A Sunrise 7 Miler

Good morning, my friends!

I hope you’re all settling back into the workweek after the nice long holiday weekend! I decided the best way to get myself back on a work schedule quickly was to drag myself out of bed for an early run yesterday morning. This view was worth it, don’t you think?


Because you know I never like running alone (especially in the early morning), I had a buddy with me – my friend Mary!


Excuse our early morning/sweaty/no makeup situation. Just keepin’ it real over here.

I was in the mood for a longer-ish run, which was perfect because Mary was, too! We decided on 7 miles, and set out bright and early to make our way down towards our favorite running areas – along the water and down by the monuments. The sky was so cool yesterday morning!



Over the bridge we go!


I was wearing the brightest shirt in the universe for the occasion.


The colorful shirt is the Brooks Essential LS 1/2 Zip, which is my all-time favorite shirt from their brand – I have it in blue, too, and it’s SO soft, comfy, and flattering. It’s perfect to wear on its own, or layered over a long sleeved shirt if it’s colder out. Love the thumbholes, too!


Brooks sent the shirt to me in neon yellow a few weeks ago in honor of November being National Running Safety Month. It’s part of their NightLife line, which is a line of clothing that makes sure you are visible when out running in the dark morning or evenings of winter! The NightLife line features strategically placed contrast fabrics, retroreflective detail and active lighting to heavily increase not just visibility, but also recognition. This is important for runners to be seen and also recognized as a person vs. a traffic cone!

When we made it down to the reflecting pool, we decided to make a detour over to the tidal basin to catch the continuing sunrise. Beautiful!


This was a bit of a rough run – one of those mornings where my legs were just NOT feeling it – but views like this and great company definitely kept me going.


Our final mile of the run was steep uphill – man it was a challenge on my sluggish legs. Mary was a great motivator and we encouraged each other to keep it up until we hit 7 miles. I’m so glad she was with me – I definitely would have given up and walked had I been alone!

I forgot to restart my watch after my handstand antics, so here’s a picture of hers. We kept up a great average pace, especially given the hill!


Thanks for keeping me going out there, girl!

How’s your running going this week? Any successes or challenges to share?

Do you wear bright/reflective clothing if you run in the dark or at dawn/dusk? Stay safe out there, my friends!


  1. 1

    I love that you “keep it real” with the no make-up pictures :) Plus you look always look great!

  2. 2

    Nice Run! :) I am so jealous of your views, and that you can get a run in around 7:00AM. I would have to start at like 5:45AM and its so dark! I love that top… one question! Is it warm? like New England winter warm? ha-ha

    • 3

      I hear you – my running dates vary from 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. starts, and it’s always a treat when we can do 7 a.m.! The top is not super warm – it’s really lightweight. If it’s cold, I wear another shirt under it, but if it’s SUPER cold, I’d use it as a base layer for a warmer jacket.

  3. 4

    While I don’t really want to live in DC any more (91-94), I sure do miss riding my bike across the Memorial Bridge on Sunday afternoons with my lunch in tow to visit the museums. I really wish I would have been a runner back then!

    Keep up the posts with pics. I love reminiscing. I follow Mary too so it’s nice to see the two of you post pics of your runs through DC.

  4. 6

    Looks like a beautiful morning for a run!!

  5. 7

    My running is sporadic this week – running my first ultra this weekend at the north face endurance challenge in Marin, CA!

  6. 9

    Great post and pic as usual Anne! I ran 7 miles this morning and it went better than I thought it would. After over a week of no running and almost of week of indulging in food, it felt good to work up a sweat!

  7. 10

    Those sunrise photos are gorgeous! A good sunrise is always a nice motivator ;) Also, running with a buddy is definitely the best idea- those are the only times I don’t stop as soon as it starts to hurt!

  8. 11

    Gorgeous views, as always! I’m treadmill-ing it these days, but I’ve got an 8k this weekend at Busch Gardens, so I hope it doesn’t rain!

  9. 13

    you are the queen of handstands!

  10. 15

    Wow, you always have the best pictures for morning running! I had a great long run on Sunday but todays run was pretty tough. Those are the runs though that I also say, “last few miles of the marathon!” I have a great Asics jacket that lights up crazy for early morning/late running!

  11. 16

    Did you make it into the Nike Women’s Half again for 2014? I made it in and was googling reviews this morning and came upon your review for this years race (hadn’t read your review for it before).

    • 17

      I actually totally spaced on signing up for the lottery! I had it on my to do list and then forgot. Oh well! I’m thinking I’ll do the Rock n Roll DC in March. :)

  12. 18

    which Garmin watch does Mary have? I am hoping Santa will bring me one :-)

  13. 19

    It’s funny how the way you feel on a run can vary so much from day to day. I had a 6 mile run a couple weeks ago that felt rough due to tired legs and a weird stomach. But my 7 mile run last week and 8 mile run today felt like I could run forever. So strange but also reminds me that a bad run doesn’t define me. They happen and you move on. I’m glad you were able to push yourself through today. Hope your next run is a great one!

    • 20

      Exactly. We were talking about that during the run – how random it is! The end of this 7 miler practically felt harder than my marathon. So weird.

  14. 21

    I ran a whole lot over the holiday weekend and then hurt my foot jumping down off my kitchen counter of all things (duh!) so i’ve been cross-training at the gym. Rowing machine and such…..but I’m going to shoot for 5 miles on Thursday…no specific time….just an easy run. I’m off every Thursday making it the perfect day for medium distance runs (during marathon training i’ll go as high as 10 miles on a Thursday) . I’m not a morning person but when I’m training for a marathon I get up before work on Tuesdays for a 3-5 mile run. It’s always hard but I never regret it.
    Those sunrise shots are just gorgeous!

  15. 23

    I’m convinced that DC is the one of the best cities for running! The views are incredible, and there are so many great trails! I recently moved back to DC, and I have really been enjoying the DC running scene. Love the beautiful pics!

  16. 24

    Beautiful views!

  17. 25

    Just love your blog and pictures! Look forward to it everyday!

  18. 27

    I’ve had a slightly sore throat this week and last so I’ve not got nearly enough running in but I really should go for one tonight after work anyway.

    Loving those views and your bright top!

  19. 29

    What a gorgeous view for your run! That reflective top is actually cute!!

  20. 30

    That’s a legit handstand!

    I haven’t run since Saturday when I ran a 10 mile race. I’ve been taking it easy on the running this week since I’m dealing with some knee issues.

  21. 31

    what a beautiful run! I’m super jealous you’re running longer distances already, I’m still nursing a bum hip so haven’t ran since Richmond…hopefully soon!

  22. 33

    You are definitely visible in that shirt! Blinding almost, which is probably what you want. I’m jealous! Around this time of day, while you’re out running, I’m stuck underground on the metro. That sunrise is gorgeous! Nice job on the run!

  23. 34

    Love the pictures, jealous you can run around DC and have great sites to see!

    I definitely wear bright colors at dawn/dusk, safety is SO important, especially since you can’t trust drivers and other people out there.

  24. 35

    I love your blog and motivation. DC is a great city to run! We’re up north in CT, and those early morning runs are frigid!! Was wondering what GPS watch you have? I have the old forerunner, but it’s like a small computer on your wrist (big and bulky).

    • 36

      The picture in this post is actually of my friend’s watch – I’m not sure which one it is. I have the Garmin 910xt; I used to have the old forerunner and it was a lot bulkier, I really like the new one… still large but not as huge and very similar in terms of function. This is it:

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