Made it

Anyone else brave the crazy holiday traffic yesterday to get home? Oof. That was a long one, but we made it and are back home in DC! 

It took us a little over 7 hours… Riese did pretty well thanks to lots of food + listening to her favorite kid music CD a billion times in a row (Matt and I were kiiiind of losing our minds but it was worth it for her to not be melting down). 

Thankfully we made one last stop at our favorite local coffee shop, Adesso Cafe, in Sewickley, before hitting the road – that caffeine was necessary!

adesso cafe sewickley

Here are some of the other eats we had over the past week, starting with a delicious honey baked ham dinner the night before Thanksgiving. 

ham the night before thanksgiving

Anyone else love honey baked ham? Soooo good. Especially with baked beans! 

We had lots of ham leftovers, too, so we enjoyed some throughout the rest of the week and Matt’s mom made us ham and cheese sandwiches for the drive home yesterday – I didn’t get a photo but they hit the spot!

We also had lots of leftovers from our Thanksgiving feast; we ate leftover turkey and mashed potatoes in various forms for lunches, and I also threw some leftover whole cranberry sauce in oatmeal – yum. It was especially good with some salted pumpkin seeds in there too! 

leftover cranberry sauce oatmeal

Another breakfast from the week: french toast! Always delicious.

I scrambled up some eggs for all of us for some protein, too – I love french toast but it’s never satisfying to me on its own! 

We also did some eating out over the past week.

On Friday night, we went to Matt’s parent’s club for dinner. I had a salad to start:

And then I got the seared tuna, which hit the spot – I was in the mood for Asian food. 

I had some leftover tuna and enjoyed it the next day atop this grain salad we picked up from Mediterra Cafe. 

mediterra cafe sewickley salad

If you have kids and ever find yourself in Pittsburgh, check out the Children’s Museum – it’s amazing!

We took Riese there on Wednesday and she loved it. Lots of great tactile toys and activities. 

I also highly recommend checking out Federal Galley if you’re ever in Pittsburgh – it’s a cool food hall that’s right across the street from the Children’s Museum. 

It reminded me a lot of Union Market in DC but way less crowded and with only 4 food vendors. I had a truffled tuna poke bowl that hit the spot! 

federal galley pittsburgh food

As for fitness over the past few days, I went to another hot yoga class at Salt Power Yoga on Friday, and on Saturday my sister-in-law Morgana and I went to a TRX class at The Studio Sewickley. 

We did a ton of lunges/squats and I was definitely sore the next day!

the studio sewickley

Matt and I were hoping to get in another run date before we left, but the weather was crummy on Sunday and timing didn’t work out. Oh well – next time!

We closed out our week away with a fun holiday party some friends hosted on Saturday night. We had quite the crew – it was a lot of fun! Not pictured: the burger + fries Matt and I shared after the party at a bar in town – they had some appetizers at the party but we were all still hungry!

Have a nice day guys, and I’ll see you back here on Wednesday! I’m hoping to have my 2 year toddler/mama update ready for you by then – stay tuned. 


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    Sure does look like all of that was worth the 7-hour drive! Looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving week. Enjoyed the update very much!

  2. 3

    Thanksgiving travel is not fun but at least you avoided the bad storms that hit other parts of the country! Looks like a week of great food and fun – it’s nice you have so many friends in the area to see when you visit

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