Fall Friday

Hi guys! Happy Friday. It’s a pretty one over here – fall colors have officially started to arrive in the DC area! Love those vibrant reds against the blue sky.

fall colors in virginia

I finished off my week with one last Friday morning workout date with my girl Chelsea! We’ve been doing a fun routine lately of one DC workout earlier in the week with Kathleen, and then one Friday morning workout in Arlington (Virginia – where we both live) just the two of us. Our fave lately is Bodymass Gym (via ClassPass <- $40 off affiliate link)!

37 weeks pregnant workout

I’m going to plan on doing one more DC workout with both ladies earlier in the week next week (assuming I still feel okay) as a last hurrah, but I decided this would be my last Friday Arlington workout. I’m definitely starting to slow down and feel like I want to just sleep and relax, so I will honor that! I see a lot of slow walks and prenatal yoga in my future for the next couple weeks, and that sounds quite nice. I’ll really miss these morning workout dates but I know we’ll be back at it in a few months – something to look forward to! It will be so weird to actually try hard during workouts again – I’m so used to dialing things down a ton/modifying now!

Bodymass Gym has an adorable dog mascot – his name is Flex. We got a photo with him to celebrate our last day there together for awhile. :) He always comes out to say hi to everyone when the workout classes are over!


bodymass gym flex the dog

As a Friday treat Chelsea and I usually walk to Bayou Bakery after our workout to grab lattes before heading home and on to the workday. I was really hungry and their biscuits smelled AMAAAAZING so I treated myself to a to-go egg, bacon, and cheese biscuit sandwich too, which I enjoyed at home later with the rest of my latte. Hit the spot! Their bacon is so smoky and delicious.


Not much else going on over here besides starting to wrap up work stuff (I have a ton of AnneTheRD nutrition client sessions next week as it will be my last week seeing clients), and still trying to turn the baby! I have been trying all the various old wive’s tale methods this week – sitting in a warm bath with an ice pack on the top of my belly, rubbing peppermint oil on the top of my belly, doing handstands in the pool, etc. I still need to try the moxibustion – I can’t do that by myself (because I can’t reach my toes, lol) so I need Matt to help me but we’ve had stuff going on every night this week and have hardly seen each other!

I’m also still going to my prenatal chiropractor, and doing some inversions at home. At this morning’s workout I modified some of the plank/core stuff to be inversions instead as well!

breech baby inversions

We’ll see if any of it works! As of now we have a tentative C section scheduled for Monday, November 20. That’s only 3 days before our due date, which is good – I didn’t want to evict the baby before she’s ready! But I also didn’t want to wait too long, go into labor, and have an emergency C section situation either. Who knows, maybe she’ll come before them – but the doctors and I decided that was a good middle ground date to choose. I can’t believe that’s only a little over 2 weeks away!! They will obviously check the baby before we move forward with the C section to see if she has turned (and at the appointments leading up to it, too).

Time to get back to work – have a great weekend and I’ll see you guys back here on Monday! Also – GOOD LUCK to those of you running the New York City Marathon! I’ll be cheering you on virtually!


  1. 1

    Ahh! Exciting! :)

  2. 2

    Anne, have you tried acupuncture to turn the baby? There is a community clinic in Silver Spring and one of the acupuncturists was able to flip a baby that was breech. I can send you the info if you’d like!

  3. 4

    Good luck with all the methods you are trying. Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. 5

    It’s funny that the colors are turning in VA and here in MN we are definitely well past peak season! Womp womp. It always goes by way too fast. We might get snow this weekend which I am not happy about. I hope we get some warmer temps this month as I’m not ready for full on winter!

    Turn, baby, turn!! I hope the inversions and such work! But if not at least the C-section is pretty close to your due date! Nov 20th is so soon!!!

  5. 8

    Scorpio baby!!!

  6. 10

    My baby kept flipping between headdown and breech until really late in the game, and finally ended up in headdown. But I could actually feel him flipping back and forth every few days, and the way I was able to tell (and offer this in case it helps you, too) is from the location of his hiccups! (Hiccups near my ribs = breech; hiccups near my pelvis = headfirst).

    • 11

      Oh no way – that’s so cool! I think she’s still in the same head up position because the movement feels similar to how it has, but I will definitely keep that in mind!

  7. 12

    My baby was breech and we had a C section scheduled for 4 days before our due date last month. He decided to come a few days before that so I did go into labor, which I was really nervous about and trying to avoid! Even though it was technically an “emergency,” we were actually at the hospital for a few hours while I was in labor (waiting on blood work) and everyone was very calm about the entire thing. So that was a big relief that it just felt urgent rather than an emergency. I had the baby in Arlington, so hopefully you will have a similar experience if you are at the same hospital and do go into labor. Also, good call on skipping the ECV. I attempted one and it didn’t work, plus it was very painful and baby’s heart rate dropped a lot. We were very close to having a true emergency C section there. I would not recommend it! Good luck as you approach your due date!

    • 13

      Oh wow, that’s so scary about the ECV! I’m so glad it didn’t end up turning into an emergency!! That’s really good to know about the labor situation not being super stressful/emergency even though you had a breech baby – makes me less nervous about her trying to arrive before the 20th!

  8. 14

    ah, exciting to have that date! Keep us updated and enjoy the lovely fall weather!

  9. 15

    This is so exciting! Good luck with everything, and please keep us updated!

  10. 17

    I am always so impressed by ladies who continue to work out throughout their pregnancies. Can’t wait to hear all about the little one :)

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