Food + Fitness Highlights in Sewickley, PA

Hi guys! Popping in for a few more of our holiday adventures up in Pittsburgh area with Matt’s family.

One of the big highlights: Matt’s mom made her famous lasagna! It’s SO GOOD – I think the secret is a slow cooked sauce that starts from whole tomatoes – and there’s also some ground sausage in the sauce. Delicious. They also made a gluten free variation (with rice noodles, which tasted the same) for Matt, which was appreciated! (Here’s why he’s gluten free for now in case you missed it.)

homemade lasagna

Lasagna is one of my favorite foods. The meatier and tomato-ier the better.

homemade sausage lasagna

With a side salad to get in some of that veggie volume. :)


lasagna with salad

The rest of that night was spent watching a movie with the gang – such a cozy night! We watched “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” – I really enjoyed it!

Matt and I went to bed at 11 p.m. and managed to sleep until 10 a.m. (I know, those of you who have kids are reading that and hating me right now) which was glorious. We woke up with lots of energy for a run – and sunshine awaiting us, too! Perfect.

running sewickley pa

I love running around Sewickley with Matt – he always takes me by spots that have fun childhood memories for him and tells me the stories around them. We had the best run – we both felt good and the weather was perfect – cold but sunny!

IMG_0432 (Edited)

running in sewickley pa

We covered some good distance too – just shy of 5 miles.


Post-run we walked around with some lattes (I’m obsessed with post-run lattes, I know) and then headed back to the house for leftover lasagna and salad for lunch. Yum!

leftover lasagna and salad

Matt’s parents had a big open house holiday party that evening which was fun – I didn’t get any pictures but there were a ton of delicious appetizers and I enjoyed some Prosecco. :)

Wednesday morning, my sister-in-law Morgana and I got up early to hit up a yoga class before everyone had to leave town. Our new favorite, Salt Power Yoga (hot vinyasa classes) only had a 6 a.m. (too early) and a noon (too late), so we tried a new to us spot called Yoga in Sewickley. They had a 7:30 a.m. – that’s more like it!

yoga in sewickley review

The studio was small and cozy and the instructor was really friendly and welcoming. We both enjoyed the class, which was a restorative, calming flow with some great twists and unique stretches. Total opposite of the hot power yoga studio we went to earlier in the visit but equally awesome – I like variety with my yoga classes! :) It felt so good to get some nice stretching in before sitting in a car for most of the day, too.

Post-yoga breakfast with the family before hitting the road:

healthy balanced breakfast

I will leave you with two super random things. First, has anyone tried kiwano, or horned melon, before? Matt’s dad bought one just for fun and we tried it this week. Neither of us had ever heard of it before!

kiwano fruit

It was kind of weird – slimy and a bit like a kiwi but with less flavor. Oh well – worth a shot. :)

And the second random thing I’d like to share with you is my amazing new fox sock slippers that Matt got me for Christmas. How cute are they?! They make me smile. :)

fox sock slippers

Have a fabulous day guys!


  1. 1

    I do hate you for sleeping until 10am!!!! my girls would have crushed me 1000 times!!! :D hahaha

    that lasagna looks soooo good, even better when you don’t have to make it.

  2. 3

    HI! Happy (almost) New Year! I wanted to let you know that I NEEDED to read your post the other day! You have such a way of putting everything back into perspective for me! So, Thank you!

    Another random note: Do you flavor your lattes? Or just have the plain whole milk latte? I must say, I am now a convert :) I tried an almond milk latte the other day and couldn’t even drink it…it was SO bad!

    • 4

      Aw, yay – so glad to hear that, Molly! I usually do plain whole milk lattes, but sometimes I mix it up with some flavor – this day I actually had some mocha syrup in there, too – it was so delicious! And I totally agree – I like almond milk in baked goods and smoothies and stuff but in coffee it’s so gross!!

  3. 5

    2017 inspiration – I’m going to try and run a 5k. Read your how I started running and will try the couch to 5k to see if that helps, especially on the treadmill in the winter.

  4. 7
    Meredith Miller says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for years and I love seeing familiar photos from your Sewickley visits. My husband and I moved here from Washington, DC five years ago (he grew up in Pittsburgh). Hope you guys had a wonderful holiday and wishing you a happy 2017!

  5. 9

    I wish I could convince myself to step away from the sweeteners in coffee, but I LOVE my sugar free vanilla in my iced coffee, but like Molly mentioned I cannot fathom using anything but real milk in my iced/hot coffees.
    Have you found that you have a favorite place to get your coffee? I am a Starbucks lover, but I think that other places might have better coffee.

    • 10

      I usually try to go to local places vs. Starbucks although I do hit Starbucks some! If you’re in DC area, I like Java Shack (Arlington), Buzz (all over), and Bean Good (Arlington).

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