18 Week Pregnancy Update

Hi friends! It’s time for another pregnancy update! I’m sharing one of these updates every other week; I’ll be 18 weeks tomorrow! Check out the previous posts first if you missed them:

18 weeks pregnancy update

18 Week Pregnancy Update

Baby Size: A pear! I’m getting really excited to hopefully feel her move in a couple weeks… not yet!

Symptoms: Still more tired than usual, but still better than the 1st trimester… I don’t really need afternoon naps anymore unless I end up having a super active morning (or am out in the heat for quite awhile).

Currently Missing: Raw oysters, summery beers, long run dates

Sleep: Still pretty restless and waking up every couple hours. Funny story: I bought a Snoogle last week after everyone in the world raved about it, and… Matt likes it way more than I do and has officially stolen it! Lol. I found it super cumbersome/awkward, especially because I change sides approximately 800 times per night… it wasn’t easy to switch sides without basically destroying the bed and working up a sweat. I also like a flatter head pillow, and it had my head propped up more than I like and kind of hurt my neck. Maybe I’ll like it more later once I’m bigger, but for now I’m sticking with my tried and true regular pillow between the legs and smaller squishy pillow or stuffed animal (no shame) in my arms. Works for me! After discarding the snoogle on the floor one night, Matt came to bed after me, and in the morning I discovered he was using it – lol! So, at least someone is enjoying it. ;) Any other ladies out there who didn’t love the snoogle?! Am I just weird?!

Cravings and favorite foods: Obsessed with smoothies lately now that it’s so hot out (see also: yesterday’s mix and match healthy smoothie recipes post)! Coconut water and I have also been good friends… I’ve been SO thirsty lately. I’m also in love with sandwiches as of the past couple weeks, in particular tuna sandwiches (made with mayo, dijon mustard, and artichoke hearts – mmm – also, here’s some info about tuna and mercury/pregnancy – it’s fine, especially light tuna) and BLTs! We had some leftover bacon from the weekend and I made myself a KILLER BLTA (bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado) for lunch on Monday. Plus some mayo and salt and pepper – it was amaaaaazing. I want another one right now!

bacon lettuce tomato avocado

Food aversions: Not having quite as many aversions as before, but still just not super excited about food (except sandwiches, fruit, smoothies, and dairy), especially in the evenings. It’s getting better, though… hoping it continues to improve!

Exercise: I’m still liking boot camps/strength work more than cardio, but keeping up a little bit of running (well, jog/walking) because I still enjoy it as social time with friends. :)

I just bought a belly support band thing that I saw my friend Janae write about, so I’m hoping that that will help with the uncomfortable belly bouncing situation while jogging! Right now without the band it’s starting to feel like trying to run without a sports bra, except your breasts are bouncing on your bladder… no bueno. I’m going to try it out tomorrow on a run date if it gets here in time, so stay tuned!

running while pregnant

I’ve also been doing yoga once or twice a week (still modifying a bit with no deep twists and no stuff lying on my stomach, and trying not to be on my back for too long because it doesn’t feel good), although as I mentioned in a post earlier this week, my hamstrings in particular have been really sore after yoga lately so I’m wondering if I’m inadvertently stretching too deeply. I’m going to be more mindful of that, and I’m planning to switch to prenatal yoga in a few weeks once I do some research on classes near me (and use up a few classes I have left at studios).

Mood: Pretty stable and regular the past couple weeks – feeling like myself! No random meltdowns recently like I wrote about in my last update. :) I’m really looking forward to our annual Outer Banks beach trip with Matt’s family in a couple weeks… that will be our last big trip of the year!

Maternity clothes: I’m obsessed with the summery cotton maternity dresses (and other clothing) by Liz Lange for Target – I basically have like 10 items of her stuff now in various colors because it’s so comfy! This maternity tie-waist dress by her is my current fave… I’ve been wearing it nonstop and have it in 2 colors.

liz lange maternity tie waist dress

The first photo in this post is also one of her dresses – the maternity tank dress. I also bought that in a couple different colors. Clearly I spent a lot of money at Target over the past couple weeks, ha.

I’m starting to move my old clothes into storage and only keeping maternity gear and looser regular clothing in the mix, because the belly is starting to get bigger! I still need to buy some new workout tights… haven’t gotten around to that yet. I’m planning to check out ThredUp to see what they have maternity-wise, too!

Reading: Nothing pregnancy-related right now… enjoying some “for fun” books instead. :)

Buying: Nothing baby-related recently besides the yard sale clothes I mentioned a couple weeks ago!

Thanks for reading and sharing in this special time with me! My next update will be 20 weeks… Matt and I are really excited for the big 20 week ultrasound!

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  1. 1

    I had an on-off relationship with my snoogle… some weeks it was the best thing ever, some weeks it was completely suffocating. I found it most useful to help me feel like I was sleeping on my back when I was actually on my side. Good luck and congrats!!!

  2. 3

    I didn’t like the Snoogle until I was 30 weeks along, so maybe you can steal it back from Matt in a few months! Glad you’re feeling well!

  3. 5

    I didn’t love the snoogle either. I used it for my first pregnancy, but not second. And I’m expecting my third now and still prefer just a regular body pillow (I don’t like the head part either). We only have a queen-sized bed so it almost felt like a third adult in the bed! On the maternity clothes, I just tried Le Tote for the first time and its awesome! It’s $69/tote (but you can basically get the first month free or 1/2 off through a code or referral). You borrow the clothes (I think its 4 pieces for the price I mentioned) for as long as you want, and then send them back for a new tote or you can buy them for a discounted price. The cool thing is that you can pick exactly what you want. I’ve done StitchFix this time around too with some success, but I hate spending a ton on maternity clothes (especially since this will likely be my last!)

    • 6

      I totally agree, I don’t want to spend money on fancy/expensive maternity clothes when I won’t wear them that long! I keep meaning to look into Le Tote… I have tried it before pre-pregnancy and it’s great, but I think it would make even more sense for maternity wear so I don’t always have the same 3 things on like I do right now with these cotton Target dresses!

  4. 7

    Love the updates! So excited for you!! I think you’re right about inadvertently stretching too deeply during yoga – during pregnancy, the hormone relaxin increases your flexibility, which may be what you’re experiencing! As cool as that is, you might be overstretching, so it’s something to be aware of when stretching or taking a class. You may already know all of that, but I wanted to share! Your blog is wonderful :)

  5. 9

    Yes! I hated the Snoogle! When I took it out of the packaging, my husband said it reminded him of a python, so not only did I not enjoy sleeping with it, I was kind of legit scared of it :) I am 36.5 weeks along and I have gotten along just fine with a pillow between my knees and a stuffed animal to hug. I also use the Boppy Wedge pillow (super cheap) either under my belly for support or between my legs. Usually I wake up in the morning just sleeping on my side while all the pillows and animals are buried or on the floor. The tossing and turning is par for the course.

    You look great by the way and I love the Target maternity dresses! I have been living in them.

    • 10

      Glad to hear someone else is still on team stuffed animal! ;) That’s a good tip about the Boppy Wedge for later on when my belly gets intense… I’ll keep that in mind!

  6. 11

    Old Navy and Gap has some great maternity clothing, including workout tops/tights! Happy shopping :)

    • 12

      I got a couple things from Old Navy already – love it! I hear they have great maternity activewear but I didn’t see any at my local store, just normal clothes… might have to go back!

      • 13

        I think here’s juts far more maternity clothes online, unfortunately. But most of hen are free returns or you can take them back to brick and mortor stores to return. I end up buying several sizes of several items and just returning a bunch.

        • 14

          Ah okay darn. I’ll peruse online instead!

          • 15

            I’m 28 weeks and the lack of brick and mortar options for maternity clothes is beyond frustrating. Even my local Target’s maternity section is pretty small considering the online options. I’ve done maternity stitchfix and have gotten some stuff, but its hit or miss and often more expensive than I want to pay. The work out gear is a little more manageable because the sizing is easier to estimate. I’ve been doing mostly gapfit for workout. I haven’t had issues sleeping so haven’t tried the snoogle, but the size of it turns me off! Good luck! I’m jealous that your third trimester will be in the fall and not the summer!

  7. 22

    I hated the snoogle for exactly the reasons you listed. My cat liked it though :). I liked the maternity workout tights at Target – I think they were BeMaternity brand.

    • 23

      Haha I bet Zara would like the snoogle – I wouldn’t be surprised to see her on it later! I was looking for maternity workout tights when I was at Target recently buying 100 summer dresses but I couldn’t find them! I’ll look again next time :)

  8. 24

    Such an exciting time!! I remember the first time feeling my babies kick, it was 19 or 20 weeks so you’re almost there!! Glad you’re starting to feel more like yourself again 😊

  9. 26

    The belly band is so great for support during running; it allowed me to run all through my pregnancy up until 2 days before my daughter was born. I bought all my maternity tops from target and old navy and ended up buying my pants one size up which worked out for me instead of buying super expensive (and often ill fitting) maternity pants. For workout clothes I found maternity specific workout gear way too expensive so just bought my regular stuff from target (capris, tshirts) one size up which was perfect. Glad you are feeling better!

    • 27

      That’s a good tip on the one size up regular workout stuff vs. maternity specific – I’ll have to go try some stuff on!

  10. 28
    Lauren H says

    I have the exact same feelings about the snoogle. Wanted to love it but found it uncomfortable for my neck and cumbersome. I keep giving it a try as my belly has grown but I’m 33 weeks as of today and still not into it.

    • 29

      It sounds like there are a bunch of us who aren’t loving the snoogle! I’d like it way more if it didn’t include the head part… I like my normal flat pillow!

  11. 30

    I went to a pregnancy aches & pains workshop with a chiropractor that specializes in pre-natal and she said lots of women hate it because your neck is at a weird angle and it hurts. I’ve always been a side sleeper, so I just used a regular pillow in front or between my knees as needed.

  12. 32

    Have you tried using KT tape to help support your belly while jogging? It doesn’t give the exact same support as a support band does but it’s all I can stand when it’s super hot outside while I run and it’s worked for me when I’m still in the second trimester. Might be worth looking into if you’re like me with this heat!

    -Emily @

    • 33

      That’s a good tip… I think I have a KT tape sample somewhere leftover from a race bag so I’ll look into trying that! I was thinking that about the heat… seems like the band will add a lot of heat!

  13. 34

    Hated the Snoggle the whole time! I did better just holding a regular pillow that was soft and kind of manipulating it around my belly when needed. I switch sides a lot too and this was easier to bring with me!

  14. 36

    I never liked the Snoogle and never felt a need for it, even in the last months. My belly just wasn’t uncomfortable in bed. I did use a support band in Crossfit from about 24 weeks on, and it was really helpful for a lot of what we did!

    And BLATs are sooooo good! Yum!

  15. 38

    With regard to tuna, what are your thoughts on this article?
    I noticed the data you refer to comes from the FDA (which often seems heavily influenced by businesses and even corrupt at times) and the National Fisheries Institute (which would certainly have an agenda). Not trying to judge your personal decisions, but since you are probably influencing many blog readers and clients, just wanted to make sure you have done thorough research.

    • 39

      I’ve done my research and I’m still comfortable with eating tuna a few times a week. Thank you, though, I appreciate you sharing this!

  16. 40

    I was so disappointed ThredUp didn’t have a better maternity selection. I don’t know if its my style preference or what, but I just couldn’t seem to find anything! I LOVE Liz Lange though! I have that same tank dress and wish I could wear it every day!

    • 41

      Darn, really? Hmmmm, a few of my friends have loved it, so maybe I’ll still see what I think! Yay Liz Lange – the best!!

  17. 42

    I have the same blue tank dress from Tarjay that you’re wearing in the first photo – should I wear it tomorrow for our lunch date so we can be twinsies? 😍🤣👯

  18. 46

    I have a love/hate snoogle relationship! I like to use it to rest but NOT to sleep. Same issues- don’t like the head part and it’s impossible to flip to my other side. As for clothing I’ve been a big fan of Le Tote this pregnancy! My first baby was born in winter so most of my maternity stuff is out of season. Most days I wear simple old navy maternity tshirts, so it’s been nice to use Le Tote for some dressier pieces!

  19. 48

    Never liked the Snoogle. I kept trying it throughout my pregnancy and finally gave up and took it to the basement. Hurt my neck and was so annoying when I wanted to switch sides. Just used a flat pillow for my head and when I got big just used a large pillow for support.

  20. 49

    You look so cute! Liz Lange is great, I got so much maternity stuff from Target. They have cute stuff and it is so affordable.

  21. 51

    I slept the exact same way, stuffed animal and all, during both my pregnancy! I couldn’t do one of those big body pillows. Blue Nectar yoga studio has great prenatal yoga classes. Also keep an eye out at the Motherhood maternity store for sales, I got 3 workout caprice pants from them I loved!

    • 52

      Stuffed animals FTW! :) I love Blue Nectar, so I’ll have to check out their maternity class schedule… I just wish it was a little closer – falls church is a little crazy to get to if it’s anywhere near rush hour! I haven’t been to Motherhood Maternity yet but I was handed down some clothes from that store from friends… cute stuff!

      • 53

        When I took the prenatal class at the studio, it was on a Sat morning so it was easy to get to, pulse I was able to hit up the farmers market after! But I feel yay with trying to get there during traffic hours. There is a Motherhood store in Fairfax Courner and they are always so nice there! They have cute stuff, but hand me downs are the best!! I don’t like spending a lot of money on clothes I will only wear for a few months!

        • 54

          Oh Saturday would totally be doable! I’ve been meaning to check out the FC farmer’s market, too – I hear it’s awesome.

  22. 55

    I hate the snoogle for sleeping for all the reasons you listed, even when I was huge. But I did use it for relaxing before bed, watching tv and pulled it out pretty early during this pregnancy (29 weeks currently) and same story. I also found the belly band awesome for running early on.

  23. 57

    The Gapfit line is sooo dreamy- their breathe tanks and short sleeve tees are amazing. I also have a pair of their blackout workout capris (noooo see through on them!) which are awesome.

    I hate that old navy and gap stopped carrying maternity in the stores, though! There are some good consignment stores in Old Town like Consign 529 and Bellies and Babies that carry maternity that are worth checking out.

    • 58

      Oh sweet, I didn’t know about those consignment places! Thank you for that tip! Good to know Gap workout capris aren’t see-through, too – it seems many of my maternity ones are!

  24. 59

    Anne, I love how many posts there are agreeing with you about the snoogle! I’m 32 weeks and was talking to my husband last night about how I wanted to chop the top of it off to make room for my own pillow. I’m still wrestling with all the pillows every night, sleep is a challenge! Best of luck to you!

  25. 61

    I am 16 weeks pregnant and didn’t get the snoogle for the exact reasons you mentioned. I move from side to side a lot, especially now. I did get the Queen Rose U shaped pillow-
    Which has been pretty good. I can move from side to side without having to shift the pillow. I also just found Mind the Mat yoga in Del Ray (there’s a location in Clarendon also) which has regular 6 week prenatal classes, definitely worth checking out.

    • 62

      I go to Mind the Mat in Clarendon some, but it seems most of the prenatal options are in Del Ray which is a bit of a haul for me… I’ll look into it more!

  26. 63

    I looked at that Snoogle (not pregnant but intrigued by Matts liking it) it doesn’t look that different from two pillows. Glad you are feeling better!!!

  27. 65

    Loving these updates! Since I don’t have kids, I never even thought about the bouncing of your tummy while running!!! Glad that they have something for that and hoping the belly band works!! Interested to hear the update!

  28. 67

    I went into labor around 11:30 p.m. and I got out of bed quietly to let my husband get a little more sleep. He actually didn’t realize I was in labor for a few more hours (my mom was with me, too), because every time he rolled over he saw the Snoogle and didn’t realize I wasn’t asleep in bed!

    Also, I don’t know if you know about Moms Run This Town, but the Arlington/Alexandria chapter is super active (I’m also an Arlington mama). You should join the facebook group – lots of people for run/walk dates during pregnancy and for after. I love it – they are my tribe.

    • 68

      That’s too funny – the snoogle is hard to see over! Ha! I have heard of Moms Run This Town – I’m going to hit it up once the baby comes as I get started with running again… looking forward to checking it out! That’s good to know there are pregnant ladies there, too, though – we’ll see how I feel once the belly band arrives!

  29. 69

    I didn’t like the Snoogle at first either! But I tried it again as my pregnancy went on and bouts of insomnia or discomfort got worse, and the last time I tried it I was hooked! Your body keeps changing so much, you might end up liking it later on!

    • 70

      I’m definitely going to give it another shot later on… who knows! Plus if I have any acid reflux issues I’m sure the higher head situation will be nice…

  30. 71

    I hated the Snoogle and kept trying to use it but it was never comfortable for the same reasons you listed! I preferred my usual head pillow and a body pillow.

  31. 72

    Congrats to you and Matt on your amazing news!!

    I also hated the snoogle and just used a regular pillow for my head and this wedge pillow for support under my belly or between my legs: (I still use it now if I want extra support under my head!)

    I definitely used a belly band for running. The one I had looks similar to yours:

    I ran until the day before giving birth and people gave me the weirdest looks, like they thought it was bad for the baby! I developed sciatica and some glute pain from the added weight, which disappeared after giving birth.

    I bought a lot of maternity clothes (mostly dresses) on Amazon. For workouts, I bought capri leggings at target and larger, looser tops from target and gap (not maternity). If you want to splurge, I would buy a nice pair of jeans from a pea in the pod. I hated all of the maternity clothes at Old Navy and in the one store near me in Fairfax that had a section of maternity clothes, it was a huge, jumbled mess!

    Also, I wore maternity Spanx with dresses, which provided additional support for my belly and back.

    Good luck at your ultrasound!

  32. 74

    Hi Anne, congratulations on your pregnancy!! Very exciting, I’ve been a long-time reader and was looking forward to you being pregnant and blogging one day! I’m due with my second in September, exciting times!
    In relation to sleeping pillows, I have found the Belly Bean is great, it’s basically two small pillows with a cotton band between them, so you can roll over and always have one on either side without having to move them, which I love! I never really liked the big body pillows either. In terms of sleep in general, I find that the getting up regularly thing is annoying but continues, alas, and I often need a snack in the middle of the night!
    Hope everything continues well – I find lots of small regular snacks of whatever I feel like at the time helps keep the nausea at bay, and it did get a lot better as the trimesters progressed.

  33. 76

    I didn’t love the snoogle at first either, specifically the head portion, but I got used to that and now at 26 weeks I love it! I definitely feel like I don’t roll around in bed as much as I used to, it’s definitely harder to flip these days so there’s that haha.

    I’m obsessed with’s clearance section. They are always having crazy deals!

  34. 78

    I’ve had a love hate relationship with the Snoogle throughout my pregnancy. I’m currently 33 weeks and hating it again. I wanted to recommend Target for maternity workout pants. They’re hard to find in the store, but their BeMaternity by Ingrid and Isabel pants are so comfortable! I also have a pair from Old Navy that I like and switch in between them. I’ve had to do a lot of laundry because I refuse to buy too many maternity items!


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