Feasting the Day Away and Giving Thanks

Friends: prepare yourselves for a feast of epic proportions.


Welcome to Thanksgiving dinner at Matt’s parent’s house!


Matt’s best friend from childhood, Thomas, lives right around the corner, and every year the two families have Thanksgiving together. Thomas lives in DC now and he and his girlfriend, Janice, are part of our group of friends there, so it was fun to catch up :) Here we all are, plus Thomas’s sister, Sarah, in the middle!


The evening began with cheese and fruit:










And a Curried Pumpkin Soup bar:



And then we headed to the table for the real feast!

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First, an amuse bouche — Mushroom Wonton Purses:


Then our starter arrived — a seafood course! Ceviche de Accion de Gracias, served in scooped out limes on shell plates:


(Recipe coming soon!)


Next, a palate cleanser: pink grapefruit and rosemary sorbet:


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Followed by Tossed Greens with Pomegranate Seeds and Manchego Cheese:


And then it was time for the main event: TURKEY!!


There were two turkeys to choose from — one rotisserie:

043 065

And one fried. Look at that golden crust!



As for sides, there was quite the abundance.

Cranberry sauce (courtesy of yours truly):


My Spiced Mashed Sweet Potatoes:


Roasted carrots and parsnips inspired by my Garlic Herb Roasted Veggies recipe:


Amazing Artichoke Mashed Yukon Golds (working on getting this recipe!):


Creamed Onions (avoided this one — not an onion or a cream fan!):


Corn Pudding (YUM!):


Savory Stuffing Cakes:


And Roasted Brussels Sprouts:


Whoa. So many options, so little space in my tummy! I got lots of veggies and turkey (covered in gravy — I LOVE gravy), and smaller samplings of the heavier items. :) I wanted to taste everything but not feel overly stuffed or sick — success!


Plus, I had to save room for dessert!


Pumpkin Chiffon Pie with a Gingersnap Crust:


A Seven Layer Caramel Cake:


And a beautiful apple pie:


I had little slivers of each, plus some ice cream :) What a feast!


With our stomachs full, we all collapsed on the sofa and watched Elf. Thanksgiving success!

I hope you all had great Thanksgiving feasts, too. Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekends! We just went and saw “Harry Potter 7” — SO GOOD!! I can’t wait for the last one. But I’ll be sad when the movies are all finished!


  1. 1

    There was a curried pumpkin soup bar? Best Thanksgiving idea EVER!

  2. 2

    I think this may be the fanciest Thanksgiving dinner I’ve ever seen. Lucky you!

  3. 3

    Oh my goodness, that meal looks like it was catered from the fanciest of places! The decorations and seating cards were beautiful! Must be some chefs in the family!

  4. 4

    What a fabulous feast! I love the place settings!

  5. 5

    What a gourmet feast! Love the pretty palate cleansers… sound tasty!

  6. 6

    OMG that food looks epic! I’m insanely jealous. Everything looks so delicious!!!!! Can Matt’s parents be my in-laws?

  7. 7

    I am glad you had a fab feast with Matt’s fam :)

  8. 8

    What an amazing meal! You’re a lucky gal. ;)

  9. 9

    We totally had the same: Pumpkin Chiffon Pie with a Gingersnap Crust for Thanksgiving!!
    Except your dinner looked way classier than ours!! We did not have palate cleansers and I wore my sweatpants for the first time in years for Thanksgiving. It was awesome. Glad you had a great time!! ;)

  10. 10

    What a wonderful, over-the-top feast–I’m so impressed with the multiple courses! And the pumpkin soup bar is genius!

  11. 11

    One word: wow! Fantastic, in fact. Glad all had a great time!

  12. 12

    WOW! I read this post with my mouth hanging open!! Everything looked so incredible!!!!


  13. 13

    Sounds like a perfect holiday! Happy Thanksgiving to you and MAtt!

  14. 14

    That looks wonderful, so glad you enjoyed yourselves. Well, my Thanksgiving was so wonderful because 2 of my 3 sons were there. First time to see them in almost 4 years. US Navy gave them 3 days and they are leaving us today (boo hoo). We were so thankful for their presence this year and hope to have them home again soon. GOD Bless Our Troops and Their Families.

  15. 16

    Wow! so much great looking food! I love the beautiful decorations!
    I still haven’t tried fried turkey…but it does have a gorgeous golden crust!
    Happy Holidays!

  16. 17

    I can’t believe how many people have mentioned watching Elf! I guess I’m going to have to watch it now, too. Mashed potatoes with artichokes??!? That sounds amazing. And that caramel cake…Lord have mercy!

  17. 18
    Linda - a Canadian RD says:

    I’m crashing next year! Wow!

  18. 19

    I love Elf too and HP7!
    Btw…thanks for the spiced sweet potato and maple roasted veggie recipes! They were both a big hit!

  19. 20

    that is, by far, the most serious thanksgiving spread I have ever seen in my life. props to the cooks, YUM!

  20. 21

    I expect my invite next year! ;) The food looks so amazing! :)

    We do the sorbet thing in my family too! :) Although we use lemon!

  21. 22

    That looks like, no lie, the most delicious and unique Thanksgiving feast I have ever seen. Hope you had a great!

  22. 23

    LOL! We watched Elf too, it’s the kids’ favorite Christmas movie. The dinner looked amazing, can’t wait for the ceviche and potato recipes. Hope all as well, happy Thanksgiving :)

  23. 24

    Wow looks amazing! I would love to be a guest at your Thanksgiving..yum!

  24. 25

    Wow!! Everything looks amazing!! I am super-impressed with Matt’s fam, some gourmet action right there! :)

  25. 26
    Pat Elserry says:

    I actually read this over my blackberry while away, but couldn’t see the pictures and couldn’t wait to get a chance to view on my laptop! All I can say is WOW!!!! What a beautiful feast – the food looks great, but the table and all the nice little touches made it just awesome!

  26. 27

    what a gourmet TG meal—everything looks awesome!

  27. 28

    How do I get your Thanksgiving Day recipes?????


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