An Urban Workout Adventure + AcroYoga!

We had the most beautiful weather in DC over the weekend – cool but super sunny – the type of days made for playing outside.


On Saturday morning, I met my college friends Kathleen & Sarah for a workout adventure: the 9 a.m. OutRun put on by Roam Fitness. (FYI: they are offering FREE Saturday morning OutRuns all summer – all you have to do is sign up online.) A perfect weather morning, an outdoor workout, and 2 of my best friends = awesome way to start the day. :)


The weekend OutRuns are 90 minutes and involve a mix of running and boot camp type moves. The location changes every week so it’s like a fun urban adventure – good way to explore different areas of the city!

This past Saturday, we met at the Eastern Market metro and ran around the Capitol area. We had a big group – there were over 20 of us!


I didn’t get many photos because I was busy sweating, but it was an AWESOME workout, as always! Lots of creative stuff – sprints, partner workouts, stairs, squats with high fives, planks… you name it. We’ll definitely be back for more of these summer OutRuns!


After our workout, the girls and I headed, very sweaty, to brunch. We snagged an outdoor table at Le Pain Quotidien, my fave. First order of business: caffeine. I love their coffee – I usually get a large whole milk latte, which comes in a cup the size of my head. #winning


As for brunch, I had an omelette with goat cheese, tomato, mushrooms, and avocado. Soooo good. I love that they give you a side salad and bread, too. We had some jam and nutella-esque spreads for the bread and I ate every last bite of what you see here. Yum!


As for the rest of Saturday, Matt and I met friends at a wine festival (where I neglected to take any photos) and then headed to an engagement party at Vinoteca (love that place) on U Street. Such a fun, busy day!

On Sunday, we slept in, took a nice long walk with some coffee, and then cleaned up the apartment a bit before having lunch.


I made us some simple tuna wraps (using Ezekiel wraps) – the tuna was mixed with dijon mustard and mashed avocado, plus some celery. On the side, we had some salads with a homemade dijon mustard-lemon juice-olive oil vinaigrette. Delish!


As for Sunday afternoon, Matt and I had quite the adventure planned: an AcroYoga workshop at Kali Yoga in Columbia Heights!


What’s AcroYoga, you ask? It’s basically partner acrobatic yoga – lots of cool balancing poses on each other! Since Matt and I were both gymnasts when we were little I knew we’d have fun with it. I was right!


The workshop was 2.5 hours but it flew by. Jonathan, the instructor, would demo a pose with someone in the class, and then we’d work on it in pairs, spotting each other as we went.


For some of the moves, I wasn’t strong enough to be the base for Matt, so Jonathan took over.


This one was cool:


Jonathan was like, wait, Anne, come over here too, I can hold both of you up! I love that we’re cracking up in this one. Such a fun workout that didn’t feel like a workout because we were having a blast. :)


Demo-ing a cool pose I forget the name of:



One of the coolest poses was the grand finale, which I got selected to help demo with Jonathan (eek!). He said he chose me because he knew I had good core strength – this was a TOUGH one to hold! I think it was called Star Pose.


Weeeeeee!! Don’t leg your legs drop, don’t let your legs drop, keep that core tight!


What a FUN way to spend a day. I’d totally go back for another one of these workshops in the future! They have some more fun workshops listed on their website (the inversion/handstand ones look cool) and given how long they are, I think they’re totally reasonably priced, too. (This one was $30 per person.) I loved that it was something that Matt and I could go to together, too. He’s not a yoga person but I love that he was up for trying this out!

Would you ever try (or have you already tried) AcroYoga? :)

Stay tuned – new recipe post coming at ya tomorrow!


  1. 1

    Anne, what pace did the Outrun group keep for the Saturday workout? I have a coupon to try Outrun and know that the weekday ones are more low-key than the weekend ones, so I’m just curious about how much faster that group goes! (And awesome that the Saturday workouts are free!). Thanks!

  2. 5

    Hahaha! I love these pictures – it really does look fun. Brb! Going to see if my dept will do this as a team building exercise! I think the 2 person hold would be a good start! :) AcroYoga > trust fall.

  3. 7

    This looks SO fun! I tried acro yoga a couple weeks ago as part of a fitness event with Fairlife… and I have to say I’m definitely NOT a natural!!

  4. 8

    How awesome that Matt signed up for that with you! I’m not sure Josh would be so eager, but it looks like a lot of fun!

  5. 10

    This looks so cool and like a great deal of fun! I’d love to try it some day.

  6. 11

    Those poses look so much fun! I’ve never tried AcroYoga before. It looks very challenging!

  7. 12

    That workout sounds like so much fun. Sometimes I wished I lived in a bigger city so I could do things like this. But I know I would miss our lawn and own, quiet space.
    The food looks phenomenal! Something I would totally order!
    Thanks for sharing the acroyoga pictures. Looks so fun. That’s so interesting that you both did gymnastics when you were younger.

  8. 13

    Hi there! I love your blog and have been dying to try the OutRun classes you mention. When I go to the website, I am having trouble finding out how to register for the Saturday morning free class because it is not listed as an available class for Saturdays. Do you know how I do this? Thanks!!!

  9. 15

    Those poses look so fun! If I see an Acroyoga class near me, I want to try it out!

    Are you doing any DC Yoga week events?

    • 16

      No Yoga Week events, but I might hit up a yoga class tomorrow with a friend – def need to take advantage of the cheaper prices!

  10. 17

    How fun!! I’ve always wanted to try Acroyoga but partner Acroyoga looks like even more fun! Has Matt done yoga before? Just wondering if my boyfriend would be able to do it if he’s only gone to a few yoga classes.

  11. 19

    Ha! I had the same omelette at LPQ last week! So delicious! Now I want another one. Lol

  12. 20

    Love these photos! Looks like you guys had so much fun! It was a beautiful weekend (so glad it’s raining during the week instead).

  13. 21

    Acroyoga looks fun, but a little too scary for me! Maybe it I was the base? Although I wouldn’t want anyone to fall on me either!

  14. 22

    That yoga looks like so much fun!!! The group run workout even more so! Wish we had groups like that here. Is everyone of similar fitness level? I’d just being thinking we’d all be at different paces in terms of the run if I was to do with people I know from the gym!

    • 23

      Everyone was on different running levels I think – sometimes people had to catch up when we stopped, but that’s why it’s nice we stopped a lot. For the boot camp stuff, it was easy to modify or rest, and there were def a lot of levels.

  15. 24

    I’ve heard of Acroyoga before, but I’ve never done it. I think it sounds so fun though! I would love to do it one day!

  16. 25

    I haven’t done partner/acroyoga in a LONG time but I remember having SO much fun. It was cool even doing it with people I didn’t know and really testing my ability to TRUST.

  17. 27

    So cool!!! This would be so much fun to do with a partner! :) All of your food from the weekend looks super yummy as well!

  18. 28

    Such an awesome weekend! It looks like you had the same OutRun instructor that I had a couple weekends ago (Iwonka, I think?). She’s great!! I’d like to go this Saturday but I’m visiting an apartment in Capitol Hill (eek!!) at 11:00 am. Perhaps I should forgo a shower and opt for a sweaty brunch and apartment viewing instead?

  19. 29
    Roadrunner says

    Super activities; really impressive. Love the pics of the acro!

  20. 30

    I’ve always wanted to try acro yoga – it looks awesome!

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