Brooks Shoes & Winter Accessories Giveaway!

Good morning and happy Friday the 13th! Spooooookyyyy.

I started my day off the best way I know how: with a friend running date. :)


My friend Karen and I have done a lot of runs down on the mall together lately, so today we decided to mix it up. I met her up in her hood, Cleveland Park, in northwest DC. (Turner, we missed you!)


I hadn’t run up there in ages, so it was a fun change of scenery! I requested the beautiful National Cathedral be part of our route, and Karen was happy to oblige.


We started in the neighborhoods, aiming for 5 ish miles. It was super cold out this morning, but the sun had started to rise into a nice and shiny day.



From there, we ran a few laps around the track at the boy’s private school St. Albans, right next to the Cathedral.


It’s really hilly in this area of DC so the flat track was very welcome.


We then headed by the gorgeous cathedral. This always makes me miss Europe. :)


Chatting away…


And then done! That went by quickly. Great run and great pace, especially given the hills! Thanks, Karen. :)


And now – are you ready for a giveaway? As part of my Run Happy Ambassadorship with Brooks, they sent me some fun winter running accessories to check out this month. First up – this awesome Infiniti Headband. I’m a HUGE headband fan in winter. I much prefer them to hats – they keep my ears warm without overheating me. I loved this headband – two big thumb up. I might buy another one in black, actually – I have an old black headband but it’s getting worn out and this one was much cozier. It’s made of nice soft material on the inside and wicks away sweat, too.


Next up: new gloves, the Adapt Glove II. I don’t own any running mittens so I was excited to have these because my hands have been getting cold in the really chilly temps we’ve been having lately.


These are cool because they can be normal gloves or mittens – the mitten part can be flipped back and tucked away if you don’t need it.


There’s also a little light on it for dark mornings – sweet.


The other thing I was sent as part of the winter accessories packet was some Seamless Arm Warmers. I haven’t tried them yet but I think they’ll be great for winter/early spring races – when you get hot, just roll them down!

And now it’s your chance to win! One lucky fANNEtastic food reader will win all three of these winter accessories from Brooks (in whatever size/color you want). I’ll also select a second reader who will win a pair of new Brooks running shoes – any kind you like!


To enter to win, simply leave a comment with your new year running resolutions. What big running plans do you have for 2014? And how are you planning to run happier in the new year? :)

U.S. Residents only, please. For an extra entry, share a link to this post on Facebook or Twitter (and tag @fANNEtasticfood) and then come back and leave another comment letting me know you did so. I’ll randomly select two winners and connect them with Brooks to get their prizes on Monday!

Good luck – and have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. 1

    I seriously sprained my ankle last year leaving me in a walking boot for several weeks in the winter making it difficult for my to train for my usual spring/early summer races. I’m excited to kick the new year off right and start training like normal. Nothing like an injury to make you realize what you are missing.

  2. 4

    My plans for the new year are to hopefully PR in the Marathon. I want to run a Sub 3 hour marathon, only 5 minutes away!! I would also love to run over 2014 miles for the year 2014!! My plans for running happier are preventing injuries, by giving my body the TLC it needs. I want/plan to listen to my body more so I don’t cause more injuries. I also plan to run happier by doing as many Ragnar Relays as possible because they are amazing and you meet the most amazing people!! it’s great to share the same passion of running through a 200 mile journey.

  3. 5

    I ran my first marathon this fall, and I’m pondering another next year. I’d like to do that one faster than my first.

  4. 6

    After my friend ran her first marathon, I’m completely motivated to run my first half marathon next year!! I would also like to get my running dates with my husband- I think it’s a nice way to spend time together! That would be a great way to run happier, too! Thanks!

  5. 7

    That cathedral is breathtaking!!

  6. 8

    I just want to challenge/push myself more! It is easy to get stuck in a rut.

  7. 9

    I plan on doing more speedwork to get my half-marathon time down even more. I’d love to eventually break 2 hours (it’ll be awhile but a girl can dream, right?). I’ll run happier by joining one of the running clubs in the new city we’re moving to in January so I can get some good company out there on those long, cold runs!

  8. 10

    I’m hoping my hip/hamstring stops getting injured so I can run a half in the new year! If injury free that’s my resolution!

  9. 11

    I’m going to try to get faster at the 5k and 10k distance in the first half of the year. I’d love to run a 5k under 26 minutes (or a stretch goal of under 25!). I hope adding in speed work and some strength will help me get there. Then I’d like to translate that speed into a faster half marathon time in October!

  10. 12

    I’m aiming for either the Cherry Blossom 10 miler (if I get the lottery!) or a half in the fall! I’m definitely ready to do longer distances. That headband is adorable, too!

  11. 13

    I also tweeted! Thanks! @pereza04

  12. 14

    I just signed up for 6 weeks of intense fitness classes to get me back in gear for running when the weather is less icy! I don’t think I’ll be ready for the half this spring, but I’m hoping for a 5k!

  13. 15

    I’m planning to run my first full marathon before I turn 27 in 2014 (I told myself I wanted to run my first 26.2 during my 26th year!)

  14. 16

    My 2014 running resolution is to complete a marathon. I’ve run 10 half-marathons, so I know I can do it. I just need to run happy and believe :-) I run happy by running outside, being grateful for the ability to run, and allowing my body to rest and recover between runs.

  15. 17

    I just signed up for my first half marathon last night! I would love some winter gear or new Ravenna 4s to get me through training!

  16. 18
    Bobbie McKinney says:

    I am walking the Tinker Bell Half and 10k in January. I am hoping to do better than last year by adding in some running.

  17. 19

    Run a marathon!

  18. 20

    I need a new pair of rooks terribly! I would love to win!!!

  19. 21

    I would love to start training for a half marathon. I’m signed up for a 10k in March, and just ran a 5k in December. Should be fun!

  20. 22

    my goal for 2014 if to PR in the Marathon.

  21. 23

    I just went for a run during my lunch hour in Ottawa, Canada. It’s -24C, so I am a big fan of winter running gear ;) I plan on doing a half marathon in a different province this year!

  22. 25

    I also tweeted! 17kelsey

  23. 26

    Since I am currently recovering from a fractured ankle, my priority once cleared by my doctor is to focus on rebuilding my speed with running more 5 and 10K races and to work on my core strength.

  24. 27

    run a half marathon!!!

  25. 28

    I want to improve my half marathon time…gunning for a PR!

  26. 29

    I am back from an IT band injury, so hoping to keep running pain free!

  27. 31

    My goal in 2014 is to PR the marathon. Of course I’m not done with my 2013 goal… next weekend is my 50k race!!! :)

  28. 33
  29. 34

    Signed up for the lottery to run the Cherry Blossom 10 miler for the first time with a group of my friends but I haven’t bought new running shoes in over a year.

  30. 35

    In 2014, one of my running resolutions is to log my mileage so that I can look back and see how far I’ve run at the end of the year. Seeing lots of people post about hitting 1,000 miles is making me wonder how far I’ve gone this year. In 2014, I also resolve to run fewer races, but really put solid effort at hitting faster times at the races I do run.

  31. 36

    I am excited for 2014. My Seesta-in-law and I are running a marathon relay together, with matching costumes! It will be our first.

  32. 38

    My goal–marathon pr. Excited about this giveaway because the gloves are on my wish list! Thanks!

  33. 39

    I hope to break 1:40 in a 1/2 marathon in 2014, and I also need to incorporate more yoga into my routine. Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. 40

    I shared this on facebook.

  35. 41
    Sarah Beth Koonce says:

    I want to run happier in the New Year by making running more fun and concentrating less on killing myself to achieve new times. I want to run more than I did last year, and get more family members and friends to join me!! This year I concentrated on improving my half marathon times, and while I am glad that I was able to accomplish it, the training left me a little burnt out. In 2014, it is time to run for fun, and because I enjoy it!!

  36. 42

    I am signing up for the Cooper River Bridge Run! I finished a Color Run in October and have been obsessed with running ever since.

  37. 43

    PRing at the Nike Women’s Half in DC!

  38. 44

    It’s tough to beat 2013 as a running year – first half marathon (and three more after that!) and first marathon, but 2014 will be all about the speedwork and improving my times! I also need to resolve to be more consistent with cross-training!

  39. 45
    Rebecca P. says:

    I’ve got knee (and sometimes motivation) struggles, but my dog LOVES to run with me. My resolutions are to just keep getting out there and to improve my endurance somewhat.

  40. 46
    Elizabeth montano says:

    After running my first half marathon last week, I really want to commit to start training to run my first marathon next year!! I really want to enter the nike women run series and hope to get selected for the San Francisco marathon. So yes, next year I tackle my first marathon!

  41. 47

    I want to get out of my running funk. I have had a bunch of nagging injuries and I guess they wore on me more that I thought because running became not fun. I hope to get back at it this new year.

  42. 48

    Running my first half this year!!

  43. 49

    I really want to run smart so I stay injury free! I really like doing it, but when you teach yoga or some other kind of physical movement, staying injury free is the highest priority.

  44. 50

    my plan is to try running a half marathon.

  45. 51

    I really want to run my second half-marathon. Hopefully a little bit faster too!

  46. 52

    I’m going to run my second half marathon. Heck, I’m going to run more often and longer distances, in general. 2013 was toooo lazy.

  47. 53

    I think in 2014 I would like to try getting back into running…I ran a ton of races back in 2010/2011 but I’ve fallen off the running wagon. I might run (and actually train for) a half marathon in 2014…we shall see!

  48. 54
  49. 55

    I’m running my second half marathon in January, and my New Years resolution will be to foam roll everyday. :) Great giveaway!

  50. 57

    In 2014, I want to mix it up more and try some speed work!

  51. 58

    I want to consistently run at least 2-3 times/week. A small knee injury/frigid temps have me focusing a lot more on strength training, so I want to get my endurance back up.

  52. 59

    Awesome giveaway! I would love to run a sub 2-hour half marathon in 2014! I live in Chicago so this gear would be extremely useful for winter runs :)

  53. 60

    I tweeted!! I want the shoes!! :-)

  54. 61

    Just entered into the lottery for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler!! Hoping it to be my first 10 mile race!! It will keep me motivated to run during the winter and start 2014 of right!!

  55. 62

    These look great! I’m training for my first marathon – Rock n Roll USA on March 15. Shooting for under 4:00, but either way, will finish a marathon in 2014!

  56. 63

    My 2014 goal is consistency – my endurance has dropped off because I haven’t run regularly enough to maintain it. It’s been abnormally cold in the NYC area all week so the cold weather gear would be a big help!

  57. 64

    I plan to run my first half marathon in 2014; actually, as a newer runner, I plan to do several races, increasing distances up to the half in the fall! Loving my new found hobby :)

  58. 65

    My goal for 2014 is to get faster! I am shooting for a sub-2 hour half marathon!

  59. 66

    My new year running resolution is to run two half-marathons. I completed my first this year and am hooked!

  60. 67

    My 2014 resolution is to get back into running! and possibly train for a half w/ my sister :)

  61. 68

    I want to run my first marathon in 2014! That was actually my goal for last year, but then I got injured . . . now I’m ready to try again. :-)

  62. 71

    I started running a couple of months ago and I’m hooked!! I want to keep running in 2014 and maybe try a race!

  63. 72

    My resolution is to, along with more consistent workouts, to concentrate on form and injury prevention. Hoping to hit up more 10Ks this coming year and be injury free! :-)

  64. 73

    My NY resolution? Shave off those pesky 7 seconds (aiming for more actually) so I can BQ! Woot! Love the outfit! Running makes me happy!!! :)

  65. 75

    My 2014 resolution: run my first full marathon and run a 1/2 under 1:45 (my PR is currently 1:48 – so close!)

  66. 76
  67. 77

    My resolution is to run another marathon!

  68. 78

    My resolution is to sign up for 1 race every few months to keep myself motivated!

  69. 79

    I want to run my first marathon in 2014! I am getting married so it will be a great way to get in shape and accomplish a new goal!! :D

  70. 80

    My resolution is to complete at least ONE marathon “injury free!” I’m not sure I can run happier. I’m almost always happy when I run! :)

  71. 81
    Rebecca H. says:

    My new year’s resolution is to stay consistent with my running while incorporating more strength training. I plan to run at least one race in the spring and see if the fall will hold another marathon or half marathon.

  72. 82

    I want to maintain my running fitness. I ran my first half this year, and then got some knee issues. I”m starting to feel better, so I want to (safely) get my running mileage back up and maintain it! I live in Boston so this winter gear would be great for outdoor running this winter!

  73. 83
    Laura @ Sneakers and Spatulas says:

    Would LOVE to win! For 2014, I’m running in the Krispy Kreme Challenge, the Tar Heel 10 Miler (1st time!), and competing in the Raleigh 70.3 Ironman. Would definitely but those items to good use while training!!W

  74. 85

    I want to start running more often in 2014. Maybe do a race if I really get the running bug!

  75. 86

    ohhh I would love some new shoes or winter running supplies! I have got out of my running habit and I am trying to get back into it! Last week I made my goals- I want to be able to run 5 miles! So I am going to try to work my way up there…and I would also like to run a 5k race next year! Whew, sounds kinda crazy/overwhelming for me- but maybe I will be held accountable now that I am writing it here! Miss you Anne!

    • 87

      Miss you too! We should do a race together! :)

      • 88

        Ohhh that would be fun (although I don’t know if you would be able to run as slow as me!) But one of my other running goals was try to increase speed some! Come to CA!!!! :)

  76. 89

    I’m running my first half marathon this year! I’m trying to convince my mom to do it with me, which will definitely make it more fun, but no luck so far. I’m also going to work on speed. My dad and I have set a 5k goal of under 25 minutes-super fast for me!

  77. 90

    My 2014 running resolution is to be more consistent with running and completer my first marathon, NYCM!!

  78. 91

    The furthest I have ever run is a 10K, so my big goal this year is to run a half marathon! Yikes! I loved reading all your marathon posts… it gave me more motiviation… if you can run 26.2 miles, I should surely be able to do 13.1 miles! :)

  79. 93

    Love Brooks and wear them religiously – thanks for the giveaway! My running resolution is to work on speed and break the 2:00 half marathon time. I’m planning on 3 half marathons in 2014 and want to break the 2 hour mark in 1 if not all of them! (I’ve come a long way since running my first half in 2:45!)

  80. 94

    I’m running the Disney Princess half in February! My new year running resolution is to keep up my with my training in January and brave the cold so I can beat my best half time and run the race under 1 hour 50 minutes. I’m also hoping to run my second marathon in 2014!

  81. 95

    I want to get faster. I just have to do speed workouts though they make me want to die :)

  82. 96

    I’ve signed up for my second marathon, and my running resolution is to push myself pace wise so I can be faster for the marathon and other races.

  83. 97

    I’m planning to train for my first half!

  84. 98

    I’ve been in a running rut lately so I’m hoping to get back on track by signing up for a half marathon this summer. I need the motivation of something to train for!

  85. 99

    My running goal for 2014 is to run a 5K in less than 26 minutes!

  86. 100

    Having moved at the beginning of 2013, I spent most of the year focusing on my new job and getting settled in my new home, and running fell by the wayside. In 2014, I am going to focus on making more time for running this upcoming year.

  87. 101

    My resolution is to run a sub-2 hour half marathon and the first half marathon I’ll be running by myself!

  88. 102

    I would LOVE to win some Brooks Gear! I am planning on completing my 3rd Sprint Triathlon in 2014. My resolution is to train for and complete my FIRST 1/2 marathon. I’d really like to focus on being able to increase my distance in 2014 and I think a 1/2 marathon is a great way to motivate me to run more consistently!

  89. 103

    I want to run my first 1/2 this spring.

  90. 104

    My goal is training and hoping to get a PR in the 2014 Boston Marathon.
    And I will be running happier with some new warm running gear:) Winter running in NE is rough!

  91. 105

    Awesome giveaway! My resolution for 2014 is to PR in a half marathon. I have one lined up for January, so hopefully then. But if not, I’ve got another spring one scheduled to look forward to!

  92. 106

    I’m going to 4 1/2 Marathons in 2014. Already registered for Disney Princess in February, Nike Half in DC in April, and Rock and Roll Chicago in July, and one more to find!

  93. 107

    What a great giveaway! My running resolutions for 2013 were to run my first half marathon and log 500 miles for the year. I completed the half in October, and I’m at 620 miles so far this year! My resolutions for 2014 are to run another half marathon, run my first FULL marathon (using the Jeff Galloway run/walk method), and log 750 miles for the year.

  94. 108

    I’ve only done 5Ks so far. My goal for 2014 is to run my first 10K in the spring. If that goes well, I might start training later in the year to run our local half marathon, which would be held in early 2015.

  95. 109

    Also, shared the link on my twitter account (@lynn_tastic)

  96. 110

    My running goal for 2014 is finish the Boston Marathon! It is my first marathon and I am running through a local charity. I’m from the Boston area and it mean so much to me to be running!

  97. 111
  98. 112

    I’m trying to UP my running to participate in a Walt Disney World run next year!

  99. 113

    My goal for 2014 is to run my second half marathon! My high school BFF (who lives in NYC) and I are going to travel somewhere and turn it into a mini vacation :) Now to pick the race…

  100. 115

    Mine is to run longer distances in the upcoming year.

  101. 116

    I am a new runner who is registered for my first 5k in January. My goal is to complete a race each month.

  102. 117

    My goal is to run a trail marathon this year. I have completed a road marathon, but trail running is my true passion.

    Also, thanks for the gift ideas for the runners on my list.

  103. 118

    My goal – at least one half marathon (my first!) – I’m so excited. I started training officially/unofficially yesterday. Additionally, Brooks is my favorite. Love all of that stuff!

  104. 119

    My fiance is running in the DC Rock n Roll Half Marathon this spring, and I would love to join him! So far, I have only run short distance (under 5 miles), but I am itching to push myself and reach a new goal. 13.1 miles… here I come!

  105. 120

    I LOVE Brooks!! I really want to refocus in 2014. Sounds silly, but I come up with a plan, do it a few weeks, and then stop. I came up with my own plan to get me from run/walking to running. I am really liking it so far and I know I can reach that goal of running. I am eyeing a few races for 2014, nothing concrete yet, and I would like to hit 500 miles for 2014. :-)

  106. 121
  107. 122

    I want to go for my first marathon!

  108. 123

    Would love these because I live in Illinois! I’m hoping to run two marathons in 2014!

  109. 124

    That headband looks nice and comfy !
    I am trying to come up with a workout plan to increase my speed..

  110. 125

    I’m going to run a Half in 2014! So excited! I would LOVE the Brooks shoes you’re giving away! Thank you!!

  111. 126

    Just tweeted about the contest, also! twitter handle: @mynameisnotandy

  112. 127

    I have been stuck around 3-4 miles for a while now so id like to break out of that zone! Great items! :)

  113. 128

    I’m hoping to run my first half marathon in 2014! Also, hoping to get under 22 in a 5k! I love that headband!

  114. 129

    My first half was this past November in Charlotte, NC. My training for my next half in March begins January 1! Making some changes this time around, including incorporating yoga! Happy Holidays!

  115. 130

    I just added those Brooks running tights that match the headband to my Christmas list! Love them! I ran my first marathon in mid-November and got a Boston Qualifying time. I have been slow to get back into running–especially in the cold, but I cross train and hit the streets of Arlington a few times a week :) I think I’ll run some mid-distance races this spring and maybe another full in the fall! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  116. 132
    Chris Anne says:

    Hi Anne! Happy holidays to you and your fam! My NY’s running resolution is to get back to running/tri’s. After deployments to Iraq, Djibouti & Afghanistan, I did a number on my legs. First it was achilles tendonitis, then after 6 months of on/off in a boot, I started running again, then Afghanistan came and my legs both started hurting, so no running there, just long walks around the base. Come home from A-then surgery that kept me off until Dec of last year. Started running, was just getting up to 2.5 miles with no walking spurts and my legs started hurting again. PT and they deduced I had shin splints in BOTH legs. It disappeared but pain in my legs got worse. Walking more than 2 blocks gave me severe cramps and I spent the summer in PAIN! I visited several docs throughout the summer, and at the THIRD diff PT office, they did tests they others never did and deduced that its my BACK that is making my calves work harder and harder, with the muscles getting no rest (there is a longer explanation, but all I know is it is my back). After a month of dry needling, I am STARTING to feel better. When I started, my foot measurement was at a 2 (I guess you need to be able to bend your foot to a 10 (toes stretched towards your head)), at my review last week, I am at a 5) so here is to hoping the PT continues to work and I can start running (albeit slowly) in Jan. I sure need the motivation!!

  117. 134

    I tweeted too! :-)

  118. 135

    So I just started running after a six year hiatus of having babies. I had forgotten how much I LOVE running, and have already worked up to 3-4 miles at 8-9 min pace. My 2014 running resolution is to run a half marathon. I also want to continue to make time for myself with running. It is the first thing I have done in a long time that is just for me and makes me happy!!!

  119. 137

    My 2014 goal is to get a half marathon PR and to run my first full marathon in the fall!

  120. 138

    My goal is a half marathon. I am signing up for one in April-so let the training begin!

  121. 139

    I signed up for the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler lottery, and would like to do the Sea Wheeze half marathon to celebrate my (eeks!) 30th bday.

    I already follow you on FB and Instagram :)

  122. 140

    I’m somewhat of a beginner, and it’s tough to keep up with running through the winter in Wisconsin, so my goal for next year is my very first 10k!

  123. 141

    I plan to run more races and another marathon in 2014. I ran 2 in 2012 before grad school started, and since then have only run 1 half. I finish grad school in may, so I plan to get to training for some good races in 2014!

  124. 142
    Chris Anne says:

    I shared this on Facebook! Happy holidays to all!

  125. 143

    My running goal for 2014 is to run a 5k in under 30 minutes. I was really close to doing this last year and then had an injury. I am also planning on running the Warrior Dash with some friends to force me to incorporate some cross training into my workouts. Thanks so much for all your encouraging posts about running in the cold. I tend to resign myself to the gym once the temperatures drop, but you are motivating me to think about braving the elements.

  126. 145

    Love the warm winter gear! I’m thinking about joining a running club in town to run happier this winter (and for extra motivation) and hopefully lower my half marathon time this spring! :)

  127. 146

    Ah! I love the little light on these gloves. My new years running resolution is to be able to finish the Half Marathon I signed up for in April without stopping/walking! A lot of training in cold months ahead, so this would be awesome to win! :)

    Thank you!

  128. 147

    My short term goal is to run a 5k without walking. I have yet to be able to do that and I think it is more mental than anything else. My long term goal is to run a 10k :-) I will be running happier by focusing on my triumphs rather than my failures

  129. 148

    My goals are to run the el paso marathon in 4:30 and to run either a marathon or ultra in the fall!

  130. 149

    I’ve always hated running. Even when I joined the Army a little over 2 years ago, I would do my obligatory 2 miles, and that was it… I thought it was miserable. About 6 weeks ago I decided I needed a challenge. I signed up for a half-marathon in February 2014. I started following a half marathon training program I found online and, for 6 weeks now, I haven’t missed a run… and I’m loving it! My longest run so far has been 7 miles… which blows my mind. The furthest I’ve ever run before starting this program was 3 miles (and hated every step!), and now I can’t wait until my next run…. I’m even starting to consider myself “a runner”! My goal is to run the half with no walking breaks, and in under 2:30 (I’m definitely not fast!). When I made this goal 6 weeks ago, it seemed nearly impossible. With every single run, I get a little more confident.

  131. 151

    My 2014 running resolution is to get faster! Oh and PR in a half marathon in April … we shall see!

  132. 152

    race stronger, meaning training better than just running. also to really work on form for longer distances.

  133. 153

    My running goal for next year is simple: keep doing it and loving it!

  134. 154

    My new year running resolution is to focus on the 10k. I have a handful of 1/2 marathons under my belt, but I want to become a faster runner… so I’ll focus on speed workouts, hills, whatever it takes to get faster!

  135. 155

    I’ve walked many 5K and 10K but I’ve never run one. This year I plan to do the Couch to 5K program and actually run an entire 5K. One has to start somewhere. I’ve signed up for one in May 2014.

  136. 156

    My goal for 2014 is to actually sign up for and run a race. I keep meaning to do so, but whenever I find myself on the sign up page I manage to come up with some sort of reason why I shouldn’t/can’t do it. I ran my first race almost a year ago and had such a blast (it was a 5k), and I would really love to do it again. I really have no reason not to.

  137. 157

    I’m hoping to break 4 hours in my next marathon! Hopefully the NYC – entered the lottery!!

  138. 158

    Fingers crossed I will get into the Cherry Blossom as the first race I’ll sign up for in 2014! Looking forward to great runs and races with friends.

  139. 159

    My big running goal for 2014 is to run a sub 2:00 half marathon. But even if I can’t do that, I plan to run 2 half marathons this spring, which will be a big accomplishment!

  140. 160

    I’ve already registered for 2 half marathons in 2014…one of them being the Richmond Half Marathon! My goal as always, is to PR every race and have fun! I live in Minnesota so having some actual winter running gear would be awesome!

  141. 161

    I’ve flirted with running in the past, but I don’t think I’ve ever fully run three miles in my life! I would love to train for a 5k this Spring.

  142. 162
    Angie Jerde says:

    I have never been much of a runner but love to exercise. Next year (when the weather isn’t so brutal here in MN) I am going to give running another try!

  143. 163

    my big plan is to run my third half marathon in May (and crush a new PR) and then hopefully that will motivate me to do a marathon in the fall .. I always say i want to do it .. now I just need to commit

  144. 164

    I want to run another marathon in 2014. I just got to find the right one in the area :) I also want to get a sub 2:10 half or if possible, a sub 2 hour half. that’d be insane. I also plan to cross train more so I won’t get injured. hopefully.

  145. 165

    I’m hoping to run another half marathon (my fourth) this year, and my first full marathon!! I’m also hoping to get used to the cold northern temperatures since I am a Southern girl who just moved North! Great giveaway!!

  146. 166

    My 2014 running plans are to take it a bit easier on smaller races and pick 3-4 big races to train for. The smaller races are fun but add up in price quickly. I also plan to do short speed runs after work in my neighborhood and reserve the mornings for strength training and other forms of cardio.

    I have such a hard time with my finger circulation while running in the cold! Someone told me to try mittens and these look like they would be PERFECT since they are also gloves. I am in need of a new running headband as well!

  147. 167

    I love Brooks! My 2014 running resolution is to run a marathon. After 10 half-marathons, I know I can do it if I run happy and believe. :-) I run happy by running outside regardless of the weather, being grateful for the ability to run, and allowing my body to rest and recover between runs.

  148. 168
    Rebecca Samson says:

    Would love to win all three of those! They are all on my wish list! My running goal for 2014 is to keep running strong. To do this I’m going to keep including boot camp in my routine so my runs get stronger and I can build up speed :)

  149. 169

    My goal is just to run in the New Year! I was doing well for the first half of 2013 but when I moved in August my life got really hectic and exercise in general has fallen by the wayside. I want to start running again in 2014!

  150. 170
  151. 171

    Running my first half- the Nike Women’s Half in DC! And, fingers crossed, maybe the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile too!

  152. 172

    I am signing up for my first half-marathon this spring; so my focus in 2014 will be training for that; although I’ve already started to increase my mileage so I’m hoping I might even be able to run my first one relatively fast for me :) This is also part of how I’m going to run happy; I’m looking to gain speed in 2014!

  153. 173

    As I’ve shared with you before, you and others have inspired me (after my first half this year) to run a marathon in 2014! This is my own personal ‘barf bag’ goal in terms of the saying “if your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough!” This goal is HUGE to me and I know I will work hard towards it. To run happier in 2014, I am going to run more outside in 2014 and less on the treadmill – we live on a windy, curvy, road, so I have to drive to anywhere I want to run. My new goal will make that a priority! Thanks for your blog, I truly enjoy it!

  154. 175

    Ohh, those gloves look fab! My running resolution is to set a half marathon PR. I’ve focused on the 26.2 distance for a few years, but I’m looking to beat my 7:29 half marathon splits from a few years ago!

  155. 176

    After starting grad school this fall, running has really fallen off my plate… so my 2014 resolution is to get running back into my routine and start doing it consistently again!

  156. 177

    I’ve been looking for some gloves/ mittens that would keep my hands warm – they’re the coldest part of my body! My running goal is to run several more half marathons, and potentially a marathon or two – but most importantly to continue loving the run and treating my body right!

  157. 178

    I am finishing 2013 running happy!! I hope 2014 brings a few races with my best friend and maybe a 3rd marathon?!?! Have a great weekend Anne!!

  158. 179

    Planning to run another half marathon! And yes I was the person who said one and done!

  159. 181
    Melissa R. says:

    My 2014 running goal is the Boston Marathon! However, the real goal will be to stay healthy and injury-free to get to the starting line in April!

  160. 182

    I’m going to start the year off right by doing a New Years 5k (and possible polar plunge!).

  161. 184

    I injured my hip this fall and want to just get back to running. period.

  162. 185

    I will be participating in my first half ironman race next year so my new years resolution is to try to stick to my training the best I can!!! I am a new follower and I have loved reading your blog!! Congrats on your recent marathon!!!

  163. 187

    2014! …big year for fitness goals. In 2013, I participated in my first 5k and then did one more. I have a 10k lined up at the beginning of 2014 and if all goes well there, a half is the goal! I will definitely be running happier in the new year!

  164. 188

    This year I really hope to train and complete my first half marathon! I love your blog posts! All of these warm weather accessories sound perfect, especially the gloves!

  165. 190

    i had to take a break from running after my last half marathon, so i’d love to slowly ease back into it and run a 10k =)

  166. 191

    I want to make CrossFit regionals!

  167. 192

    My goal is to get over my plantar faciitis and run more!

  168. 193

    I’m running the Boston Marathon in April and my goal is to NOT get injured beforehand!

  169. 194

    my running resolution is to run the NYCM this year (hoping i get picked in the lottery). otherwise i will still run a fall marathon… injuries kept me from running one this year.

  170. 195

    I want to get my mileage back up!

  171. 196

    I’m going to run my first half marathon in the spring! These accessories will be perfect for my cold training runs!

  172. 197

    it’s funny, my running resolution is to pull back a little, and run for fun. Naked running (w/o my garmin) and just enjoying the company on shorter runs, while picking up my time strength training to make me fast for 2015. it’s going to be great.

  173. 198

    I want to run a full marathon next year. Done many halfs but never a full.

  174. 199

    I always run happy in DC! In the new year I plan to amp up my speed training :)

  175. 200

    I injured myself during a Thanksgiving run and have 6-8 weeks of no running for recovery :( Looking forward to racing again in 2014!

  176. 201

    I’ve been injured on and off for a while, so my biggest running goal for 2014 is to be injury-free! (I’ve also signed up for a half marathon in June, but I don’t care about time as long as I can actually run it!)

  177. 202

    After running several marathons I want to go back to running shorter races at a faster pace.

  178. 203
    Jill Chance says:

    I WILL run a half marathon…or two…or three… :)

  179. 204

    my 2014 running goals are to keep running despite having to study for a huge qualification exam that i will take in june. i want to possibly run a 5k with my mom (her first race in a long time) in may. i am still overcoming an injury so i would love to keep building up my mileage. i miss long runs!

  180. 205

    I shared on Facebook.

  181. 206
    Nicole in STL says:

    My goal is to run a 10K!

  182. 207

    I plan on starting to track my running/jogging miles every week.

  183. 208

    HI. Need/Love all of this. Pick me!

  184. 209

    I am hoping to run a fall half marathon – six months after having our first baby!

  185. 210

    My resolutions are to run a half under 1:45 and to qualify for Boston (need to get under 3:30) :)

  186. 211
    Connie Lin says:

    I am hoping to run a sub-1:38 half marathon in 2014! I’ve signed up for one in February near Boston, so I could use all three of the winter accessories during my training (:

  187. 212

    I plan on running more regularly in 2014. Signing up for the DC half should help motivate me!

  188. 213

    I would like to complete a marathon!

  189. 214

    I’m moving to DC this weekend, so my running resolution is to figure out some fun routes in my new city!

  190. 216

    Awesome giveaway! For the New Year I am thinking about doing a few more 1/2’s and hoping to PR in the 1/2! I am done with marathons, the body is just not liking that long distance any more! :).

  191. 217
    elizabeth e says:

    i’m working my way up to a 10k distance (signed up for a march race!), and i’d love to close the year out with a half marathon. my running friends say that it the jump from 10K to half marathon isn’t toooo bad.

  192. 218
    Megan Gagliardi says:

    I am aiming to run my next half marathon in a PR

  193. 219

    I am running the Disney marathon Jan 12, 2014!!

  194. 221

    I want to be more consistent about running! It’s been super cold where I live so motivation has been low, but maybe I just need new mittens!

  195. 222

    My goal for running this year is to get faster and stay injury free!

  196. 223
    Jen Powell Robinson says:

    I’m currently getting into training for my first marathon which would be in March! Hopefully training in the won’t be too terrible and chilly!!

  197. 224

    I tweeted! :)

  198. 225

    I used to think that running a wasn’t for me. Then I signed up to run the Christmas Town Dash 8K. It was supposed to be last weekend, but now it’s on Sunday. I think that I’m liking this whole running thing. I want to get more cold weather running gear so I can continue running!

  199. 226

    Run a faster marathon!

  200. 227

    I ran my first half in October so my 2014 goal is to run my second half in under 3 hours and raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association. Training starts January 1st!

  201. 228
    Jen Powell Robinson says:

    And because I’ll need some warm run gear I tweeted/facebooked too!

  202. 229

    Hi Anne! What fun winter running gear & a beautiful run you went on. I love the look of cathedrals also.

    My running goal for 2014 is to JUST RUN & complete a few 5K/10K races without walking. I am NOT a runner, I would much rather sprint short distances (slowly) or lift heavy weights than run. But I have always wanted to complete some fun races and catch the running bug. I LOVE Brooks running products and use their shoes a lot for my cardio-intensive workouts so I definitely would love to have a new pair of RUNNING shoes to really run in this year!

  203. 230
    Emily Crawford says:

    I want to start running outside more. I’m a bit addicted to the treadmill and I need to do more training outside before I run my first half marathon!

  204. 231

    I am looking forward to running the Ogden (Utah) Marathon in Spring 2014. So I will have a lot of winter miles to log! I live in Salt Lake, and a good friend of mine (we ran high school cross country together) is coming out from DC to run it with me.

  205. 232

    My running resolution for 2014 is to complete successfully (in 5 hours) a marathon in Cozumel, Mexico after swimming 2.4 miles and cycling 112 miles. Yep, I’m signed up for my first Ironman. *gulp*

  206. 234

    My 2014 running resolution is to be more consistent. I trained and ran the MCM and while I got all my long runs, I wasn’t very consistent with my short runs during the week. I want to correct that problem. Hubs and I plan to run the Air Force Marathon in Ohio next year.

  207. 235

    My resolution for 2014 is to run my first marathon! I have ran three halfs and u have been so inspirational with ur first marathon under your belt. Also I want to participate in my first tri!

  208. 236

    My 2014 running goal is to stay consistent running for the beginning of the year, and then train for the Chicago marathon in October! Brooks shoes will help with that!!!

  209. 237
    Lisa Rapoport says:

    I think my running goal for this year is to run a marathon!

  210. 238

    tweeted =)

  211. 239

    My running resolution is just to start running again after I have a baby!

  212. 240

    I can’t wait to kick off 2014 with my first half marathon on January 11th! I’m just starting to formulate the rest of my 2014 race calendar, but my goal is to keep up my running enthusiasm!

  213. 241

    Get out of bed to run in the early mornings more often, even when it’s cold!

  214. 242
  215. 243

    I’m hoping to run my first half-marathon at the end of next year! So far, the 5K is the longest distance I’ve done.

  216. 244

    Always looking to go a little faster or a little further during my runs. Thanks for the giveaway, I could really use a new pair of Brooks!

  217. 245

    Get back into running by running a half marathon in the spring

  218. 246

    Although I would love to run the Mudderella in May, my only goals for running in 2014 are just to be able to run again! I have been laid up with a stress fracture since September.

  219. 248
    Shannon M. says:

    Speedwork & running a 10k are my goals for 2014. This past year I wanted to keep up with my running by signing up for more 5k’s – next year I want to PR at all of them!

  220. 249

    I may try to tackle a 100 miler again. I finished one in 2012 and DNFed one this year, so I’m hoping I can make 2014 a good one!

  221. 251
    Shannon B. says:

    My goal is to run my first half! It’ll be a hilly course, but I think I can do it!

  222. 252

    My goal is to complete my first 5K and run the whole thing! I am going to complete this by having running buddies to keep my runs happy :)

  223. 253

    I completed my first 1/2 marathon in November and I’m itching to sign up for another race in the Spring! New Year’s running resolution is to work on increasing my speed!

  224. 254

    I plan on trying out some new routes. I’m getting a bit tired of my usual ones.

  225. 255

    I’d like to start 2014 by training for my first 5k! Have to start somewhere :)

  226. 256

    At least one race per quarter with the last being a Half! That’s the plan.

  227. 257
    Emily Crawford says:

    I tweeted! :)

  228. 258

    My goal is to train/run in a half marathon 2014.

  229. 259

    I’ll be doing more half marathons next year.

  230. 260

    My major running goal in 2014 is to run my first marathon! I’m so scared of 26.2 but after conquering a few half-marathons, I finally want to go for it =).

  231. 262
    Erin Runyan says:

    I love this giveaway! Gloves make winter running possible. Who wants freezing hands?
    I’m new subscriber and must say I really look forward to receiving emails from you! Great photos, advice and recipes. Thank you!

  232. 264

    I want to run 3 x per week and get in shape like I was in High School. I need to be in shape to run a half marathon at Disney Word so thats good motivation. Your running posts are always super motivating and make me miss DC a ton. Thats my goal.

    PS: If you feel the urge it would be kind of you to try my companies product, its called Kite Hill Cheese, its a vegan cheese augment. We sell it at Whole Foods Markets. You can lean more at we have locations in the DC area and we are a new company, started operations in January of this year.


  233. 265

    I want to run another half marathon!

  234. 266

    I am going to run my first half marathon in 2014!! I run any day I can but I already have my calendar marked for my official start day of training using the hal higdon program!

  235. 267

    I did at trail 50K this past year and have my eye on a 40 miler at Douthat State Park (near Lexington, VA). I know it sounds crazy, but trail races are just sooo much fun!

  236. 270

    I hope to sign up for a couple races. Between having a baby and grad school I didn’t have the time this past year!

  237. 271

    I’ve been dealing with some health issues for most of the summer/fall, and am finally starting to feel better. I didn’t run a lot of the races I signed up for as a result, so I am hoping to finally get back into it in the new year!

  238. 273

    My 2014 running goal is to train for another half, and improve my time!

  239. 274

    I would like to complete a half marathon this year!

  240. 275

    My goal is to actually enjoy running. I love walking and have begun a regular fitness routine this year to add strength and flexibility, but I just can’t connect to running. Your blog and running advice is inspirational and I have not given up, but each time I give it another try, I have been disappointed. My husband is a runner. One of my daughters is a runner, but I just can’t seem to connect.

  241. 277

    I’m currently pregnant, but look forward to running again in the Spring time after the baby comes. My goal is to do a half marathon in Oct 2014. Missing running, as a full time work schedule and pregnancy fatigue has sidelined me for a while

  242. 278

    I want to run a second half marathon and PR!

  243. 279

    I’m totally on the headband kick!!! Once you put one on though so hard to take it off! My ears get to cosy!

  244. 280

    I will be running my first half-marathon!

  245. 281

    Not necesssarily a resolution because I don’t necessarily believe in them, as I feel like I am set for failure from the start if I have to do something, but I am running 12 marathons next year, two running relays ultra (hood to coast and The Bourbon Chase), a half ironman, and a full ironman, so my goal is to run the year (2014 miles), finish all 12 marathons, and my ironmans, while getting to my racing weight. I lost 50 pounds this year as my building base year in preparation for 2014 “Live big or die trying” year. If I can squeeze in the JFK 50 miler, I’m doing that too!

    • 282

      I don’t believe in resolutions either – I prefer daily action! I wrote a post about this last year :) WOW you have a big year ahead!!! Good luck!!

  246. 283

    I’m still working on getting into a regular running routine. I’d like to run a 10k in 2014!

  247. 284

    Im a twit, (aka: I tweeted).
    You rock Annie

  248. 285

    My goal for 2014 is to run a half-marathon in under 2 hours! It will be my seventh half-marathon, and I’m determined to set a PR!

  249. 286

    I am planning on running a 15k and a half-marathon in January and February! My first for both!

  250. 287

    I’ve been recovering from a very bad sprained ankle and a health scare that have both set back my running, but I am excited to begin again this year and add running back into my fitness routine! There’s nothing quite like a finish line at a race.

  251. 289

    I am going to be running my first half Marathon in January ! I am really excited and psyched about that , I would like to finish running it in under 2 hours :)

  252. 290

    Registered for the Shamrock half. I printed out a schedule and I am aiming for a sub 2 half marathon time, my resolution is to get in enough speed work and long runs to help achieve this goal.

  253. 291

    My plans are to run a few half marathons and do another couple of tris in 2014.. I did my first 3 tris in 2013 but never got to do a half due to various running-related injuries :( So 2014 is the year I’m planning on getting back into the half-mary club :)

  254. 294

    To run my first marathon (ahhhh)! I know Brooks is the best running shoe out there for long distance running! I didn’t know that had such cute running gear as well! Cheers!

  255. 295

    This year I am planning on running the MCM again and getting a sub-4. In terms of daily goals, I would love it if I could finally commit to working out 6 days a week and getting more use out of my gym membership.

  256. 296

    My winter running goal is to build a base after being knocked out by abdominal surgery this past October. I <3 Brooks

  257. 297

    My 2014 running goal is to run two races – one when it’s warm and one when it’s cold. The running accessories would be awesome to receive since I’ll be training for my next warm weather race during this Chicago winter! :)

  258. 298

    I’m planning on running the Tarheel 10 Miler in April and a 1/2 Marathon in the fall sometime. I’m trying to keep my mileage up in the winter so I can focus on speed training in the spring and summer and PR in both races! I love my Brooks Adrenalines and would love to try their other running gear too :-)

  259. 299
    Liz Fuller says:

    My running goal in 2014 is to get more mileage in before work! I usually now only squeeze in one longer run and during the week can only seem to manage 3-4 miles due to starting work early. I want to try to wake up earlier and get some more mileage in. Cold weather gear and/or shoes would be a big help! :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  260. 300

    I plan on leaving my Garmin at home at least twice a week and running based on how my body feels!

  261. 301

    I am going to try to run 1 race/month. I belong to a running club that has free races for its members. You just show up the day of the race and run – no goody bags or t-shirts just get out and run.

  262. 302

    I am aiming to PR in the half marathon, complete my first triathlon, and register for my first marathon-the Chicago marathon! I’m planning on running it for the Hospice charity Run to Remember, in honor of my dad.

  263. 303

    To run my first half in April!

  264. 304

    Now that I’ve completed my first marathon, I want to get a sub 4-hour time. My brother and I were close, we finished in 4:12. Here goes nothing!

  265. 305

    Just trying to run in general. I always give up, want to stick to a plan in the coming year.

  266. 306

    I am a college runner and it is my first year ever running on a team! So I am just trying to figure everything out! I want to be the best I can be!

  267. 307

    This coming year, I’m so excited to run a 5k, 10k, half marathon, and marathon! I took almost an entire year off from racing and I can’t wait to get back into it. I really want to find a fun group to run with because it makes such a difference!

  268. 308

    I tweeted!!

  269. 309

    What an awesome giveaway! My running goal for this year to to just enjoy each run and stay injury-free!

  270. 310

    I’m excited about this giveaway – I LOVE Brooks. In 2014, I really want to try to get faster…again. I used to be fast, but work and life (work mostly) found me tired and slogging through runs and getting injured. A lot. I plan to do ALL the work this year to get faster (cross training, strength training, stretching, speed work) not just logging miles. Hopefully I will BQ for my 5th. Boston sometime in 2014! I missed by 10 minutes this fall, and I know it’s largely because I only ran during my training, skipping the extra things to get me sub 3:35.

  271. 311

    OHH!! I have been Dying for some glove/mittens like those and a new ear warmer! My hands get so cold and I have a friend that has those gloves and she loves them, I Really want a pair!
    After Richmond marathon didn’t turn out the way I wanted, my goal for 2014 will be Chicago Marathon! I need to get myself signed up for a spring half marathon but undecided which one. I want to try a new one. I have done Rock’N’Roll in DC, Marine Corps Half, and Shamrock in VA Beach, any suggestions? To add to the craziness I may sign up for my 3rd half Ironman. I hope this Friday the 13th brings me good luck!!! :)

    • 312

      Hmmmm… I’m planning to do DC RnR and the Pittsburgh Half this spring!

      • 313

        Cool, maybe I’ll check out the Pittsburgh half! I was not super impressed but the DC RnR when I did it a 2 years ago but its always nice to do a home town race. Happy Running!!

  272. 314

    I’m planning on running the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in the spring of 2014, and I plan to run happier by continuing to run only outside. I used to be a slave to the treadmill, but now that I’ve done a million outdoor runs I’m never going back to the treadmill!

  273. 315

    I hope to get at least two runs a week done outdoors this winter (vs the treadmill) – this warm running gear would certainly help me with that!

  274. 316

    My running goals for 2014 are: to keep tally of all my miles for the whole year. I want to see if I can run 1,000 miles in one year. I also want to tackle a full marathon!

  275. 317

    I haven’t really ran since college due to some health issues! I finally feel like I can start a running program, so I am currently running a couch to 5k and planning to do a race at any distance next year!

  276. 318

    I would like to get more interval runs done each week.

  277. 319

    My running New Years Resolution is to run at least two half marathons, one full marathon, and continue with my healthy eating!

  278. 320

    My running resolution is to improve my mile time and possibly tackle my first marathon in the fall – we’ll see what happens! I’d also like to join a running group which I think would help me run happier!

  279. 321

    My goal is to qualify for Boston!

  280. 322

    My 2014 running resolution is to run my very first marathon!!! Training started just this week and I’m so excited to accomplish that goal! :)

  281. 323

    These days, I’d just like to get back to running so I can cross a few finish lines — no matter how slow :)

  282. 324

    Running my first race! Nike Women’s half here I come!

  283. 325
    Christina C says:

    I hope to PR in my marathon time!

  284. 326

    I hope to improve my time per mile with a toddler this year!

  285. 327

    PR at the Carlsbad Marathon in Jan.

  286. 328

    I’m pregnant and expecting my first child in June. My resolutions are to move for 30 min every day even if it’s run/walk intervals. I’m hoping to do a fall half marathon.

  287. 330

    My goal is to run a 5K!

  288. 331
  289. 332
  290. 333

    I’m been working on increasing my running speed (on the treadmill) and to run for longer periods of time. I’ve just never enjoyed running but I do want to incorporate more of into my exercise routines.

  291. 334

    I started med school this year, and was lucky enough to find someone in my class to run with and help keep me sane through the semester. We are running a half-marathon together in January! It will be my second, and I’m hoping for a PR! Thanks for the giveaway.

  292. 335

    After a busy year, and nagging pain in my knees I’m looking forward to just being able to run comfortably a few times a week and slowly build up my endurance/mileage!

  293. 336

    I am signed up for the Rock N Roll half and the Nike Women’s half. Looking to get some PRs!

  294. 337

    I plan on running my second half marathon in March and getting stronger and speedier next year!

  295. 338

    My resolution is to make my rest days active ones- more yoga and stretching! This will makes my running days much happier and healthier.

  296. 339

    I want to start incorporating speed workouts into my runs each week and get a sub-2 hour half marathon. This past year, I got pretty close, so I know it’s in my reach!

  297. 340

    Ahh yes, I live right by the cathedral and it is indeed hilly. There are few directions that I can leave my apartment on a run and not run into many hills. My new year running resolutions are to run 2 more half marathons in the spring and hopefully my first FULL marathon in the fall!

  298. 341

    My running goal for 2014 is to run my first marathon! Your running posts have definitely inspired me! I recently had bunion surgery but will be able to start running again in a couple of weeks and I cannot wait!! Going to ease back into it and plan for a couple of 10 milers and maybe a half marathon throughout the year to get myself back into shape. I miss running so much!!

  299. 343

    I plan to run more races in 2014!

  300. 344

    I would like to get my mileage back up. I ran a marathon and then took some time off. I would like to get back into it again.

  301. 345

    I want to try out trail running in the new year! What’s the point of living in Colorado if I don’t take advantage of the beautiful trails?

  302. 346

    Sub 2:00 half marathon! I want it. My last half was 2:08:35

  303. 347

    My goals for the new year are to try a new group exercise class. I have been in a good routine this year, but have been wanting to try something different.

  304. 348

    I plan to run several half marathons and maybe another marathon. I did the MCM this year and it was awesome! I would like to do that one again but would like to run it faster! My goal is to train better so I don’t hit a wall at mile 20 again! I will run happier by making new running friends in my neighborhood to run with as well as old friends.

  305. 349

    My goal is to run a sub-2:00 half marathon in 2014!

  306. 350

    I hope to PR at the Nike Women’s Half in DC in April!

  307. 351

    After having foot surgery last year I haven’t run very much. So for 2014 I want to build up my running endurance again.

  308. 352

    My big plan is to run my first half marathon while raising money for L&LS with Team-in-Training!! I am very excited and also figuring out how to run in cold weather (yes I am in the desert, but that means that these 20 degree mornings are my equivalent of BELOW ZERO lol)!

  309. 353

    My goal is to run a 10K in 2014!! It would be amazing to do this as I have always doubted my ability to become a runner…this past year I have finally been able to get over those doubts, and now enjoy any run I can fit into my busy weeks of interning! …even in the cold New England weather:)

  310. 354

    I’ve fallen off on running since the end of October but I plan on getting back into it ASAP, most likely on a treadmill to start bc we’re about to get walloped with snow in boston this weekend but I will get to the gym!

  311. 355

    I want to run a 10K.

  312. 356

    My running goal for 2014 is simply to run MORE. More frequently, and more miles. I’m hoping santa brings me a gps tracker for Christmas so I can keep track of this goal.

  313. 357

    I want to run my first half marathon and the headband in particular would be perfect for keeping me warm and motivated on my cold new hampshire runs!

  314. 358
    Samantha W. says:

    My running goal for 2014 is to start running more regularly and hopefully complete a race of some sort. Happy Holidays!

  315. 359

    My goal is to sign up for a couple 5Ks!

  316. 360

    My running goal for 2014 is to run a marathon. I’m signed up for the Napa Valley Marathon in March!

  317. 361

    To do everything I can – foam roll, ice, rest – to stay healthy!

  318. 362

    I’d really like to START running in 2014! I’ve been a swimmer my entire life, and most of my time is spent in the pool. But I live in beautiful Boulder, CO and would really like to pick up running so I can run the trails & enjoy the gorgeous scenery while I get some exercise. I need some good gear to help me get started!

  319. 363

    I’m looking forward to getting stronger in 2014! I’m shooting for a fast 10K in January, spending the summer focusing on triathlons and then I plan to train for my first half-marathon next fall. I only started running again last January (after about a 10 year hiatus) but I am enjoying it so much more this time around. Running outside as much as possible and the foam roller is helping keep me happy!

  320. 364

    After knee surgery last fall I am now gearing up for my first race of the new year in February., a 10 mile winter race along the New York State canal. Hopefully a half marathon later in the spring!

  321. 365

    I really want to sign up and train for my 2nd half marathon in 2014! I just ran my 1st one ever right after Thanksgiving and had a lot of fun! I also would like to go on some “Adventure Runs” in interesting places besides my neighborhood and local trails.

  322. 366

    I am hoping to run my first half marathon in 2014 :)

  323. 367

    I am hoping to CRUSH my 5k and 10k times this year, and perhaps run my second half marathon.
    Your marathon was an inspiration to me to get back out and start running again after about a year hiatus.

  324. 368

    I’ve signed up for two half marathons- my first attempts at longer races!

  325. 369

    I hope to get back into running next year! I took time off this year so it’d be nice to get back into it.

  326. 370

    I’d like to pick up 2014 where I left off 2013-consistent running, cross training, and healthy eating! My resolution is to improve my half marathon time by 13 minutes (yes very exact :) ~one minute per mile) and complete my second marathon injury free (the NYCM)!

    Your Richmond marathon was very inspiring-I look forward to the new year.

  327. 371

    Beginner runner here. My 2014 goal is to enter my first (and maybe second) race!

  328. 372

    My New Year running resolution is to finish a half marathon in under 2 hours. I’ve been building up my mileage again after working on speed for shorter distances and it is so cold outside. I’d love these to keep me warm!

  329. 373

    I’m running the virginia wine country half in the spring as my post baby #2 workout motivator. My go is to mostly follow a training schedule and cross train like I should.

  330. 374

    A running goal is part of a bigger goal- I want to do an Olympic triathlon (which ends in a 6.2 mile run!). I’d also like to set a new half marathon PR.

  331. 375
    Brandi Hively says:

    My running goals for 2014 are to complete a half marathon in 1 hr and complete my first marathon. I plan on going out for runs without bringing all my tech gear at least once a week to turn off and clear my mind. I did this a couple times last year and it was very freeing and relaxing.

  332. 376

    To complete my first half marathon

  333. 377
    Kelli Alumbaugh says:

    My goal is to do more of my runs with friends in 2014!!!

  334. 378

    My running resolution for 2014 is to run my 1st marathon!! I have ran 2 half-marathons in the past but a full marathon is a whole different ball game–I am nervous and excited! Following your journey to running a marathon has given me the encouragement and motivation I need to start my own journey, so thank you Anne!!

  335. 379

    I am running my first half marathon in May of this year, so I suppose my New Year’s Resolution is to keep on track with my training for that and finish it strong! Those gloves look sooo sick.

  336. 380

    I’m training for half marathon #4 with my sister!! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  337. 381

    My running goal for 2014 is to increase my distance! I just completed the 5k Turkey Trot, and in 2014 I want to build back to complete a half marathon! Either prize would help me accomplish that goal!

  338. 382

    I don’t have any real new goals…. Just keeping up with my running! I’m happy with where I am with things.

  339. 383

    My goal is to make 2014 the year I run my first full marathon!! I’m from MI though so training through the winter would be amazing with new gloves :)

  340. 384
    Michelle H. says:

    What a great giveaway, I ran in the bitter cold today in NYC and it was rough! My New Year’s Resolution is to run a race every month of 2014. I hope it will make me more consistent with my running!

  341. 385

    after getting a stress fracture this summer/fall, my goal is to stay healthy and run a marathon!!!! congrats on your first!

  342. 386

    I’m planning on 3 half marathons in the spring – and hope to do all sub 3 hours. By the end of the year, I’d like to be at 12 minute miles consistently and comfortably.

  343. 387

    My 2014 running plans are to run my 2nd marathon and try to qualify for Boston! I need to shave off 14 minutes, but I’m ready for a challenge. I would like to get in 2-3 half marathons and possibly another Ragnar Relay!

  344. 388

    My running goal is to break out of my rut and push myself harder!

  345. 389

    This is a great motivator to start thinking about 2014 goals! As of now mine include:
    1. Make running more social (run with a friend at least once a week and maybe join a running club)
    2. Be more consistent (both # of running days/week and not skipping weeks at a time!)
    3. PR in a 5K (I think this is attainable for this year and will help me get fast again)

  346. 390

    My husband is training for an Olympic-distance triathlon (his first tri), which inspired me to train for a sprint triathlon. Only a 5k, but after a double-digit bike ride and a half-mile swim … I think I’ll be tired!

  347. 391

    Ooooh, pick me, pick me! I just moved to upstate New York and I am really going to need some winter running accessories to stay cozy. My big running plans for 2014 include several half marathons… and I’m kinda sorta thinking I might be ready to tackle the big bad 26.2 next fall. I’m just getting back into running after taking time off for a high risk pregnancy and postpartum recovery, so I’m SO glad to be back on the roads. That’s how I’m running happy – just running is running happy for me, because when I was on bed rest and I wasn’t even allowed to walk around the block for fear of harming the baby (who arrived two months early anyway, but she’s totally healthy now) all I wanted to do was run. So I’m just happy to be out there!

  348. 392

    I want to run my first 5k in 2014.

  349. 393
    Rebecca Downey says:

    I am hoping to set a new marathon PR and maybe give running a 100 miler a try ;). I am also looking to start running with a group!

  350. 394

    I’ll be running my 3rd (and maybe 4th) half marathon, and I’m hoping to beat my PR by 15+ minutes! I’m especially intrigued by the arm warmers.

  351. 395

    I am hoping to run a half marathon in 2014.

  352. 396

    I’m hoping to get back into longer distances next year

  353. 397

    I ran my first half marathon this year, and I’ve already been planning my race schedule for next year. So far it includes a 10-mile, another half marathon (my goal is to PR), and some 10k or 15k races here and there. Thanks for the giveaway! I LOVE Brooks running ANYTHING. The cold weather gear would help to keep me motivated to run throughout the winter in the cold.

  354. 398

    My goal is to keep running without getting injured (by stretching and cross training)!

  355. 399
  356. 400

    I want to run a half marathon in less than two hours

  357. 401

    To challenge myself

  358. 402

    Continue my Half training…run a Half under 2 hours & try to remain injury-free.

  359. 403

    Coming off a back injury, I’ll need to start over with running.

  360. 404

    My goal is to participate in different races this year. I have qualified for Boston but won’t do it until 2015. So my goal is too have fun!

  361. 405

    In the new year, I will be running my first half marathon! I am so excited I have been running for about a year & a half now & I just keep getting faster and better! Plus training will keep me in shape over the winter months :)

  362. 406

    I’m running my first race over 5k- Bay to Breakers in San Francisco!

  363. 407

    In 2014 I’m going to OR in a half marathon

  364. 408

    My goal this year was to work up to running a 5K for the first without stopping- as a complete newbie runner it was really hard, but I did it! I’ve been slacking since the weather got cold though, so my #1 2014 goal is to get back to that point, and goal #2 is to run a 5K in under 30min!

  365. 409

    I’d like to run another half marathon in 2014, but mostly I just want to commit to a regular running schedule. Sometimes training burns me out and then I go weeks without running.

  366. 410
    Danielle Johnson says:

    oh, this year i rocked the loong sloow runs. i need to work on speed in 2014!

  367. 411

    I want to run a sub 29:00 5 k!

  368. 412

    I have gotten out of a regular running routine while trying some other fitness activities. However I’m itching to get back to it. That is the plan for early January!

  369. 413

    I’m running my second half marathon! Hoping to finish just as strong as I felt the first time around.
    Also put my name in for the NYCM lotto, so if the marathon gods pick me I’m hoping to survive my first marathon :)

  370. 414

    I usually just make goals for the year and don’t “resolve” to change anything. I like the idea of working towards something instead of focusing on changing things. I think my biggest goal right now is to PR in a half marathon in 2014! So far my training has been going really well so I think it’s finally in reach!

  371. 415

    We are hosting a new Girls on the Run team at my job – the first one at a community center in my city. I want to help coach as best I can and run with the girls in the final 5k.

  372. 416

    I got a spot on my employer’s Hood to Coast team, so I’m training to make sure I’m fast enough for the relay! :)

  373. 417

    My 2014 goal is to run at least 500 miles and walk 200 miles over the course of the year.

  374. 418
    Nikki Fahey says:

    My running goals are to listen to my body and improve my fitness. Being a runner and a triple jumper my whole life has taken a toll on my body. I strive for balance and consistency with my workouts. I tend to over do it, I feel that if I have more balance Will be A better runner and more productive!
    I love your blog thank you!

  375. 419

    Running my first 10K in Feb!

  376. 420

    A few months ago, I wouldn’t have needed any cold weather gear, but now I do! Resolution-to run more!

  377. 421

    I plan to run more consistently, focus more on form and endurance, and stick with Crossfit to build my strength!

  378. 422

    I am planning to actually get into a running routine this year!

  379. 423

    Shared on Facebook!

  380. 424

    I’m going to run my 3rd marathon and break 4 hours! Your speedy first has inspired me to set a goal and go after it!

  381. 425

    i am REALLY hoping to qualify for boston this year! i’ve run 3 total marathons but the first 2 were not exactly successful…i ran my third in oct and was about 8 min away from a BQ! i do still need to choose a race, but a BQ is my goal!!

  382. 426

    I ran my first 10k this fall so I’d like to do a longer race next year – either a 10 miler or a half (or both)!

  383. 427

    My New Year’s plans include getting faster so that I can BQ!

  384. 428
  385. 429

    I’m coming back from a knee injury I got from running over the summer – my goal is to stay consistent, slowly increase my mileage, but not overdo it!

  386. 430

    I plan to run the BAA 5k, 10k and half marathon in Boston again this year! I also would like to run a race in Maine or New Hampshire in 2014. I really enjoy running in the colder weather so if I were to win these items would come in great use! Thank you for the giveaway!

  387. 431

    I’m running my second half marathon, and my goal is to finish under two hours!

  388. 432

    My goal is to complete my second marathon in 2014….and hopefully PR.

  389. 433

    My (modest!) goal in 2014 is to complete the Couch to 5K program and run at least one 5k. It’s not a lot but I’ve been out of the running game for a really long time and I need to take baby steps!

  390. 434

    I would really love to run a half marathon sometime this year! I really hope that I stick to my goal, and by the end of 2014 can say that I have successfully completed my first of many half marathons! Reading about all of your races has inspired me to complete one of my own!

  391. 435

    In 2014 I will run my first marathon!

  392. 436
    Katie Lesmeister says:

    Get back my endurance since I had a baby this past year & I’m itching to get my speed back!

  393. 437
    Katie Lesmeister says:

    I tweeted!

  394. 438
    Katie kindelan says:

    My goal is to run injury-free in 2014!

  395. 439

    Running a half in jacksonville in Feb!

  396. 440
    Maggie Stapleton says:

    My new years running resolution is to train for a triathlon! I think it’ll be a great way to get back into running after a hiatus.

  397. 441

    I just want to stay healthy next year! Every time I start to get in shape, I get hurt. So I want to be diligent in doing strength exercises and increasing my mileage in a smart way :)

  398. 442

    I hope to complete my second marathon next year. It’s been over 1 year since my first (Oct ’12) and I’ve been running off and on ever since, so I’m feeling anxious to get back into it.

  399. 443

    My 2014 goal is a spring and fall marathon and to take 10 minutes after my last marathon time… I know I can do it!!

  400. 444

    Running my second Half and first ever Pittsburgh Half in May! And if I’m really brave, I might do a Fall Half too. ;)

  401. 445

    I’m having a baby at the beginning of January – so my goal for 2014 is to just get back into running again! I’d love to do a 5k and a half. We’ll see!

  402. 446

    My resolution is to keep up with running in 2014 since I just started in 2013!

  403. 447

    Run more. Run happy. Keeping it simple. :)

  404. 448

    I ended my year with a best time of 3:45:59 for the California International Marathon in Sacramento, CA! I hope to get a little faster next year and qualify for Boston :)

  405. 449

    I am resolving to run my first marathon in 2014.

  406. 450

    I am resolving to run my first marathon in 2014.

  407. 451

    I am resolving to run my first marathon in 2014.

  408. 452

    I am resolving to run my first marathon in 2014.

  409. 453

    I am resolving to run my first marathon in 2014.

  410. 454

    My goal is to sign up for more races because I do better when I’m in training.

  411. 455

    My goal is to run my my first race this coming year!

  412. 456

    In 2014 I want to sign up for a 10 miler!

  413. 457
    Roadrunner says:

    I’m going to stretch during/after every workout!

  414. 458

    I want to run 1 race every month and PR at the Mystery Mountain Marathon!

  415. 459

    Last year I injured myself from overuse, too many races in a short time. I have been SLOWLY recovering ever since. More often than not I have to force myself to stop right as I am getting warmed up because my injury is flaring up. My goal for this next year is to continue to heal and slowly build speed and endurance, but most importantly, to be patient with myself and my body.

  416. 460

    I love headbands more than hats too! My New Years resolution won’t really begin until after my baby is born in February, but it’s to get back into running and enjoy that me time outside. I miss it!

  417. 461

    I am just going to run for fun. I’m not marathon material, but I enjoy a nice leisure run.

  418. 462
  419. 463

    I’m running my first half marathon in March and def need some winter running gear!

  420. 464
    BECKY EVANS says:

    My New Years Running Resolution is to start Running Again , and make the time to do something that is so important to me.

  421. 465

    I just signed up with a group to run 14 races in 2014!!!!!!!
    Woo Hoo, come on 2014, I’m ready~

  422. 466

    I want to travel and run in new areas

  423. 467

    My 2014 goal is to continue being brave to run in DC weather. I have never lived where there was a “winter” so my training has been an

  424. 468

    I am having a baby any day now, but my goal is to get back into running shape and do a race in the spring. I love snowy winter runs!

  425. 469

    I am 11 weeks pregnant so light running and walking for 2014.

  426. 470

    My focus next year is more on pace and speed… I have a few years of running under my belt now and I really want to tackle the half marathon with a shiny new PR.

  427. 471
  428. 472

    I’ll be running my first half and full marathons in 2014 and training for an Ironman! I hope to run happier by finding my happy pace!

  429. 473

    I would like to achieve a new half marathon PR!

  430. 474
    Paige Callahan says:

    my new years running plans are to get completely healthy and have a good outdoor track season for the first time since i’ve been in college!

  431. 475

    I’m hoping to run some faster races in 2014, starting with a half in March. I want to do better at incorporating speed workouts and cross training to help myself be an even better and stronger runner.

  432. 476
  433. 477

    This year, I want to incorporate more strength training and cross training into my weekly schedule.

  434. 478

    Can’t wait for tri season!

  435. 479

    Awesome giveaway! I live in Minnesota, so winter running gear is necessary, and as a new runner, I don’t have very much of it! My 2014 running resolution is to run my first marathon. I am hoping to run Grandma’s in Duluth, MN!

  436. 480

    No huge running plans – I just want to run more and enjoy myself!

  437. 481

    My goals are to increase my speed and do a spring half. And maybe think long and hard about a full… :)

  438. 482

    With a baby due this spring, I’m hoping to run/walk to keep fit before and then run to get back into shape after he arrives!

  439. 483

    to survive my first half marathon feb 2!

  440. 484

    More speed work and intervals.

  441. 485
  442. 486

    My running resolution is to run more in the cold, winter months. This warm gear would definitely help with that!

  443. 487

    My 2014 running resolution is to run as many local races as possible and to run two half marathons. I’ve run three marathons and I’m looking forward to having a more flexible training schedule.

  444. 488
    Alycia Wilson says:

    My 2014 running goal is to focus more on speed and improving my running. I find myself just putting on the cruise control too often. I want to challenge myself. My goal for running happier is to try to focus and enjoy my surroundings more. Plus taking my dog always makes for a happier run.

  445. 489

    I would love to run another half marathon this year, but I really need to get in a lot of miles to train!

  446. 490

    I want to train for a 5k!

  447. 491

    I’m planning on working on speed this upcoming year… Trying to get a little faster while still maintaining my mileage!

  448. 492

    I will be running my second half-marathon in February!

  449. 493
    Paige Callahan says:

    I tweeted! “”

  450. 494

    For 2014 I would like to run more often than I did in 2013 :)

  451. 495

    My resolution is to get back in shape again after a 4 month running hiatus and to enjoy running again without worrying about how fast I am.

  452. 496

    Run first half marathon. It will be tough, but I can do it!

  453. 497

    I would like to run a 10k this year!

  454. 498

    Run a half marathon !

  455. 499


  456. 500

    To have a good core to help with running stronger!

  457. 501

    My big plans for 2014 are to start half marathon training after this baby is born in April, I can’t wait!!!

  458. 502

    My running goal is to run happier, as a matter of fact! After two years of half- and full-marathons, this year I’ll run when I feel like, however I feel like. My goal is to go with the flow, and ENJOY my favorite activity :-)

  459. 503

    My 2014 goal is to run a half-marathon for the first time and not get injured while training for it–shin splints seem to love me!

  460. 504

    My goal is to try the 4-1 training method; 4 minutes of running and 1 minute of walking!

  461. 505

    I ran my first and only race, a half marathon 2 years ago this week and haven’t ran consistently since. I plan to use my winter break from school to get back into running! In 2014 I want to rediscover my love for running!

  462. 506

    My goal is to add more yoga into my routine AND stay injury free.

  463. 507

    ill finish C25K at the end of deDecember and plan to start the Bridge to 10K in January!

  464. 508
    Leslie Donofrio says:

    Anne: Following your marathon training has totally motivated me! My PDR is 6 miles, but my running group is going to train for a half marathon next year and I’m going to do it! Keep up the motivation, it is great. My goal to run happy next year is to be more consistent meeting my group at 7AM on Saturdays.

    Leslie in NY

  465. 509

    My 2014 running goal is to complete another obstacle run. I did a mud run this year and it was so fun I want to run one that is a little more challenging!

  466. 510

    My goal is continue to be patient while I’m injured and cross train so that when I can run, I’m ready and will be injury free!

  467. 511

    I ran my first full marathon this fall, so next year I want to focus on getting faster in the half distance.

  468. 512

    I want to run another marathon in 2014!

  469. 513

    I am excited to have a 2-month break from grad school this spring, so I’m hoping to fill up that free time with my first Ragnar (Madison to Chicago) and my first full marathon (St. Paul)! To run happier, my goal is to be less hard on myself if I end up straying from my training schedule. If I get a crappy night of sleep the night before my long run day or if the weather doesn’t cooperate, I’m learning that it’s ok to change it up, take a relaxing yoga class and hit the long run a day or two later!

  470. 514

    I started 2013 with a goal to work on speed and get a sub-25 min 5k. Mid-year, I switched my goal to run my 1st marathon in 10 years. For 2014, I’d like to work on speed again and attempt that sub-25.

  471. 515

    I shared on Twitter.

  472. 516

    Train, run and finish my third half marathon! Can’t wait to start! Love spring running. There’s nothing better when you live in Wisconsin and sometimes go weeks without being able to get outdoors in the winter!

  473. 517
    Veronica G. says:

    What an awesome giveaway! My goals for the new year is run my first half marathon! I am also toying with the idea of trying to do the NYC marathon, but I don’t know if I will feel ready for that yet! I’ll see how the half marathon goes first!

  474. 518
    mary matheson says:

    My husband and I began our resolution early…we signed up for a 5k race and walked it. We plan on participating in more in 2014!

  475. 519
    Anne Heisler says:

    More winter running is my first goal and I’m getting an early start!

  476. 520

    Last year I had my first baby AND ran my first half marathon – something I never dreamed I’d be able to accomplish. SO, since I did that this year (followed by my 2nd half), I think I can really dream big for 2014! I’d like to run the Nashville Rock n Roll half (I’ve heard it’s a challenge!) and two or three more throughout the year!

  477. 521

    I ran my first half marathon this past Fall, and am now a running addict! My goal for next year is to break 2 hours in my half marathon at the end of February. Running with the November Project in Boston is helping me get closer to that goal, and definitely makes me run happy with a whole support group surrounding me (and keeping me warm during these freezing mornings we’ve been having!)

  478. 522

    I just ran my first half marathon today (in the wonderful NYC snow lol), so my running goals for 2014 are about quality, not quantity. I need to remember to stretch properly and take care of my body so that I can work on improving my 5K, 10K, and half marathon times :) (The Adapt Glove II would have been perfect for the race today- definitely adding that to my christmas list!)

  479. 523

    My goal for 2014 is to run more small, local races to support the local community instead of only looking for big RnR-style races :)

  480. 524

    My goal is to train for a 10K as I’ve never ran one before and only do 5K races really.

  481. 525

    My goals for 2014 are to run my first 50 mile ultra marathon!! I’m going to run happier next year by spending more time running on the trails with my dogs =)

  482. 526

    Running my first half marathon in April! So excited!

  483. 527

    I need speed work!

  484. 528

    Just to start running regularly again! I took too much time off in 2013.

  485. 529

    Running a half marathon this year! :)

  486. 530

    I also shared a link on Facebook!

  487. 531

    I would love to do another half marathon! Maybe attempt a second full marathon :)

  488. 532

    I am looking forward to improving my 10k this next year, and consider another half marathon :)

  489. 533

    I have done so many things to better myself this last year. I completely changed my eating and exercising habits. Though I am really active running has never really been a go to cardio workout for me but I hope to change that in the upcoming year. I want to start doing 5k’s and other runs with my friends.

  490. 534

    My running goal for 2014 is to be more consistent with my training. This January will mark my 3 year run-iversary and although I’m happy that I can call myself a runner, I wish that I was progressing at a better pace. I’m still much slower than I’d like to be, and I know that it is due to my lack of consistency. I’ve joined a training group/running class that meets twice a week, and my goal is to also run with my dog twice a week (she needs it too!). Hopefully once I’ve stuck with this plan for a few months, I’ll add in cross training and strength training. My ultimate goal would be to get a new 10 miler PR at Cherry Blossom in April!
    Thanks for keeping your readers motivated! Your blog posts make me wish I lived in DC, or at least close enough to run there!

  491. 535

    My goal is to get faster and run more trail races!

  492. 536
    Jayme Riley says:

    training for and completing my first half marathon!

  493. 537

    I want to get faster and sign up for a full marathon!

  494. 538

    I have a goal to run my first full marathon in 2014!

  495. 539

    I want to sub-90 a half!

  496. 540

    I’m still trying to figure out what my goal is for 2014 with running. In 2013 I ran a race a month + my first 2 half marathons. It was a HUGE year of running for me that I’m not even sure where to start thinking about 2014.

  497. 541

    My goal for 2014 is to run 2 half-marathons. Something has always come up when it came to doing my second, but this year I don’t want to miss out!

  498. 542

    I plan to start training for a spring half marathon on January 2nd!

  499. 543

    My running resolution for next year is to restart! I really want to do a 5k in the spring, 10k in the summer and I’m crossing my fingers for my first half marathon on my 25th birthday in the fall! I started running this past spring but had serious IT band issues so I’m currently in physical therapy to resolve the issues and hit the pavement again! :)

  500. 544

    I started running towards the end of the summer to start exercising on a regular basis. I used the couch to 5k app and it’s helped me start running and improve my time. As a result, I’ve run the 5k Color Run and the 5k Ugly Sweater Run. For 2014, I plan to improve my time and work on running a 10k by the summer time if I continue to run through the winter. I see your posts and know its possible to keep training; thanks for the inspiration :)

  501. 545

    My resolution is to enjoy running more rather than making myself train and/or just do it to work out.

  502. 546

    There’s still a lot of winter left after the new year, so my resolution is not to let the weather deter me from getting it done!

  503. 547

    I’m running my first half marathon (The DC Rock & Roll) this March! I’m training through the winter, so these would be great things to win!!!

  504. 548

    My biggest running plan for 2014 is to do another marathon – faster than I did it this year and also to begin coaching and volunteering more. I will run happier by not overscheduling – did 26 races this year – too many!

  505. 549
  506. 550

    Can you share what your weekly fitness regime looks like? You always post and share about your great awesome runs, which make me want to run all the time, everyday, but I know a runner’s body needs cross-training and strength. Can you share how you incorporate other aspects of fitness into your running routine each week?

  507. 552
    Jennifer Burke says:

    Love your posts! I am graduating in May with a degree in Dietetics and really enjoy reading about your life as an RD. My goal for 2014 is a sub-2 hour half marathon and a full marathon in 2015! I’m going to run happier in 2014 by stressing less and running more!

  508. 554

    Super cute accessories! I’m planning to run happy in 2014 by running more – being better about scheduling the runs in and getting them done. Hoping for a new half marathon PR too! Happy weekend to you!

  509. 555

    My run happpy resolution for 2014 is to beat my 10k PR and to just keep getting out there amid grad school craziness!

  510. 556

    After running 9 races this year to qualify, my main goal is to run my first marathon at the NYCM in November. I also want to get through 2014 injury free, and hopefully PR a half marathon while I’m at it. This list is starting to look ambitious…

  511. 557

    1/2 marathon in the spring and another in the fall!

  512. 558

    My running resolution is to listen to my body so I CAN run injury free all year. Two frustrating injuries sidelined me quite a bit this year and gosh did I miss running. Am faithful to Brooks and would love sneakers or equipment. Great motivation to start on the right foot in the new year.

  513. 559

    I would love for my husband to run with me!

  514. 560

    I would like to run a marathon. Thanks

  515. 561

    I would like to run more often for 2014.

  516. 562

    In 2014, I would love to heal my relationship with running – to reconnect with the healthy HAPPY things that running has brought to my life. This past year, I got fixated on numbers and turned running into another chore. It was a bit of a slump. I’ve recently started to change this and can’t wait to see where running takes me in 2014. Here’s to health and happiness as I put one foot in front of the other!

  517. 564

    I’m running my first marathon after the new year, awesome!

  518. 565

    I’d like to continuously run a 5k

  519. 566

    After my 3rd baby arrives in February and I can run longer than 2 minute intervals at a time, I’m going to use running in 2014 as my way to get back in shape, spend quality time with my older children (they bike or ride in stroller) and get back to running with my friends!

  520. 567

    I signed up for the More/Fitness Women’s half marathon in Central Park in April of 2014. It will be my first half marathon ever!

  521. 568

    I’m signed up to run 14 races this year. Last year I ran 15, so I’m hoping to run at least that many!

  522. 569

    I am currently 5 months pregnant. For now I am just so grateful for every day that I can still run comfortably. Once the baby is born, I look forward to getting my fitness level back up and I am hoping to run at least a half marathon in the fall. It will be exciting to teach our daughter about the joys of fitness and running from an early age (from the comfort of her stroller, of course)!

  523. 570

    Goal is to run a half marathon!

  524. 571

    After medical issues last year and a hip injury this year, I am determined to stay healthy and run a marathon in 2014, MCM if I get in. And I need some good accessories to stay warm training up north!!

  525. 572

    After suffering from a minor foot surgery and IT band issues in 2013 I am determined to run at least 2 half marathons in 2014. I am ending the year on a positive note and running a 10K next weekend :)

  526. 573

    My running goals for 2014 are to work on my trail running and run my first half marathon!

  527. 574

    My goal for 2014 is to be more consistent in my running and to complete another half marathon. I also hope to become a little faster!

  528. 575
    Carolyn St. Laurent says:

    I’ve signed up for my first race in 2014 (its just a 5K so nothing too exciting) and I want to do 100 consecutive days of running (NO EXCUSES!) in 2014

  529. 576

    The triathlon! I did a few sprints, but would like to do an olympic this spring!

  530. 577

    My two big goals for 2014 are finish a half marathon and a Tough Mudder. I don’t care about times as long as I survive! LOL

  531. 578

    I’d like to run my first 5K!

  532. 579

    I’d like to start by running a mile..and then on to a 5k!

  533. 580

    I plan on running all of the Kentucky Derby Festival races in 2014! There is a 5k, 10k, 10 miler, and a mini marathon (or marathon but I’m going with the mini)! I hope to get a PR in the half marathon!

  534. 581

    My goal is to move on to a longer race, either a 10k or Half, or maybe both :)

  535. 582

    I also tweeted!

  536. 583

    I’m going to run my 1st marathon – the Rock n’ Roll in DC!

  537. 584
  538. 585

    Hi Anne! In February 2013, I had never ran further than 3 miles. I finally hit 4 miles that month and it was on – my goal was to complete a half marathon and I did that twice! I ran the Philly Rock n Roll half in September and the Disney Wine & Dine Half in November. This year my resolution is to run a FULL Marathon! But not to just run it to complete it – but I’m going to take my diet and training very seriously and to do the best I possible can. When I cross that finish (fingers crossed!) I will know that I did the best I could! I’m signed up and ready to go for the Wineglass Marathon in October 2014 and can’t wait.

  539. 586

    Since starting a new career as an Endurance Half Marathon Fundraising Manager for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation I have been inspired to start running again and more than just one mile. 2014 I will take on local 5K’s and 10k”s in hopes to run a Half for the organization either in Winter 2014 or Spring 2015! Many of our participants either have not run and this is their first time or this is there 3rd and 4th. I look forward to our trainings on the beach here in South Florida!

  540. 587

    My main goal for 2014 is to finally run a marathon in June – after Dallas was cancelled a week ago. And to help myself move on and RUN HAPPY, I have planned my training schedule with some local races as training runs. I have a hydration pack on my Christmas list to make training a little easier too. Merry Christmas!

  541. 588

    I signed up for my first 10k. Fingers crossed…

  542. 589

    My 2014 Running Resolution is to run my first 1/2 Marathon! :)

  543. 590

    Although it doesn’t sound like a lot to most…I plan on a 10k in 2014. I’ve enjoyed doing longer distance… !
    We shall see how I fair!


    Fingers crossed….

  544. 591
    Jessica S. says:

    Consistency and balance are a couple of my running goals for next year. I’d like to run on a regular basis but also mix up my work routine between running and cycling. I have my eye on a 10k by year end. :)

  545. 592

    I am dedicated to completing my first half. I also want to finish my first tri! woo big goals but I will accomplish them!

  546. 593

    I’m hoping to run my first half (Nike Women’s in DC!) and more importantly, stay injury-free in the New Year!

  547. 594

    My goal for 2014 is to break 2 hours in the half. I just missed it during my last half, so very hopeful for my next!

  548. 595

    I am planning to run my first half marathon this coming year and I hope to break my 7 minute mile time!

  549. 596

    Im aiming for my first marathon this year!

  550. 597

    I want to run a marathon in 2014!

  551. 598
    Natalie P. says:

    I would love to get a new PR in the 10k! I’m really happy with my 5k and half marathon times but for some reason, my 10k is so much slower than either of those! So excited for this giveaway!!!

  552. 599
    Kristin S. says:

    I’m training for my first marathon in March! I’m already five weeks into training; hooray for running resolutions!

  553. 600

    I am terrible at getting into a good winter running routine, so I’d love some awesome gear to get me going!

  554. 601

    I’m due any day now with my second baby, and had to stop running early in the pregnancy. My goal for the new year is to get back into it!

  555. 602

    My goal is to run a trail race and improve my half marathon time to 1:50!

  556. 603

    In 2014 I am hoping to run my first 10k!

  557. 604

    last year, I got super fast, but ended up with a stress fracture in my foot. this year, I’m hoping to get my fast pace back, without overtraining!

  558. 605

    My running resolution is to join my friend Jamie in running a 10 K in September of 2014, a week before her birthday. She’s turning 45 and is such an inspiration to me. I hope to be there for her and to have the strength to run along the way with her.

  559. 606
  560. 607

    to run a 5k

  561. 608

    My goal is to do more outdoor running this winter. Last year I was really good about getting out and braving the cold because I was training for a January marathon. So far, this winter, the treadmill and I have become BFFs. I am starting to miss the great outdoors.

  562. 609

    My goal is to just get out more and do instead of thinking about doing!

  563. 610

    I started running more and more in the late Summer early Fall…I could get myself up to 4 miles without wanting to quit. So my goal is get that number up and hopefully run a 10K in the near future.

  564. 611

    hmm, i guess to be more consistent. i ran my 7th half in october last year, but not fast and it was not so fun, because i got in my long runs but wasn’t great about my runs during the week (I like circuit/ strength training SO much more than running so it’s hard for me to convince myself to run– but I really would like to be more consistent and see my times go down!)

  565. 612

    My goal is to get back into a more regular running routine. I’ve been crossfitting regularly but would love to mix it up with regular runs, too!

  566. 613

    PR my half in March.

  567. 614

    My goal is to PR my half marathon and 10-miler in the spring. Another big goal of mine is to continue strength-training and/or yoga while I’m training for races. I love your blog, by the way — very inspirational!

  568. 615

    I want to get back into road races … looking at some 10K’s to start 2014 off on the right foot!

  569. 616

    i’m hoping to get more long distance runs in 2014. i only did one half in 2013, and i’d like to do at least 2 or even 3 in 2014.

  570. 617

    Goal is a half marathon but first a 10 miler!! 2014 is going to be awesome!!

  571. 618

    My goals for 2014 are to do a 5K under 30min and to complete the half marathon I signed up for!

  572. 619

    Goals for 2014 are to run a 10 miler (just found out this morning got into the Cherry Blossom 10 miler!) and hopefully a half marathon. Any suggestions for a good first half marathon in the DC area? I was originally thinking the Zooma Annapolis half marathon in May but after reading your post on it, am worried it might be too hot and hilly for a first one.

    • 620

      I’d recommend the DC Rock n Roll in March! Great course. I love the Nike Women’s Half in DC in April, too, but it’s sold out already. Have fun at Cherry Blossom!

  573. 621

    My running goals for 2014 are to just run more! I have slacked off once I started bootcamp so I want to make it a goal to run on my non-bootcamp days more to build my endurance back up!