Functional Fitness VA Review + Discount Code

I recently had the pleasure of taking an introduction to kettlebell class and a group kettlebell class from the team at Functional Fitness VA. I always like trying new-to-me classes and sharing my experience on the blog, so read on for my review and a discount code for my northern Virginia area readers who would also like to try them out!

functional fitness va review discount code

Functional Fitness VA is located in the Endurance Athlete Center (EAC) in Falls Church, VA, and they offer both personal training services as well as group kettlebell classes. Functional Fitness VA is not just another group fitness gym – their focus is aimed at strengthening complimentary muscles for runners and other endurance athletes to increase their performance. Something I know most runners could use!

functional fitness va review discount code

As you guys know, until a couple weeks ago I was working for the EAC as their sports dietitian. I decided to leave to focus attention on my own private practice (, but I still love the center and the team there, so I was happy to oblige when the Func Fit guys asked if I’d like to check out their intro to kettlebell class and one group class to share a blog review. Here I am with the Functional Fitness VA owners Kavon and Tom, who are not only very knowledgeable trainers but also fun guys. :)

functional fitness va review discount code

Anyone who wants to take the group kettlebell classes with Functional Fitness VA must first start with the individual introduction to kettlebell class.


functional fitness va review discount code

During this class, you learn the basics of the core kettlebell lifts, focusing on proper form (to prevent injury)!


Even though it was just an intro course, it was actually a decent workout, too, especially since Kavon made me hold the poses for ages to correct my form. ;) Hellooooo, inner thighs!

functional fitness va review discount code

I was really impressed with the intro class and learned a lot in the hour that I spent with Kavon. This class would be useful to anyone, even someone who has worked with kettlebells before and thinks they already know what they are doing (like me)! ;)

A couple weeks after the intro class, I checked out one of the weeknight group kettlebell classes taught by Scott.

functional fitness va review discount code

I was expecting this class to be a boot camp/high intensity intervals sort of class, but it had much more of a strength/mobility focus, which was great because that’s what I don’t get enough of (most runners don’t)! I left with a sore (in a good way) core and much more open shoulders.

functional fitness va review discount code

If you’re in the DC/northern VA area and are looking to branch out from your standard routine and strengthen muscles that will improve your running (and decrease chance of injury), I’d encourage you to check out Functional Fitness VA! More information about their personal training/kettlebell class options is on their website. To sign up email [email protected] and mention my blog for 15% off your initial purchase.

Have you ever taken a kettlebell class? I’ve done work with kettlebells before in CrossFit, but I’d never done a dedicated class. I really liked it!


  1. 1

    That looks amazing! I wish we had a place like that here.

  2. 4

    I LOVE kettlebells! I love when we incorporate them into our workouts at CrossFit or will do it on my own too because I always feel like they give me such a great workout and kick my butt!

  3. 5

    I’ve never used kettlebells because I’ve always been kind of intimidated by them. A class would be a great way to fell more comfortable. I’ve heard such great things about kettlebell workouts, so now that I know classes exist, I’ll have to find one in my area!

    • 6

      Hi Alexis, although you may not be close to Functional Fitness VA, we can absolutely help you find someone who may be closer. What metro area are you close to?

  4. 7

    Only at cross fit!
    I heard about them on the same podcast (High Impact Blogging) I found you on Anne! Kinda cool.
    They look funky and are awkward to hold–so I’m not into them yet. But those who are, are crazy about them! Thanks for the intro to them!

  5. 8

    Awesome! I always see these kettlebell type classes and really want to take them, but struggle with any weights that I have to life, since my joints aren’t that great, so my shoulders (or hips) can’t take the extra weight when lifting (they snap, crackle and pop)

    • 9

      Hi Sheena! Bells, when used correctly, can help to stabilize many ‘crackly’ joints by utilizing a greater degree of muscle tension around the join. Tension is truly the key, because once that is understood, you can apply it to any motion/exercise/etc. Look for a StrongFirst instructor in your area and they may be able to greatly improve your joint issues.

  6. 10

    I haven’t taken a kettlebell class but have done some workouts using the tutorial on the pumps & iron blog and I love them!

  7. 11
    Roadrunner says:

    Looks great, Anne. Never had a formal class, but have used kettle bells under supervision (which, as you note, is key!).

  8. 12

    I do them once or twice a week and love it! We do a mixture..sometimes strength and mobility, sometimes more intervals and HIIT…crossfit style workouts. Just the simple swing is an all over body buster!

  9. 13

    I love kettlebells and live in Arlington… might have to check this out! I’ve never taken a class solely dedicated to kettlebells. Thanks for the info!

  10. 14

    Awesome write up. I love these guys. I would recommend anyone to go there, not just runners. I’m not a runner, haha. Anyways, these guys played a crucial role in getting my fitness and health back in order. When I started training with them my knees were always sore, I couldn’t play basketball, I was way overweight, close to being morbidly obese. I still remember the first class was just simple stuff to get my muscles firing again, and since I’d neglected my body, even those things seemed like a challenge. They motivate you. They give you skills and tools you can use outside of their facilities and most importantly, they make working out fun. I actually look forward to going to our twice a week sessions because Tom will always have something to say and talk about and Kavon will always throw out some smart Alec comments that makes everyone laugh. You can tell these guys love their busiiness and their clients. They are always smiling and enjoying what they do. Please do yourself a favor a go there and reclaim your life and health. Since working out with them, I’ve gone from 262 lbs to around 202 lbs (I’m almost 6’5″). Their workouts, my motivation, and weight watchers helped me get to a point where my clothes fit well, my confidence is up, and most importantly my endurance is skyrocketing allowing me to enjoy my growing family and career!!! Thanks you guys.

  11. 16

    I do live near there and I’ve been wanting to check out some of their classes

  12. 17

    Great documentation. I’ve tried using kettlebells twice but it slips from my hands. Make’s me more of a hazard to people than being healthy LOL! I’m now just contented with lifting dumbells. It really is different with a trainer right? Make’s you put more effort than just doing it with yourself. When it’s just me in the gym without my husband, I sometimes end up slacking! lol! Good luck to you.


  13. 19

    Looks like an awesome workout! I use a kettlebell occasionally but could def use some help learning the basics.

  14. 20

    I’m going to brave and sign up for a class! Thank you for the discount code!!!

  15. 22

    Your workout pics are really inspirational and thanks for sharing.

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