An Ode to Florida

Okay I’m sorry… this post has nothing to do with food. :)


It was another gorgeous day yesterday here in Florida. It’s SO NICE that it’s not a sauna here anymore like it was when I was living down here this summer.


Nothing makes me happier than being outside on a gorgeous day :)

There’s an awesome track near our house where I used to go work out this summer, and I went back yesterday morning.


Here’s my routine:

I start with a lap around the track (sprint the straights, jog the curves), and then do about 5 minutes worth of situps, pushups, squats, lunges, jumping jacks, dips, attempted chin ups (argh!!!), etc., and then do another lap and repeat the cycle with a variation of exercises about 6 times. It’s an awesome workout, give it a try if you have access to a track (or just do it in your neighborhood!) 

I also did some lying in the sun… it felt soooo nice :) Don’t worry, I had sunscreen on! ;)


The rest of the day was spent eating leftovers and taking lovely walks along the water. I took a bunch of fun pictures for you guys. Enjoy :)



Look! There’s downtown Tampa across the bay!



Florida has the coolest birds. Check out their colorful beaks!



I especially love the birds that dive bomb the water in search of fish. So funny to watch!



I hope you’re all continuing to enjoy the holiday!

My dad (he got back last night) and I (and maybe my brother if we drag him out of bed) are heading out shortly for a run on this:015

It’s an awesome springy track made out of recycled tires that goes right by our house and continues along the water for miles. Amazing :)

Can I just stay here and not go back to D.C. where my final exams and cold weather are waiting??? Please??


p.s. I’ve been working on photographing a new exercise move for you guys per a reader’s request… stay tuned!! Would you rather see pictures of the move like I’ve been doing, or a video? Or both? I’m debating :)


  1. 1

    Great pictures! It looks beautiful there!! And that trail is so awesome! Wish I could run that everyday right next to the water!! I think a video might be nice for the workout move!

  2. 2

    Great pics! That would be sssoo nice just to jog by everyday. Looks great. I think pics and a video would be great. Have a good one!

  3. 3

    Glad you enjoyed it! This is my favorite time of the year here. The days seems brighter and you can actually enjoy being outside without suffering a heat stroke!! :)

  4. 4

    Yesss…. I have a feeling this could be my request! Very honored if this is the case :)

    You know it! ;) Stay tuned… Anne

  5. 5
    Adventurer says:

    That looks awesome; hope you kicked your dad’s butt on the run! :-)

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