Cabot Adventures in Maine + a #CabotFit Inspired Giveaway!

Hi friends! As you know, I was in Portland, Maine over the weekend with Cabot and some fellow bloggers as part of their Cabot Fit Team! I was on the original Cabot Fit Team back in 2013 and am so honored to have been selected to be on the team again this year. (Bloggers – they fill their team via an application process, so if you’re interested, apply next year!) A huge thank you to Cabot for having me!

cabot fit at pineland farm

We had a great group for this year’s Cabot Fit Team! 2015 members:

We were also joined by Sara Wing, Cabot’s on-staff dietitian, and Regan Jones, a dietitian who does freelance consultant work for Cabot and mans their @CabotRD Twitter account.

Also, I was finally reunited with the coolest minivan in the world. ;) Yes, that says “Random acts of cheddar.” Sometimes we’d be riding in it and people would smile and wave and I’d be kind of confused until I remembered we were in an awesome plaid van. Lol!


You guys know I’m a big Cabot fan – not just of the cheese, but also the company – everyone I’ve met that works there is so passionate about what they do. Cabot Creamery is a cooperative made up of 1,200 family dairy farms located throughout New England and New York, and 100% of their profits go back to their farmers. We know them best for their (amazing) cheddar cheese (Alpine Cheddar and Seriously Sharp are my faves), but they also produce yogurt, cottage cheese, and other products, like this awesome Cabot cheddar shake (great on popcorn!).

If you’re ever in Portland, check out their Cabot Farmers’ Annex store for cheese samples and other fun goodies! :)



Fun fact: the different variations of Cabot cheese (e.g. sharp, extra sharp) aren’t specifically made – they are decided with a taste test! Awesome job, right? Apparently the flavor varies based on how long the cheese is aged, what temperatures are used during ageing, and even the time of year, because cows diets will change based on season, which affects the flavor of their milk! Cool. Also, did you know it takes 1.16 gallons of whole milk to make one pound of cheddar cheese? Wow!

Speaking of cows, on Saturday we enjoyed a tour of Pineland Farms, which is an educational/recreational area as well as a 5,000 acre working farm in Cabot’s network.


This cow’s name is Hemi, and she’s quite famous!


Most of the cows were inside staying cool, though, since it was noon when we were there. These calfs were our favorite. So cute!


adorable calf

Every time I go on a farm tour I’m reminded how much hard work it is to maintain a farm. Mad respect to all the farmers out there – thank you for doing what you do!


cabot fit with cows

The other thing that kept me busy while in Maine, besides the Beach to Beacon 10k (race recap coming soon!), was lobster eating. I made it my personal mission to eat all lobster, all the time. Because, when in Maine…

Here’s lobster roll #1 (dinner at the adorable Higgins Beach Inn, where we stayed again this year).


Lobster roll #2 (from the Higgins Beach Market) – that was a whole 1/2 lb. of lobster and it was seriously as big as my head. I didn’t quite finish but I made it close. ;)



Moving on from lobster rolls to lobster pasta for my dinner on Saturday night post-race – this was a tasty seafood smorgasbord from Joe’s Boathouse in south Portland.


My last lobster dish went unphotographed, but I had one final taste of lobster at breakfast Sunday morning at the Higgins Beach Inn before leaving: the lobster eggs benedict. Don’t mind if I do!

Don’t worry, I ate some veggies, too. ;) Appetizer salads ftw.



And now, as a thank you to you guys for sharing in my Cabot adventures, I’ve got a fun Cabot Fit Team-themed giveaway for you guys!

One fANNEtastic blog reader will win a both a special Cabot Fit team edition FitKit and a Cabot gift box (both pictured below). The FitKit includes: tubing with handles, flat resistance band, jump rope, emergency ID tag, reflective arm band, exercise cards, tips and more. Nice for travel! And the gift box includes a variety of delicious Cabot cheddar cheese, so you can make sure you refuel from all that fitness. :)

cabot fit team giveaway

Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below! U.S. residents only, please. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Stay tuned for my Beach to Beacon 10k race recap, coming soon – and another HUGE thank you to Cabot for having me this past weekend, and for covering most of my trip expenses! It was an honor to be there.


  1. 1

    I love the vermont sharp cheddar cheese!

  2. 2

    I’m in love with Cabot’s Vermont Cheddar, but I love all the cheese.

  3. 3
    ColleenMarie says

    I would like to try the Sharp Extra Light Cheddar Cheese

  4. 4

    Love the seriously sharp cheddar, it makes the best mac and cheese. Also like the bacon cheddar with crackers. Great trip, Portland is aweseome.

  5. 5

    Those lobster rolls…look amazing. I feel liek a trip to Red Lobster wouldnt even come close to those delish bites, but it may have to suffice as I’m now craving lobster! Looksl ike you had a blast; can’t wait for the race recap!

    As for cheese…who could decide? All the cheese, all the time sounds good to me :)

  6. 6

    All the cheese + All the lobster = The Good Life :)

    So good spending time with you this weekend. Now, can’t wait for another #fANNEFall :)

  7. 8

    The vermont sharp cheddar is my favorite! I’d love to try the garlic and herb cheddar too

  8. 9

    I have never tried Cabot cheese, but I would like to try any of the Cheddars, especially that White Oak!

  9. 10

    My favorite cabot cheese is the seriously sharp cheddar.

  10. 11

    Sharp cheddar for the win! Yum, cheese…

  11. 12

    I love the Vermont sharp cheddar!

  12. 13

    Glad you had fun up here in Maine! It was a hot day for the race for sure! That cheese all looks delicious!

  13. 14

    Extra sharp cheddar, of course!

  14. 15

    I would really like to try the sharp cheddar!

  15. 16

    I’d love to spend some time travelling in New England one day. It looks like it’s a beautiful area, especially in the fall with the leaves changing color. Sounds like you guys managed to find a lot of delicious food!

  16. 17

    That whole trip (and all the lobster) looks amazing! I love their white cheddar the best!

  17. 18

    Can’t go wrong with Pepper Jack, but I’d love to try the Everything Bagel Cheddar!

  18. 19
    Stacie Smith says

    I have always been a fan of sharp cheddar cheese, but I usually like some swiss on my sandwiches. I love Maine. My mother’s side of the family is from Princeton and Bangor. You need to visit Acadia National Park and go to BAH HAHBAH (a.k.a. Bar Harbor).

    • 20

      I am dying to check out Acadia! I have been to Bar Harbor (bah hahbah, lol!) — went last year with Wild Blueberries and it was lovely!! Wish I’d had time to check out the park while there!

  19. 21

    So fun’. I have always wanted to go to Maine! That is on my bucket list :)

  20. 22

    Delicious! All kids of sharp cheddar are my favorites.

  21. 23

    I’m a simple girl, so the extra sharp cheddar is my favorite. Nothing better to eat straight or stacked in a grilled cheese.

  22. 24

    Swiss will always be my favorite kind! :)

  23. 25

    Cute cows!

  24. 26
    Kristina N. says

    I’ve tried a few, but I can’t seem to get away from the seriously sharp!

  25. 27

    love the seriously sharp cheddar! years ago when i lived in vermont they had one called “truck driver cheddar” and that was amazing and SUPER sharp :)

  26. 28

    I’ve got my eye on the seriously sharp and colby jack! My mom ONLY bought colby jack growing up and it brings back so many memories of my parents dairy farm.

  27. 29

    I would love to try seriously sharp!

  28. 30

    Such fun adventures and congrats on your PR! My fave is Seriously Sharp! :)

  29. 31

    Vermont cheddar is my fav!

  30. 32

    I’m so jealous you are in Maine. What a beautiful state!

  31. 33

    I’m all about the cheddar!

  32. 34


  33. 35

    I love anything cheddar but white cheddar is my fave!

  34. 36

    I keep things delicious and basic with sharp classic cheddar!

  35. 37

    I love the white cheddar!

  36. 38
    tammy shelton says

    I want to try the White Oak Cheddar first, but they all look delish.

  37. 39

    i love the seriously sharp cheddar! yumm

  38. 40

    All that lobster and cheese looks amazing!

  39. 41

    I swear I could live off cheese….and lobster lol.

  40. 42

    I used to live in Boston and LOVE Cabot cheese. It’s a lot harder to find since I moved to the West Coast, so that gift box would be an amazing taste of home!

  41. 43

    I love Cabot! Especially their light sharp cheddar. The only light cheese I’ve tried that still has a ton of flavor!

  42. 44

    I love Cabot cheese for happy hour – especially their pre-sliced packages! Perfect for a cheese platter that looks way harder than it actually is!

  43. 45

    Love the van! I want to try all the cheese-I mean, it’s cheese!

  44. 46
    Kelly Dooley says

    I love their sharp cheddar!!

  45. 47
    Catherine W says

    Extra Sharp Cheddar and some crackers is my favorite snack these days!

  46. 48

    I’ve never tried cabot cheese before, but I would love to try their sharp cheddar!

  47. 49
    Emily Root says

    Love all of their cheddars!

  48. 50

    I love their seriously sharp, but what I have been dying to try is the everything bagel cheese…. sounds so amazing!

  49. 51

    I love sharp cheddar so I would have to go with that! I love that you got to visit the farm! The cows are so pretty!

  50. 52

    Looks so fun! Love Cabot cheese (especially the sharp cheddar!)

  51. 53

    I’ve never tried any of those flavors, but they all look good!

  52. 54

    I love cheese of all kinds! No discrimination here!

  53. 55

    I love cabot cheese! the sharp cheddar is so good!

  54. 56

    I love sharp cheddar.

  55. 57

    they all look good!

  56. 58

    I thought I didn’t like lobster until I went to Maine :)
    The Seriously Sharp cheddar is my favorite.

  57. 59

    The sharper, the better!

  58. 60

    My favorite is the sharp cheddar.

  59. 61

    I don’t think I’ve had the alpine cheddar, I must try it!

  60. 62

    sharp cheddar!

  61. 63

    Seriously Sharp is definitely my favorite! But let’s be honest…I’ll eat almost any cheese.
    I’ll have to give lobster another try sometime…the only time I had it was at a Chinese wedding and it prepared….very different than the American way. Those rolls look delicious!

  62. 64

    I love Cabot’s cheddar! What a great trip!

  63. 65

    I love ALL Cabot cheeses! The Extra Sharp White Cheese is my favorite, though. Thank you for the chance to win. :)

  64. 66
    Christina says

    I love aged cheeses, so the NY Vintage Aged Cheddar sounds delicious to me.

  65. 67
    Meghan W. says

    I’ve never tried Cabot cheese, but the sharp seems to be a favorite so that’s probably the one I’d try first!

  66. 68

    The Seriously Sharp Cheddar is my favorite!

  67. 69
    Anna Carlen says

    Pepper Jack, of course!!

  68. 70

    I’ve never had seriously sharp but it sounds amazing!

  69. 71

    I’ve never tried Cabot before, but the sharp cheddar sounds great for grilled cheeses!

  70. 72

    I want to try Cabot cheddar cheese.

  71. 73
    Kate McHugh says

    Sharp cheddar is my favorite of all time. Such a good cheese!!

  72. 74

    Looks tasty!

  73. 75

    Vermont sharp cheddar! :)

  74. 76

    I love Cabot’s seriously sharp cheddar – it is delicious!

  75. 77

    I’ve never had Cabot cheese.
    I’d like a sharp cheddar one though.

  76. 78

    I’ve actually never had their cheese, but I do love the Greek yogurt.

  77. 79

    I would love to try the chipotle cheddar cheese!

  78. 80

    I’m a cheddar kind of girl, but would love to try any of the flavors! I love sampling new cheeses!

  79. 81
    lisa k suchon says

    Never tried Cabot, but would love to try the Sharp Extra Light Cheddar Cheese

  80. 82

    Everything bagel cheddar!

  81. 83

    Love extra sharp cheddar!

  82. 84

    What an amazing trip! Lobster and cheese are two of my favorite things ;) I’d say my favorite Cabot cheese is the Seriously Sharp Cheddar.

  83. 85
    Kate Stephens says

    I’d like to try the hot habanero cheddar!

  84. 86

    I love the sharp cheddar! So interesting that the types are decided by taste test only!

  85. 87

    I would like to try the Alpine Cheddar.

  86. 88

    It’s all about that cheddar.

  87. 89

    I’d like to try the garlic and herb – yum!!

  88. 90

    I would like to try the seriously sharp cheddar!

  89. 91

    My favorite cheese is the Extra Sharp White Cheddar Cheese. It is wonderful. I love cheese with a bite.

  90. 92

    Sharp Cheddar for me!

  91. 93
    Lacey McGarry says

    Sharp cheddar is the best!

  92. 94

    Sharp Cheddar is my favorite by far!

  93. 95

    I’d love to try the Seriously sharp, but my favorite is cheddar jack!

  94. 96

    I love their cheese, but I’d really love to ride in that van!!!

  95. 97

    extra sharp cheddar is the BEST!

  96. 98

    I love sharp cheddar!

  97. 99

    I love the habenero cheddar, it is so spicy and so good!

  98. 100

    I would love to try seriously sharp cheddar. Thanks for the giveaway :)

  99. 101

    The Seriously Sharp is amazing!!!!

  100. 102
    John Sheffield says

    So far I like Seriously Sharp the best, but I haven’t tried all the varieties yet.

  101. 103

    I love their seriously sharp cheese!

  102. 104

    Cheese is this best!Love sharp cheese.

  103. 105

    I love all foods that are extra and sharp! (especially cheese)

  104. 106

    I love Hunter’s Seriously sharp but the unique flavor a of cheddar (like farmhouse and alpine) are amazing as well!!!

  105. 107
    Ashley Selvey says

    Mmm…sharp cheddar! I can’t wait to get off work and go home to my Cabot cheese stash!

  106. 108
    Kristi Sander says

    Vermont sharp cheddar – heavenly!

  107. 109

    My favorite is the seriously sharp cheddar!

  108. 110
    Alison H. says

    I love the Vermont Cheddar!

  109. 111

    Extra sharp is always the way to go!

  110. 112

    Lobster eggs Benedict sounds incredible! Lobster is so EXPENSIVE here!!! Love it though!

  111. 113
    Jessica C says

    I have never tried Cabot cheese but would love to try the Vermont Cheddar!

  112. 114

    I tried one of their specialty oaked cheddars earlier this summer and it was perfect with a cold glass of chardonnay!

  113. 115
    Roadrunner says

    Light cheddar! And looks like a great adventure…

  114. 116

    I love the Cabot Private Stock cheddar. So tangy and delicious.

  115. 117

    I’ve never met a cheese I didn’t like…I want to eat them all!

  116. 118

    Mmmm all about the sharp cheddar. Cheese + lobster (though not together) will make me run any race :D.

  117. 119
    Kelley Ferguson says

    Sharp cheddar is my favorite, but I’m always up for trying a new flavor! Love Cabot!

  118. 120

    I don’t know if I’ve ever eaten Cabot cheese. I love sharp cheddar though. I bet theirs is awesome!

  119. 121

    Love the cheese, like the exercise equipment. I guess they kin d of cancel each other out, dietwise?

  120. 122

    I like the light cheddar

  121. 123

    What a fun trip! I saw Deanna’s post on IG and was so excited for you both! It looked like a great trip. I actually was just tweeting CabotRD because ever since I moved back to San Diego I can’t find the reduced sharp cheddar in stores. The one thing I really miss about the mid-west is that they always had it!

  122. 124

    Wow those lobster rolls look amazing! I’m visiting Portland next month so I will have to check out the Cabot Annex!

  123. 125

    I’d love to try the white oak flavor! I am a huge cheese fan especially on good!

  124. 126

    I love the pepper jack!

  125. 127
    Whitney H says

    Cheddar for sure!!

  126. 128

    that sounds like such a fun trip! :)
    and i’d love the kit and my parents would love the cheese :)

  127. 129

    I don’t have a favorite cheese so I would like to try any of them!

    I have always wanted to go to Maine. It seems like it would be beautiful in the summer. I’m jealous of all of your lobster dishes!!

  128. 130

    Vermont sharp cheddar is definitely my favorite!!

  129. 131

    I also love their sharp cheddar! YUM.

  130. 132
    Holly watson says

    I love all the sharp cheddar all the time!!

  131. 133

    Definitely their sharp cheddar

  132. 134

    Cheddar for sure!

  133. 135

    Sharp Cheddar… yum! :)

  134. 136

    I want lobster so bad now! I’ve never been to the east coast, I can only imagine how good their seafood is.

  135. 137
    Christina C says

    Vermont sharp cheddar!

  136. 138

    I’d love to try the white cheddar!

  137. 139

    I love cheese!! Especially Cabot! My favorite is their cracked pepper and I’ve only found it a few times

  138. 140
    Cheryl Ross says

    Seriously Sharp Cheddar for me.

  139. 141

    I love Cabot sharp cheddar!!!

  140. 142
    Lauren Sullivan says

    I LOVE Cabot’s sharp cheddar!

  141. 143
    Kristen M says

    Sharp cheddar is delicious!

  142. 144
    stephanie sapp says

    Pepper jack

  143. 145
    Stephanie says

    I don’t shop at Walmart except on a quarterly basis to stock up on 2lb blocks of Cabot Extra Sharp Cheddar! Makes killer cheese grits.

  144. 147

    Portland is my absolute favorite city in America! It was my special place to go to during the weekend while I was living in Boston. Now I moved to DC, do you know if there is any city/small town similar to Portland nearby?

  145. 149

    I would like to try the mild cheddar cheese.

  146. 150

    The Chipotle Cheddar sounds yummy!

  147. 151

    I’d love to try the Vermont sharp cheddar!

  148. 152

    Love the Vermont cheddar!!

  149. 153
    brittanie says

    Yum, I love Cabot! I have been loving their yogurt lately!

  150. 154

    I have only tried the various varieties of sharp cheddar, but I would like to try the hot habanero cheddar.

  151. 155

    sharp cheddar!!!

  152. 156

    The seriously sharp yellow cheddar looks fantastic!

  153. 157

    The extra light cheddar!

  154. 158

    I Love Cabot! I went to the creamery about 10 years ago, and I would love to go back. Their cheeses are sooo good. Can’t wait to read the Beach to Beacon recap – my sister ran it again this year and I’ve heard good things :)

  155. 159
    Susan Christy says

    Horseradish Cheddar is my favorite.

  156. 160

    The White Oak Cheddar sounds tasty!

  157. 161

    I like the extra sharp cheddar

  158. 162

    I love cheese. I’ve only had the chance to try Cabot a couple of times, but it was wonderful. I really liked the Vermont Sharp.

  159. 163

    I can’t think of any better prize than cheese! Love the sharp cheddar, the sharper the better.

  160. 164

    When in Maine (my home state) you must eat ALL the seafood! There is nothing like a Maine lobster. Fresh Maine crabmeat is a close second. ;-)

  161. 165

    That lobster roll was huge! I’ll have to check out the Cabot Annex while I’m in Portland in October ????

  162. 166

    sharp cheddar

  163. 167

    Would like to start with mild cheddar, since just starting to eat dairy… the fit kit would be wonderful … thanks, Anne

  164. 168

    I’d like to try their Horseradish Cheddar Cheese Spreadable Cheese

  165. 169

    LOVE cabot cheese! My local Trader Joe’s just started selling their sharp cheddar, and I’m addicted. Sounds like you had a very delicious weekend!

  166. 170
    mary matheson says

    I would love to try the sharp cheddar. By the way, the lobster rolls look delish! Lucky you!

  167. 171

    I gave never tried Cobot cheese, but I am certainly mooing for some. Lol. Thank Anne for being so informative and a great inspiration to us all. You go girl! Hope someday you visit us in Texas.

  168. 173

    Sharp cheddar… I used to dislike it, but it is now my fave!!

  169. 174

    sharp cheddar! Hard to beat an original flavor

  170. 175

    I’ve always been a huge fan of their sharp cheddar. You can’t go wrong with a classic!

  171. 176

    sharp cheddar! i love the strong flavor!

  172. 177

    Ha! You’re a hoot; you had lobster for breakfast too! I love it. I enjoyed hanging out with you during our Cabot Fit team adventure.

  173. 179

    I really love their sharp cheddar cheese.

  174. 180

    Sharp cheddar

  175. 181

    I’m envious of your time spent in Maine! There’s nothing better than summer in New England, ok….maybe fall! I’m thinking I’d like to taste the White Oak Cheddar. Intriguing name!

  176. 182

    I love the Cabot horseradish cheese, but unfortunately it’s hard to find in stores!

  177. 183
    Allison Galassie says

    Any type of cheddar!

  178. 184

    I don’t know if I’ve had Cabot but would love to try their sharp cheddar!

  179. 185

    Love the extra sharp!

  180. 186

    I love the pepperjack the best!

  181. 187

    I love their Seriously Sharp Cheddar.

  182. 188
    Erin Ellis says

    I would love to try their Sharp Cheddar. I have had their Medium Cheddar and it was delish! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  183. 189

    Pepper jack is my favorite, but I’d love to try that cheddar shake too!

  184. 190

    Seriously Sharp for the win!

  185. 191

    Cabot Vermont Sharp Cheddar is so delicious!!

  186. 192

    I love their sharp cheddar!

  187. 193

    I love any kind of sharp cheddar… or just any cheese ever made, ever.

    Also, I’m drooling over all of the delicious lobster! I’m going to be in DC this weekend and I saw online that there’s a place called Luke’s Lobster… any good? Have any must-eats for DC?

  188. 195

    Love sharp cheddar and pepperjack!

  189. 196
    Nicole Carlsburg says

    Cabot Seriously Sharp is the BEST! <3

  190. 197

    I LOVE aged white cheddar.

  191. 198

    probably pepperjack! I only use Cabot cheeses since they are lactose free!

  192. 199

    I love the extra sharp cheddar.

  193. 200

    Cabot is by far my favorite cheese!

  194. 201

    I like their white cheddar! mmm… cheese.

  195. 202
    Allison K. says

    Pepperjack pepperjack pepperjack!

  196. 203

    their sharp cheddar is my absolute favorite!

  197. 204

    I love cheese and Cabot is a favorite.

  198. 205

    I’ve actually never had Cabot (crazy, I know) but would love to try the sharp cheddar :)

  199. 206

    gimme all the CHEDDAH!

  200. 207

    I’d like to try the Sharp Light Cheddar!

  201. 208

    The sharper the better!

  202. 209

    I love Cabot extra sharp cheddar! Looks like you had a great trip.

  203. 210

    I love Cabot cheese! How cool that you were sponsored by them to race! Sounds like a great trip!

  204. 211

    What a great trip! I love extra sharp cheddar cheese

  205. 212

    We love the Cabot sharp cheddar!

  206. 213

    I would like to try the White Oak

  207. 214
    Seema Shirsat says

    Love all the lobster !!!

  208. 215

    Such a tough choice! I would love to try the sharp cheddar!

  209. 216

    I love their hot habanero cheddar cheese

  210. 217

    Mm I’ve been a sharp cheddar girl forever.

  211. 218

    i love all the cabot cheeses! yum yum! congrats on your PR!!

  212. 219

    I’d like to try their different kinds of cheddar cheese!

  213. 220

    I love the Cabot pepperjack!

  214. 221

    I love Cabot cheeses, particularly the sharp cheddar! Thanks for writing about Higgins Beach Inn! I am planning an autumn 2016 New England trip, and now I know where we will stay.

  215. 222
    Elizabeth says

    Cheese, lobster, beautiful scenic run – hard to beat that! Congrats on the PR!

  216. 223

    Extra sharp white!

  217. 224

    Love sharp cheddar!

  218. 225
    Diana Stanhope says

    The sharp cheddar is my favorite, it is the best cheese I have ever had. I can seriously just sit with a block and knife and munch.

  219. 226
    Karen O'B says

    Beach to beacon is onerves of my goals forgetting, back to fit after having a baby this fall!

  220. 227

    Love the cheddar!

  221. 228

    I like the sharp cheddar.


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