Officially 2

Our little one is officially 2 years old as of yesterday! How time flies. 

We drove up to Sewickley, Pennsylvania (near Pittsburgh) on Saturday to spend a week with Matt’s family for the Thanksgiving holiday, and it was fun to celebrate Riese’s birthday with them yesterday, too!

We hosted a birthday party at Matt’s parents place and invited a bunch of our friends (and their kids) who live in the area (or who were already in town for the holidays like we were).

Matt’s mom came up with this cute turkey craft for the kids:

fun turkey thanksgiving craft for kids

And Matt made this fun “make a paper airplane and try to fly it through the holes” game, which Riese quickly figured out how to work around. ;)

We also had a ton of balloons, which are always a hit among kids of all ages!

For food, Matt’s dad made this awesome veggie turkey:

make veggies look like a turkey

And we ordered pizza, and had two salads (green + fruit), plus some delicious lasagna Matt’s mom made. I ended up going back for more lasagna – it was so good!

For “dessert”, I kept it low key and made Riese’s favorite muffins (Simple Mills banana muffins + pumpkin muffins // affiliate links), and we put a “2” candle in one.

When she saw it she yelled “MUFFINNNN!!!” so I’d say it was a hit. :) 

2 year old birthday muffin

It was a fun night, although Riese was a little overwhelmed especially early on since there were suddenly so many people and lots of bigger kids running all over the place. I was a little overwhelmed, too, to be honest. ;) Maybe I’m more introverted than I realize, ha! 

Anyway, let’s rewind to Saturday!

Before we left DC, I met my friend Karen for an early run to shake out the legs – I was glad to get in some movement before sitting in the car forever! We did a hilly loop in northwest DC near her place – always fun to mix up the routes!

Matt and I decided to leave around 11 so that way we could get a bit of a drive in before stopping for lunch – we hit up a Panera along the way. 

Riese did well in the car – she napped for awhile after lunch, and then was awake for a bit but in relatively good spirits with some snacks. 

We arrived at Matt’s parents house around 5, which was nice so we had some time to relax and hang out before dinner, which was a delicious cedar plank salmon! The salmon was coated in a bit of maple syrup, whole grain mustard, and dill. 

cedar plank salmon

So good. It came out super tender, like my favorite Easy Baked Salmon recipe

On Sunday morning, I met a couple friends who live in the area for a hot power yoga class at Salt in Sewickley.

The instructor wasn’t my fave (very monotone instructions and no music), but it was a quite challenging and sweaty class and it felt great to stretch after the long car ride the day before!

salt power yoga

I had some leftover salmon and rice/veggies for lunch, and then we got ready for Riese’s shindig!

Matt is taking the week off work and we have some fun stuff lined up with family and friends. I’m planning to pop back in again on Wednesday with another update, and then on Friday with my Thanksgiving recap. 

Have a great day, friends! And stay tuned for the 2 year toddler/mama update I mentioned – I’ll plan to share that next week when it’s ready. :) 

And if you need some last minute inspiration… don’t forget to bookmark my Best Healthy Thanksgiving recipes post! 


  1. 1

    That veggie turkey platter!! And congrats to Riese on attaining the mighty age of 2! Looks like a fun party for all.

  2. 2

    Happy birthday to Riese! Gosh she is a cutie. I’m trying to figure out who she looks like. She seems to be a blend of you guys but has her daddy’s eyes, I think. I’m glad she had a fun birthday celebration! Enjoy the holiday festivities with your family! My family is coming to Minneapolis this week for Thanksgiving and my parents will spend the night with us on Friday. I can’t wait – so nice to finally have a guest room! We moved into our house over the weekend are 100% unpacked! We are hosting my family for a soup dinner (I’m making 3 different soups – figure it will be a good change of pace after a heavy t-giving meal on Thursday!) on Friday so that motivated us to get settled asap.

    • 3

      Definitely has Daddy’s eyes, which I’m happy about! :) Everyone always says she’s basically Matt’s twin, but I’m starting to see a little bit more of me! I’m insanely impressed that you moved over the weekend and are 100% unpacked! We still have a few lingering boxes and we moved in July! LOL. Impending guests are definitely good motivation, though. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving – the soup dinner sounds awesome, too!

      • 4

        We rented these green totes for our move and had to return them in the next week or so, so that motivated us to get them empty! And our house doesn’t have much storage so there isn’t anywhere to stow boxes – esp since our basement is finished! This is kind of how I move, though. I’m always unpacked asap because I have an extremely low tolerance for chaos and messes! I got 25k steps in on Friday. It was intense but it felt really good to be unpacked really fast!

        I do see some of you in Riese! She does have a lot of Matt in her, though. Our little guy (21m) is just starting to look a bit like me. He’s got white blond hair and a fairer complexion whereas I have brown hair and olive skin so he doesn’t really look like me in an obvious way!

  3. 5

    Happy Birthday, Riese!!!

  4. 7

    Happy Birthday Riese! She is such a cutie! You and Matt are doing a great job parenting. It is not an easy job.
    Happy Thaksgiving also!

  5. 9

    The veggie turkey is awesome – and so were the other ideas. And what a nice photo of the three of you. Congratulations on 2 years!

  6. 11

    Happy Birthday to Riese! When do you think she might get a cake for her birthday?!!

    • 12

      She’s had cake/cupcakes before at friend’s parties, but we figured for now she doesn’t really know the difference so might as well just keep it easy and do muffins since she loves them! I’m sure next year we’ll have a legit cake since she’ll be old enough to want/ask for one. :)

  7. 13

    It’s been so fun following your blog for the last two years as my daughter was born the same day as Riese, so also turned 2 yesterday. How do we have 2 year olds??? So crazy! Looking forward to your mom & toddler update :)

  8. 15

    Happy birthday! OMG crazy she’s already two! I remember our interview in Pret when you had your pumpkin shirt on and she was still in your belly! :))

  9. 17

    Happy birthday, Riese! I cannot believe she is two . She seems like such a spunky, fun little girl. Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  10. 19

    Awww Happy Birthday Riese!!! :D


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