Happy Birthday to meeeee!

Hello friends — today is my 28th birthday!! Yep, I’m officially in my “late” twenties. At least I still always get carded at bars & restaurants ;)

I started my birthday off with a fun pancake breakfast!


I used my Pomegranate Blueberry Pancakes recipe, but minus the blueberries, since I’m all out (sadface).

I also used POM’s new Pomegranate Cranberry juice in the recipe, which they sent to me to sample. It’s should be on shelves very soon, if not already! Yum :)


I’m also out of eggs (clearly just back from a trip!), so I made the pancake using the vegan baking egg substitute — the flax egg!

To make a flax egg:

  • Mix 1 Tbsp. of finely ground flaxseed with 3 Tbsp. of water in a bowl.
  • Whisk it together and it will become gelatinous, just like a real egg! Cool!

Worked like a charm :) I’d never used a flax egg before — have you? Definitely something to keep in mind next time I run out of eggs!


I topped my pancake with nonfat plain Greek yogurt mixed with a drizzle of maple syrup, mashed banana, and a handful of walnuts!


Deeeeelish :) When I was little, my mom would always put a balloon on my kitchen chair on my birthday, and I would get to eat out of the special Peter Rabbit birthday bowl. So fun :) I would also have mint chocolate chip ice cream cake — my fave! What were your family’s birthday traditions?

I have a full day of classes ahead, but then a few of my fellow grad students and I are hitting up a fun “ballet cardio” exercise class at the UNC gym and then going out for birthday pizza and wine. Yay!

Hope you all have a wonderful day! Stay tuned for a fun recap of my awesome food science cooking lab class last night — my group learned how to roast a whole chicken and also made a delicious tilapia baked in parchment paper — recipes to come!


  1. 1

    Happy birthday Anne!! I hope it’s amazing, sounds like you have a fun day ahead of you(well, after the classes)! Enjoy your first North Carolina birthday. ;) <3 you!

  2. 2

    Happy Birthday Anne – enjoy! :-)

  3. 3

    Happy Birthday Anne! Have a wonderful day :)

  4. 4

    Have a wonderful birthday, Anne!

  5. 5

    Happy Birthday! Have fun!

  6. 6

    Happy birthday! We never really had “traditions”, but we always celebrated on a weekend or Holiday when our relatives could come by. My birthday ALWAYS gets lumped into Easter celebration, so there’s bound to be eggs filled with chocolate

  7. 7

    Happy Birthday lady!

  8. 8

    Happy birthday girl! :)

  9. 9

    Woohoo Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday dear Annnnneeee!!!!! Happy Birthday to you, and many mooooorreee!!
    In my family our birthday tradition, with my parents and I, we would go out to dinner on Friday no matter what day the birthday fell on; and open presents after. Mom always buys the card. Neither she nor I gift wrapped, we always used gift bags. We both have horrible wrapping skills ;)

  10. 10


  11. 11

    Happy birthday!!! Welcome to the “late twenties” :-) Best birthday tradition was leftover birthday cake for BREAKFAST on the morning after my birthday– yum!

  12. 12

    Happy Birthday to my *almost* birthday twin! :) Have a great day!!

  13. 13

    Happy, happy birthday!

  14. 14

    Happy Birthday! :)

  15. 15

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNE. It only gets better

  16. 16

    Happy Birthday!

  17. 17

    Happy happy birthday! Hope there’s cake in yourday!

  18. 18

    Happy birthday, Anne! We used to wake up to our bedrooms decorated with a ton of balloons, streamers, signs, etc., and would get to open a present with breakfast and then pick our favorite meal for dinner.

  19. 19

    happy birthday!!! hopefully you get the same awesome treatment your sweetie did on his :)

  20. 20

    I counted myself as “late 20’s” the day I turned 27 — that’s when you start being closer to 30’s than you’ll ever be to 25 ever again. Ick.

    I was soooo depressed on my 27th birthday! 28 left me unfazed though.

    Happy Birthday!

  21. 21

    Happy Birthday Anne! I hope you treat yourself and enjoy your day =)

  22. 22

    Happy Birthday!!! I said the same thing when I turned 28 this year – I totally grouped 27 in with “mid-twenties” – but 28 is officially LATE twenties! Eek! ;)

  23. 23

    Happy Birthday!! Pancakes are the best way to start out your bday, especially the ones you made. ;)

  24. 24

    Happy Birthday!!!! Have a beautiful day and celebrate well! :)

    Oh, and I was ALL about the mint chocolate chip ice cream cake. Best ever!!

  25. 25

    Happy Birthday, Anne! :o)

  26. 26

    Happy birthday, Anne! I hope it’s wonderful :)

  27. 27

    Happy birthday! Enjoy your day :)
    Also, thanks for the DC recommendations :)

  28. 28

    Where’s your Peter Rabbit bowl when you need it! Happy birthday, Anne!

  29. 29

    Happy Birthday!!!!

  30. 30

    Happy Birthday!

    I love that your mom would put a balloon on your chair for your birthday. That is the cutest idea!

  31. 31

    Happy Birthday Anne! Hope you have a fabulous day! When I was younger, I always requested to go to a Japanese Hibachi grill for dinner. I grew out of that. Now we usually cook or grill healthy meals for birthdays but always finish with a fresh cake from a local bakery, Ketchie Creek Bakery! Yum!

  32. 32

    Happy Birthday!!! I just had my 29th birthday on Saturday. I hope you have a wonderful birthday week!

  33. 33

    Well, happy birthday, you Pom freak, you!

  34. 34

    Happy birthday,Girly!! Have a fabulous birthday(week);-)cc

  35. 35

    Happy Birthday!

  36. 36

    Happy Birthday!! I hope it is wonderful!! Oh, and flax “eggs” rock!! Love em’!

  37. 37

    Happy Birthday Anne! Have a wonderful wonderful day!!

  38. 38

    Happy Birthday!!!

  39. 39

    Happy Birthday, Anne! I’ve heard you can also use flax flour for the “egg”- true? I haven’t tried it, but it’s good to know about! :)

  40. 41

    I hope your birthday continues to treat you well. You deserve it! :)

  41. 42

    Ok, here’s your official ‘happy birthday’… HAPPY BIRTHDAY! That is all.

    [Oh, and my one sort of anti-tradition is that I refuse to get sung to in restaurants (esp by waitstaff). It happened at a Bennigans when I was 8 and I cried through the whole song. Awwwkward.]

  42. 44

    Happy Birthday! Have an awesome day!

  43. 45

    happy birthday, sweet pea!

  44. 46

    happy birthday lady!

  45. 47

    listen listen, we don’t have to qualify late 20s…let’s just stay in our 20s until we’re forced to be in our 30s because if you’re late 20s then i’ll be late 20s soon (one month and six days) and i don’t like it…in our 20s and FABULOUS! happy birthday again!

  46. 49

    Happy Birthday Anne! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  47. 50

    Happy Birthday to you! Have a fantastic day!

  48. 51

    There were 10 of us kids and way too many to have individual parties, so we did it by the month. Everybody born in my month of April and there were 4 names on the birthday cake. My parents were busy in the month of July.

  49. 52

    Happy Birthday Beautiful!!! :)

  50. 53

    Happy Happy Birthday!!!!

  51. 54

    Yay! Happy birthday girlie!

  52. 55

    Happy birthday, Anne! I hope it’s been wonderful.

  53. 56

    Happy Birthday! I cannot wait to hear about ballet cardio- awesome!

  54. 57

    happy birthday!!! :)

  55. 58

    Happy Birthday Anne!!!:D

  56. 59

    Happy Birthday!!

  57. 60

    Many more happy returns of the day buddy! Rock on!! :)

  58. 61

    Oooh give us a report on the ballet class :)

  59. 62

    Happy birthday!! Yesterday was my birthday, too…I am now 29 (eek). 29 is less “late 20’s” and more “almost 30!” lol. Hope you had a great day :)

  60. 64

    Happy Birthday… is my boyfriends’s B-DAY too!!! CELEBRATE!!!!

  61. 65

    I too want to hear about Ballet Cardio. Intriguing:)

  62. 66

    Happy Birthday Anne! You certainly started the day off on the right foot. BTW – I’ve never used a flax egg either – definitely something to keep in mind when I am out of eggs.


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