3-4 times a week. Can’t get enough of it.

  22. 31

    I’m such a huge fan of peanut butter banana toast. I’m prepping for a 1/2 marathon and I wake up ravenous these days. It’s so great for when you’re groggy and starving in the AM. You make it quick and dive in!

  23. 32
    Forward Looking says

    These look great, Anne. Love your breakfast ideas… Thx –

  24. 33

    Love, love these ideas and as the weather changes and chilly mornings are the norm, these recipes give me another reason to get going with an easy, nutritious breakfast and out of my frozen eggo waffle rut!!

  25. 34

    I love these recipes, but I really love the oatmeal one! So easy!

  26. 35

    How did I not know you can microwave eggs? I guess because back in the day I tried to heat up a boiled egg and it exploded.
    I am a fan of microwaved pumpkin smoothies. I prep it the night before: pumpkin spice, pumpkin, milk and chia seeds. Blend in the morning and pour into a bowl, microwave for 60 seconds and top with dollop of peanut butter! So good and it’s like a pie!

  27. 37

    A variation of the peanut butter banana sandwich is to add some honey. My family calls it “sticky gooey mess!” — so be warned, don’t take it in the car.

    I’ve never tried it, but I wonder if replacing the peanut butter with nutella would be good? I know nutella has a little sugar added though.

  28. 39

    I like a good smoothie for breakfast. I had a chocolate protein one today!

  29. 40

    I’m looking forward to trying those oatmeal recipes!

    I was in Hawaii recently and was introduced to Acai bowls. It’s puréed frozen Acai topped with granola and sliced bananas, and an optional drizzle of honey. Really good on a hot summer morning.

  30. 42

    I love these ideas! So great for busy lifestyles. Can I request one for lunch and dinner too? :)

  31. 44

    I had no idea you could microwave eggs. How easy! I love a good peanut butter sandwich- esp. with bananas!

  32. 45

    I love these simple, on-the-go ideas! Topping greek yogurt with cinnamon, bananas, oats and berries is one of my faves :)

  33. 46

    I love breakfast and always will wake-up early to make some before I have to head out the door- lately I’ve been waking up super early and have been making pancakes every. single. morning :P Cottage cheese/ yogurt bowls are another fave! I showed my hubby the eggs in the microwave trick and that’s become his daily go-to.

  34. 47

    Random question: I’m allergic to bananas (which stinks because I LOVE THEM) and I can only tolerate about 1/4 banana a day. Do you have any ideas on what I could swap in for them on, say a nut butter and toast breakfast?

    • 48

      You could do anything really! Sliced apples, pears, strawberries, raisins… just have fun with it! :) You can also just add jam and leave off the whole fruit.

  35. 49

    I found an awesome recipe in my mom’s old Deal-A Meal-cookbook from the 80’s. Richard Simmons anyone? Toast a slice of raisin bread (I like The Real Bread Company’s – lots of fiber). Top it with 1/4 cup low fat cottage cheese mixed with a tsp of brown sugar and a few hearty shakes of cinnamon. Broil it for a few mins. until the cheese heats up and starts to brown a little. YUM!! Tastes like a raisin danish! My kids LOVE this too!

  36. 51

    Hi Anne,
    A bit delayed on the comment, I’m enjoying reading some of your previous posts as I only just discovered your blog a few months ago! I had an RD-type question for you – I recently read that raw oats aren’t very good for your digestion/absorption of nutrients over the long-term – I’m a big porridge/cooked oats/overnight oats fan, but also enjoy muesli and uncooked oats like you do, so I was wondering whether you had any RD guidance on this issue? Much appreciated!

    • 52

      Interesting! I’ve never heard that – I wouldn’t worry about it unless you’re eating gallons of raw oats every day ;)

      • 53

        Thanks for your answer – yeah, I read it on a site that’s a bit more hippie cleansing ‘don’t eat this, don’t eat that’, and figured that if it was really such a problem, someone with your expertise would have mentioned it before now!! Thanks for having such a great site, I really enjoy it and love your recipes!

  37. 55

    The yogurt/cottage cheese combo is a interesting combination. I have had boring sandwiches to work and it’s just so dull after a while. Needs some extra texture flavor, these have certainly got the cogs going for ideas.

  38. 56

    Try Rudis multigrain sprouted bread, much better than Ezekiel in my opinion .

  39. 58

    So i just got done eating the english muffin sandwich and it was fantastic 😊 so glad to have another quick breakfat option kinda getting sick of oatmeal or breakfast shakes every morning.. Thank you for your recipes i have felt like i have been in a rut lately when it comes to cooking healthy meals. Cant wait to try something new


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