A Hilly 3 Miler and a Delish Lunch!

My new running shoes have finally arrived!!


Thank goodness, since my old ones were so dead it was getting out of control. I was really starting to feel it in my ankles, knees, and shins! I trained for my half marathon back in June in my old pair, and it was well past time for them to retire!

All pretty and new:


I wear the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10, and I LOVE them. :)

The weather is beautiful today and I finally have new running shoes — clearly it was time for a run!


I laced up my shoes on our porch, which is one of my favorite parts of our new apartment! Isn’t this table and chairs set we got on cute?



Matt even hung these awesome little paper lantern lights out there — they’re so pretty at night :)

003 004

Anyway! I ran 3 super hilly miles around my neighborhood in 26:08! I was really pleased with the time given all the hills of death. Why isn’t NC flatter??


  • Mile 1: 8:39
  • Mile 2: 8:50
  • Mile 3: 8:37

Short, but fast. Yay! I was happy to get a run outside in after a rainy week stuck in my little apartment gym.

When I got home, I discovered that Matt had made me lunch!! Aww :) I think he’s enjoying actually having a stocked fridge for once now that he lives with me!


He made me a toasted sandwich thin stuffed with all sorts of fun stuff from the fridge — hummus, smoked turkey, black beans, feta, and spinach! Deeeeelish :)

And on the side — some super juicy strawberries (on sale at the store!):


And a hidden carrot!


Yum. :)

Now it’s time to get down to business in the kitchen because I’m hosting a dinner party tonight! I find out in 30 minutes whether or not I advance to the next round of Project Food Blog, and the next challenge is to host a luxury dinner party. It’s due Sunday but Matt and I will be leaving town for the weekend tomorrow morning, so I had to plan the dinner party for tonight, without knowing if I actually made the cut or not! I’m sure hoping I advance to the next round, but I’ll be holding the dinner party either way, since I already have all the stuff and have invited my guests :) Fingers crossed!! (Follow me on Twitter to see if I make it — I’ll announce it at 3 p.m.!)

Stay tuned for an awesome dinner recap — the menu I planned is pretty incredible, if I do say so myself ;)


  1. 1

    I love those little lanterns! How cute.

  2. 2

    I hope you make it!! I voted for you right away so I wouldn’t forget. No matter what, though, have fun tonight and on the trip.

    And great run. Especially with hills!

  3. 3

    New running shoes make me so happy :) Heard you made it to the next round – Congrats!

  4. 4

    Enjoy your comfy new running shoes! It must have been so nice to have lunch prepared for you – so sweet!

  5. 5

    Given my knee pain when I run, I’m starting to think it’s time to invest in a new pair myself! P.S., that running time is awesome. Nice work!

  6. 6

    Congrats on advancing to round 3! and I love the lanterns, they’re so cute.

    Great run!

  7. 7

    Well, it’s 6PM in Atlanta, did you make the cut for challenge 3. Fingers crossed

  8. 8

    Oops, I just read Tirrany reply above mine. Congrats on advancing to round 3. That’s what I get for not tweeting I guess.

  9. 10

    Those sneakers are really nice. Aqua is my favorite color. Also, LOVE those paper lanterns. So pretty!

  10. 11

    Nice shoes!!

  11. 12

    Wow, great job on those hills. Hills kill me but you just breezed up them! :)

  12. 13

    Love the sunny pics! Exclted for your new shoes! Mine cured my shin splints! It was magical! |

  13. 14

    Congrats on making it to the next round!

    What a great looking sandwich: black beans and feta — yum!

  14. 15

    What a nice lunch-time surprise! Enjoy your dinner party!

  15. 16

    Glad you’ve got the new shoes; however, you really need two pair, so you can rotate them, allow them to dry out after a wet workout, etc. And good luck!

  16. 17

    I run in the same shoes. Good luck on your dinner party. Can’t wait to see what you make.

  17. 18

    Love that Matt made you an awesome lunch.. brownie points! ;) Good luck with the contest! Hope you win! :)

  18. 19

    Isn’t new running shoes one of the BEST things EVER?! It’s like Christmas morning opening that box of new shoes.

  19. 20

    Love the lanterns!!

  20. 21

    Those sandwich thins are perfect! They give you just enough bread without being too much. By the way, your apartment complex looks oh so familiar. We both went to college in Chapel Hill, and that looks like one many of our friends lived in! :)


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