Exciting Updates + 9Round Arlington Review

Morning! I’m so glad you guys enjoyed my Day in the Life post yesterday! I’ll continue to share those every once in awhile since it was a hit. :) I always love reading those sort of posts on other people’s blogs, too – so interesting to see how people spend their days.

Another thing I’m planning to share more of, per request, will be some nutrition-related hot topic posts. That’s something I’ve been wanting to share more of for quite awhile now but to be honest (and maybe now you understand having seen a Day in the Life), I just haven’t found the time as those posts take a lot longer to write. That said, now that my super insane crazy summer of travel is over, I really do want to take the time to share more useful posts like that, so stay tuned! I’m hoping to do one per month. :) I’d love to hear what specific nutrition topics you’d like covered – I can’t promise I’ll do all of them but would love some ideas! One thing that’s already on the list is a post about what oils to use when, so stay tuned for that.


And while we’re talking about nutrition – one exciting thing that I’ve been keeping to myself is that I’m co-authoring an e-book about running nutrition with Jason of Strength Running! Jason is a running coach, so we’ll be combining our skills to write a sort of “Performance Nutrition & Training for the Everyday Runner” e-book. It will include information from me on fueling for running in a way that doesn’t involve counting calories, plus some great recipes (you guys will love the homemade sports drink recipe I’ll be sharing in it!), some running training plans from Jason, and much more. We’re hoping the e-book will be ready to go late this fall or early winter, so stay tuned. I’d love to hear from you guys – what specifically would you want to see in an e-book about running nutrition? I’m in the process of writing it now, so thanks in advance for your feedback! Here’s a teaser pic of the homemade sports drink. ;)

Homemade sports drink

And now, back to the eats & exercise! I slept in a bit today since I’m going to yoga with a friend tonight; it’s still pretty warm here so I was in the mood for a smoothie when I got up! I made a variation of my standard Banana & Spinach Smoothie with the addition of chia seeds and some frozen wild blueberries.


And since smoothies don’t keep me full very long, I had some Ezekiel cinnamon raisin toast with nut butter shortly after. :) Plus some espresso!

On the workout front, I tried out a fun new one yesterday: the 30 minute kickboxing circuit at 9Round, which recently opened in Courthouse in Arlington.


Blog reader and fellow marathoner Brigid (who is currently pregnant, as you can tell – congratulations to her!) and her husband opened the gym (which is a franchise) earlier this summer, and she emailed to ask if I’d like to come check them out. But of course! Always up to try something new.


The really cool thing about 9Round is that there are no class times – you can come in whenever you want (during their hours, obvi) and there is always a trainer there to take you through the workout, which is a 30 minute kickboxing circuit workout that changes every day. I loved this – so nice to be able to go whenever works for you.


It’s called 9Round because there are 9 rounds, or stations. This timer tells you when to switch stations!


Each station is 3 minutes, and as I mentioned there is always a trainer there to make sure you know what you’re doing/doing it safely.



I LOVED this workout – it was really varied so I didn’t get bored, and it was tough, too! Even though it was only 30 minutes I definitely got a good workout.



Made it! 3 rings. :)


Thanks for the great workout, Brigid! To those of you in the area, your first workout with them is free, so check it out!

And now, back to work! In addition to my usual work I’ll also be packing and finishing up a presentation I’m giving this weekend in Vermont – I’m headed to Blog Brulee with a small group of fellow dietitians/nutrition bloggers. I’m really excited about it!

Have a good day, my friends.


p.s. 9/11/01 – Never forget. <3


  1. 1

    It was a pleasure to finally meet you and have you come in for a 9 Round workout!! Hope to see you back in again soon!

  2. 2

    Oh congrats on the new e-book! Can’t wait to see it :) I really struggled with my diet when I ran my half marathon last year and have been on the fence about doing another because of it. I have trouble hydrating and keeping my body from cramping up for days after my long runs. Can’t wait to see what you have to say!

  3. 3

    Hi Anne! I definitely have a nutrition question for you. I am gluten free and stay away from soy but I’d love to find some protein loaded meals that don’t include meat. I eat meat at most meals (eggs at breakfast). I’d love to find some dinners and lunches that are meatless but still gluten free, soy free and light and healthy. I’m having a lot of trouble with this. Thanks!

    • 4

      I seond that Molly!! I am diabetic and grain free. Hard to come up with a variety of meals. One suggestion is using quinoa. I love the red variety but don’t forget to rinse the seeds before cooking. Some people say its not necessary, but I find if I don’t, it tastes bitter. One of my favorite recipies is quinoa and cheese stuffed peppers. I use lots of veggies and mushrooms instead of ground beef and the quinoa instead of rice. Really good, lots of protein, and doesn’t raise my blood sugar.

    • 5

      this may be a bit redundant, but for breakfast, yogurt is great! especially with fruit, i usually go for plain greek :) add what fruit/dried fruit, nuts, oats, etc. so yum!
      also, quinoa like mentiond above is good. i LOVE beans! make bean salads, bean dips, lentil and/or bean soups, indian dal, etc. dark leafy greens are also a pretty good source! good luck!

  4. 6
    Rachel Martin says

    Back to back comments two days in a row. I can’t contain myself – I’m just so giddy! I love Jason’s methodology and his no-nonsense way of talking about running. I get his weekly emails. SO amazing you guys are collaborating. I can’t wait for this book to come out.

    A few things I’d love to see that still baffle me:
    1. Sample meal/snack/pre-workout ideas separated by workout – easy run, long run, run + strength, and speedwork. It all gets confusing to me…
    2. The best carbohydrates to get/keep yourself slim and still have adequate fuel in the tank
    3. Natural ways to get protein after strength training that don’t include protein powder or chicken or eggs – is that even possible?!
    4. Not nutrition-related but, when I’m pressed for time, I’d love a super quick stretching and foam rolling routine that gets me in and out and doesn’t take more than 10 minutes.
    5. What to eat the night before speedwork and does that matter?

  5. 7

    Congrats on working on the ebook! I know from working with runners that people are always interested in easy & quick pre- and post-workout tips, the role of protein powder, and managing digestive distress during runs. Enjoy Vermont :)

  6. 8

    So excited for the ebook! I would love some tips on marathon training and weight loss. I am always SO hungry when training that I find it difficult to stic to my weight loss goals. How do you stay properly filed for those big runs but lose weight at the same time?

  7. 11

    Looove the idea for an eBook! I officially signed up for the Holiday Half Marathon in Brooklyn I was telling you about for Dec. 13, so I hope it’s ready by then! I think I’d like to see some info on why it’s important to eat BEFORE a run. I know I should do it, but at 5:30 am it’s hard!

    Also, naturally as soon as we talked about 9Round I got a coupon in the mail to attend a free class. Woohoo! It looks great and I can’t wait to check it out! I’m doing the UFC Gym tonight and I hope I survive! Yikes!

    • 12

      So awesome! Have fun! :) And fingers crossed we’ll have the book out by Dec 13 – we’re aiming for late Oct/early Nov but that might be ambitious. Early Dec should hopefully be doable though. :) Yay for the Brooklyn half, too! You will crush it thanks to our speedwork!

  8. 13

    I’m a DC local and will definitely be trying 9Round! I think the concept is really cool and something totally different. Nutrition related topic – sugars (artificial vs natural and the breakdown of the 209348 kinds).

    • 14

      ditto! I recently bought Truvia because of all the great things i’ve heard about Stevia, but then my mum googled it (thanks mum :S ) and found out that that brand actually isn’t good for you?? it could make you gain weight or something? eek!

  9. 16

    i’m on the same page as Rachel for my questions, but I’d also love a printable chart or something that gives examples of foods that have protein, have fat, have carbs, etc that I can stick on my fridge and quickly reference for ideas. i never know what to eat after a workout except cottage cheese, and i always forget that peanut butter is a source of fat but also of protein (i think?).
    Also, some nutrition tips that are geared towards people only doing 45-60 min workouts, and/or short runs. I’m not a long distance runner, and I only ever do 1.5-3 miles so I don’t think I need a huge snack before or after my workout. can’t wait!

  10. 17

    Have a great time at the conference this weekend! I love your workout outfit – especially the leggings. What is the brand?

    • 18

      Thanks! The leggings are VIMMIA!

      • 19

        I’m also in love with your shoes…I’m guessing they are Brooks, but what style? Do you like them?

        • 20

          They are Reebok, actually! I like Reeboks for CrossFit and gym/lifting/kickboxing type stuff since they have a lower profile (your heel is closer to the ground) and are nice and lightweight. They’re the Reebok CrossFit Nano Speed but sadly I don’t see this particular one online anymore!

  11. 21

    Hi Anne! Longtime reader- so glad you are going to do posts on real nutrition topics! I can’t wait. As I’ve commented before, I’d really love for you to do a post on soy- there is so much craziness out there surrounding it! There’s lots of research backing its health benefits and I’m not sure why that gets so clouded- I think maybe because it contains phytoestrogens, but that’s just ridiculous considering how much more (real MAMMALIAN) estrogen there is in dairy products! Anyway would LOVE for you to address this from a research-based scientific perspective.

  12. 22

    Hey Anne!
    I’m so excited for nutrition tips for training! The one thing that I have a hard time finding is overall how to eat while training. There are so many suggestions for fueling for specific runs, but little about day-to-day nutrition to keep you going, but not overcompensate. Even just a general break down of carbs, protein, fat needed to feed your body during training verses when not training would be great.

  13. 23

    Hey! I’ve been reading your blog for about two years & really enjoy it! I read this on a few other posts but I would love to see some posts on plant based proteins. I’m a lacto-ovo vegetarian so I don’t eat any meats or eggs so I have real issues on getting “full” the right way.
    Thanks for asking for suggestions!

  14. 24

    Congrats on the e book! So exciting :)

  15. 25

    Look forward to the eBook! And, what about apples? Pros/Cons? (Love the workout tights by the way…)

  16. 26

    Looking forward to the e-book for sure, sounds really interesting.

    What I’d love to see is some pre-race/long run meal tips that does not include bananas or nut butters, I can unfortunately not eat any of them :-(

  17. 27

    The ebook sounds exciting!

    It’s so good to hear from someone else that smoothies don’t keep you full for long. I love them but they don’t last for me.

    We have a 9round here as well – I LOVE it. In and out and a great workout that I don’t have to think about! :)


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