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Thank you to thredUP for sponsoring this post! Use the code ANNE40 for an extra 40% off your first order, and be sure to enter the giveaway at the end of the post – a $250 shopping spree is up for grabs!

Hey guys! Remember in one of my recent pregnancy update posts how I mentioned I was going to check out thredUP for some fun new maternity clothing that wouldn’t break the bank? Well, shortly after I ordered a big box of cute maternity stuff from thredUP, their team actually reached out to me about working together for a review! I didn’t hate the idea of getting to order another box of clothes so soon – especially because they had so much cute stuff. Sign me up! :)

IMG_1133Pictured above: Liz Lange maternity dress – retail $48, thredUP price $17.99

If you haven’t heard of thredUP, it’s a large online thrift store that resells clothing from more than 35,000 brands for up to 90% off the original retail value. Thrift store prices without having to dig through huge piles of clothing? Yes, please.

IMG_1162Pictured above: Liz Lange maternity dress – retail $48, thredUP price $17.99

I have been using thredUP for years now and love it because it’s so user friendly – you can search directly by size, brand, color, price, and/or style to easily find exactly what you’re looking for. I love using it to get my favorite more expensive brands (Banana Republic, JCrew, Lululemon, etc.) at much more affordable prices, and most recently it’s been perfect for maternity clothing too! While I want nice, stylish, and well-made maternity items that are flattering, I don’t necessarily want to pay full price for things I’m not going to wear for that long, you know?

thredup reviewPictured above: Liz Lange maternity dress – retail $71, thredUP price $24.99

Each item’s condition is noted right on the product page, which I also really like – if it’s not like-new or like-new with tags, it will be noted as gently worn, and they note specifically what sort of wear (e.g. light fading, or a tiny stain, or whatever). I love this because you know exactly what you’re getting. Everything I got this time, even a couple of the items that were noted as very slightly worn, arrived looking basically brand new.

IMG_2090Pictured above: Motherhood Maternity skirt – retail $36, thredUP price $12.99. The tank top is also from thredUP, but non-maternity and I got it last year – it’s JCrew!

When you place your order, all your items will arrive neatly folded and packaged in thredUP’s signature polka-dot box. They offer free shipping on qualified orders and easy returns, too.

thredUP review

I ordered 8 items (the majority of which was Liz Lange brand because I LOVE how their maternity clothing fits) in my most recent box and saved a whopping $246.08 total when compared to what I would have spent buying everything new. Awesome!

IMG_2545Pictured above: GAP Maternity active tank – retail $45, thredUP price $18.99

If you’re looking for a wardrobe refresh, thredUP is offering you guys a special discount – the first 100 people to use my code ANNE40 will get an extra 40% off their first order! (Applies to new US customers only. Discount up to $50. Redeemable Online Only).

IMG_1082Pictured above: Liz Lange maternity dress – retail $48, thredUP price $17.99

And I have a fun giveaway for you guys too! One lucky fANNEtastic food reader will win a $250 shopping spree on thredUP. To enter, click through to the thredUP website, pick out an item you like, and come back here and leave me a link to it in the comments along with why you like it! It will be fun to see what you guys pick. :) U.S. residents only, please.

Happy shopping, my friends!


  1. 1

    I actually was on the ThredUp website this morning looking for new workout tops and already added all of these to my shopping cart. I love ThredUp!!!

  2. 2

    Such fun clothes! I always felt so frumpy until I actually bought some maternity clothes that fit. I’m loving this dress – the cut and color are calling my name!

  3. 3
  4. 4

    I love this dress…mostly because right now I am 26 weeks pregnant and it is almost impossible to find nice clothing that fits, that isn’t going to break the bank. I’ve tried buying bigger sizes of what I normally wear, but even that is starting to not work.

  5. 5

    Those dresses look so cute on your growing bump! I love this casual dress from Gap. The crossover in the front would make it easy for nursing!

  6. 6

    This top is something I think would be great for a night out or to wear to work! I’m always on the hunt for great tops! And this says “new with tags”….YES!

  7. 7

    Holden wears jeans out so quickly and I hate paying full price for new pairs xoxo!

  8. 8

    I love dresses like this that can be casual or for work, depending on accessories and shoes!

  9. 9

    This is something I could dress up for work or dress down for a casual night out. I love buying items that can be so versatile!

  10. 10

    Just placed my first thredUP order last week. The items (A J.Crew wool pencil skirt for $7(!) and an Ann Taylor blouse) arrived this morning and are in great condition! I’m eyeing the dress below now… it’s completely out of the norm for me, but I think it would look so cute this fall with riding boots!

  11. 11

    I love ThredUP! I have my eye on these pants, because Kut from the Kloth is a brand I love but cannot afford to pay full price for.

  12. 12
    catherine says

    my pants are starting to get a little tight and i think i might have to bite the bullet soon!

  13. 13

    I am so thankful for blogs like yours! I am working on getting through a history of disordered eating and exercising to a place of self-love and compassion. Blogs like yours keep my thoughts positive. I am beginning to get involved with yoga! I love it so far and it’s really helping me with body positivity and awareness. I found the top below which would be perfect for my yoga workouts!

    • 14

      Aw thank you Allison! <3 I love that you are getting into yoga... with the right instructors it's wonderful for body positivity, stress relief, and more!

  14. 15

    I love thredUp, I got the cutest dress from there last week! I love this skirt because it’s so versatile and I like the fun color: Thanks for th giveaway!

  15. 16
  16. 17
  17. 18

    DAMN Girl, love that first dress you are one hot mama! I’ll have to remember them for maternity cloths!

  18. 20
    Elizabeth says
  19. 21

    I love this cocktail dress! I need some new dresses for a couple of weddings in October!

  20. 22
    Erica Boyd says

    I love trying out new jumpsuits, this one is super cute!

  21. 23

    I love this skirt. It would be cute for work, and it is such a good price.

  22. 24

    I am currently 21 weeks pregnant (a week or two behind you!) and have a wedding in early September…needless to say, none of my “regular” dresses will fit at that time and I am looking for something cute to wear! This one is a top contender :)

  23. 25
  24. 26
  25. 27
  26. 28
    Catherine says

    I am also pregnant and this is a great way to get some maternity clothes, especially since I just move to Florida and it is HOT! I think the dress below is really cute!

  27. 29
  28. 30
  29. 31

    Thred Up is selling maternity clothes now?! How cool is that??
    I’m not pregnant, but plan to be in the future and this will be such a lifesaver!
    Love this adorable LOFT dress:
    Have a great day!

  30. 32
  31. 33

    It just feels like summer… And what feeling is better than that?!

  32. 34
  33. 35

    I recently tried thredup and LOVE it! I would love some more cute/casual dresses like this:

  34. 36
  35. 37

    Great post and awesome finds! I checked out some maternity wear myself as I’m currently 25 weeks and will need some nicer clothes whenever it’s back to school time! I like this dress because it’s long and orange – which is the signature color of the school where I teach.

  36. 38

    I need some new short sleeve blouses – this one looks like a winner!

  37. 40
  38. 41
    Stephanie K says

    I love that they have kids clothing available too! I’m due in September so ThredUp is certainly helpful considering how quickly I hear kids grow out of things!! Love this little sweater! And I’m also having a girl – I found it quite amusing to be nodding along to all the things you were craving when you wrote some of your initial posts :)

  39. 43
    Beau Westbrook says I love these pants because they look versatile, comfortable, and fun!

  40. 44

    I need more dresses like this in my life! Casual, comfy:

  41. 45 This dress for my three year old. It’s one of my favorite brands but pricey when buying new!

  42. 46

    I love Thred Up! They have great kids clothes as well. I have been eyeballing these jeans

  43. 47

    Love this Pink Blush maternity top! MY sister in law is getting married soon and I need wedding clothes on a sahm budget!

  44. 48
    Victoria says

    I would choose this comfy wrap shirt to accommodate the bump in the colder weather!

  45. 49

    I actually just placed an order with ThredUp this morning. It’s my favorite place to pick up name brand (like LuluLemon!) workout clothes. I la-la-LOVE this dress and think it would be perfect for a summer wedding!

  46. 50

    I’ve sent multiple bags of my own clothes into ThredUp (love this service!), but I have yet to make a purchase!
    Lululemon tops got me through my marathon and I’ve recently fallen in love with more loose fitting tops like this one – especially in the summer heat!

  47. 51

    Oh my gosh, you totally rock those dresses! I’ve never bought from ThredUp, but I sent some clothes to them once. It’s a great brand and company!

  48. 53

    I’d love to buy this club monaco skirt. Thinking ahead to fall, I can’t help but want to get some new items!

  49. 54
    Roadrunner says

    This is really neat, Anne — and the clothes look great! Great post!

  50. 56
    Debra S Bettis says

    I love all things athletic wear except for yoga pants. They do not fly in the Arizona desert six months out of the year. This is more my breathable style:

    and this…

  51. 57
  52. 58

    I have used ThredUp before and got some really great pieces! I love this athleta tank! Looks super cute!

  53. 59

    I’d definitely get a new pair or two of athletic shorts! These ones are basic black and look comfy.

  54. 60
  55. 61
    Jessica C says
  56. 62
    Charlotte says
  57. 63

    I had my twins almost two years ago and I rarely spend money on myself these days. This is not something I typically wear, but I need a change in my life!

  58. 64

    I LOVE the bow on this skirt! And the color is gorgeous, too.

  59. 65
  60. 66
    Elizabeth says
  61. 67

    I’m on the lookout for a new fall tote maybe something like this…

  62. 68
    I love the color of this top! Lululemon tops are the best and I have 3 of them that aren’t supportive anymore. I could really use some new exercise tops.

  63. 69
  64. 70
  65. 71

    I am 19 weeks pregnant with twins, so I’ve especially loved your pregnancy updates! I have a few maternity pieces from my first pregnancy and was fortunate to receive several hand-me-downs from cousins, but after seeing all of your cute Liz Lange ThredUp finds I think I need to place an order! I’d start with this dress, which would transition into fall with the addition of cardigans:

  66. 72
  67. 73
    Charlsie N says

    I would love this dress to wear to work and be comfy!!!

    Also you asked about baby monitors and we have a VTech that we love!! What was even better is that it stopped charging and I emailed the company and they replaced it for me free of charge!

  68. 74

    I have been loving bold colors lately- so this bright red caught my eye! :)

    Thredup is pretty awesome, I haven’t bought anything there since we bought this house, but I used to all the time! Lovin’ the baby bump! Miss you! xoxox

  69. 76

    I love ThredUp! This top is so cute and would be great for a night out or with a blazer for work.

  70. 77
  71. 78
    Stephanie M says

    This looks like a comfy shirt for the fall. I love all things gray!

  72. 79

    I just ordered some maternity activewear! Capri pants and a tank top for $20! Thank you!!!

  73. 81
    Ashley Selvey says

    Love love love lululemon running shorts, specifically the speed shorts.
    I’m not sure if these are speed shorts from the description, but they look very similar!

  74. 82
    Emily Tucker says

    I have been eyeing this dress for a wedding in a few months!

  75. 83

    I’d probably spring for this – I love the silhouette of all of her dresses, just not the (original) price! I will definitely be keeping an eye out for things I can wear to fall weddings – I love how many different types of styles you can see in one place without actually having to set foot in a store :)

  76. 84

    I haven’t tried ThredUp yet, but have been looking at trying them. I love buying second hand, you get such great deals and it is so much better for the environment. Thanks for sharing the discount code! Here’s one on my list:

  77. 85
    Karla Neese says

    I’ve eyed ThredUp site many times but haven’t tried ordering anything from them yet. I love this jacket!!

  78. 86

    Love ThredUp! Got my boss addicted as well. This caught my eye recently:

  79. 87

    Whenever I see great sales on the next size up for my little guy, I always buy! I love the Tea Collection clothes, so I would get him this shirt for a few months from now:

  80. 88
  81. 89
  82. 90

    This Athleta dress would be great to wear in the transition time around winter or during winter with boots or leggings! I’m starting to think ahead to fall because the humidity in NC is too much right now. Haha

  83. 91
    Shanna Austin says

    This looks so comfy for dc swamp weather!

  84. 92
  85. 93

    I loved thredup for maternity clothes. And I got to add a bunch of cute baby clothes to bump up my total for free shipping :)

    I really need some new shoes for work and these look perfect:

  86. 94

    I love this white, sheer blouse by athleta! It would be perfect to wear to work or for an evening out.

  87. 95

    I LOVE ThredUp, and it makes me feel very green shopping there, too :) These caught my eye for end of summer/transition to fall athleisure:

  88. 96
    Sana Azadian says

    This is my first time looking at ThredUP, it looks great. I love this blouse because its perfect for work and i can probably use it for a night out also!

  89. 97
  90. 98
  91. 99
    Meghan Quinn says
  92. 100
    Anna Pry says

    I like this top because it’s breezy to keep me cool in the south, and it looks like it would work great with a cami to make nursing easy

    thanks for the chance!

  93. 101

    I love this Ann Taylor LOFT Sleeveless Blouse –! I’ve been looking for some dressier things to wear, and I have none left! I was on thredup today and was seeing so many nice things and affordable, too.

  94. 102

    I love the outfits you chose. <3

    Dreaming of fall with this jacket:

    And I would love to workout in this comfy looking tank:

    Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  95. 103

    This dress would be great for dressing up in the office or dressing down for the weekend!

  96. 104
  97. 105
  98. 106

    I love this red dress! I am a runner, and when I’m not working, I am usually in running clothes. This dress would be a great excuse to dress up a little!

  99. 107
  100. 108

    I’m loving this crossbody coach bag!! Looks like it would go with anything and what a steal!!

  101. 109

    This dress would be so cute for my little girl for this fall:

  102. 110

    I have been meaning to try thredup since you mentioned it a while back and haven’t gotten around to it. I love this romper and think it could transition great into fall!


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