Exploring the Mosaic District (+ a Giveaway!)

Hello from the road on the way to North Carolina! Matt and I are headed down to Chapel Hill for the weekend because one of my grad school friends is getting married tomorrow in Raleigh. I can’t wait to be back in our old stomping grounds and to see my grad school BFFs!

I started my Friday with another morning swim – loving swimming lately as cross training/recovery from all the running I’ve been doing! I swam for 40 minutes, alternating freestyle, breast stroke, and backstroke as per usual. I spent the rest of the morning catching up on emails and AnneTheRD client work before making a quick lunch prior to hitting the road.



We had a good amount of produce that I wanted to use up before leaving, so I made us some big salads. We also enjoyed some crackers and hummus on the side!

For the salads, I started with some baby spinach, then added cherry tomatoes, string beans, mushrooms, avocado, goat cheese, and some chopped fresh herbs from our apartment railing garden boxes!



Our basil, parsley, and dill are kicking butt. I’m so proud. ;) I’ve loved having them on hand to throw into things – we can hardly use them fast enough they’re growing so quickly! Fresh chopped herbs are really good in salads, so if you’ve never tried it, do it! I put some of all three in today!


As for dressing, I added some salt and pepper and then a drizzle each of lemon olive oil and garlic cilantro balsamic vinegar (as awesome as it sounds).


I picked those gems up at a cool local store I discovered earlier this week: Ah love Oil & Vinegar in the Mosaic District in Fairfax/Merrifield, VA.


A few weeks ago, the PR team from the company that owns both the Mosaic District in VA and Union Market in DC (super awesome if you’ve never been) reached out to me about checking out Mosaic, so when I found myself nearby the area earlier this week running errands, I stopped in to explore.

My first impression was very positive because there was free parking, and all the shops were in a nice walkable area. Win! I love walkable shopping areas. Especially when they feature a ton of my favorite stores!


My first stop was the olive oil & vinegar shop, which looked too cool to pass by! I couldn’t believe how many flavors of oil & vinegar they had. And you could taste them all if you wanted. :)


Next time I need to pick up that bacon olive oil…


I ended up buying the lemon olive oil and garlic cilantro vinegar you see above, plus a green apple white balsamic that sounded fun. Yum!

From there, I wandered around checking out the other stores & restaurants. I was happy to see a BUNCH of old favorites: Sweetgreen, Anthropologie, Le Pain Quotidien, CAVA Mezze Grill (we frequent the one in Clarendon, VA), New Balance, Dolcezza (their gelato & coffee rock), Matchbox (love their pizza), and FreshBikes, to name a few. Plus some cool places that were new to me – Red Apron Butcher (awesome sounding sandwiches and fresh meat) and a cute boutique named Lou Lou.

mosaic district

I was also REALLY pumped to see that a True Food Kitchen is coming soon! I went to this place out in Santa Monica, CA and it’s AMAZING – as of now it’s only on the west coast and I had no idea they would be building one in VA! Cool!


While exploring, I ended up popping into South Moon Under, another old fave (I picked up a dress for the wedding this weekend as well as the blue skirt I shared a picture of on my Instagram – super on sale!), and Langford Market, which is a really cute and reasonably priced boutique. They had a buy 2 get 2 free thing going on for the whole store, so I picked up two belts and two long necklaces for less than $40 total – win!


My last stop on the adventure was Mom’s Organic Market, which I LOVED – I’d never been to one before! It reminded me of my old favorite Weaver Street Market Coop in Chapel Hill. :)


Per the advice of an Instagram follower, I got one of their fresh pressed juices to go. Loved that you could pick your own ingredients! I got carrot, beet, spinach, kale, and parsley. It was deeeelicious. The carrot makes it sweet! :)

In addition to the great shop and restaurant line up, the Mosaic District also has a movie theater and all sorts of cool free events – like outdoor yoga, films in the park, and more. I will most certainly be back – excited to have discovered this cool area!

And now – for an awesome giveaway for those of you in the DC area!

My friends at Mosaic gave me a VISA gift card to use towards exploring their area, and they want to give one to a couple of you guys, too! Two lucky fANNEtastic food greater D.C. metropolitan area readers will be selected to each win a $50 VISA gift card to help fund their adventures in the Mosaic District.

To enter, leave a comment saying what you would use your $50 gift card for in the Mosaic District!

Other additional optional entries:

I’ll randomly select the winners on Monday. Good luck!

This giveaway is now closed. Thank you to all who entered!


  1. 1

    I live downtown and am always looking for an excuse to explore NoVA. My boss lives in Fairfax and keeps raving about the Mosaic District.

  2. 2

    I follow you on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest :)

  3. 3

    I would love to use the card towards some delicious infused Olive Oils!

  4. 4

    I would use the gift card for something pretty from Anthropologie!

  5. 5

    I recently moved and now live about a mile from this area. I’ve been several times and am excited about all of the new to me restaurants as well as shops that I didn’t live near before. I’d probably use the card to have a great meal, or maybe see a movie. The theater is supposed to be top notch.

  6. 6

    I’ve only been a few times but I think it’s a great shopping area too! I’d love to check out Red Apron and stock up on some meat!

  7. 7

    I follow you on Twitter, FB, Instagram, and Pinterest!

  8. 8

    I follow Mosaic District on FB and Twitter!

  9. 9

    Oh my gosh! I’ve never even heard of the Mosaic District — must go! I want to check it out Langford Market!

  10. 10
    Monica Carmean says:

    I love Lou Lou!

  11. 11
    Bethany Imondi says:

    I would use it to stock my pantry with gourmet items my 20-something post-grad budget can’t typically afford!

  12. 12

    I follow you on Insta, FB, Twitter, and Pinterest!

    Also Anne — if you get a chance while you’re in Chapel Hill — Check out my friend Peter’s new restaurant called Hungry Leaf. I actually think it’s in Durham, so I’m not sure if it’s convenient, but he recently opened it and it is a lot like Sweetgreen! He’s a Chapel Hill alum like you!

  13. 14

    i totally go and spend hours there…i could easily use it at MOM or at Lou Lou, i have some really great earrings from there!

  14. 15

    Squee!! I’m so excited they’re opening a True Food. One less thing to miss, after I move!

  15. 16

    The Mosaic is right down the street from me and I love it…highly recommend it to everyone! I would use the gift card for gelato and food at Matchbox. You may have inspired me to check out South Moon Under…

  16. 17

    I would use the GC for a treat from Lou Lou + lunch from Sweetgreen. Love both those places!

  17. 18
    Chris Anne says:

    I cant wait to visit the Mosaic District! I,d spend everything in the Olive Oil store!!

  18. 19

    I love reading about your DC endeavors! I’m in charge of planning a date tomorrow, and I’m heading to Key Bridge boathouse for kayaking and then picnic at Georgetown Waterfront Park :) Dolcezza would be a must for me because coffee and gelato are my favorites!

  19. 21

    I follow on FB, Twitter, Insta & Pinterest!

  20. 22

    I also follow you on Facebook!

  21. 23
    Chris Anne says:

    I follow you on Facebook!

  22. 24

    I’d definitely spend it at Red Apron, I’ve been meaning to go there!

  23. 25

    Ooh tough decision. Probably Red Apron and Anthropologie :).

  24. 26
    Lindsay M says:

    I would spend that $50 and more at Anthropologie!
    I follow you on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

  25. 27

    I’d love to try the olive oil and vinegar shop! Also love Anthro!

  26. 28

    I follow you on Pinterest : )

  27. 29

    The oil & vinegar shop for sure! I’ve only heard tale of such places and would love to splurge on one of the fun flavors!

  28. 30

    Oh what wouldn’t I buy!! Would absolutly LOVE to try Mosaic District retail and pick up that bacon olive oil and real good balsamic vinegar! And maybe some gelato after shopping ;) I’m hopeful they will open some shops by SW waterfront

  29. 31

    I follow you on all FB, twitter, Instagram!

  30. 32
    Jennifer Lee says:

    I would love to try the olive oil and vinegar shop, especially the green apple white balsamic variety. I’ve been to Mosaic a few times and would definitely recommend Four Sisters, the Vietnamese restaurant! :)

  31. 33

    I just moved to DC two weeks ago and I love exploring new areas! I would use the gift card to try out a new-to-me restaurant!

  32. 34
    Amelia K. says:

    Hey Anne!!

    I looove the Mosaic district. I have been to the yoga class— it’s sponsored by dancing mind in Falls Church :) Every Thursday at 8 (or was it 7pm???)

    Also, MOM’s is my favorite grocery stores. Lots of items for special diets, too, which I love.

    The theater is pretty snazzy and the whole places is pretty walkable. Plus, I think it’s cool they have electric car charging stations.

    I would most definitely use the $$ towards Mom’s organic market. I am cooking a lot these days and definitely inspired by you!


  33. 35
    Stephanie says:

    some of that specialty oil/vinegar sounds AWESOME! :)

  34. 36

    south moon under!

  35. 37

    I follow you on twitter

  36. 38

    I haven’t been to Mosaic yet, but would love to check out Ah love Oil & Vinegar with that gift card.

  37. 39

    I travel up that way for work and I would definitely use it to buy some olive oils! I love pairing the specialty oils with different vinegars!

  38. 40

    Anything from red apron! Love everything they make!

  39. 41

    I would def have to try the bacon oil. It’s impossible to pass up anything bacon!

  40. 42

    I’d love to use the gift card to try true kitchen! Oh.. well… all the vinegars sound fantastic too! choice choice!!!

  41. 43

    My husband and I live in NW DC and we would live to check out mosaic for a date night! Maybe at cava mezze? Great giveaway!

  42. 44

    I love the Mosaic District! I would use it at Anthropologie or Langford Market!

  43. 45

    I’ve never been to Mosaic before, and I would love to! Haha I would spend the $50 on trying different restaurants and maybe some interesting olive oils

  44. 46

    I would really enjoy trying out The Wine Life or doing some shopping at Lou Lou or Langford Market ;)

  45. 47

    And I follow you on Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

  46. 48

    I work at Inova Fairfax down the street and love popping into the Mosaic district when I have time! I would either buy some cute fall clothes or take my boyfriend out for matchbox pizza!! Also follow you on Facebook and Instagram.

  47. 49
    Elizabeth says:

    I’d have lunch at Sweetgreen and then do some shopping in Anthropologie! Thanks for the giveaway!

  48. 50

    I live in Scottsdale where True Foods started and seriously, just warning you, you will go there all-the-time. SO good!

  49. 51

    Bacon infused olive oil!

  50. 52


  51. 53

    Gotta go to MOM’s market– they’re the best. Didn’t know they had a location at mosaic.

  52. 54

    I would use the gift card at anthro, moms or south moon under. I followed you on instagram.

  53. 55

    I have been meaning to check this out! I would definitely spend it on food and maybe some early Christmas shopping!

  54. 56

    I follow you on twitter and Instagram!

  55. 57

    I followed mosaic on Facebook and twitter

  56. 58
    Marnay Harris says:

    I would love to win! We are new to the DC area, and love exploring our new city! We haven’t spent much time in Virginia yet, and this would be a great excuse to go shopping!

  57. 59
    Marnay Harris says:

    I am following fANNEtastic food on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!

  58. 60
    Marnay Harris says:

    I am following the Mosaic District on Facebook and Twitter!

  59. 61

    I live in Takoma Park, just moved here at the beginning of the month! So I’m ready to explore all over :) I just got a new teaching job so I could use some classy new pieces, would love to check out the little boutique Lou Lou’s you mentioned or the store you picked up your dress at

  60. 62

    I am now following you on fb, instagram, twitter, and pinterest

  61. 63
    Paige Callahan says:

    I love oils and vinegars I would definitely go there!

  62. 64
    Paige Callahan says:

    I follow you on all the media sights! Facebook, twitter, Instagram, pinterest

  63. 65
    Natalie P. says:

    I don’t live in the area but my dad does! I’m going to visit him in the beginning of October and I would love to use the gift card towards some father daughter shopping. We could pick up some amazing ingredients, like the infused oils and vinegar, and cook a great Italian meal :)
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway :)

  64. 66

    I just moved to DC and I’m so excited to learn about these new places! I’d just love a giftcard!!

    I follow you on FB, pinterest, twitter, and insta!

  65. 67

    Following Mosaic District on Twitter and FB!!

  66. 68
    Roadrunner says:

    Great post! I would use the card for olive oil! Enjoy your return to UNC.

  67. 69

    I pass by the Mosaic District on my way to/from work. It’s such a cute area! I would use the gift card to stock up on some meat and olive oil.

  68. 70

    I’m following you on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

  69. 71

    And I follow the Mosaic District on Facebook.

  70. 72

    I just moved here this month, I’d probably go to Mom’s Organic Market or out to dinner at Matchbox!

  71. 73

    I work very close to the Mosaic District and my co-workers and I are always going there for lunch. I would spend the gift card on some fancy oils and a few lunches at Sweetgreen or Cava.

  72. 74

    I would love to go to the oil and vinegar shop! I love trying new flavors of items I already use.
    Mom’s is great. I just started going to Mom’s a few months ago and really liked it.

  73. 75
    Alicyn M Hargroves says:

    Ohh, I love going over the Mosaic District! I would use the gift card for somethings at Ah Love oil and vinegar.

  74. 76
    Alicyn M Hargroves says:

    I follow you on facebook, twitter, instagram, and pinterest.

  75. 77
    Alicyn M Hargroves says:

    I also follow the Mosaic district on facebook and twitter

  76. 78

    So what I love about Mosaic is that I can get there easily from MoCo. It’s awesome for meeting my Burke/Fairfax/Alexandria-based friends.

    I’d spend my $$$ on Anthropologie. I mean… it’s Anthropologie!

  77. 79

    I like Fannetastic Food on FB, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

  78. 80

    I follow Mosaic on FB and Twitter.

  79. 81

    I would spend it at Anthpologie or the Mom’s Organic Market. Thanks for the giveaway!

  80. 82

    I follow you on Twitter.

  81. 83
    Stephanie says:

    My husband and I are training for our first race ever (half marathon in October)! We would put it towards MOM’s to buy some healthy, organic foods while we train! Love your blog!!

  82. 85

    I would use the money to check out some of the unique boutiques – love supporting small businesses!

  83. 86

    I follow you on Instagram and Pinterest as well!

  84. 87

    I just started following the Mosaic District on Twitter and Facebook as well

  85. 88

    I follow mosaic on Facebook and twitter!

  86. 89

    I’d use the gift card for sandwiches from Red Apron and juice from Mom’s Organic Market to take on a picnic along the Potomac!

  87. 90

    I’d love to use the gift card at some of the fun Mosaic Area restaurants. Dolcezza Gelato, Cyclone Anaya’s Mexican Kitchen, and True Food Kitchen sound pretty amazing!

  88. 91

    I follow fANNEtastic food on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

  89. 92

    I follow the Mosaic District on Facebook and Twitter.

  90. 93

    I follow you on facebook, twitter, instagram, and pinterest!

  91. 94

    I LOVE THE MOSAIC DISTRICT! I just stopped by there last week, too, after running errands! Fell in love instantly. The cute colorful townhomes you can see from the upper level of Target made me smile. I want to go into the Olive Oil & Vinegar store, try everything, and come out with 4 or 5 bottles of both!! I also can’t get enough of Anthropologie so I will def be dropping in there, too.

  92. 95

    I’ve never been to the Mosaic District but it sounds so cool! I would use the $50 to buy some olive oils or in South Moon Under. I also love MOMs market! There’s one in Alexandria (right off of Glebe in South Arlington) that I love.

  93. 96

    I also fANNEtasticfood on Facebook, twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. And now I’m following the Mosaic District on Twitter and Facebook as well.

  94. 97

    I’ve always wanted to try Sweetgreen. I think I would use it to eat there.

  95. 98

    I follow you on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

  96. 99

    I follow the Mosaic District on FB and Twitter.

  97. 100

    Mosaic District looks awesome! I’d love to go and get some flavored olive oils and vinegars for salads, but the stuff you gota at Langford Market looks cool too. It’d be hard to choose!

  98. 101

    I would love to create a Mosaic recipe – between the butcher, the baker, and the organic grocery juice maker(!?!) – I’m sure something delicious could be created.

  99. 102

    A night out without the kids!

  100. 103

    I follow you on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook!

  101. 104

    I follow the Mosaic District on Facebook and Twitter!

  102. 105

    I would use the gift card to shop at Anthro and South Moon Under!

  103. 106

    I work right next to the Mosaic District! I would use it for some breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien and then for some special paper products at the Paper Source.

  104. 107

    I’d use it at Red Apron for sure!

  105. 108

    I follow you on twitter!

  106. 109

    I follow Mosaic district on twitter!

  107. 110
    Holly Saltrelli says:

    I love Mosaic! I live close and especially love all the community events they have been holding this summer (yoga, movie night, etc.!). Awesome addition to the community!

    I’d use the gift card to try out two stores there I haven’t yet–South Moon Under and Lou Lou!

  108. 111

    Without a doubt I’d hit up Ah Love Oil. Love that place!!

  109. 112

    I started following you on twitter! @GigEmKYL

  110. 113

    I would definitely use it at Sweetgreen. I love their salads!

  111. 114

    I follow you and the Mosaic District on Facebook.

  112. 115

    Oh my gosh, so many cute stores! I would definitely use it in one of the local boutiques there!

  113. 116

    I would love to try some of those olive oils and get something at south moon under.

  114. 117

    I would use the $50 gift card all at CAVA! :)

  115. 118

    I also follow the Mosaic District on Facebook and Twitter

  116. 119

    I’ve been eyeing a pretty duvet cover at Anthropologie and I would put a $50 gift card toward that purchase. =)

  117. 120

    I’d use it at Anthro and MOM’S Organic Market for sure – two of my faves!

  118. 121

    So many choices!!I would probably use giftcard on some olive oil and a trip to Moms!

  119. 122
    Meredith B. says:

    I would love to check out all of the local shops and restaurants!

  120. 123

    I would totally use it at MOM’s! Would love to try out some healthy options that I normally wouldn’t purchase that aren’t in my budget.

    I also follow you on FB, IG, and Pinterest!!!

  121. 124

    I LOVE the Mosiac District! I’d use the moo-la to see a film at the Angelika Theater and then hit South Moon Under (my fave!). It’s my one-stop shop for everything! Now all they need is a running store…

  122. 126

    I’ve heard about Mosaic District and I’ve been meaning to go. I would probably spend all my money at Moms because it is my favorite!