Easy Almond Soy Sauce Baked Tofu

I made a delicious creation last night:


Almond Soy Sauce Baked Tofu!

I bought some tofu the other day (extra firm because I’m way too lazy to press it… straight from package to oven is key):


And wanted to do some sort of fun Thai nutty sauce marinade. All the recipes I found online for peanut sauce had a billion ingredients, so I made my own simple version instead :) The star:


Easy Almond Soy Sauce Baked Tofu


  • 1 tsp. almond butter (smooth)
  • 1 tsp. low sodium soy sauce
  • 1/4 tsp. water
  • 2 servings of extra firm tofu


Preheat oven to 350. Mix first three ingredients in a bowl until mostly uniform, then spread on top of tofu. (I made the whole package — about 4 to 5 servings — two of the slices were topped with BBQ sauce just in case this recipe was a fail!)



Pop it in the oven for 30 minutes. That’s it! Delish and super easy :) The marinade came out awesome — I actually liked it even better than the BBQ sauce!


Loved the flavor. Yum! Give it a try :)


In other news, my half marathon race photos are online! There were actually a ton of them! We’ll start with one I have affectionately named “Hot Sunny No Shade Hilly Bridge of Death”:


Followed By: “I Have No Idea Why I’m Doing This To Myself or What I’m Doing With My Hands”:


At least I smiled and waved for this camera (even though my neck seems to have disappeared in the process):


And I look really hardcore and possibly awesome in these (or maybe just like I’m about to cry):

serious serious_2

And then, of course… happy, happy day — THE FINISH!

finishing finishing_2 finishing_3 half_marathon

Seriously, I’ve NEVER been so happy to see a finish line and I LOVE those finish photos! :) I’m actually kind of tempted to shell out the billion dollars for one of them just because I’m so proud of myself for finishing this in such extreme heat. Plus it kind of looks like I’m skipping/flying through the finish line ;) What do you think? Have you ever purchased an official race photo?


  1. 1

    I always eat my tofu this way! It’s awesome. And cold, as leftover in a salad is real good too (hint, my lunch today) :)

    Congrats again on your half-marathon!

  2. 3

    I’ve never bought an official race photo (and I’ve only ever done 2 races), but you can bet I will when I cross the finish line at my first half in October! Providing I’m not crawling or tripping over it, that is, ha!

  3. 4

    Those are some awesome race photos!!! You look so happy crossing the finish line! Congrats!!

  4. 5

    Great pics! I’ve never run a race before but I think I’d have to purchase my official photos crossing the finish line – what a great way to commemorate all of your hard work!

  5. 6

    I say go for it! The $$ is worth it if the pictures make you happy. Also, they confirm your total badass-ery, which is always a plus.

    I have all of those ingredients in my fridge. I NEED to make this for dinner tonight. Thanks for the recipe!

  6. 7

    Your finish line photos ROCK! I think I’d have to buy mine if they were that cool.

    The tofu looks great! Tofu is best when accompanied by some sort of almond/peanut sauce.

  7. 8

    Those pics are awesome! I’ve never purchased a race photo before. I just save all of my race bibs/medals as mementos.

    Those pics seem like such a rip-off to me! I just have a friend snap pics of me when I race.

  8. 9

    Those are GREAT finish line photos! I always seem to be staring at my feet…or stopping my watch…or look like I’m about to vomit…therefore I’ve never purchased a photo from a race. I think next time I’ll have to throw my hands in the air like you did! Congrats again on the awesome finish!

  9. 10

    I love the finish pics! I’ve never seen someone look so joyous at the finish line. Okay, maybe the people who win the NY and Boston marathons look about as joyous, but you are right up there with them on the joy-o-meter. :)

  10. 11

    You look sooo happy at the finish!! OHH I should by the already pressed tofu, I strongly dislike pressing it!!

  11. 12
    Annette Fleishman says:

    Going to make your baked tofu with peanut butter!! And your spinach basil recipe sounds great, and I have basil growing in the yard.

    Good luck with your educational goals.

    annette fleishman

  12. 13
    Sokphal says:

    I like the first waving picture–looks like you are floating. You make it look so easy there. Haha! :)

  13. 14

    you’re so adorable! LOVE these photos :)

  14. 15

    As previously discussed on Gchat – my fave is the no-neck-I’m-so-awesome-I-JUMP-while-I-run pictures! Absolutely perfect. You must purchase this. :)

    I’ve never actually bought a photo, but my parents have ordered a few and done crazy things with them like frame / gift / love them. Then they sit in my room at “home”, and I’m not quite sure what to do witht them. Ha, still, the gesture is nice….

  15. 17

    GREAT pics! I’ve ordered official pics a few times – there are just some races where you just HAVE to!

  16. 18

    I’ve ordered photos twice: the first time I did the Army Ten-Miler, because I was so proud of myself (and because my shirt said “Kick Assphalt”) and after my second half-marathon, because I did it in 24 minutes faster than my first — and the pics were actually great! I feel like if you get good race pics, you should consider buying them — it’s so rare that they come out decently.

  17. 20

    Looks delicious! I can’t wait to try an almond butter sauce. I <3 tofu.

  18. 21

    Tofu and Nut Butter you are a genius! Love it! When it’s all baked it actually looks kind of like BBQ sauce. That was initially what I thought you had put on the tofu.

  19. 22

    Oh, BUY IT! Seriously, after my half-marathon I asked myself the same thing: Is the memory worth the cost? And then the second I heard those words, I knew I had to get one. When is a memory NOT worth the money?!

  20. 23

    I think if I ever ran a race and my finish photo documented any condition other than dead at the end of the race I would shell out the money! If I was smilling or looking cool like you I’d almost pay extra just to find out who the photographer was and send them flowers for making me look so good!

  21. 25

    Great photos! Mine always look ridiculous, but I still buy them. I wonder why sometimes, but then I think it was a huge accomplishment so what the heck. I say go for it. ;)

  22. 26

    I love your finishing photos and if I were you I would shell out the money and purchase them. Why you ask?? Well, I think it is such a great accomplishment you made and you look great in the pictures!! :)

  23. 27

    So, I think you are a genius! Wow, I’ve done the almond butter sauce on veggies but on tofu, now that is beyond brilliant!

    Great photos girl! You are so intense! :)

  24. 28

    ooooh love those finishing photos!!!
    And that tofu…..YUM!!!

  25. 29

    Love the pics! That is so awesome that you ran in that heat, not sure I could have done it. The tofu looks soooo good! Anything with PB is good. And I’m not even a huge tofu lover :)

  26. 30

    WOW what a GREAT tofu recipe! PB is genious.. i need to try it!

  27. 31

    That sauce on the tofu looks yummy! I love Asian flavored sauces. :)


  28. 32

    I love these pictures!!!! haha You look so happy to cross the finish line! I might shell out the cash for my photos, too. I would say it’s worth it considering how proud you are! Years down the line you’re not going to care about the $$, you’ll just be happy thinking of your first half!

  29. 33

    Love all of your race pictures! And that tofu looks really yummy! :)

  30. 34

    Tofu is one thing that always seems to intimidate me. I don’t know what it is. But, that looks so good I might have to give it a shot!!

    I’ve never purchased any race photos, but I’m so tempted to for the 25K I finished last month! It was, by far, one of the biggest accomplishments of my life!

  31. 35

    I’ve never purchased an official race photo, mostly because i’m always scowling or frowning in them! Apparently that is my “concentrating” face when running.

  32. 36

    I’d say go for it and buy the photos! I purchased 2 from my first half marathon and am so glad that I did. In 25 years, the amount of money you spent on them will be irrelevant… but the value of having these photos will be immense.

  33. 37
    Jessica says:

    I think you look kind of badass because you are! LOVE the finish line photos…I kind of want one too! HA! You are amazing!

  34. 39

    Anne…Congratulations on the run.
    I’ve been told that our bodies are made for running, but I don’t believe it…so you can run for both of us!
    I’m really impressed with your blog and I may even try the lunge exercise…!


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