Sunburned in Paradise

Good morning!

Yesterday was another tough day in paradise ;) This was my view for most of the day:


I know. I’m sorry.

(If you’re just tuning in — I’m in San Juan, Puerto Rico on spring break from my master’s program right now!)

Matt and I spent almost the entire day on the beach yesterday. It was awesome and there were fruity drinks involved.


The weather was perfect! We spent about an hour playing in the ocean waves (one of my favorite things to do, ever), and another hour playing beach volleyball with a random group of college kids. They asked us what school we went to and we were like um… we’re like 10 years older than you. Don’t judge.



Our volleyball team won. I think it’s because I have mad skills now from playing Walleyball this spring. No big deal. ;)

Artistic shot:


It should come as no surprise that Matt and I are now super sunburned. Fail. I put SPF a billion on us like 5 times but apparently the sun here is just a weeeeee bit more intense than we’re used to.

Remember Matt’s glowing white stomach in yesterday’s post? Well… now it’s glowing red.


And I have an awesomely awkward line on both my arms where the sunburn starts. Wtf?


We’ve become good friends with aloe.

In light of our sunburns, we decided to wait until the sun went down to go for our run. Plus, that appears to be what all the cool kids do.


And obviously we are cool kids.

We ran 30 minutes all around the lagoon here in San Juan. It was beautiful and felt good to get a run in, although our legs were actually kind of tired from all the swimming and volleyball!

By the time we came back from our run and showered it was already nearly 9 p.m.! We decided this meant we should order room service for dinner. What? We’re on vacation! :)


The hotel actually had some awesome stuff! I got an assortment of appetizers.

First, a citrus salad of mixed greens with jicama, pineapple, and orange — delicious!


A seed encrusted grouper atop seaweed salad — SO good:


Plus a side of quinoa. This was WAY too salty. Boo!


Matt ordered the steak with veggies and yucca fries:


It was actually an AMAZING steak! The yucca fries and veggies were good, too :) Room service win.

Today’s plan is to do some exploring of San Juan by foot, specifically Old San Juan, which is supposed to be a really nice, cute area. And then tonight we’re going NIGHT kayaking!! Apparently Puerto Rico is famous for their “bioluminescent lagoons,” where microscopic plankton produce light at the touch of your hand! I’ve heard from a number of readers and friends that this is one of the coolest things ever to do here. I can’t wait! :) Although I doubt I’ll be able to take photos? :(


We’re off to breakfast — have a great day and stay tuned for more! :)

p.s. Check out this great article that just came out on Woman’s Day magazine’s website — 10 Morning Workout Motivators. It features tips from me and a bunch of my blog buddies! :)


  1. 1

    You have NO IDEA how jealous I am!!!!!!! Enjoy your vay-cay!!!! XOX

    Have a great day,


  2. 2

    Sunburn and all, that still looks awesome. (You are using sun block, not just sun screen, I trust? :-) ) Jealous, indeed! Enjoy!

  3. 3

    Looks like so much fun on the beach! Based on your pictures, I’m 99% sure you’re staying at the same hotel my husband and I spent our honeymoon at. If you are, there’s an awesomely tasty gelato shop nearby – go out the front of the hotel, cross the street, then turn left and walk about a half block. We must have gone for gelato about 2 times a day everyday – so yummy.

    Enjoy your vacation!

  4. 4


    I was in San Juan for work about a year ago and on my days off we went night kayaking too! It is so awesome…very cool experience, and the science behind it is pretty cool too (nerd alert!). Also, if you’re going to Old San Juan…check out the restaurant that used to be a convent…conveniently called “El Convento”. They make killer mojitos and are like a tapas type place, delicious! Plus, you can just sit at the bar if you want and get great atmosphere.


  5. 5
    Jackie Smith says

    That looks absolutely gorgeous!

  6. 6

    Looks like you guys are having a blast!

  7. 7

    The bioluminescent lagoons are SO COOL. I did that when I went to Puerto Rico a few years ago and it was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. Enjoy! :)

  8. 8

    Ok, this is kind of crazy, but it totally works! If you ever run out of aloe, the inside of a banana peel is very soothing on sunburns. Plus, it smells great and you get to eat the banana :)

  9. 10

    Night kayaking! Whaat?! Your vacay sounds incredible!

  10. 11

    Don’t you hate when sunscreen lets you down? Slather, slather, slather.
    Looks like a great holiday so far in spite of the burn. Enjoy!

  11. 12

    Have fun tonight. Night kayaking sounds so cool. And you are a cool kid after all. ;)

  12. 14

    When I was in San Juan we went to the San Cristobal (the big fort). It was awesome!

  13. 16

    Omgg I’m so jealous! San Juan looks absolutely beautiful, and that citrus salad looks so refreshing and delicious. It’s crazy how you got sunburned THROUGH the sunscreen though! Hope the aloe helps! :)

  14. 17

    I went to PR a few years ago and HIGHLY recommend the bioluminescent bay– you can’t take pictures (we couldn’t) but it was so awesome! We kayaked through mangrove trees to get there and then swam in the bay…everything glowed. Enjoy!!

  15. 18

    ARGH THE JEALOUSY IS EATING ME ALIVE!!! It looks SO gorgeous, and I love that you got a run in too!! :D

  16. 19

    I get sun burnt every time I put on a bathing suite. Damn paleness.

    I loooooooooooooooooooove that blue dress. Where did you get it?

  17. 21

    The sun in PR is no joke!! I just came back on Sunday and I also got sunburn. Then again, I really thought I was cool and went some of the day without sunscreen and just winged it, I thought drinking pina colada’s ruled sunburns out. FAIL. Oh well, thank goodness it wasn’t a painful sunburn.

    Oh and the beach! There’s a few of them, which are you going to? There’s one called la palguera that’s supposed to be amazing. We didn’t have time to go but i may go back in August so let’s hope there’s time then. Enjoy the rest of your vaca!

  18. 23

    Um night kayaking sounds amazing, and so does laying on the beach. Heck, I’d even take a mild, pink sunburn at this point! I don’t think I’m built to be a skier. Have so much fun!

  19. 24

    Turner and I think you need a better close up of Matt’s belly button.
    Reporting from Boston,

  20. 26

    Hahaha… I always have to tell people on the beach here (although we’re not PR, we’re at about the same latitude line) that the sun is INTENSE. It’s honestly PAINFUL for me to see Matt’s burn =( we see it all too often on our beaches…

  21. 27

    Ooooh Matt, you poor thing. That looks like it really hurts. I remember about 43 years ago when I was 17 I stayed out on the beach all day and it was cloudy. I got the worst sunburn ever. I couldn’t even sleep because it felt like sand in my bed, and I had a fever. It was awful. I never laid out in the sun or clouds ever again. I really take care of my skin and I have very few lines in my face, neck arms or anywhere. I am lucky. Anne, please take steps to protect your beautiful face and body. Sun will definitely damage your skin.You too Matt. Other than that(hahah) have fun.

  22. 29

    you are probably the luckiest girl in the world (minus the sunburn) :-(
    And I love that blue dress, where is it from?
    Well have a fun! And I LOVVVEEE running in new places! (and who can beat Puerto rico!)

  23. 31

    Enjoy San Juan! It’s freezing where I live right now – I actually had to wear leggings, a sweatshirt, gloves, and a hat to track practice today! :-?

  24. 32

    Looks like you’re having a blast, despite the sun burn!! :( It’s weird that the sunscreen didn’t work!

  25. 33

    too creepy to point out that your abs are ballin in that reflection picture? too late!

  26. 35

    Two words….Coconut Oil! Coconut oil works wonders, not only to help prevent sunburn in the first place, but will keep you from peeling now that you have it! Slather it on day and night! Enjoy the sun! Cold & snowy here! So jealous!!

  27. 37

    Oh boo:( That reminds me of the time in Key West that my sister became a LOBSTER. She decided not to wear sunscreen. CLEARLY an awesome decision on her part!

  28. 38

    Looks so relazing! :D

  29. 41

    Ahhhhh, looks perfect!!!! Enjoy the rest of your trip :)

  30. 42

    I always get those weird sunburn lines too! I think I apply sunscreen unevenly or miss spots or something! Anyway, looks like you are having a great time! Enjoy!

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