Making Waves

Hi from the beach!

We are here in Duck in the Outer Banks in North Carolina. We come every summer for a week with Matt’s family and some friends, and it’s always one of my favorite weeks of the year!

It’s especially fun this year because Riese is big enough to really enjoy the beach! She’s LOVING it – she’s super into the waves and loves playing in the sand with the other kids that are here in our (massive) group. We brought a baby pool to use on the beach and she’s been having fun in that, too!

We’ve spent a lot of time in the big pool as well!

We’ve had great weather so far this trip – fingers crossed it lasts. 

Besides playing on the beach and in the pool with Riese (and relaxing at the pool at our house while she takes her nap…), we’ve also had some fun fitness adventures.

Matt and I took Riese out for a jog on our second morning here which was fun but HARD – I do a ton of walking with the stroller but not much running and man it’s tough. Mad props to those of you who run with strollers – you are hardcore!

running in duck nc

We traded off pushing the stroller and probably covered about 2 miles which felt like plenty. ;)

duck nc running

Yesterday morning a bunch of the ladies and I took advantage of a free outdoor yoga class – the town of Duck hosts one every Tuesday morning at 7:30 during summer! 

It’s a super low key class but the stretching felt nice and it was a beautiful morning for it. 

We’ve also had some great food so far this week, including two visits to Treehouse Coffee for breakfast and lattes.

The first round was with our friends Jack and Megan and their son, and I had the bacon, egg, and avocado biscuit – delicious – plus some fruit, which Riese ate most of. :)

For round 2 I had their breakfast bowl, which had roasted potatoes, micro greens, crispy brussels sprouts, black beans, and a fried egg. It was really delicious!

Home cooked dinners so far have included a yummy peanut pasta + grilled chicken (for a similar recipe, check out my Peanut Noodles with Tilapia) with some salad:


And last night we had fish tacos – always a hit:

homemade fish tacos duck nc

Plus some unpictured corn on the cob, and some super juicy watermelon!

For lunches, we’ve been keeping it easy with sandwiches and such. Today we got smart and packed lunch for the beach so we could stay until nap time vs. rushing back to the house for lunch!

And now it’s time to head to bed so I can do more of this tomorrow… (New favorite photo, even though Riese has half of her snack still on her chin – whoops)

Oh and more of this, too.

Beach happy hours are the BEST happy hours. 

I wish this week would last forever! After a stressful few months, I’m feeling especially grateful to have this time to relax, disconnect, and spend time with friends and family.

Have a great day guys – I’ll plan to check back in on Friday with another vacay update!

Beach or mountains? I love both but I have to go beach – it’s the best! I could play in the waves all day. 


  1. 1

    Great post! Vacations, especially those to unwind from stress, are the best.

    That breakfast bowl looks amazing.

    I love your patriotic shoes. What brand and where did you get them?

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation!!!

    • 2

      Thanks! The fun shoes are Brooks, but from a couple years ago! Might be able to find them on ebay or something though?

  2. 3

    Tell me about your running shoes that look like flags. I want some!

  3. 5
    Roadrunner says

    Glad you’re having such a wonderful time and that Riese loves the beach and waves so much. Enjoy the 4th!

  4. 6

    Riese is just so adorable! I can’t believe how big she is. Glad you are having a reat time.

  5. 8

    Looks like a ton of fun! :D


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