36 Week Pregnancy Update

36 weeks today! We are officially 1 month out from our due date, and in the timeframe where the baby could essentially come any day. My pregnancy app even has a new button as of this week that says “my baby was born!” Whoa. We don’t think she’ll come early, and I haven’t felt any pre-contractions (Braxton Hicks) yet, but who knows. Time to just wait and see! We have our 36 week appointment with the doctor later today and they will be doing an ultrasound for the first time in many months – it will be fun to see her again, and to see if she’s already in position or not yet!

36 weeks pregnant update

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36 Week Pregnancy Update

Baby Size: Almost 6 pounds now and the size of a head of romaine lettuce!

Symptoms: Still feeling progressively more awkward and uncomfortable, but still pretty good as far as things go, which I’m grateful for! Having some mild nausea and headaches throughout the day, although not every single day which is good. I’m also starting to get some mild heartburn every once in awhile now, which I really don’t love. Thankfully it’s not every day but blech. The one upside to heartburn, though, is that then I don’t crave/miss wine at all because that would make it worse. So there’s that…

Also, putting shoes on/tying them = SO uncomfortable.

Currently Missing: Being nimble.

Sleep: It’s still really hard switching sides during the night (and I need to do that often because I wake up uncomfortable with my hips aching or a leg numb or something), but I’m sleeping a little more soundly with less constant wake ups lately, which is nice. I’ve discovered that if I sleep on my side with two pillows between my legs, and keep the bottom leg out straight (not bent under the pillows), and the top one bent on the pillows, that seems to be the most comfy right now and the least likely to make my hips ache. Whatever works!

Cravings and favorite foods: Ehhhhhh food and I are still not super good friends… most things just don’t sound good so I just have to choose something and try to eat it. As usual, carbs, dairy, and fruit are generally the safest bet. Mexican food and I have also been having a moment lately – burritos and tacos FTW.

well dressed burrito

Food aversions: Still having the hardest time with dinner – some nights I can eat normally, other nights I’m hitting the cereal or having PB&J or cheese and crackers. Chicken in particular and I are still a bit on the outs… I like shredded chicken in soups, but otherwise not feeling it.

Exercise: I continue to be REALLY grateful that my body is cool with me continuing my fun boot camp friend dates, yoga classes, walks/hikes, and swims. Yoga is feeling a little more awkward as my belly gets larger and more in the way, but I just go slowly and do my own thing when necessary. Instead of flowing through chaturanga, for example, I’ll just come into tabletop and stretch my hips side to side, then go straight to down dog. Whatever works! I have been meaning to go to another prenatal yoga class, but my regular favorite classes have just made more sense logistically/timing-wise.

36 weeks pregnant yoga

My routine is still 1 to 2 boot camps per week with the girls, plus a solo yoga class and a solo swim, and then lots of walking and an occasional hike.

Sidenote – if you’re pregnant and looking for a workout tank top that will take you through the pregnancy, my #1 favorite is actually a regular (non-maternity) tank from Brooks – the Pick Up Tank. It’s really long and super stretchy – so comfortable. I bought a couple extras in one size up from my normal size and they have been awesome for workouts – they don’t ride up and show off the belly awkwardly, and wick sweat well, too. It has been hard to find maternity workout shirts/tanks so I figured I’d mention this! It’s pictured below – comes in a ton of colors.


As for tights, my favorites are still these tights (also pictured above). They are so comfortable and among the only maternity leggings I’ve found that don’t awkwardly fall down or move around a lot during a workout. The dip in back is also nice so your lower back gets a little air. ;) I have 3 pairs of them! For these I recommend ordering either your normal pre-pregnancy size or, if you were between sizes, one size up.

Reading/Baby-Related Classes and Prep: Matt and I have been doing all sorts of baby-related classes over the past few weeks – had to get them in before it was too late! We have now done the following:

  • Infant skills/care 101 class at the hospital
  • Breastfeeding class (this was awesome), also at the hospital
  • Infant/child CPR and choking class
  • Hospital tour (good to know where to go when it’s go time now, and to have seen the rooms and everything beforehand to better visualize it all!)

We have our final class tonight on labor and delivery. It’s only a 3 hour class (vs. the ones at the hospital that were 6 or 8 hours) so we think this will be a good way to feel more prepared/understand what’s going to happen and things to look for but without being on information overload or spending one of our last free weekend days in a classroom forever.

Matt also installed our car seat this week – we are going to make an appointment with the local police department to have it checked and make sure it’s all good to go.

Question for you guys – I’m going to pack my hospital bag this weekend so it’s ready to go just in case. Besides the obvious stuff (an outfit for the baby to go home in, an outfit for me to go home in, and my toiletries) – what was the #1 most useful thing that you had with you in your hospital bag that maybe isn’t super obvious/expected? I’d love any tips you have to share for what I should bring with me besides just normal overnight bag stuff! I think I’m going to bring some chicken bone broth, coconut water, and some running gels/gummies too in the case they let me have those during labor!

Baby Room Progress: Nothing new with the baby room, but I got a notice that the bookcase we ordered is coming this week, so it will be good to get that set up! I’ll share some more pictures once it’s all finished – we need to do a little more decorating but for the most part it’s pretty good to go! And of course the baby will be in our room for awhile in a bassinet, anyway, so it’s not like it HAS to be done – but it’s still nice to feel prepared/organized and not have that waiting on the to do list. It also makes me happy to go in and see this pretty tree decal on the wall. :)


One thing I still need to do related to the nursery is get blackout curtains (thank you guys for the tip to pick some up) – both for the baby’s room and also for our room, since I’ve been meaning to get some for our room forever and also since the baby will be in there for awhile with us. Hopefully I can find some cute ones!

Thank you for reading and sharing in this special time with us. <3 My next update will be at 38 weeks… unless the baby comes before then!

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  1. 1

    One thing that saved me was having Clif Shot Blocks – the dr allowed me to eat them and they gave me the burst of energy I needed after not having food for over 24 hours. Good luck!

    • 2

      I was totally thinking of bringing some of those – I’m basically thinking about what I’d want to fuel with if I were doing a marathon, ha.

      • 3

        Hahha exactly! My dr did, but I know some others don’t. Doesn’t hurt to have them at least! I was so hungry I also stole some of my husbands food while nobody was looking ;)

  2. 4

    #1 thing for me was chap stick! I did a lot of mouth breathing, and the hospital was super dry! Extra hair ties were really helpful as well, and since I ended up with a C-section, a pair of super-big pajama pants were really comfy.

  3. 7

    So exciting you are nearing the end! You look adorable!

  4. 8

    I’m 37 weeks on Saturday and I had that same “whoa” moment when I saw that button on my app. It made it so much more real-like he could seriously be here any day.

  5. 10

    Bring the swaddle you plan on using at home. I feel like it’s just easier to get used to using it right away! In line with the chapstick, I felt like a favorite (not too scented) lotion is needed too.

    • 11

      Adding/seconding: Long phone charger cord, asking for a binder, and blankets for pets. Also, if your husband is heading home, you may want to leave some stuff at home. Hospital rooms are so tiny (even if L&D rooms seem huge.)

  6. 12

    I can’t believe you’re in the final stretch! Good luck with this last phase before motherhood. So looking forward to “meeting” your daughter. :) I hope you have a great rest of the work week!

  7. 13

    Your own organic nipple balm. I loved motherlove nipple balm for those first few weeks!

    • 14

      +1 for Motherlove nipple balm

      • 15

        Coconut oil! It’s naturally antibacterial and I always felt good about my baby ingesting it. Was recommended by my lactation consultant.

        Definitely make sure Matt packs his own bag with toiletries and clothes for him. Enough in case you have to spend more days than you anticipate due to C-Section. Same goes for you: toiletries that you like, a comfortable robe that you can cover up in and nurse in.

        Big elastic black pants are a must. Assume that you will be wearing enormous diaper like underwear/pad combo the entire time so plan your clothes accordingly. You will also leave the hospital wearing that same type of thing, so plan your “going home outfit” with that in mind.

  8. 17

    Bring healthy snacks!!! I don’t know how your hospital’s food service works, but ours closed during the night so we couldn’t order food. And I’d find myself starving at like 3am when I was up with my son. And the hospital food wasn’t great in general (we only ate it for breakfast since Family brought us lunch and dinner) so having some healthy things to supplement was great

    • 18

      Ooo good idea on the snacks for after birth!!

      • 19

        Your 5 min no bake pb bars are great for this! I just had trail mix at the hospital but in general I am making your pb bars all the time! Breastfeeding hunger is real and you want things you can eat one handed.

    • 20

      Ditto to this! After being in labor for 40 something hours I was ravenous and no food was available accept a small selection from the 24 hour coffee shop. I wound up inhaling a ham and cheese sandwich because I was so hungry (normally I would have never eaten this!)

  9. 21

    Our hospital had a photographer come around and take newborn photos. The photographer brought a nice basket, but we had brought our own baby blanket (a knit one from when I was a baby). It looked so much nicer than the pink and blue swaddlers the hospital provides.

    Encourage Dad to pack an overnight bag and snacks for himself as well.

    • 22

      Yes!! Snacks for Matt! Very important, as hospital cafeteria hours/ labor intensity might not match up with his hunger

  10. 23

    A big tumbler or reusable water bottle! The breastfeeding thirst and hunger kick in quick and the small cups of water the nurse said bring just won’t do it. I had a big water bottle and the nurses let my husband refill it at their station. It was my most used item!

  11. 25

    The best thing that I had with me at the hospital was a robe! I packed cute comfy pajamas and nursing tops, but my mom tucked a basic cotton robe in my bag without me knowing. So glad that she did! During labor, the hospital gown and robe combo kept me modest while allowing the nurses to do their thing. And afterward, I did not remotely have the energy to wear regular PJs or clothes. The robe was my uniform for the whole 4 days! (Also – socks. The hospital is cold.) I’m so excited for you!

  12. 27

    Zip up hoodie (it’s pretty cool in our hospital) and flowy pajama pants (Target has my favorite brand). Such an awesome exciting time for you. I’m jealous!!

    • 28

      I might need to get a new pair of PJ pants… our room is always hot so I just wear Matt’s boxer shorts now (since my normal PJ shorts are too tight). I have a couple old long pairs but they are pretty snug right now!

  13. 29

    I thought a boppy was really helpful for breastfeeding, especially if you end up being there more than a day or so. Also, have Matt take a hospital blanket that the baby has been wrapped in home to Freja to let her get the baby’s scent before you actually come home (if you have time). Let the pup get a little used to their smell. And it might sound silly, but bring a book or something. Labor can be really long and boring until the end and I remember just sitting in my bed for hours and hours waiting. Might as well have something to do :)

  14. 31

    If you’re going to Virginia Hospital Center, the food is actually really good! And you can order more than one meal at a time and give some to Matt :) I recommend packing an extra large pillow for yourself in a colorful pillowcase (so the staff doesn’t take it away thinking it is theirs). I also think a boppy for breastfeeding is helpful.

    • 32

      Oh sweet, that’s good to hear re: the food! Hospital food is usually the worst…

      • 33

        I am going to respectfully disagree about the food at VHC – with the exception of a couple of things I thought it was awful. Though I did deliver my twins 2 years ago…so maybe its changed!
        With the exception of that I can’t speak more highly of our VHC experience. The nursing staff in particular are fantastic and look after you so well. Don’t worry about water bottle etc. – all provided and filled constantly. With the exception of PJ’s, clothes, toiletries and the boys going home outfit, I don’t think I used anything else from my bag. Hope everything goes well for you.

        • 34

          Oh that’s good to know they have water bottles vs. tiny water cups! And hopefully the food has been upgraded since you were there… we’ll find out!

  15. 35

    You look great! Seeing blog posts and pictures of people’s pregnancies really show me how quickly time flies by LOL.

  16. 37

    Hi Anne, I’m 9 weeks post-partum so having just gone through this I’d bring 1-2 nursing tanks/bras and a comfy robe. I went bought some inexpensive options so I wouldn’t be upset if I never used them again (wasn’t sure if I’d like the bras/tanks once I got the hang of breast feeding). You really don’t need much. I second the chapstick!

  17. 39

    Yay! You are so close! I brought my own pillow, socks and a sweatshirt. I wish I had brought button down pjs. Having a water bottle is also helpful.

  18. 41

    Ah, the hip pain at night is the worst! Your pillow configuration sounds very similar to mine (currently pregnant with my second), but I’ve found adding a soft pillow under my hip to be very helpful with relieving some of the pressure. Second the other recommendations re the hospital bag. I know this sounds ridiculous, but a small lamp for the recovery room can make such a huge difference in making it feel less hospital-like. This is more for prepping when you get home, but with my first, my husband set up water bottles and little baskets full of healthy (and one handed!) snacks next to each of the places around the house where he thought I’d be likely to nurse, and would replenish the stash/fill up water bottles as needed. I have never been so hungry/thirsty in my life as I was nursing those first few weeks, and having easy access to food/water was such a lifesaver.

    • 42

      Oh wow that’s a great idea about the nursing baskets – great husband job, too. ;) It’s going to be weird/awesome to actually be pumped about food again! I need to pre-make some hearty snacks for myself… I’m thinking my no bake PB granola bars would be good nursing fuel!

  19. 43

    Bring a lamp! Clearly, the hospital has lights, but they’re so bright and awful at 3 am. We brought a salt lamp that we now use in the nursery and it was so lovely to have soft light instead of awful fluorescent light when I was trying to nurse in the middle of the night and my husband was trying to sleep.

    • 44

      I believe our hospital actually has dim-able lights, but I’m going to check on that – good tip! Bright light in the middle of the night sucks.

  20. 45

    A robe! I wore the hospital gown…no need to dirty your own clothes, etc. It made me feel more comfortable to wear my robe over the gown. I bought a cheap, light-weight robe from Wal-mart. You also want flip flops you do not care about. You do not want to shower without flip flops. You are at a hospital, not a hotel. Who knows how clean your shower is. Bending over is not for post-partum women and flip flops are easy to get on and off. Don’t forget your phone charger!

    Side note, everyone plans on breastfeeding and this is a taboo topic. It’s not a bad idea to save some formula samples or take some from the hospital home with you. I had unforeseen medical issues and was not able to breastfeed. This was unexpected but I was thankful I had formula in the house those first few days home and didn’t have to send my husband out to get it.

    Good luck and God bless you and your family!

    • 46

      Haha good call on showering with the flip flops! I’ve heard we should basically take everything with us that’s not nailed down when leaving the hospital (might as well since you paid for it all anyway right?!) – definitely going to take any formula samples they offer us just in case. I hope to breastfeed but I’m not going to beat myself if it doesn’t work out – or if we need to do a half/half supplemental type deal. We’ll see!

  21. 47

    A few must-haves – flip flops and a towel from home for the shower (makes such a difference in making you feel human-like again), nipple butter for getting used to nursing if that works for you (I used Motherlove, I think- smells amazing, like chocolate! and you can also use as lip balm, and you will be pretty dehydrated), massive water bottle with straw, cozy cardigan (highly recommend Barefoot Dreams), and lactation cookies from the How Sweet It Is recipe – my mom made me a batch on my 2nd day in the hospital (I had a c-section and stayed for 4), and they were amazing!

    • 48

      2nd to the massive water bottle with a straw!!!!!!! straw being key here!

      • 49

        Why a straw, just out of curiosity?

        • 50

          Yes! HUGE ASS waterbottle with straw is key. You will only have one hand (assume other is dealing with baby) so it makes it a million times easier to drink and not spill on baby when there is a straw.

          • 51

            Huge yes on the straw! I did not eat at all during labor, but my husband gave me constant sips of ice water between pushes and it was sooo much easier to sip through a straw than it would have been without!

          • 52

            I didn’t even think about the one hand thing – makes sense!

            • 53

              Another friend that had a baby in September also recommended a water bottle with a straw. She said it made it way easier to drink when she was sitting back during labor! And it’s been useful afterwards when breastfeeding, etc as you often aren’t sitting straight up so it makes it way easier to drink!

    • 54

      Ooo I’m totally going to ask my mom to make those cookies for me!

  22. 55

    Definitely bring a ton of snacks… I would wake up in the middle of the night STARVING and my body just needed fuel (producing milk & recovering). I brought some Oatmega bars (mint chip is the best), and lactation cookies– do not remember the brand, but they were a nice treat (cannot be sure if they really work or not but they were tasty haha).

  23. 56
    Stacey Wiesenthal says

    You look so adorable. So excited for you! Can’t wait for your baby’s arrival and to follow along

  24. 58

    I had a c-section so I stayed in my hospital gown the first day/night. The second day I managed to put on a comfy tshirt and loose pajama bottoms. With our first son I packed way too much for him, thinking he’d be wearing cute outfits in the hospital. He stayed in the hospital onesies/swaddles the entire time except for to come home. With our second son I packed basically nothing for him but a coming home outfit :) Definitely remember your phone charger and your own toiletries (having my own soap/shampoo/etc made me feel so much better afterwards). I also made sure to have change for vending machines.

  25. 59

    Hi Anne! Didn’t have for my first but did for the second and it was so much better: eye mask to sleep and earplugs. Helped me get in some naps in the day and sleep better at night, though not long stretches obviously!

  26. 60

    Agree with bringing boppy/breast feeding pillow and nursing tanks. Anything you might need for breastfeeding at home, bring with you… it makes it much easier!

  27. 61

    I brought an extra long phone charger cord and it made a huge difference. There are rarely any outlets near a hospital bed for you to use and you’ll want to have your phone handy once the baby is here to take pictures and keep in touch with others – and to help keep you awake in the middle of the night. The cord I got is about 5 feet long.

    You could also just pack an extension cord and it would work the same.

  28. 63

    Lots of good suggestions! Another idea-If you already have a baby book, take it with you. That way they can do baby’s first footprints/handprints right in it! Congrats!

  29. 65

    A black bathrobe for recovery was clutch! Black so it hid any stains and the robe covers you up well but allows easy access for breastfeeding and the constant checks the nurses do when they check your bleeding and push on your belly.

    I brought Gatorade for labor and it was great! Also, I was in labor for hours and couldn’t move with my epidural so I had my husband bring me a toothbrush and cup so I could brush my teeth and spit in the cup. I felt so much better after brushing my teeth before pushing!

  30. 67

    Oh I feel you on the shoe tying and the heartburn. Those are relieved pretty quickly after birth!

    This is all fresh to me as I had my son last week. My Staples for after were a night gown, night nursing bra (wish I had bought more ahead of time) and a robe. Also, buy yourself some lansinoh nipple cream. And bring your own breastfeeding pillow so you can have the lactation consultants give you advice with your stuff. Also, I never thought I would have a c section after having a complication free active pregnancy, but 25 hours into labor I found myself in the or when the baby’s heart rate was dropping and I wish I considered this in what I packed. High waisted pants and more tanks/ clothes for a longer stay would have been useful. Also, buy nursing tanks even bigger than you think you need. It’s crazy how big your boobs get when your milk comes in! And also bring/ ask your nurse for an abdominal binder. That was a lifesaver for me!

  31. 71

    This is just a thought. But you might find it more helpful to find a local CPST (Child Passenger Safety Technician) to check your carseat install. Most police or fire stations do not have a CPST on staff, so the information they may provide may not be 100% up-to-date or accurate. Here is a link if you’re interested in finding a CPST near you –

    Just thought I’d share, as I didn’t know this when I had my son 3 years ago! :)

    • 72

      Interesting – I’ll look into that! The police station here has a whole official program to check car seats, so I assume they are legit, but I’ll do some more research – thanks!

      • 73
        Kimberly Blair says

        I was going to say the same thing, not everyone at a police or fire station knows how to install a car seat appropriately. Use the resources above and you can also google the car seat lady and the car seat you have to get some video tutorials. Having the video tutorials is nice for grandparents or anyone else who mayneed to install in their car.

        • 74

          I just looked it up and it looks like the police station near us is an approved car seat check place – hooray! So we are all set. :)

  32. 75

    I would suggest that your hubby pack some Tylenol or Advil for himself. If he gets a headache or anything, the hospital can’t give him any medicine because he’s not a patient. So I would recommend he bring his own!

    Also, this is just my personal experience, but I would be careful about any food or broth at all while you’re in labor. I was induced and the nurse ordered me a “liquid” food tray (broth, jello, etc.) while I was early in labor and I ate a little. It all came back up, which was pretty miserable during an already difficult experience! Obviously talk with your doctor, but I just wanted to share my experience because that’s something I’ll avoid if there’s a next time.

  33. 77

    I did not bring my boppy, and 1000% agree with everyone on here saying to bring it…it was like a revelation when I got home and didn’t need to surround myself with carefully placed pillows to nurse! I also ended up with a c-section, so having some extra clothes on hand (just maternity leggings and lightweight tees, nothing fancy) and slippers ended up being a huge help to me. I had no interest in walking the hallway for 3 days in a hospital gown and too big for my size 6 feet non skid socks :)

  34. 78

    Our hospital pillows were horrible, i brought a couple of old pillows from home which were way more comfortable. they weren’t our everyday/good pillows so we didn’t worry about them getting gross (they didn’t) but it was a lifesaver having them there.

  35. 80
    Janet Knowlton says

    You looks so awesome! What happened with the dog situation? How was boot camp?

  36. 82

    My #1 has already been said–Chapstick! I also recommend pajamas so you don’t have to wear a hospital gown after baby arrives. Lastly, I recommend some cheap underwear that you won’t care about throwing away later. I was fortunate to not need the mesh underwear they provide but still didn’t necessarily want to use my everyday underwear so I bought a cheap pack from Target.

  37. 83

    Be sure you or Matt have some music downloaded on your phone (in case of spotty wifi). For some reason I was suuuuper noise sensitive as soon as I started having contractions (my husband opened a coke bottle and I about strangled him lol), so having music constantly playing was key. Also blanket/pillow for Matt. Most hospitals charge for that stuff and you just never know what is available. And do not under any circumstances leave without the nasal aspirator! The ones you buy in the stores are not nearly as effective as the hospital ones. Best of luck!!!

  38. 85

    -Buy a couple of the cheap Target nursing camisoles in a size larger than you normally wear (they’re not sized maternity, so you’ll want them bigger for the hospital). I lived in them in the hospital and for the early days at home. You can clip them down to nurse skin-to-skin without having to get undressed or fiddle with a shirt, so it’s easier than wearing a nursing bra and shirt.
    -Bring your baby book if you want them to get a footprint at the same time they’re doing the birth certificate stuff. Way easier than doing it when you get home!
    Other than that, I did not use 99 percent of the things I packed in my hospital bag. First time moms, FTW. :)

  39. 86

    My advice is a little scary but highly practical. Its for what to have waiting for you at home. Colace stool softener! The nurses will probably give you some colace right after delivery but you will definitely want everything softer. I hope it won’t surprise you that that area is particularly sore afterwards, especially if you need any stitches. Its handy to not to go grab some later and you’ll need to be proactive with it so you don’t get too backed up.

    For the hospital, I was super nauseous during labor with both my kids. The nurse for my 2nd gave me a cotton ball with some peppermint oil on it. Smelling that really helped keep the nausea a little less.

  40. 88

    Wayfair has some really nice and reasonably priced blackout curtains! We also layered some plain white blackout ones under some decorative curtainss for our bedroom and you can’t even tell they are there, so that is an option too.

  41. 89

    First of you all, your little one is due on my birthday…so I kinda hope you have her that day! Second, I recommend being a little over prepared when it comes to snacks and clothes. My water broke before we left and gushed all over the pair of pants I planned on hanging out in after the birth, so I wore a second stretchy pair, not realizing every time I had a contraction more water would be seeping out…making my second pair unusable. Also, my little one was losing too much weight in the beginning, so we had to stay an extra day…you just never know how long you’ll be there! I gave birth in Asheville but lives about 40 minutes away and it wasn’t super convenient for my husband to go back for extra clothes and food, so I felt sort of stuck! Good luck to you, I hope it gowa really smoothly.

  42. 90

    Ill tell you what i packed that i didnt need – all my makeup! I thought i would be doing my makeup every day for pictures for some reason – ya right…
    We brought our tablet and streamed tv during feedings etc to keep me entertained (not sure if your hospital has tv or not).
    Also, i packed some hand towels to put on my face during labor which i loved. Pressing a cold towel on my head during contractions made me feel better. And bring your own pillows for recovery. Much more comfortable.

  43. 91

    I had my first baby in August and there were a few things that I was really glad I packed!
    – an eye mask – I actually still use it to this day! I just ordered one on Amazon and it was super helpful in blocking out light when trying to sleep in the hospital (especially since you will have people coming in and out of your room every 2 hours!)
    – extra-long phone charger
    – bedding for my husband – the hospital provided some, but he was really glad that he brought his own!
    – SNACKS :)
    – nursing bras / tank tops (pretty much all I wore!)
    – towel & washcloth – these were also items that the hospital provided but they were really small and scratchy

  44. 92

    Don’t think it’s been mentioned, but what I remember missing was dry shampoo. Induced, labor, plus unplanned c-section – meant I went days before I was allowed to shower. Lots of pictures and visitors, and I wanted nothing more than to wash my hair!

  45. 94

    Mom of a 3yo and a 9 mo here. All I used was:
    ~A zip-up fleece (wearing hospital gowns mostly) and warm socks
    ~Going home outfit for me and the baby
    ~phone charger
    ~lots of snacks
    ~empty tote to bring home gifts/hospital items
    ~halo swaddle because cloth swaddles take too long :)

    That’s it! Good luck!

  46. 96

    I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this but for when you get home – pads soaked in witch hazel and aloe and then popped in the fridge or freezer! Amazing for post baby swelling and pain! Also extra pads because you will need them for a lot longer than you think (like a couple weeks sometimes) for all the post baby stuff lol. Also really comfy cheap undies for the first few weeks!

    For the hospital – lip balm (so drying there!), water bottle and easy to pack snacks, comfy button up pjs, nursing tank (easier than a nursing bra so you can still be kind of covered), toiletries and flip flops for the shower, your own pillows and comfy clothes for Matt (also toiletries for Matt since you never know how long you might stay if you have a c-section etc). It’s nice having the comforts of home!

  47. 97

    A spare blanket to wrap the baby in for a few hours and then have Matt bring it home for the dog to smell. Sounds odd, but this way when you bring the actual baby home it wont be completely unfamiliar to the pup.

  48. 99

    If you are looking for blinds, check out We go our black-out shades for our room and baby’s from there and they are cheap and great. Their customer service is amazing, which was pretty surprising. I can’t vouch for the curtains, but we love the blinds!

  49. 101

    Definitely bring cheap flip flops to slip on when you get out of the bed to go to the bathroom – that way you can just throw them away if they get gross. And bring a robe – with my second, I didn’t wear pants the entire time I was in the hospital and I just threw on the robe when I got out of bed. They will also give you hospital socks – again, easy to throw away if they get gross.

    Also everyone recommended bringing a pillow but I was happy I didn’t. Things can get messy, and I probably would have left it at the hospital if I had brought my own.


  1. […] Thank you so much for all the awesome tips on what to pack in my hospital bag on yesterday’s 36 week pregnancy update post! I need to hit the store this weekend to grab a few more essentials like some cozy button up PJs […]

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