Back in the Game

Good afternoon!

After taking it easy since my half marathon on Sunday (total rest Monday, yoga Tuesday, light elliptical yesterday), I finally made it back to LA Boxing today! I’m feeling good as new. :)

Or at least I was… until I got my butt kicked at my personal training session this morning!


In case you’re new to the blog — I’m currently partnering with LA Boxing! Check out my previous posts for more details, inspiration, and some AWESOME strength training moves you can try out yourself:

This morning, after a quick 5 minute warm up on the elliptical, we got straight to work!


I started with a little drive in the car. (Holding the weight out in front of me and slightly turning it left and right like a steering wheel! SO HARD!)


We then moved on to a series of arm moves:

  • Squatting while lifting the weight straight up with one arm, making a 90 degree angle with my elbow:


  • And squatting while doing tricep presses with the weight:


Next up: leg lifts! This was HARD!



And then I morphed into a sumo wrestler. No big deal.


Heh. This move involved holding a squat while throwing a weighted ball down on the ground as hard as I could, picking up up, and doing it all over again! Try it, it’s kind of fun :)

Then — my arch nemesis came out to play. The TIRE!! Shuffle and roll:


And a series of moves on the tire:

  • Squat while alternating slightly lifting up one leg, then the other, while holding hand weights. Stick your tongue out at the camera because you are tired of squats.


  • Squat on the tire, hold onto something, and do little mini jumps and running in place motions with your feet. You will feel the burn on this one! The tire makes it harder since it’s an unstable surface.


We finished off with the hardest thing ever: wall sits. Yep. They are back with a vengeance.


Hold the weights straight out, hold a wall sit, and lift one leg at a time. Say what?! Don’t be deceived by my smile. Jerome (my trainer) was trying to distract me. But it only worked briefly.


My smile quickly turned into a sad face. This was SO HARD!!


And with that, I was spent.

Have you been giving any of my LA Boxing workout moves a try? How did it go?

p.s. I did a call for this awhile ago, but just wanted to do a reminder — if you have purchased one of my fun fANNEtastic food t-shirt shop shirts, please email me ([email protected] a photo of yourself rocking it! A t-shirt collage post is coming soon ;)

p.p.s. Check out my guest post featuring my 5-minute lunches over at DailySpark today! DailySpark is the daily blog run by the lovely people at SparkPeople, which is the largest health & fitness site in America — and 100% free. They have a great recipe site as well where I’ve uploaded some of my fave recipes — love that it calculates all the nutritional stats for you! Check them out :)


  1. 1

    Man what an intense workout! Love it!

  2. 2

    Wow! That workout looks intense! I feel a little pain just watching you workout. Maybe I should take the day off?? Just kidding. :-)

  3. 3

    i am so jealous of LA boxing. tell them to open up in boston!!

  4. 4

    I so want to try out some kickboxing when I am done training for my Try-A-Tri. Maybe come the fall I will just take the Tuesday and Thursday night classes at my gym/community centre.

  5. 5

    ahhh, that looks like such an awesome workout! I’m so jealous :)

  6. 6

    You have a freakin’ tire at your Laboxing?!!?! LoL Wow, intense!

  7. 7

    Grrreat workout! Well done, Anne –

  8. 8

    That’s one killer workout!


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