Dinner at Sea Catch in Georgetown

Hello friends!

I hope you’re all having a nice week so far. My vacation continues to be lovely :) It’s so nice to have a break! I went out to dinner last night with my dad at one of my favorite D.C. restaurants — Sea Catch, in Georgetown.


I absolutely love this place and jumped at the chance to have a dinner date there with my dad. We had quite the feast!

First up — wine, obvi. Chardonnay for me, please!


Then — salads! I had a refreshing avocado and grapefruit (!) salad:


And a mixed greens salad for my dad:


Both were perfect for a hot summer night! I love fruit in salad. I need to do this more often at home, I’ve decided.

Next up — my dad ordered some oysters. I stole one ;)


Slimy and delicious!

For my entree, I ordered the crab cakes. Sea Catch has, as far as I’m concerned, among the very best crab cakes in D.C. So good.


I liked the slaw that came on the side, too!


Plus some mixed sautéed veggies. Nice and garlicky :)


My dad ordered the special of the day… I can’t remember the name of the fish but it came out whole! Eeek! (Avert your eyes if you don’t want to see a fish looking at you in the next photo!)



What you lookin’ at?”

Our server filleted it table-side — now that takes some serious skill. We were sufficiently impressed :)


What a wonderful meal! We capped it off with some fresh berries with a touch of cream for dessert. :) Plus decaf cappuccinos, since we’re classy like that.


Thanks for a fun dinner, dad!

This morning, I was up bright and early to meet my friend Ashley for a run. We met at one of our favorite spots — the C&O Canal!


I LOVE running on the canal. Nice and flat and scenic, too! We ran 4 miles in a comfortable 37:51, for an average pace of 9:23. We were chatting away the whole time :)

I’m off to relax — have a great day!

p.s. Want to go to the sold out Healthy Living Summit but didn’t get a ticket? Attune Foods is hosting a giveaway for a ticket — check it out! I’ll be at HLS and would love to see you there :)


  1. 1

    Really craving some good seafood… feeling deprived since we aren’t making a trip to the shore this year!

  2. 2

    Looks totally deeeeelish!

    I love the oysters there….Mmmmm!

  3. 3


  4. 5

    I work in Foggy Bottom but I’ve never seen Sea Catch! It looks great; I may have to go there soon…I’m a BIG fan of crab cakes and those look DELICIOUS!!!!!!

  5. 6

    That place looks great!!

  6. 7

    I’m just outside DC/Georgetown and hadn’t heard of Sea Catch but that sounds like a great dinner. Now I’m craving crab cake :D Just found your blog and am enjoying looking through old posts! I’m a pretty new blogger but it’s always fun finding someone near me, even if it’s just temporary!

  7. 9

    Wow – I hadn’t heard of Sea Catch before your post. Next time I convince someone to take me to a nice dinner, this will be my suggestion.

    I also love running on the C&O Canal, but I haven’t done it in a really long time. I was telling Jess from Jess Runs that we should organize a DC-area bloggers/readers group run soon!

  8. 11

    Love the photos along the canal. You are lucky to be able to visit such beautiful places. I used to walk along the bayous in south Louisiana. Wish I had some photos to remember them by now that I’m living in land locked country.

  9. 13

    Great photos and eats! You are one lucky duck :)

  10. 14

    Looks like a great meal :)

  11. 15
    Pat Elsberry says

    Looks like a great restaurant! I’m sorry I didn’t know about it when we were just in Georgetown 2 weeks ago! So nice that you got to have a father-daughter date night! :)

  12. 16

    Looks wonderful! Even better that you got to enjoy this special meal with your dad.

  13. 17

    The food looks wonderful. I had a whole fish put in front of me one time and I put my napkin over the head. Yuk. Both of your dishes looks delicious. Hope you both had a great time.

  14. 18

    You’re making DC look so lovely, Anne! I need to plan another trip out there. :) I love that city!

  15. 19

    Sea Catch is wonderful. Thx for sharing. Gotta get back there.

  16. 20

    Don’t blame you for having the server filet that fish for you. Looked delicious! Next time I’m in DC for sure…

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