A Texas Wedding

I’m alive! And so is my laptop (more on that later). :)

First things first — CONGRATULATIONS to my friend Jessica and her new hubby David!


Gotta love a man in uniform ;)


The weekend was quite the whirlwind because I was a bridesmaid in the wedding!

There was hair:


Cool right? It was like a more creative french twist.


There was makeup:


And beautiful bouquets:


And pretty bridesmaid dresses! Here I am with my friend Sarah from college — we were roommates with the bride in DC :)


I really liked our dresses! Not too bridesmaid-y, either.


Here is the beautiful bride, just before heading down the aisle:


I LOVED her dress — very vintage meets Vogue, with sparkly beading, cute cap sleeves, and these beautiful scalloped edges!


It was a wonderful weekend to celebrate a wonderful couple. Hope you’re having a blast on the honeymoon right now ;) Congrats again!


The only bad part of the weekend was coming home! We made it to the airport in Houston super early, so I put myself on the standby list for an earlier flight. I assumed I wouldn’t make it because it was full and everyone had checked in, but literally 30 seconds before they closed the door they called me on! Since the plane was so full, they gate checked my bag at the last minute, and since I was so flustered I completely forgot that I had put my laptop in it, since I was planning on carrying it on. Major fail. When I arrived here in Raleigh, my bag is nowhere to be found. I waited in line for an hour at baggage claim only to have them tell me they had no clue what happened to it. At this point I started to cry, clearly. Luckily the lady was super nice and assured me they would find it, but that it just might not be til later that night. So home I went to wait. I finally heard at 11 p.m. that my bag had shown up. I waited up until 12:30, when I finally passed out and left a note saying to leave my bag outside my door. When I checked at 2:45 a.m., it wasn’t there yet. But at 5:45 a.m. it was, laptop and all :) What a relief!

Do you have any traveling horror stories? I went to visit my high school BFF Jenny in Taiwan in 2003, and they lost my bag for like 4 days. The airport people were really upset since I was a foreigner, so they randomly gave me some cash as compensation, haha. It was weird.

Time to get down to studying — big test tomorrow in my Counseling Skills class, eeek! Lots of memorizing intense formulas, values indicating conditions, etc. Wish me luck!


  1. 1

    So glad you found your bag. That would have sucked to lose your laptop! Thankfully, I’ve never lost one of my bags. But one time, I missed a flight because the airline never called me to let me know that my flight time had changed. I eventually got on a flight that had a layover, but we never took off because of weather troubles. Even though the airline was the reason I missed my original flight, they refused to pay for the hotel. But later, I wrote a letter to the airline and they did reimburse me for the hotel fee. It was kind of a nightmare! Glad that your situation worked out okay. :)

  2. 2

    Wow, what pretty bridesmaid dresses – absolutely looks like a dress you can wear again. I really like the color as well.

    I love the brides dress, too – very great taste!!!

    So glad to hear the laptop is back with you. I read your Tweets last night & only hoped it would all get figured out.

    When I was 15, I was flying from DC to Switzerland for school. THe man in front of me got sick and threw up on me. Luckily my mom had reminded me to pack an extra change of clothes, so I was safe in that respect. The airline was so lovely to me about the whole thing. Keep in mind I was 15, so when they gave me a bottle of champagne I was a little stunned.

    • 3

      Oh my god. That is my WORST nightmare. I can’t handle throw up, haha. Actually, I threw up on my dad on a plane once when I was little! Oops :)

      • 4

        I was afraid that they guy was dying or something, thankfully he was not.

        I forgot to mention we were only an hour into the 9 or so hour flight – good times lol

  3. 5

    SO glad your bag got back! And I can’t say enough about these pictures. Gorgeous flowers, love their bride’s dress, love YOUR dress, your hair… you look gorgeous!

  4. 6

    Such a relief that they found your bag. When I left Korea in ’06, I took the long way home, via Paris and a few other European cities. I didn’t know the baggage allowances between Asia and Europe are less than those between Asia or Europe and North America. My luggage was 50 pounds overweight–and I had to pay almost $500 extra. It was too late to ship everything, and it was a national holiday so the Korean post offices were closed. In exchange, I did end up with a row of six seats to myself on a 13-hour flight, so it wasn’t so bad after all. :)

    I am not a fan of traditional wedding dresses (I’m weird, I know!), but I love hers. Whoa. You look lovely as well–and that hairdo is fancy. Love it!

  5. 7

    You looked so beautiful! And your friend has good taste. Both her dress and the bridesmaid dresses are gorgeous and classy.

    I always worry about losing luggage on a flight. I think I would have cried too.

  6. 8

    That looks like a beautiful wedding!
    Glad you got your bag back with your laptop still intact!!
    I flew to Hawaii with my boyfriend and his family for a cruise. His Mom and Dad had checked a garmet bag that included his Dad’s heart medication (for some reason he thought it would be easier to check it than take it through security). They lost that bag! They didn’t get it until we were already on our cruise at our second destination. Luckily he didn’t have any issues from missing his medicine.. but it was really scary because he was extra stressed without his bag and medicine.

  7. 9

    Your hair looked awesome for the wedding, sorry about the baggage troubles! My luggage got lost coming home from Disney World a few years ago, sucked!

  8. 10

    Glad they found it! Airlines can be the worst to deal with!
    Two years ago, my family went to Kiawah Island, SC for 4th of July. We left Dallas early in the morning and arrived in Charleston, SC early and the plane had NO BAGGAGE. Not for anyone, they didn’t load one bag. They obviously knew it all along but didn’t tell the passengers until we were all at baggage claim waiting and nothing came out. That deserves a Gimme a break TV segment!
    We got our bags close to 10 p.m. that night but had no clothes all day on a national holiday. Awesome!

  9. 12

    Anne – I would have freaked out! So sorry this happened to you – especially since you weren’t planning to check it to begin with. Billy and I almost never check bags after a bad experience we had in Belize. We were going for 3 nights to a resort in Belize and we packed together in one bag and checked it. The bag NEVER made it so for 3 days and nights, we had no new clothes or shoes. We bought bathing suits in the gift shop and wore the robes from our room. Haha.

    So glad your laptop made it safely back into your hands!

    Oh and beautiful wedding! I could just feel your fANNEtastic presence in Texas this weekend. Really, all the way from Dallas. :)

  10. 13

    I am so glad you have your laptop, how fortunate. You look gorgeous. Anne, you are a very beautiful young woman, have you ever considered modeling? I am serious.
    Study hard and good luck on your test.

  11. 14

    What a beautiful wedding! Your hair looks amazing! I love bridesmaid dresses and look more like cocktail dresses :)

  12. 15

    I LOVE weddings! :) My best friend got married this past summer and I was a bridesmaid.. so much fun!

    And no major travel horror stories to report thus far. Although on my flight back to the US from Greece, instead of taking 12 hours it took 16 because of a storm. :/ It was a lonnnnng day for sure.

  13. 16

    The bridesmaid dresses are so cute!

    I have all kinds of horror stories with traveling. I hate flying haha. The worst one though was going to Rome, my bag got sent to Romania somehow haha we went during August so most of the clothing stores were closed for the holiday so I couldn’t even find a store to buy something to wear! I had to borrow my mom’s clothes until we found an open shop in a touristy part of Rome and my bag came 4 days later, literally an hour before we were about to leave for Florence! That was also the same trip that the heat made me nauseus during a tour of the Vatican and I threw up on the floor of the Sistine Chapel. Memories :)

  14. 19

    Beautiful wedding!

    Ah, that’s rough on the coming home part. Honestly though, it always seems to be worse coming home than getting there. I ALWAYS have issues traveling home.

  15. 20

    First of all, I love you bridesmaid look. You look beautiful!

    Secondly, I have the mother of all travel horror stories. When I went to France for 6 weeks I was without luggage for the first 72 hrs. I had no phone, no adapter to charge my laptop, and no euros. It was an utter fail. I wrote about it in detail, (right after it happened too so it is really dramatic) on my blog. It is a good read if you have a few minutes. I don’t want to link it because then my comment probably wont post but it is called “The First 48 Hours.” I don’t think I have ever been so scared and overwhelmed in my life!

    I am really glad you have everything back already! I know that it must be such a relief!

  16. 22

    What a gorgeous wedding gown. I love the cap sleeves!

    When I came home from studying abroad in New Zealand, the airline lost my luggage. The thing was, I had a TON of stuff in there–basically everything I needed for half a year’s worth abroad. Thankfully, I got it back later in the week.

  17. 23

    You look beautiful, as does the bride! Lovely wedding. And glad the laptop showed up. (Have you backed up your files on a stick lately?)

  18. 24

    I really like those bridesmaid dresses, not hideous at all! You might actually use that dress again. Congrats on the arrival of the laptop, that’s some major stress!

  19. 25

    I think the worst delay-wise was in August on my way to Vegas. We were supposed to arrive around 10:30 AM, but didn’t get there until 8:30 PM!!

    Two weeks ago on a flight to (or back from, I can’t remember) LA the guy across the row from me started throwing up as we went down for landing. Ugh!! SO disgusting!

  20. 26

    What can I say, I love everything about this wedding! The couple, the dresses, you and Bitting looked great, Jessica looked incredible!!! :)

  21. 27

    First of all I loveeee your dress, hair, bouquet..etc from the wedding — gorgeous!!
    Second, yes I actually have a terrible story about traveling home from our honeymoon (tears and all) but it just makes me made when I talk about it lol so I wont discuss!

  22. 28

    yay! I am so happy it ended well!
    Thankfully traveling has been awesome for me! The flight back frm HLS the plane was a see-saw and I was in tears! But it’s not too bad!

    Good luck!! Do you get a formula sheet?

  23. 29

    Yikes, I hate when they have to check your bag when you board the plane! I turn into a pile of nerves whenever I’m bringing on a larger carry-on and tend to bum rush the gate so that I can get on the plane as early as possible. I’m totally embarrassing to travel with. :) I love your bridesmaid hair! I’m not usually an up-do kind of girl but that’s gorgeous.

  24. 30

    On our honeymoon we got bumped from our return flight and ended up stuck in a really crappy hotel in the middle of nowhere Italy for 2 days. We got rewarded very nicely because of the EU laws regarding flight delays.

    But staying in a run down hotel with no air, no tv and twin beds on your honeymoon- NO SO FUN!

  25. 31

    The bride’s dress is beautiful! Your dress is pretty too.

    My Dad used to be an airline pilot so we travelled internationally and domestically a lot, I still travel a fair bit for work and leisure but I have only ever had a delayed bag once! My husband and I had been on holidays in Vietnam and were flying back to Canberra Australia, and connecting through Melbourne. We got put on an earlier flight out of Melbourne because we had so much luggage and it was a bigger plane, but our luggage didn’t make it on to the plane in time! But it was no big deal, they just delivered it to our apartment later that day.

    I think the airlines generally do pretty well, and I’m actually surprised that I haven’t lost bags more often! I have taken some dodgy domestic flights in Vietnam and Peru! Oh, and my brother used to get travel sick and that was pretty gross but thankfully he never threw up on me!

  26. 32

    I was traveling back from a missions trip in Brazil when I was 16 and my bag was flagged. I had bought a traditional bow and blowdart gun while there. They bow poked through my bag and they almost didn’t give it to me.

  27. 33

    Oh my – you all look stunning!!!
    Sorry to hear about the bag though :(

  28. 34

    Aww, I love weddings! Sorry to hear about your bags though. I don’t have any travelling horror stories, but I know my aunt and uncle lost all of their bags on their trip to the Bahamas. They had to buy all new clothes and everything! :-P

  29. 35

    Gorgeous wedding! The bride looks so calm.
    And there was a span of a couple of years where every time I went to visit my dad (which happened 2 or 3 times a year) my bag would get lost. Without fail I bag would accidentally end up in a random city, but it always got returned to me by lunch the next day.

  30. 36

    Stunning! So full of joy!

  31. 37

    Lost luggage is THE WORST! Air Canada lost my bag this summer after delaying my flight the whooooole day. I was headed to a remote campsight up North and knew if they didn’t get it to me ASAP, I’d have no luggage for the whole trip. I ened up having to wait over 24 hours for it to arrive!! I was crying I was so mad – so I can totally relate! eek.

  32. 38

    When I went to New Zealand my luggage got lost on the way there AND on the way back. However, when it was lost in New Zealand the nice people from Quantas actually called my name over the speaker to let me know it hadn’t made it, gave me a “female overnight kit” (Which had a tee-shirt, toothbrush, etc, and I did indeed wake up female the next day) and delivered my bag to the hostel where I was staying the next day. When it was lost on the way home I had to stand in the Charlotte airport, crying, because no one would help me and everyone was so rude. I did finally get it back, though!

  33. 40

    you, missy, are STUNNING! what a creative up-do!

  34. 41

    Wow! Everything about that wedding looks gorgeous: her dress, your dress, the flowers. I just love weddings. :)

  35. 42

    OMG I can’t believe you had a rough return! I am so sorry darling! Thank you so much for being a part of my day though, you really did look stunning. And I miss you already!!! NC soon I think!


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