A Snowy Turkey Trot + A Reebok Giveaway

Hello, hello! I’m sure you’re all settling back into the workweek after a nice holiday last week, as am I. Lots to catch up on!

In addition to getting a lot of sleep and relaxation time in in Pittsburgh over the last week, Matt and I also got in some great workouts. On Thanksgiving morning, before our delicious feast, we did our own snowy turkey trot.


It was really cold out but beautiful.


It felt like we had the whole world to ourselves – no one was out on the roads and the snow made everything seem quiet and peaceful.



I was tempted to stop and go sledding…




We ended up covering 5 VERY hilly miles in 43:07. I was pumped about our pace given all the hills! Matt was responsible for the speed – he plays soccer a couple times a week and it keeps him speedy! I’ve been finding it hard to run fast lately after all the marathon training long, slow runs. This winter will be my time to work on speed again!


Another workout highlight from Thanksgiving break was hitting up the gym for a CrossFit-esque workout with Matt and his brother Drew. We spent about an hour lifting various heavy things and finished it off with a little basketball, just for fun (we’re all terrible at it). I rocked my new Reebok CrossFit Nano Speed custom shoes for the occasion!


Remember when I wrote last month about how you can design your own shoes on Reebok’s website? I was given the opportunity to try it out as part of my partnership with them (check out that post for a full review of the process), and my custom shoes arrived last week. They came out so cool and it was fun to make them on the site, too!

And now – Reebok is offering one lucky fANNEtastic food reader the chance to win a gift card to design your own custom shoes, too! 


To enter to win, simply comment on this post with how you stayed active last week during the holiday. U.S. Residents only, please. For an extra entry, share a link to this post on Facebook or Twitter (and tag @fANNEtasticfood) and then come back and leave another comment letting me know you did so. I’ll randomly select a winner tomorrow and will contact them directly so Reebok can send them their gift card! Good luck!

On a related note, Happy Cyber Monday! Some deals for you to peruse:

  • 30% off everything on, including the CrossFit gear (except for custom shoes and the Nano 3.0s) with promo code CYBER30
  • 40% off Banana Republic (my fave) and GAP with the code CYBER. I’m eyeing this beautiful coat from Banana…
  • 15% off and free shipping over $75 from Macy’s with code CYBER. If you’re looking for new boots, I have this pair (in both the shiny black and the suede because I loved them that much) and they rock. Super comfy but nice looking, too!
    Happy shopping and have a wonderful day, my friends!


  1. 1

    I stayed active last week by running in our local turkey trot Thanksgiving morning and going to a charity Zumbathon on Saturday!

  2. 2
  3. 3

    I stayed active by running a couple days and taking plenty of walks with the family after meals. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. 4

    Still recovering from a femoral neck stress fracture so running a turkey trot was not in the cards just yet, but I did get a sweaty spin class in Thanksgiving morning and a few more rides over the weekend along with skiing.

  5. 6

    I kept up with my running over thanksgiving!

  6. 7
    Donna Porter says:

    Run, Run, and MORE run!!!!!

  7. 8

    I did a sweaty workout at home (tabatas!) on Turkey Day and run over the weekend :)

  8. 9

    Running! It’s the easiest to do while traveling for the Holidays.

  9. 10

    Ran and ran some more! Plus some strength training and yoga!

  10. 11

    My gym offered a special tabata/ kickboxing/spin combination class thanksgiving morning! It was a great way to sweat prior to the feast with family. I also went for a winter run outdoors on Saturday!

  11. 12

    Long walks with my family, hitting the park with my toddler, and running on the local trails.

  12. 13

    I tweeted also!

  13. 14

    15 mile run on Thanksgiving morning :)

  14. 15

    We used a few different iphone app workouts – which are great for when we are traveling! My favorite apps are the 7 Minute Workout and Nike Training Club app!

  15. 17

    My mom and I always love starting out Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. by being active! This year we went to the gym together in the morning before spending the day with family. Over the weekend, I got in a good but chilly run….and I rested!

  16. 18

    My husband and I were hosting Thanskgiving for the first time this year but since we are both really big on being active and healthy we decided to prep a lot of our meal Wednesday night so we could both get a solid run/workout in before we had to start preparing the meal.

    Two things: 1. This made me remember to give thanks for an active husband AND one who helps in the kitchen and 2. It reminded me how thankful I am for my health and ability to run.

  17. 20
  18. 21

    I tried a two-prong approach. During the day, I took the baby for long walks in the stroller, then I hit the stationary bike for an hour-long workout before I went to bed.

  19. 22

    What a beautiful T-Day run you had! I ran the SOME 5K Trot for Hunger in DC (it was cold!) and running at least a mile a day for the Runner’s World Holiday Running Steak (

  20. 23

    I ran the Great Turkey Challenge 5k on Thanksgiving and went on a four mile hike in the Texas hill country with my family!

  21. 24

    I took my puppy for a run!

  22. 25

    I tried out some workout dvd’s that had been sitting unopened on a shelf for way too long! I also took a soulcycle class since a studio opened recently near home. Great workouts all around!

  23. 26

    I tweeted :)

  24. 27

    Is this Sewickley or Edgeworth? Looks familiar. I grew up around there too, now I live in McLean.

  25. 29

    I stayed active by running a Turkey trot Thanksgiving morning, and then a few more runs over the long weekend :)

  26. 30

    I stayed active by taking bar method and orange theory fitness classes !

  27. 31

    I took yoga classes thursday, friday and saturday! Sunday I was lazy and today is back to the usual workouts!

  28. 32

    CrossFit workouts, as usual…we did Fight Gone Bad on Thanksgiving day and had a WOD that included running on Saturday…it was cold!

  29. 33
    Jillian Chance says:

    I was on my taper week for my first half marathon, so I took it a little more easy than I have been :)

  30. 35

    I was visiting my In-laws in Kansas and I ran the turkey trot with my FIL!

  31. 36

    I tweeted toO!

  32. 37

    My running group figured out how many miles we had to do to eat out favorite foods and named our runs for it so we had the “Mashed potatoes and Gravy” on Monday, “Rolls and butter” on Tuesday etc and ended the week with a “2 slices of apple pie” 10 mile run to help a friend train for a half marathon.

  33. 38

    I love going on a nice long on Thanksgiving day

  34. 39


  35. 40

    I did a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning and then had a couple of strong runs on Friday and Sunday, including my fastest five miles ever!

  36. 41

    I stayed active by doing a Turkey Trot, swimming, doing a long run, and a long bike ride with friends!!! I love staying active during holidays!!!

  37. 42

    We ran a lot during the holidays! Great and no need to go to a gym!

  38. 43

    No official turkey trot for me however, my dog and I got a run in the afternoon. Hardly any traffic out so it was nice and quiet. I also managed to squeeze a yoga practice. :)

  39. 44

    Last week I went to both Body Pump and Kickboxing. I also tried not to put too much on my plate during Thanksgiving dinner. I think I ate a lot less than usual!

  40. 45

    I also tweeted :) @pereza04 Thanks Anne!

  41. 46

    I ran the Turkey Trot with my family on Thanksgiving and them relaxed after working a 12 hour shift on Black Friday!

  42. 47

    Walking my dogs!

  43. 48

    My wife and I started running together this past weekend. We take our dog with us; it’s a great family event.

  44. 49

    i tried crossfit for the first time

  45. 50

    Ran in the morning before my crazy 3-hourse Thanksgiving marathon, did a FitnessBlender full-body toning video on Friday, and ran a crazy trail 5K on Sunday!

  46. 51

    I went for a run this weekend and did a core fusion DVD at home!

  47. 52

    Oh I love running in Pittsburgh!

    I ran in the local Turkey Trot here in Charlottesville, VA and then yesterday took the kids on the great Christmas tree hunt.

  48. 53

    I tweeted!

  49. 54

    I ran a 10 K on Thursday and a 10 mile race on Saturday,

  50. 55

    i got in some great runs (and a nice long walk) with friends!

  51. 57

    I am training for a half marathon in 2 weeks and I got my long run in on Saturday. 10 miles in 20 degree weather!

  52. 58

    Ran my 3rd 1/2 Marathon of 2013 in Atlanta! 22 degrees is no joke and it was pretty rough – but I PR’d by 9 minutes!! Yay! Hoping for 4 in 2014!

  53. 60

    I went to the gym in my grandparent’s community. My sister put me through a challenging chest/shoulders/arms workout and my body is still aching today! We also went on several family walks to walk our food off!

  54. 61

    I officially kicked off marathon training for Houston Marathon last week! Good way to stay in gear over the holidays :)

  55. 62
  56. 63

    I stayed active by running over weekend to burn off all that turkey.

  57. 64

    My mother-in-law and I did our own Turkey Trot too – we walked 3 miles, then ran 1 mile to finish it off. It felt great to sweat a little before diggin into all the yummy food!

  58. 65

    Long walks in the woods with my family and friends.

  59. 66

    While I missed out on the Turkey Trot this year, I stayed active with at-home-workouts and Pilates with the roommate.

  60. 67

    I went on a couple long bike rides. It was great!

  61. 68

    we ran a turkey trot too

  62. 69
  63. 70

    My workouts included cleaning, going up and down into the attic numerous times and cutting down and dragging our Christmas tree :)

  64. 71
  65. 72

    To be honest I moved around my workout schedule for thanksgiving week so I could spend as much time w my family as possible-to stay active I went for 2 dog walks with my mom on thanksgiving and a cold hike with my brother and his dog the following day. It was perfect!

  66. 73

    I made sure to go to the gym or do a DVD every day!

  67. 74

    I went for a nice pre-thanksgiving walk with my husband on Thursday and then lifted weights with him and my father-in-law on Friday. Saturday & Sunday were back to normal working out at my apartment’s gym!

  68. 75

    shared on FB

  69. 76

    Last week I got my brother to do a tabata with me, I ran the Pittsburgh 5k Turkey Trot, and I went to hot yoga! It was easier to stay active than I anticipated. I just need motivation!

  70. 77

    I ran a 10k on thanksgiving in 52:59!

  71. 78

    I stayed active by going for two four mile runs. One on Thanksgiving day to make room for dinner and one on Saturday to try to undo some of the damage!

  72. 79
    Nicole in STL says:

    Bowling!! And back to Crossfit today :-)

  73. 80

    I went skiing on Thanksgiving morning!

  74. 81

    I stayed active by going on walk/runs with my mom. I also visited the gym during the holiday week several times!

  75. 82

    I made sure to get in a quick speed workout before going to the airport Tuesday, did a lot of walking, and got in a couple of runs at my mom’s house in Kansas.

  76. 83

    Water aerobics with my grandma-don’t knock it till you try it! :)

  77. 85
    Danielle Johnson says:

    I rocked the mall walking on Black Friday! ;)

  78. 86

    I stayed active by running with my family and some heavy lifting-forkfulls of pie!

  79. 87

    Ran 4.5 miles while visiting family!!

  80. 88

    I stayed active over Thanksgiving by going to body pump, walks and a run!

  81. 89

    Does cardio shopping count as being active? I was having neck pain all weekend so I didn’t run or swim. I spent about half an hour on the bike trainer and then did some serious shopping on Black Friday. I hit 11 stores and got 80% of my shopping done!

  82. 90

    Great shots of your turkey trot – shows that there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad equipment ;)

  83. 92

    I did a 5.25 mile run with a run club on Sunday in Central Park . Great run and day.

  84. 93

    making it a habit to take at least 15 min to walk with dogs every day this winter! so far so good!

  85. 94

    I tweeted !

  86. 95

    Stayed active during the holiday but running outdoors, and playing with mine and my parents dogs outdoors (3 dogs vs. 1 person means a lot of running around for me!)

  87. 96


  88. 97

    I can’t say that I went running last week, but I did go for a long walk one of the days, and the other I did some hardcore cleaning – lots of heavy things were moved, and there were many back and forth trips to the recycle and trash bins!

  89. 98

    I did the Space Coast Half-Marathon yesterday in Cocoa, FL. It was nice, but super humid! It was also a great way to kick off December and the holiday season! :-)

  90. 99

    I stayed active by participating in a Turkey Day WOD! Refueling with lots of mashed potatoes and rolls afterwards, of course.

  91. 100

    I stayed active by chasing my 19-month old around. We went to the zoo, a kid museum, and an indoor play place and I had to keep up with him!

  92. 101

    I stayed active over thanksgiving by going to the gym with my boyfriend. So really, I guess I didn’t break my normal routine :)

  93. 102

    I shared on Facebook!

  94. 103

    I ran two Turkey Trots over break and got in some good strength training!!

  95. 104

    I tweeted.

    I want to win Reebok Crossfit Nano's from @fANNEtasticfood— Desiree M (@MsBeerGeekSteve) December 2, 2013

  96. 105

    CrossFit before, on, and after Thanksgiving to keep up with fitness! It was tough to force myself out of bed on Thanksgiving to workout but I’m happy I did. Your shoes are so cute!

  97. 106

    I tweeted! :-)

  98. 107

    I ran a Turkey Trot, as well as several other runs in Tampa where my in-laws live!

  99. 108

    I took my dog for an extra long walk and fit in a few Insanity workouts as well.

  100. 109

    Im training for a half marathon so I made sure to get in my training run (new record: 7 miles!), biked with my dad, and walked with my friend while catching up at the same time.

  101. 110
    Jamie Corcoran says:

    I did a Turkey Trot and a bunch of burpees for my Crossfit gym’s burpee challenge!

  102. 111
    Angie Jerde says:

    I made sure to fit in 4 Jazzercise classes last week before Thanksgiving! I am glad I did so because I did end up spurging on all the goodies : )

  103. 112
    Marsha A. says:

    I walked with a friend, and did Zumba, kicklaties and yoga classes.

  104. 113

    I made sure to hit it hard Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at the gym and did some cardio mall shopping on Friday and Saturday ;-)

  105. 114

    I stayed active by taking extra dance classes on my days off from work.

  106. 115

    Oooh you got snow! Richmond was just rainy and gross.
    I stayed active over the holiday by going on a family hike to a nearby state park, as well as going on a bike ride on Thanksgiving morning!

  107. 116

    I ran a turkey trot with my brother and went to hot yoga on Sunday. I also power walked and shopped on Black Friday;)

  108. 117

    I did 3 HIIT workouts!…then enjoyed chocolate cake!

  109. 118

    I went for a walk every morning before everyone else got up

  110. 119

    I did a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving and a half marathon on Sunday.

  111. 120

    I ran 10 miles on Thursday.

  112. 121

    I just started doing The Bar Method …..good sore is good, good sore is good (I keep telling myself, haha, no, I do like it)

  113. 122

    I also went for a pre-eating run.

  114. 123
    Kristin S. says:

    I ran a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving (and even had a PR!) and then ran a trail race on Sunday!

  115. 124

    I made the most of a tiny hotel gym (one treadmill and one stationary bike) by alternating 5 minute sprint/hill intervals on the treadmill with body weight exercise sets!

  116. 125

    I was incredibly thankful that my Crossfit box spontaneously held some morning classes on Thanksgiving Day!! I did a nice WOD that morning and then another one (Filthy Fifty!) on Friday morning. Was so pumped to get those two workouts in knowing I wasn’t going to be home the next two days. Still feeling my muscles get used to it all.

  117. 126

    I stayed active decorating the house, cooking, and taking a ton of walks!

  118. 127

    I tweeted @katiemur80

  119. 128
    Catherine O'Brien says:

    Three hour-long Pilates classes and 30-minute early morning cardio.

  120. 129

    I shared on Facebook.
    Katie Gilliam Murray

  121. 130

    My brother and I did our own “turkey trot” 5k, and I ran and strength trained the rest of the week too!

  122. 131

    I went for a walk/hilly fun run with my 2.5 year old son and 3 year old nephew! Cold but great to get some fresh air after all that food! Also went for a run last night to end the weekend on a high note.

  123. 132

    I ran a Turkey Trot 5K on the big day. It was freezing!!

  124. 133

    I ran in my first 5k and did yoga on the beach!

  125. 134

    I went to the gym a few times while I was home for break! Plus I got in some good cardio black friday shopping ;)

  126. 135

    Jazzercise! And I also did my own personal turkey trot Thanksgiving morning.

  127. 136
    Laura @ Sneakers and Spatulas says:

    I ran my own Turkey Trot around the neighborhood with the dog and yesterday I took a yoga class and went on a bike ride!

  128. 137
  129. 138

    My sister, mom and I took a power Vinyasa flow yoga class on Thanksgiving morning! It was a great way to get in a lot of sweating before the big feast and it was a donation based class with all proceeds going to a local charity.

  130. 139

    Traveling with dogs + dogs around a lot of people = plenty of dog walks to keep everyone sane!
    Love the colors you chose for your shoes!

  131. 140

    We were traveling last week so my husband and I bought a pass to my dad’s gym. I worked out at 5:00 each morning, came back to shower and then went back with my 6 month old son to walk the track while my husband worked out.

  132. 141

    I stayed active by doing CrossFit on Thanksgiving morning, and lots of walking while shopping!

  133. 142

    My cousin and I went for a run Thanksgiving morning: he ran 11.28 miles (since Thanksgiving was on 11/28) and I ran half that: 5.64 miles!

    On Saturday I did a strength-training (butt-kicking) workout at the gym, and followed it up with yoga on Sunday.

  134. 143

    I spent the better part of the beginning of the week recovering from my first Ultra, the JFK 50. It was the single most difficult course I have every ran. I was able to pull myself back together by Thanksgiving morning to participate in the local 5 K with my two sons. My 10 year old finished in just under 25 minutes and I ran with my 7 year old who finished with a blistering time of 29:44! We’re gearing up for a New Year’s Eve run we do every year, it starts at 11:45 and everyone runs through midnight.

  135. 145

    Lots of running! I really enjoy running in the cold/crisp winter weather!

  136. 146

    Kept busy over the holiday weekend with a family turkey trot and DIY polymetrics workout with my sister-in-law!

  137. 147

    I went for a run with my fiance on Thanksgiving and was driving across the country Friday and Saturday, and then went for another run on Sunday.

  138. 148

    Went for a run with my 2 best friends from high school and relived our cross country days. We were huffing and puffing and realizing how not in cross country shape we are but it was still fun!

  139. 149
  140. 150

    I ran four days and hiked one last week.

  141. 151

    I stayed active by my normal aerobics classes and tap dancing.

  142. 152

    Took the dog for a walk, took a nature hike with my daughter and mom at an arboretum, and did a prenatal weight workout on You-tube.

  143. 153

    We went on a big family walk after Thanksgiving dinner, and then some group runs over the weekend. It’s always more fun to work out when there’s family around!

  144. 154

    I ran a 10k! So fun ;)

  145. 155

    I went for a run on thanksgiving day and the day after then on saturday all of us went on a family hike!

  146. 156

    Tennis and boot camp activities during Thanksgiving week. Thank you Reebok and Anne for the giveaway. Cross my fingers!!

  147. 157
  148. 158

    Since we had out-of-town guests staying with us through the weekend, I made sure to get all of my workouts in before they arrived. I ran about 52 miles last week and completed all of my strength training workouts ahead of time so that I could spend two days relaxing and catching up with my friends. We also took our children for a ride on the local Polar Express, enjoyed an adults-only meal at a delicious restaurant and topped off a wonderful weekend with high tea on Sunday afternoon. Now, on to my Christmas preparations! Glad to hear you had a wonderful holiday. :0)

  149. 159

    My activity this weekend consisted of putting Christmas lights up and spending lots of time outdoors with my 2 year old. My activeness was centered around him this weekend and the extra time we had together!

  150. 160
    Roadrunner says:

    I rode an hour-and-a-half on the stationary bike! Almost as good as your impromptu Turkey Trot!

  151. 161
    Tiffany S says:

    I went running, walked the dogs, and did a little bit of strength training.

  152. 162

    My parents and I ran a family turkey trot before the big feast!

  153. 163

    I am pretty happy that I was able to stay active all 3 days I was away for Thanksgiving. I ran a 5K with my daughter & friends out of town on Thanksgiving & the other 2 days, I ran 5 miles each a.m.
    This was huge for me, as I have never been much of a cold weather outdoors runner! A big accomplishment that I hope to keep up this winter.
    Would LOVE to win those shoes for my videos I do in my basement!

  154. 164

    I stayed active over the holiday by running. I ran 7 miles on Thanksgiving morning. Loved how quiet it was out!

  155. 165

    I recently joined crossfit so that kept me active over the holiday weekend, along with some turkey trotting :)

  156. 166

    I did my own version of a turkey trot too!

  157. 167

    I tried to stay active with running every day.

  158. 168

    I helped my boyfriend’s family do restoration work on their barn- hauling wood, drilling, lifting, moving 16 foot doors- lots of fun, it was kinda like cross-fit! :)

  159. 169
    Natalie S says:

    I stayed active by waking up early to get my runs in before the festivities began!

  160. 170

    I was out of town at my sister’s house in Haymarket, VA. I ran in the cold and I LOVED every minute (or mile) of it!! I’m not a rock star but running standards, but I felt good doing 4 1/2 miles!!

  161. 171

    I’m currently training for a marathon coming up this Sunday, so it was pretty easy to stay active this past week. Gotta keep up with the training!

  162. 173
    Charlotte says:

    I did a fun Turkey Trot with my mom!

  163. 174

    Since I was staying at my mom’s house, I woke up early and either did random workout videos that I found free on demand on the TV, or went down to the basement and put together my own interval workouts!

  164. 175
    Natalie P. says:

    Did the SOME Turkey Trot in downtown Washington DC! I was visting my dad, and also got in a run along Rock Creek Park :)

  165. 176

    On Thanksgiving, my fiancé and I ran our first race ever, the Arlington 5k turkey trot. It was so cold but so much fun! We also did a 7 mile run yesterday on the Mount Vernon trail and around the Tidal Basin!

  166. 177

    I got in some running, strength workout videos and some yoga last week. A little bit of everything just how I like it :)

  167. 178

    Over Thanksgiving break I took long walks with our puppies and did my usual training runs. I’m jealous of the snow-it is barely even cold here in California!

  168. 179

    I used my parent’s treadmill to stay active as well as helping cooking lots of food in the kitchen

  169. 180

    I actually started a running streak last week on Thanksgiving, so I will be running everyday until the new year…if I make it.

  170. 181

    I’m so proud that I kept up with my half marathon training last week, including a 5 mile day after Thanksgiving powerwalk!

  171. 183

    I ran my first Turkey Trout! It is 5 miles in my city!!!

  172. 184

    I made it to the gym for Body Pump and hit up the treadmill!

  173. 185

    Yoga class with friends, pilates video, indoor tennis, and wait — doesn’t cooking count?

  174. 186

    I ran a 5k with my cousin and some friends!

  175. 187

    I have been running and going to lift at the gym with my dad!

  176. 188

    I did a couple CrossFit wods and went for a long walk around the beach and a new to me neighborhood that’s close to me.

  177. 189

    I crossfitted, lifted, and worked on lots of gymnasty skills.

  178. 190

    I ran with the dog and took long walks with my mom! :)

  179. 191

    I kept up with my normal workouts (with the exception of Thanksgiving Day) with cardio and strength training.

  180. 192

    I did a turkey trot on TG day. It was cool but not cold and a lot of fun cuz everyone did it for fun and not time.

  181. 193

    Leading up to thanksgiving I worked out everyday that week, but once we got to the holiday my workouts consisted of nothing more than walking a lot! It is better than noting :)

  182. 194

    My family and I did a Turkey Trot 5k on Thanksgiving morning and yoga on Saturday to stretch and relax! :-)

  183. 195

    I stayed active pulling 12 hour shifts at the hospital, making sure patients spending the time in the hospital were well fed and kept in high spirits!

  184. 196

    I got up early on Thanksgiving morning to go for a long run- some peace and quiet before the holiday craziness set in!

  185. 197

    I stayed active by running on Thanksgiving and getting a few walks in over the holiday.

  186. 198

    I went for my first turkey day 10K and PRed after shaving 9 mins from my last 10K in October!

  187. 200

    I stayed active by walking my dog and getting in a few workouts at a nearby gym!

  188. 201

    I love incorporating smaller workouts throughout the day. One sweat session early in the mornings and then added 10 minutes of abs, arms, or squats/lunges a couple times the rest of the day. Great way to remain active! Chasing nephews around is a great burst of cardio also!!

  189. 202
    Catherine P says:

    Like you, I ran! I also went on plenty of walks with friends and family.

  190. 203

    Just order a pair of custom 3.0’s for Christmas for myself – present from mum :) The 2.0’s are my favourite workout shoes hands down so hopefully these live to up to expectations! :)

  191. 204

    i did a bunch of at home tabata workouts – and then spent all weekend walking around brooklyn for hours and hours … that counts, right?

  192. 205

    I stayed active by inviting my family on long walks each day. Everyone was just sitting around after Thanksgiving dinner, but I dragged them outside for a gorgeous hour long hike instead. I also hit up the Y on Black Friday- totally empty!

  193. 206
    Steph Ricciardi says:

    I stayed active by wandering around Philly for the weekend. It was very cold out but was lovely to check out all of the sights!

  194. 207

    On Thanksgiving I did a HIIT session on the stationary bike while watching the parade! It was great to get in a workout in the warmth of my own home (not freezing for a turkey trot!)

  195. 208

    I worked out first thing in the morning, even before my coffee!

  196. 209

    I got a dog, so I walked and walked and walked! Being back to crossfit this morning felt good!

  197. 210

    I did a kickboxing DVD, it was SO fun!

  198. 211

    I traveled by car 650+ miles one way on both Wednesday and Saturday so there was no activity then. Thankfully I got in a quick 3-miler on Thanksgiving, a 5-miler on Friday, and some light cardio yesterday. I used my Nike workout app for 2 short 15-minute sessions. I really liked the app and am definitely looking forward to trying it more!

  199. 212

    It was a very normal week of training despite the holiday, 4x CrossFit + one Turkey Trot. Train big, eat lots right?

  200. 213

    I did strength and cardio DVD’s! Got super sweaty in no time!

  201. 214

    I stayed active by chasing my one year old :)! My workouts resume this week!!

  202. 215

    I’ve been taking our sweet puppy on lots of extra long walks! It makes him tired and keeps me from packing on the pounds!

  203. 216

    I was in Arizona, and the hiking was awesome! Camelback, Pinnacle Peak … so good.

  204. 217

    I stayed active with a few treadmill workouts…and lots of housework.

  205. 218

    We walked all over Chicago last week! We recently moved here and had family in town for Thanksgiving. The weather wasn’t too bad, so we were able to do some sightseeing!

  206. 219

    We did cross fit and yoga this weekend to stay active. Great give away.

  207. 220

    Packed my insanity DVDs and laptop and did workouts in the basement of my boyfriend’s parents’ home!

  208. 221

    OMG! I love the scenery from your run! It’s really pretty!

    My family and I went for a run/walk too in a nearby trail after our dinner. :) It was fun and nice bonding with my family. :)

  209. 222

    I ran our local Turkey Trot! 20 degrees and snowy, but I did it and set a new personal best. Also, I did lots of core work- prepping for our Plank Challenge this week at the gym!

  210. 223
    Kristin H says:

    I stayed active by keeping myself busy with the family- we went to the parade which was a ton of walking, played games with the kids outside, walked the dog, ran with the dog.

  211. 224
  212. 225

    Just walking for this girl! My swim classes were cancelled during Thanksgiving week and it was probably a blessing in disquise b/c I was having prodromal labor. Here’s to a better workout week this week!

  213. 226

    I went for a 5 mile run on Thanksgiving morning, and then did lots of long walks and yoga throughout the weekend – I wanted to use the weekend to give my body some rest from strength training!

  214. 227
  215. 228

    Weight trained on Monday, short run on Tuesday and I did 5K at the on Thanksgiving morning. Not too bad.

  216. 229

    I went to a few power yoga classes (my husband went for the first time and loved it!), and enjoyed the beautiful CO weather by walking the dogs.

  217. 230
    Heather M says:

    I did a combination of Nike Training Club workouts as well as joining my mom at the gym a few days!

  218. 231

    I did some backyard circuits with my sister!

  219. 232

    A 5 mile turkey trot and 4 mile interval run Saturday afternoon!

  220. 233

    my work allows us to use an hour of work time three times a week to work out at the gym. score!

  221. 234

    We went on long, hilly walks everyday as a family during a trip to AZ!

  222. 235
    Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    Running in our backyard, we are on 1/2 an acre with hills.

  223. 236
    Stephanie K says:

    Since all of the schools are on vacation for all of Thanksgiving week, my husband and I went to the high school track a few days and completed circuits involving the track, bodyweight exercises and stairs.

  224. 237

    I had two sweaty gym sessions the morning of Thanksgiving and on Saturday. Friday I went to an awesome Yoga class that I’m normally not able to take advantage of on work days. Sunday was a rest day!

  225. 238

    I did a lot of running–the weather here is still beautiful, plus a few strength workouts at my gym.

  226. 239
    Lindsey S says:

    I did a 4 mile Turkey Trot Thursday morning.

  227. 240

    Just tweeted it too from @KelseyLynn55!

  228. 241

    After my 3 hour drive home early Thursday morning, I made sure to get a short run in before all of the madness began.

  229. 242

    I ran my first half marathon on the Sunday before thanksgiving and did a few crossfit wods during thanksgiving week!

  230. 243

    I stayed active by running. It’s the best workout because it can be done anywhere, any time!

  231. 244

    I went spinning a few times, had a few great but very cold runs, and went skiing!

  232. 245
    Elisabeth says:

    I’m moving to North Carolina from Ohio next week, so I got my holiday week ‘workouts’ in with lots of packing & taking car loads to the Goodwill/Salvation Army! ;)

  233. 246

    I ran in a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving! So fun!

  234. 247

    On Thanksgiving I did a spin class in the morning. The rest of the weekend I did a kickbox cardio class with strength afterwards followed by another spinning class on Sunday.

  235. 248

    I stayed active by doing a 5k turkey trot, cleaning my house from top to bottom, and completing a great strength circuit workout yesterday at the gym!

  236. 249

    I got in a couple short runs and a lot of home workouts!

  237. 250

    A couple of treadmill sessions, a couple of elliptical sessions, a turkey trot (2nd place in my age group!) and yoga — overall, not too shabby!!

  238. 251

    I ran in the Drumstick Dash in Indy with my cousin, whom I haven’t seen in a while. We totally rocked the 4.7 mile race, with an 8:30 mile/average which is a PR for me. Then I rode horses and cleaned stalls (ready to rest my legs from CrossFit and the run).

  239. 252

    I stayed active last week by attending a few barre classes and walking all over downtown and the city!

  240. 253
  241. 254

    I got almost 19 miles in last week while on vacation in Destin, FL- I had to get in a bunch with the 40’s and 50 degree temps we had down there. It was awesome! Ocean breezes definitely provide plenty of wind resistance. My favorite run was when my husband and 12 yr old son joined me, although it may have been the slowest one :)

  242. 255

    I woke up early and did workout videos from youtube.

  243. 256

    I ran 4.5 miles on Thanksgiving, then spent some time at the gym over the weekend. And I’m also pretty sure Black Friday shopping counts!

  244. 257

    I tried Zumba and ran couple of mornings!

  245. 258

    I kept up with my running and did a few pilates workouts, as well as a 40-minute workout from FItsugar! :)

  246. 259

    I went ice skating a couple times to stay active! You’re Thanksgiving post was beautiful!

  247. 260
    Stephanie says:

    I convinced my entire family, including my 60 year-old mother, to run their first 8k on Thanksgiving morning. We had a blast!

  248. 261

    On Thanksgiving morning my sister and I went to Turkey pump at our university’s gym! It was a typical body pump class with cardio mixed in between tracks! Such a fun way to start off the holiday!

  249. 262

    On Thanksgiving morning my sister and I went to turkey pump at our university’s gym! It was a typical body pump class with cardio mixed into between tracks! Such a fun way to start off the holiday and a good way to get a workout in!

  250. 263

    I ran 2 Turkey Trots- a 10k and then a very snowy and cold 5K Thanksgiving morning

  251. 264
    Carrie D. says:

    I did crossfit, swam and did a 5k turkey tro through out the week. Our motto was Wurkin for the Turkey!

  252. 265

    Two HIIT’s and two regular runs totaling 10.5 M and three days of circuit training.

  253. 266

    Walking around DC, lots of museums!

  254. 267

    I ran the Southpatk Turkey Trot with my husband.

  255. 268

    Last week was week 1 of marathon training so that kept me active! On Thanksgiving I did a 5k Turkey Trot with my boyfriend and his family and while we froze, we had a lot of fun :)

  256. 269
    Rebecca Casbeer says:

    I did my first 10k! My friends and their families have a tradition of doing the annual turkey trot in our city and I finally joined for the first time. It was great!

  257. 270

    I got in a few workouts by following some online workout videos.

  258. 271

    I walked my inlaws dogs a few times a day to try and keep active over the holiday!

  259. 272

    I went for a beautiful walk with my father at dusk in the town around his house :)

  260. 273
    Heather Paterson says:

    My family and I also did our own ‘Turkey Trot’. The icy/snowy conditions made it a bit difficult but everyone ran (first time the whole family ran!). I went to the local lululemon for ‘Burn the Bird’, which was an hour and a half of running, a crossfit class, and then abs/ cool down. My arms were so tired from the crossfit that I could barely hold the plank position!

  261. 274

    I stayed active last week by getting to my Crossfit box! On Thanksgiving morning, I ran there with my dog, did the Turkey day WOD and then my dog and I walked home!

  262. 275
    Caroline C says:

    I welcomed in Thanksgiving Day with the Charlotte Turkey Trot 8k with my WHOLE family. It was awesome! 11,000 people ran and it was a blast. So proud of my Dad for running the entire time, just 2 weeks after shoulder surgery!

  263. 276
    Annemarie Heisler says:

    The Thanksgiving forecast for Portland (Maine) was really cold and windy. I told my friends that I was DEFINITELY not doing the Thanksgiving 4-miler. But Thanksgiving morning came and it was sunny and I decide to do the race anyway! It was terrific! And now I know I can run in the cold and wind!

  264. 277

    I am tapering for a marathon I’m running this weekend! That didn’t stop me from doing a 12 mile turkey ‘trot’ of 12 miles/ 3,000 ft of climbing on the trails on Thanksgiving day and 10 miles at planned marathon pace (7:50) on Sunday :) Cheers and wish me luck on this Sunday’s marathon!

  265. 278

    I ended up being sick this weekend so I spent most of it resting but I went to a butt kicking spin class today! Felt great.

  266. 279
  267. 280

    Crossfit and Running all weekend long to burn of all the food!

  268. 281

    I stayed active by taking long walks in my neighborhood every morning before work.

  269. 282

    I went running with my sister, walked my parents’ dog and shopped til we dropped!

  270. 283

    I ran a couple of miles each day and did a special post-Thanksgiving 90-minute spin class.

  271. 284

    I went on some nice relaxing walks with my family to burn off the turkey!

  272. 285

    Lots of walks

  273. 286

    My whole family did our local Turkey Chase, and I did a cross fit workout, too.

  274. 287

    I went cross-country skiing! My family lives in Michigan – they had over a foot of snow!

  275. 289
    Janette H. says:

    I got a short run in Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, and seven miles on Saturday. I also danced the night away at a friend’s wedding Saturday night!

  276. 290
    Michelle H. says:

    I made sure to go to a cardio kickboxing class to work off some turkey!

  277. 291

    I got a couple of short runs and a crossfit class in… not too bad for a holiday weekend!

  278. 292

    I stayed active by running along the ocean. Definitely one of my fave parts of visiting family.

  279. 293

    I stayed active by running 3.3 miles with my boyfriend, sister and brother in law in Denver on Thanksgiving, perfect start to the day! We walked around Vail and Colorado Springs the other days – we were always on the go!

  280. 294

    I went to a flywheel class on thanksgiving morning

  281. 295
    Kristin P. says:

    I stayed active by getting in a few runs and walks when my mom came in town for Thanksgiving.

  282. 296

    I ran and ran and ran… your beautiful Washington D.C.!

  283. 297

    We did a LOT of sightseeing and walked everywhere while in Colorado visiting family.

  284. 298

    I did some tabata training.

  285. 299

    I went for a few runs to refocus!

  286. 300

    What a great giveaway!:) Thank you! I stay active by being sure to walk every single day for around 45 minutes. The light outside is great this time of year and here in SC, it’s not that cold yet either. I also like to do indoor DVDs like Pilates and yoga to stay fit since I can’t afford a gym, and my treadmill is the perfect answer to cold days outside. Thanks!:)

  287. 301

    I went for bike rides every day along the beach…the view made it totally worth it!

  288. 302

    I ran a half marathon the Sunday prior to Thanksgiving, took Monday and Tuesday off then hit the gym wed-sun for some cardio dance and weights classes.

  289. 303

    I stayed active on vacation in Cabo with my own turkey trot on the beach! (Pretty much the exact opposite of yours :) )

  290. 305

    I went skiing

  291. 306

    Crossfit and a Turkey trot!

  292. 307

    Yoga, of course! I actually bought my roommate (a daily crossfitter) a Reebok gift card to make her own crossfit shoes for Christmas, thanks to your blog! :) Now I’m jealous and want my own, haha.

  293. 309

    I stayed active during the Thanksgiving holiday by going for my daily walk/jog – NO EXCUSES! I was going to skip Thursday but made sure to go out early in the morning before needing to get ready to go to a relative’s house for a family turkey day get together. Great giveaway – would love to win.

  294. 310

    Just shared the giveaway on twitter for an extra entry here:

  295. 311

    Yoga was my way of staying active during the holidays! Mind and body!

  296. 312

    Tweeted! Thanks!!

  297. 313

    The day before Thanksgiving I leaned on my mom for motivation and met her for a spin class, which is something I rarely do on my own. On Thanksgiving, I got in a good treadmill run before the baking began!

  298. 314

    Run to Feed the Hungry 10k in Sacrmento with my family! Great time and cool cause.

  299. 315

    Did yoga everyday. Went to the gym twice. Kept me away from mom’s kitchen!

  300. 316

    I only managed to fit in one workout over the holidays: a long walk after our Thanksgiving feast. :-/ And man did I feel the repercussions today — so sluggish! Went straight to the gym after work today & I feel so much better!

  301. 317

    I utilized a lot of HIIT workouts this weekend to stay active and swam laps.

  302. 318

    I swear by yoga

  303. 319

    Facebook shared

  304. 320

    Crossfit! Including a Filthy Fifty workout Thanksgiving morning!

  305. 321

    i made sure to go to the gym every day except thanksgiving and instead on thanksgiving, i went for a long walk even though it was freezing cold here!

  306. 322

    I attended an early morning. Kickoxing class and then home to prepare dinner.

  307. 323

    I did a cold (for Florida’s standards) Turkey Trot, and then lots of heavy lifting – at least where food was concerned!

  308. 324

    ran 6 miles on thanksgiving morning. i also got in a couple 3 mile runs sat and sun and even got on the elliptical after my run on sunday. i PR’d my turkey trot last weekend, that was very exciting!

  309. 326

    I ran on my treadmill because I was too cold to venture outside for my runs! 7 miles one day, and 4 the other days!

  310. 327

    I ran a total of 9 miles over the holiday weekend and did a at home crossift workout!

  311. 328

    I tweeted! Would LOVE to win!

    By the way, Anne, are you doing the Nike Women’s half? I found out I’m doing it again. SO EXCITED!

  312. 329

    I ran a local 5k Turkey Trot, it was SOOOO cold but it felt great to get in a run before eating all the things. :)

  313. 330
    mary matheson says:

    I kept active during the holiday by walking with my daughter. Thanks for the giveaway!

  314. 331

    Crossfit, a turkey trot trail run with a friend, and a run with my husband.

  315. 332

    went for a few very cold runs and did yard work!

  316. 333

    I usually do home workout videos, but over Thanksgiving I took the time to run / jog around the family farm, and get reacquainted with my roots. :) It was super cold, but I loved it!

  317. 334

    I stayed active during the holiday by taking long walks with family members-a perfect way to chat and catch up after a big meal while getting in a little excercise!

  318. 335

    Lots of runs and long walks with the dog! :)

  319. 336

    I stayed active by doing yoga in the house, going to a RowZone class on Thanksgiving morning and going for a run on Saturday morning.

  320. 337

    Turkey trot and some house cleaning.

  321. 338

    I stayed active by walking my dog around the lake at my parent’s lake house!

  322. 339

    I stayed active with walks and workout DVDs!

  323. 340

    I was able to get two runs in during my holiday break from work. It felt so good to be active while on a mini vacation!

  324. 341

    The snow looks soooo gorgeous! I would love to sled too :D! I didn’t run but walked for about an hour up and down hills! quite cool in the morning with almost no one around! Nice and relaxing!

  325. 342

    I went for runs by the beach, where my extended family lives!

  326. 343
    Stephanie says:

    Thanksgiving morning, I got my brother to do a Turkey Trot with me. I got one of my fastest miles and my best 5K time!…even though it is only my third 5K and I’m just getting into running. It was about twenty degrees and then some wind, so it was a very cold run. My toes were numb throughout the first half, but it was a blast and I’m so happy I did it!

  327. 345

    We had a long car ride to KS city this past holiday weekend. I kept it healthy by packing pomegranate seeds (my babies eat them like they are candy), roasted chick peas, sliced cheese, multigrain pumpkin bread, sliced green peppers, almond milk and water for snacks. Then we walked a lot in various places in the city and I chose salads for my meals while eating out. The day after we got back I tested out my new running shoes with a 4.81 mile run! It was awesome!!!

  328. 346
    Elizabeth C. says:

    I was in Costa Rica for a study abroad, and stayed active with lots of walking, hiking, and exploring!

  329. 347

    I made my own HIIT workouts every morning, and also invited some friends over for a group workout session!

  330. 348

    I stayed active by using a free yoga week coupon and went everyday! I also made sure to go on walks with my dog.

  331. 349

    My husband and I are a good team so we did yoga together in the mornings to make sure we started our day off right! We also ran the turkey trot in chicago.

  332. 350

    I stay active by going to athletic conditioning classes 3-4x/week!

  333. 351
    Jennifer L says:

    Oh, no! I didn’t stay active. :(

    I actually fell pretty sick right up to Thanksgiving. I almost didn’t think I’d be able to attend my family’s get-together, but I was :) Getting back on track this week with some elliptical/bike rides and weights!

  334. 353

    I stayed active by kicking butt at my third Turkey Chase in Bethesda. This year was extra special though, because it was the first time I have run without stopping for an entire 10k, and I beat my record from last year by 9 minutes!

  335. 355

    I went to the gym as soon as I woke up

  336. 356

    I participated in a Walk to End Hunger on Thanksgiving Day!

  337. 357

    I stuck to my normal weekly yoga routine, and added in a gym workout with a friend on Thanksgiving morning!

  338. 358

    I went to boot camp…burpees, high knees & squats.

  339. 359

    I did yoga with the family :)

  340. 360

    Went running with my mom and siblings! I love the company and change of scenery from the cityscapes to country roads :)

  341. 361

    I used the time off to get in lots of gym visits

  342. 362

    I stayed active by running in the Arlington Turkey Trot 5k. I think it was my first run outdoors in several months but it was fun!

  343. 363
    Elena Hicks says:

    I wen on an 8 mile run with my dad on Thanksgiving morning and practiced teaching my cousins and aunt a Yoga Sculpt class!

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