Boot Camp, Breakfast + Breech Turning Tips?

Hi friends! Thank you so much for all the awesome tips on what to pack in my hospital bag on yesterday’s 36 week pregnancy update post! I need to hit the store this weekend to grab a few more essentials like some cozy button up PJs and a nursing nightgown, but otherwise I think I should be all set!

I kicked off my Friday with a workout date – my favorite way to start the day. :)

squats 36 weeks pregnant

Chelsea and I hit up our recent fave, Bodymass Gym, via ClassPass (<- affiliate link for $40 off). I’m not sure how many more classes I’ll be able to do as I get closer and closer to my due date, so I am soaking these up while I can! The bump is definitely getting large and in charge now, but so far workouts still feel fine with modifications!

bodymass gym

I threw together a quick breakfast when I got home – toast with almond butter and some delicious blackberries plus scrambled eggs with feta. And a whole milk single shot latte!

toast scrambled eggs

I had my 36 week check up at the doctor yesterday – the good news is that the baby looks great, the bad news is that she is still hanging out head up – right now she’s in what’s called a “Frank breech” position where she’s basically in a pike. So her butt is down in my pelvis area, and her legs are straight up by her head, which is under my ribs (no wonder I feel lots of pressure around there – lots going on). Not ideal, and the doctor said if she doesn’t move they are going to schedule a planned C section (likely at 39 weeks – whoa that’s soon). Clearly a scheduled C section isn’t how I envisioned this playing out, but if that’s what needs to happen for the baby to arrive safely, then we’ll go for it! I’m meeting with a doctor on Monday that my OB referred me to to see if I’m a candidate for a turning procedure – basically, they manually move the baby (from the outside, using an ultrasound to guide them) into position. I don’t know if I’ll be a candidate or not (it depends on how big the baby is, how much space she still has in there, her exact position, my body, etc.), and it’s also apparently a little risky and super painful, so we’ll see if I go forward with it either way. In the meantime, I’m still meeting with my prenatal chiro to see if we can more gently move her into place. Any tips on ways to naturally encourage your baby to move into position?! Or, tips from those of you who ended up having scheduled C sections on things to be prepared for in the case that’s where things end up for us?

Have a nice weekend guys – see you back here Monday! We’ll be running around finishing up the last of the baby room stuff, packing the hospital bag, etc! And making some time for fun, too, don’t worry. :) Everything is suddenly starting to feel so real now in terms of the baby actually coming soon – ahh!!


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    I don’t really have any turning tips but I did have a scheduled C-section and IMO, it was awesome. I had never planned for an unmedicated, natural delivery anyway so I was OK with it. I never had a contraction, never had my water break and the whole thing took 5 minutes (and I had twins). That was a huge plus for me!! I don’t tolerate pain well. I think you have a great attitude in that a safe arrival for baby is the focus.

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      I figure it’s best to just go with the flow with these sort of things – how she gets out doesn’t matter so long as she is safe! That said, it would be nice to avoid having my abs sliced up… but we’ll see!

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        Be optimistic! 2 out of 3 of my babies were breech until the last week when they turned. Good luck!

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        I had an unplanned c-section with my now 14 month old (she flipped at some point and got stuck in my pelvis) and it was not as horrible as I anticipated, they also didn’t slice up my abs lol. I was surprised to be left with just a tiny scar very close to my pubic bone that isn’t visible at all (unless totally naked lol)! The recovery was also super quick and easy (the procedure I had didn’t cut any muscle) and I allowed to do everything except drive for a tiny bit. I was also up walking around almost right after. I don’t know if it was a combo of luck or bc I had a super easy active pregnancy but in some ways it sounded easier than the recovery from vaginal labour. So long way of saying, if you end up needing one it may not be that bad!!

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    I’ve not had a baby, so I am only throwing this out there but unsure if there’s anything to it. Perhaps if you massage your stomach gently in a certain way, it could coax her to change. Again, unsure if this would translate and upset her enough to move, but I suppose it couldn’t hurt to try. :) I hope she gets in position soon!

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    Check out It has tons of exercises and postitions to sit in to get baby to turn!

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    Some friends have had success with the techniques on the Spinning Babies site – Basically you do a lot of inversions to get gravity working in your favor. Also know some people who have had success with acupuncture and chiropractic adjustments to help get baby into the right position…but it really seems to depend on how much room the little one has to move around. Good luck!!

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    My daughter will be 2 in January, she was frank breech as well… I did the external manual version but it was not successful. In my opinion, although not comfortable, wasn’t the worst pain I’ve experienced. I tried several things (chiro,, all the wives tales on Google) nothing worked for me. I had a scheduled csection but my water ended up breaking and had her a few days early! I mourned my dream of a natural birth but after having a csection I will say it was a lot easier recovery than I had expected. I would recommend buying some sort of abdominal binder for after, made wearing clothes easier at incision site and the breast friend pillow made it easier to nurse with the incision. Please reach out to me if you have any questions for me. I hate it for you, I remember my disappointment, but wish you all the luck with flipping her and want you to know it’s not that bad while you’re holding that baby!

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      Thank you Nicole, I appreciate it!

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        My situation with my now 2 year old was very similar. I felt a heavy feeling of “disappointment and failure” when I knew I was going to have a cesarean delivery. We tried the manual version, chiropractor, acupuncture, crazy myth tales of laying upside down and many others. On delivery day, the experience was GREAT. Truly. My husband and I watched the procedure and she was placed on my chest immediately. She was born healthy and that is all that was concerning post delivery. As for cesarean recovery, mine has been wonderful. I was active and fit before and during pregnancy much like you. I was walking with her in the ergo soon after. Blessing to you and your expanding family Anne. I have read this blog for years and do not comment often, but this speaks to my heart :)

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    I had an unplanned c section after about 24 hours of labor. Since I wasn’t expecting it I was totally unprepared. Days 2-4 after the c section are ROUGH but your body does heal remarkably quickly. Try to line up as much help as possible for the first few weeks because you’ll be physically limited. Also, get some high waisted cotton underwear that will go up over your incision (after you move on from the lovely mesh hospital underwear ;)). I found my regular underwear would hit right at my incision so higher waisted helped a lot. I found some at a Motherhood Maternity store.

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    I had a breech baby. I have heard that the inversion is incredibly painful and doesn’t guarantee a flip, so I didn’t try. I know some women have luck with yoga and a chiropractor who specializes in this work. My baby’s breech was due to the shape of my uterus so I wasn’t a good candidate for alternative approaches.

    I had a planned C-Section and I will say that it AWESOME. Which really surprised me because I envisioned a natural birth, I encapsulated my placenta, I am generally an earthy-hippy type. What helped me most with recovery and caring for my baby was accepting the pain meds. They helped me get off my feet and move around right away, and so I kept taking them. I was moving and getting around immediately and was doing the stairs while carrying my baby with no problem. I’d recommend some loose baggie pants that won’t hit the incision area. Know that you will still bleed and lose liquids just as if you gave birth naturally, so plan for that.

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      This are great tips – thank you Carolyn! I wonder if my breech is due to the shape of my uterus or not – I’ll find out on Monday I think!

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    My sister-in-law got acupuncture to turn her baby. Within 24 hours, the baby was flipped.

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    Hi, I think everyone covered all the options for potentially spinning your baby. You might consider reading about and talking to your OB about “Family Centered” C-sections as well.

    • 22

      Interesting – I’ll look into that. Thanks!

      • 23

        I agree! My doula recommended spinning babies and my acupuncturist had a procedure ready in case my baby was going to be Breech. Apparently the acupuncture works really well for some people! Also there are yoga poses to help as well. Towards the end our doula had us make a regular birth plan snd then a family centered birth plan just as a precaution. I’m so glad we did even though we didn’t end up needing a C-section. Good luck and here’s hoping she turns! And if not, as you said, all that matters is a healthy mom and baby!

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    I had both an unplanned and a planned c-section. And comparatively the planned was much better. It was a little surreal walking into the hospital and walking into the ER (the unplanned at at 10 pm after 22 hours of labor and 2 1/2 hours of pushing).

    I enjoyed being in the hospital for 4 nights (5 nights the first time since she was born at night). My hospital was okay with having the baby in the nursery so Mom could get some rest.

    After both c-sections, even 24 hours before I went home, I never thought that I would feel good enough to be able to do stairs, but both times I really felt so much better 12-18 hours before going home (and completely over did it at home).

    Best advice also is stay on top of your medication. Don’t try to be a martyr. Don’t think you won’t bond with the baby (the drugs really knock me out). You need the drugs. I think once i got home I maybe took 1 pill and then maybe some Tylenol for a day or 2.

    Good luck!

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      Thank you for the tips Jessey! It would be really strange to wake up and be like, “today our baby will be here!” And just pack up and head to the hospital all prepared and civilized. Something to be said for that, ha!

      • 26

        I was in the same situation, one unplanned and one planned C-section. The second time around was much easier because I knew what to expect. The first time (unexpected) I was completely worried about labor then went into surgery when my daughter went into distress.

        I completely agree with Jessey. Stay ahead of the pain! No reason for you to be more than mildly uncomfortable. You’ll have a sweet little girl that needs you happy and pain-free. Good luck!

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    Sara Wagner says

    Hi Anne! I had the version done and it was successful for met. They gave it a 50/50 chance and I would recommend trying to anyone that wants to have a vaginal birth. It wasn’t very painful, I maybe felt a little bruised the next day, but nothing memorable. My little girl still didn’t want to come and I was induced at 41 weeks, I was in labor for 34 hours and she was going to break my pelvis from her position so I ended up in c section. Even though I ended up in c section I am still glad that I did the Version, it was one of the coolest moments of my life watching them flip the baby. I don’t think you will regret trying even if it isn’t successful. Most research out there says there is very little risk to you or baby.
    Let me know if you have any questions! I’d be happy to answer. I didn’t know anyone else who had done this so I get if you feel a little alone

  12. 29

    My daughter was also a Frank breech and I had low amniotic fluid, so I had to go straight to the hospital after our 36 week appointment and have a family centered, gentle C-section. Definitely not the natural birth I thought I was going to have! I agree with the other women that have posted and I ended up very happy with my C-section. My husband still cut the cord, I encapsulated my placenta and had skin to skin right away. I was also glad to spend some extra time at the hospital because we don’t have family close and with the early birth my mom couldn’t get a flight out until 2 days later.

    Not having abdominal strength was the hardest part for me and being careful when getting out of bed or off the couch. My husband got up with every feeding the first month and picked my daughter up out of the bassinet because bending over didn’t feel good.

    Because of being a Frank breech baby, my daughter had hip dysplasia and was in a Pavlik harness from 7 – 19 weeks old. Although I had never heard of it before my daughter, it is quite common. I don’t want you to be paranoid, but I’d be happy to answer questions if it is something you end up having to deal with.
    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

    • 30

      That’s good to know about the hip dysplasia – thanks for the heads up!

      • 31

        My baby was also frank breech with low fluid. I delivered by (somewhat unplanned) c-section at 37w3d, and when she arrived, I realized she would never have flipped on her own.She did not have hip dysplasia although slept in an “L”
        shape until she straightened out a few weeks later. She’s a healthy 2-yr-old and I have no complaints about my recovery. I’m also happy to answer any questions, if you have them!

  13. 32

    Hi Anne,
    I also had a breach baby; they tried the “version” procedure with me and while it was painful that’s not the reason I would tell you I don’t recommend it. It was not successful for me and I ended up having a planned C-section (which worked out beautifully for us). The version procedure can be risky for the baby, and it turns out that the reason my procedure didn’t work was because my baby had the cord around her neck which they weren’t able to see on the ultrasound. I’ve had two C-sections, and while I don’t think any momma really hopes for that scenario, I had two great experiences and have two beautiful girls as a result : )

    • 33

      Oh gosh, that’s scary about the cord! I guess the baby knew best re: not moving!! So glad the C sections worked out for you and your little girls. :)

  14. 34

    Hi there, I’ve had two breech babies. One I delivered naturally (basically didn’t know it was breech until I was 8 cm dilated, very weird). Not all Drs are comfortable attempting that. I’m in Canada, and here too the go-to for breech is a C-section, I just happened to be at the hospital at the same time as a Dr. who was trained in the procedure and we were both game to give it a go, with baby’s safety top of mind. Second baby was also breech. I did tons of yoga and exercises to try and get her to flip, and finally got a version at the hospital which worked. Like someone above said, painful, but not the worst, and the element of surprise takes you a long way. I’d say it’s worth a try, they usually know pretty quickly if it’s working or not, and they don’t force it.

  15. 35

    Been reading, but never have time to comment (I have a three month old!)! My baby was transverse (sunny side up) and I went to my acupuncturist to try and turn her. I thought it was worth a shot and if not, then I’d enjoy the session because they are so relaxing! I did one appointment with her around 38 weeks and sure enough, the baby turned! My doctor laughed and was shocked, she said usually babies don’t turn that late. Made her a believer!

    Despite that, my baby went to 10 days overdue and never descended. She was basically stuck. After 28 hours of labor, I ended up with a c-section anyways. And even though she had some issues after she was born (that quickly resolved – thank goodness!), she’s a healthy little girl. My recovery was so easy! I had to be reminded numerous times that I just had surgery and to take it easy. I was up and walking that evening. I never needed any pain medication other than a Tylenol and my scar healed up very quickly, is small, and discreet. Would I have preferred a non-medicated vaginal labor? Yes, but the alternative isn’t as bad as some make it out to be. You’ll do great either way and props to you for having a positive attitude about it! I’ve learned that motherhood (and not just labor) is full of instances where you make plans and have to quickly adapt to changes – most of which are out of your control. Having your attitude will make things so much easier! Best wishes!

    • 36

      Thanks Maria! Yeah I figure this is good practice for being a mom… be cool with plans going out the window. :)

      • 37

        Oh! I forgot to add c-section advice in case you need it. Make sure to ask for the binding belt at the hospital. It really helped make things feel secure and made getting up out of bed so much easier. The one from the hospital is far more comfy than the Belly Bandit. Also, look up the post maternity pajamas shorts from Target. They are ridiculous soft and have a wide high waist band on them. Anything that is high waisted is your friend, you don’t want anything touching the scar since it will be a little sensitive at first. Mine was more itchy than painful.

  16. 39

    Sorry to hear this. I know any change of plans can be very difficult, especially when it involves your baby. I did not have a breech baby, but went to Welch & Yonkers for other pregnancy-related issues. Highly recommend them for acupuncture and have only heard positive things from anyone who went to them for pregnancy-related issues. Good luck!!

  17. 41

    Hi Anne! I would highly recommend trying to get in to see a chiropractor and an acupuncturist ASAP. I can’t remember exactly, but I think 36 weeks is the upper range of when babies are likely to turn. My son was breech at 30 weeks, and my chiropractor (Dr. Andrino) gave me a series of exercises that helped flip him (where he thankfully stayed put). I had to do “polar bear pose” for 20 minutes every night (kind of like dolphin pose in yoga, but with your knees on the ground), but I wasn’t quite as far along as you at that point. I’ve also heard that Master Lee (acupuncture) in Fairfax has had good success in turning breech babies. I saw him later in my pregnancy for an induction acupuncture. I think both have weekend hours. Good luck!!

    • 42

      I’ve been seeing Dr. Andrino for a couple months now (at first it was for my sciatica)… We’ll see. I will definitely look into acupuncture too.

  18. 43

    Hi, Anne! My now 18-month-old daughter was also breech, and I had to have a scheduled C-section. (I wasn’t a good candidate for version, plus it sounded scary!) As other commenters have expressed, I was disappointed to miss out on vaginal delivery, but ended up being very pleasantly surprised by the ease and overall comfort of the experience. My parents arrived the night before and we all enjoyed one last baby-free dinner out. The next morning we had a calm and unhurried trip to the hospital, where the staff was prepared for our arrival. The whole procedure was very quick and virtually painless. Recovery wasn’t fun, of course, but it didn’t seem worse than what my friends have gone through with vaginal deliveries. I think going into it well rested and prepared really helps.

    Three things:

    1. Plan on music. I hadn’t prepared a playlist or planned on listening to music, but the anesthesiologist asked what Pandora station we’d like to have on and my husband suggested Paul Simon Graceland, which ended up being a perfect choice. The OR is way more sterile than the labor and delivery suites, so it was nice to have familiar music playing.

    2. Consider vaginal swabbing. One of the main reasons I was unhappy about not having a vaginal delivery was missing out on the transfer of beneficial bacteria from my body to my daughter. The practice of vaginal swabbing isn’t common in the US, but initial studies indicate that it could help give C-section babies some of the benefits that babies born vaginally receive. I talked to my doctor about it beforehand and she agreed that it likely wouldn’t hurt, and might help, so we tried it. I have no way to know if it made a difference, but my little girl has been happy and healthy from Day 1.

    3. Bring your nursing pillow to the hospital. The “My Brest Friend” nursing pillow is much more comfy for C-sections than the Boppy.

    Finally, I definitely second the recommendation for giant, high-waisted undies and pants/skirts with very stretchy, forgiving waistbands. Wishing you guys all the best!

  19. 46

    Hi Anne. Just wanted to share that my daughter was successfully turned from a breech position. It’s been a few years but I had it done at Bethesda (was active duty military at the time). I did not find it painful at all. Weird, yes. Painful, no. Good news was that she stayed in the head down position and I was able to have a vaginal birth. Anyway, best wishes to you, Matt & the bump.

  20. 47

    My daughter was also breech at 36 weeks and after trying a few things to get her to flip, I had a successful ECV at 36+6 and delivered at 40 weeks with the medicated vaginal birth I had hoped for. I was nervous about the ECV, but it was super simple and not painful for me. The worst part was the medication they give you to relax the uterus. It made me feel like I drank too much coffee for a few hours. I felt good about doing it because my doctor had done many in her years of practice and they did it in labor and delivery so that they could deliver immediately in the very unlikely case that something went wrong. I was also ok with a c-section if needed. I knew that I just needed to do what needed to be done to get her here. Good luck getting her to turn!

  21. 48

    I would be careful with versions – they can be very dangerous, and potentially cut off oxygen to the baby. I would also reach out to Meghann from Meals and Miles who had a planned section due to a breech baby, her birth story for her daughter was wonderful!

  22. 50

    See an acupuncturist about moxibustion. Its painless for you, won’t hurt the baby, so maybe worth a try!

  23. 51

    I’d be afraid to try the procedure to move a baby from breech due to the pain and risks. I have heard you can put something cold by the babies head and that might encourage them to move away from the cold and thus flip.

  24. 53

    I had a c-section after a failed induction at 42 weeks and thought it was amazing. I would definitely opt for that over turning the baby and risking cord issues. The majority of people that are anti-c-section are people that had vagina babies. Most of the people I know that have had a c-section would choose that over vaginal destruction anyday.

    • 54

      It would be nice to not pee myself every time I jump, run, or cough… :)

      • 55

        You won’t necessarily have issues if you do end up with a vaginal delivery. I had four vaginal births, all with no tearing and I can still jump without peeing! Regardless of how she is born, I hope it all turns out wonderfully for you and baby!

  25. 56

    I have no personal experience with breech babies or C-sections, but I had some good friends that decided against the turning experience with their daughter and went ahead with a scheduled c-section. It is a personal choice with lots of factors. I hope it is a wonderful experience no matter what ends up being the right choice for you and the little miss.

  26. 57

    OUr girl was also in this same position. We trying all the tricks you can find online – Google “turning a breech baby” :). We also had her turned. It was not as painful for me as I had heard, so you may have the same situation. My doctor did it twice cause she moved back right away after the first time. But she moved write back to breech and that is where she stayed. Although we had a planned c-section, my water broke the day before that scheduled date and we had a peaceful, happy, uneventful c-section and now have a happy healthy little 2 1/2 year old! Sending you lots of luck for whatever works out best for both you and the baby!

  27. 59

    I had an emergency c-section but it went well. Definitely take high waisted, loose PJ pants if you have one. I wore the mesh panties for weeks after I left the hospital since nothing else was comfortable. I ended up borrowing my mom’s PJ pants while I was healing because everything I owned hit at my scar. I also took a big blanket that I’d been using to prop on for sleeping. The hospital beds do a lot for positioning in bed, but I wanted a little something extra behind me. But my healing was great. I was active my whole pregnancy too. My husband went home the night after I had my son and I was up alone, pumping and going to the bathroom. I even got up and showered the next day. A week after the c-section, we took a mile walk. It was slow and there was only one night (day 4- the day we were d/c’d home) that I was in a lot of pain, but I think because we did so much that day with moving around and I was only using Motrin for pain for the most part, so I needed my Percocet and the pharmacies were out. But really, great recovery. I did feel a pulling at the incision for a LONG time after with working out and I took it super slow getting back to the gym. I’m planning an elective c-section for my next one, so it clearly wasn’t too bad :)

  28. 61

    My SIL had this procedure done successfully with my niece. She said she felt some pressure/mild discomfort while the doctor manually repositioned the baby but it overall wasn’t bad. Either way, a happy healthy baby will be the end result! Enjoy these last few weeks with Matt as a pair :)

  29. 62

    My second daughter was a surprise frank breech baby! My water broke at 37 weeks, and when I checked into the hospital, they did an ultrasound to find that she was breech – all of my midwives had thought she was head down at past appointments, but it turns out they were feeling her butt!! So, I had a C-Section scheduled for later that day. My first was born vaginally (with an epidural, and a pretty easy labor all things considered), but honestly – the C section was pretty awesome. Labor sucks, and there’s SO much uncertainty (which my type A personality hates)…how long will it take to dilate? How long will it take to push? Will I tear? How much pain will I have with contractions? With a C-section, those types of things are a lot more certain. It was crazy knowing that by 7pm that night, my baby would be there. I will say, the whole thing was a bit scary at first – I had never had major surgery before. I think the scariest part was just walking into the OR room – it was sterile and bright and cold. But once they laid me down and drugged me up, it was SO relaxed. The doctor told jokes and we all made small talk, he asked what kind of music I wanted to listen to and he turned on his iPod, and before I knew it, she was out!! The ONLY bad thing about the entire experience was that anesthesia caused major nausea for me (after the surgery, not during). I threw up several times in the recovery room. And of course, things are a little sore – but the same goes for vaginal deliveries! All of this to say – EITHER experience is wonderful, safe, and in both scenarios you’re going to have necessary recovery times. Don’t stress about it at all mama!

  30. 64

    Anne! I recommend finding a chiropractor who is certified in the WEBSTER TECHNIQUE! If you Google it, you can read more about how it helps with babies in the breech position.

    • 65

      The guy I’ve been seeing uses that technique! No luck yet… I’ve been seeing him every other week for a few months so kind of a bummer she hasn’t already turned!

  31. 66

    Bummer that she is breech! My first baby was breech. I did all the research — spinning babies web site, made appointments for chiropractor and acupuncturist that specialize in turning babies, did handstands in the pool, laid on the floor with my feet up an ironing board resting on the couch….I never made it to my appointments or got to attempt the version because he ended up coming early. As soon as I went into labor, they had to go right to the c-section. I, quite honestly, was very disappointed with the experience. I wanted to be actively involved in child birth, not a medicated patient lying back on an operating table. The recovery was also harder, in my opinion. You have to be careful athletically for a lot longer so you don’t risk tearing the stitches. It’s major abdominal surgery. That said, if you do end up with a c-section, you’ll be a great candidate for a vbac with future babies if you wish to do so. Breech can be a very flukey thing. I had vbacs with my second and third and much, much preferred the whole experience and post-birth recovery. Anyhow, I hope she turns for you! But as you say, the most important thing is healthy baby and mama, regardless of how they arrive. Good luck!

  32. 67

    My first son was breech and I was sent home with a list of exercises and was also offered the ECV procedure to manually turn him. It would require hospitalization (not sure if that’s still the case), didn’t have a great success rate (again not sure if that’s still the case) and was told it was really painful. I opted to decline ECV. I had a planned C-section and was fine with that decision. There’s still time for her to turn though!

  33. 68

    Same thing happened to me. Dr sent me to accupuncture and had me burn mugwort at my toes (for real). We tried all the old wives tales – ice on baby’s head, doing flips in the pool, and hanging out upside down. Baby decided to come 3 days later instead of turning. So not an emergency C, but not planned either. Wasn’t how I planned it but she was safe and healthy.

    For c-section, giant granny panties were necessary to keep anything away from the incision.

    • 69

      I just heard about burning mugwort at your toes – lol! So strange but apparently not completely without results?! I figure I’ll give it a shot. :) If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work!

  34. 70

    I had 3 C-sections, two were planned and one was after a long, long labor… planned was definitely better and recovery is much shorter. I was awake for the entire procedure and felt no pain only pressure as they moved the baby. I had a wonderful OB gyn and hospital who made the experience as rewarding as if I had given birth naturally. It is however major surgery so tips like getting up and walking as soon as you can after the birth helps, have someone stay with you in your hospital room for at least the first night, having help at home is great as lifting the baby in and out of the bassinet can be difficult, be prepared to bottle supplement as your milk may not come in as readily post surgery and it is ok to let others do for you and rest as that helps you to heal faster. You got this!!

  35. 72

    Hi Anne,
    I love that your goal is a healthy baby–that’s a fantastic attitude. I recently participated in a doula class, and one of the instructors had some excellent words to remember: There are only two guarantees in pregnancy/labor: 1)baby will come out and 2)there will be surprises. :) So having a flexible outlook is key. :)
    Also, even if you have a cesarean birth, will you be able to bring your husband and your doula into the operating room? Many hospitals allow both support people, but some have more stringent rules. Even in a scheduled cesarean birth, your doula can play a huge role in supporting you, helping you and your husband advocate for your birth preferences, and helping you craft your labor and delivery memories.
    I’m excited for you!

    • 73

      Thanks Katie! I’m going to ask more questions at my 37 week appt on Wednesday if it looks like we are still headed to scheduled C section route. I am assuming my husband and doula can still come in – I hope so! But good call on asking. I’m going to talk to our doula more about what her role has been with other clients who ended up having scheduled C sections, too – I’m sure I’m not the only one!

  36. 74

    My little girl was breech and I knew from about 30 weeks (my OB had an ultrasound machine) and I tried EVERYTHING to get her to flip… acupuncture, moxibustion, chiropractor using the webster technique, spinning babies, doing headstands in a pool and osteopathy. I had my heart set on a natural birth, so spent the last weeks obsessed with getting Bub to flip. My OB recommended against doing an ECV.

    It didn’t work and I too had a scheduled c sec at 39 weeks where Bub was transverse at this stage & came out tangled in the cord and in need of some resuscitation (was all fine within a few minutes!). But it meant she was never going to have flipped no matter what I did. And my OB was right to advise us against an ECV.

    My c sec was actually a really positive experience and in hindsight I wish I had accepted things and spent the last time of my pregnancy relaxing. However, thats just what I had to go through & an intro to not being able to control parenthood :)

    My Bub was also diagnosed with DDH and spent time in a pavlik. The risk factors are breech, first born, female &family history. So your OB May recommend an ultrasound for Bub at 6wks.

    I loved my SRC recovery shorts for c sec recovery. Though they (and me!) are Australian, so not sure if you can get them in the US.

    All the very, very best xx

    • 75

      Thank you Hollie! <3 I'm so torn between just saying "let me just relax and let nature take its course - if she moves, she moves, if she doesn't, she doesn't" - and trying actively to get her to flip via all the various methods (which require running around to a million appointments, doing all the exercises, etc.). Tough call! I think I'll decide after my consultation with the turning specialist doctor on Monday...

  37. 76
    Elizabeth Davenport says

    Hi Anne,
    Both my babies were breech. I went to a hypnobirthing instructor as well as an acupuncturist towards the end of both pregnancies. My older daughter turned very late in my pregnancy, so I didn’t need a C-section. My younger daughter didn’t turn, so she was born by C-section. I didn’t try the procedure you mentioned. I am happy to talk more about my experiences.

  38. 77

    Hi Anne! I am also at 36 weeks and my baby is also breeched. I just had the version procedure last Thursday. I found it painful, but not the end of the world. My boyfriend was there with me, which helped a lot. Unfortunately, it did not work, but I would still recommend it. I also have tried acupuncture and an osteopath. I read that some studies found some success with those techniques. I guess it doesn’t hurt to try! I also tried some exercices. The one I kept reading and hearing about from my doctor is laying on all fours and putting your head on the ground, so it rests below your pelvis.
    Also, another thing to maybe think about if your doctor is comfortable with it is a vaginal birth even though your baby is still breeched. I don’t know if it’s common in the USA, but in Canada )or at least in Quebec where I’m from), some hospitals will do it under certain conditions. I had a pelvic scan done to see if I would be a candidate, and I should get the results this Monday. Fingers crossed!
    Good luck with this situation! I think you have the right attitude: as long as the baby comes out healthy, it does not really matter how it came out.
    And if you want to talk, don’t hesitate to reach out.

    • 78

      Good luck to you too, Veronique! I hope it works out for you guys. Our doctor isn’t comfortable attempting the vaginal birth if the baby is still breeched, so if she doesn’t turn we’ll go the C section route. We’ll see – there’s still time!

  39. 79

    Tried moxibustion as recommended by our OB(!) but didn’t help. Worth a shot though probably, the acupuncturist I saw said it’s sometimes helpful.

    Best advice for scheduled C-section is know that it’s normal to itch after the spinal and plan to have some help lifting things/driving for 4-6 weeks after.

    And remember birth is amazing, C-section or not! So magical when you finally meet your sweet baby!

  40. 81

    I had an external cephalic version at 35 weeks and it was successful, and at exactly 40 weeks I had a quick “easy” vaginal birth. (Easy in comparison to my twins which I had delivered vaginally as well). Definitely seek out a version ASAP because the smaller the baby is, the easier it is. If you have a doc or midwife who is experienced in them it should be a good choice! Best of luck! Also it was not painful- just a very odd uncomfortable feeling but certainly not something where you wanted medication or any pain relief. My doc said they don’t ever recommends pain medication since it would dull a pain response that would be important for the doc to know about during the procedure.

  41. 82
    Roadrunner says

    Very nice to see all the comments and advice. Speaks very well of your readers and of the virtual relationships you have established through your blog. Best of luck for the final weeks!

  42. 83

    I had an emergency c-section but would have given pretty much anything to have a more natural birth. But everything was ok with both the baby and myself and that’s what’s important. Still I’m really hoping for more luck this time around :)
    A scheduled one is probably a very different experience but still i wish you all the best and hope things go the way you wanted them to.

  43. 84

    Hi Anne,
    Our baby boy was Frank also. After researching, I felt more comfortable planning for the C section than doing the EV procedure – something in my gut just was not okay with that procedure. I ended up going into labor before my scheduled C and was sent home from the hospital because even though my contractions were 2-3 minutes apart because I wasn’t dilating. We waited too long to go BACK to the hospital and I was 10 cm dilated, and ready to push by the time the doc arrived in the middle of the night to do the now emergency c section. Anyway, moral of the story for any mama to be out there: advocate for yourself! I should have been more persistent about not leaving the hospital as someone in early labor with a breech baby.
    As far as the c section goes, I didn’t think my recovery was that bad at all. I had no complications and healed well. I still have the c section belly “pouch” and I expect I’ll have that probably forever. It is numb and tingly, but my actual scar has healed nicely so far.
    Don’t let anyone influence what you feel is the right choice for your family and your body!

  44. 86

    Hey- my 3rd was frank breech too. Tried ECV. Definitely worth a try if your doc is experienced. Ditto on the comments about the terbutaline making you jittery/ shaky. Also- the procedure wasn’t painful, but my abs were sore the day after. I also tried acupuncture, which can be successful. Unfortunately neither were successful for me. Ended up with scheduled c section. My doctor even numbed me up for the c section and tried turning her one last time with no luck. She was stubborn! My advice for recovery is to get up and moving right away, but sleep in a recliner for the first few days at home. Also avoid stairs as much as you can for the first week.

  45. 87

    Anne… so happy for you and Matt. We have 3 children and I had 3 sections. Our first I labored at home, off to the hospital and presented breech. The version was not an option for me as I have a heart shaped uterus so …. my fetus simply cannot turn. ( happily we found this out following our firstborn as without knowledge a version would be unsafe for subsequent pregnancies)…no big deal as the only goal in birthing is safe and healthy mom and infant outcome. Post-partum is not hard and healing was quickened I believe as I was a runner ( 34 years ago)…. and you just cannot lie around as you have an infant to nurse and care for. Hope you enjoy these last few weeks of pregnancy….. and the sweet honeymoon period time of becoming 3! I so love your blog….. always use recipes and they work! Still a favorite: 5 minute granola bars. My freezer is never without. Took them along to Venice 2 weeks ago and they kept well in hotel fridg., as a perfect fuel prior to the work out room. Take care!

  46. 89

    Hi Anne,
    I also had a scheduled C-section with my twins due to Baby A being breech. Initially I was disappointed and really wanted a natural birth. Though as my lovely Ob pointed out, twin births (at my hospital at least) have to take place in an operating theater anyway due to the higher risk of needing a c-section. Tried on the spinning babies techniques, handstands in the pool, to no avail, and we were not comfortable with the risk of anything else.
    It was a little strange to walk into the hospital knowing we were finally going to meet our boys in a few hours and I really did not like the passivity of the actual birth. However, it turned out to be a fantastic experience generally. Our team was so lovely (we had a ridiculous amount of people in the room due to it being twins; with med students my husband thought it was around 15!) and made the event feel really joyous rather than sterile. Recovery also went really well, did not need anything more than Tylenol, and was moving around fairly easily within the week. It took a while for my core strength to return, though I believe that was a combination of a twin pregnancy and a c-section. One piece of advice, hold a pillow over your incision when you cough or sneeze, otherwise it hurts like crazy! Hope it all goes well.

  47. 90

    Hey Anne!
    Hope your appointment went well today!
    I didn’t have a Breech baby but had an unexpected C-section due to my LO’s head being too big! Wasn’t expecting it, but I didn’t have any sort of plan to begin with & it all worked out thankfully.
    Two things I would mention:
    1. I wasn’t expecting to have such a strong reaction to the anesthesia; I was shaking/full body shudders and I felt like I was freezing. They did the best they could with warm blankets in the O.R. but it definitely distracted me – and I couldn’t completely focus on the baby & I couldn’t hold him I was shaking so hard :( I don’t know if there’s any solution, but I wanted to mention it.
    2. I’m prone to keloids which I mentioned to my doctor and there are special staples and stuff that they can use to help minimize scarring; if that’s something you’re interested in.
    Best of luck and hopefully you got some great news today!

  48. 91

    My first child (now 3) was breech at 36 weeks. I had decided not to do the maneuvering, since it’s often done near at OR, as it can induce labor and require an emergency c-section. I was also told there is significant pain. I told the Dr that I would just see if she would turn on her own. A week later, I went into labor. When we got to the hospital (1am on Nov 1st) they did an ultrasound to confirm position. I was at contractions every 2 min, when they saw she was still breech and I had a c-section. Not how I envisioned it either, but a healthy girl. Two years later when I was pregnant with baby no 2 (a boy), I had the option of a V-back or a scheduled c-section.

    Whatever you decide to do is ok, there is no wrong choice. Good luck deciding what to do!

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