Gearing up for a Hot Half Marathon + A Reebok Giveaway!

Three years ago on this same weekend, I ran my very first half marathonZOOMA in Annapolis. It was insanely hot, I felt terrible the whole time, and I decided I’d never again do a summer race in the DC area.

Flash forward three years, and I’ve completed 5 additional half marathons, including 2 earlier this spring (Rock ‘n’ Roll USA and Nike Women’s Half – new PRs at both!). You might say I’m kind of addicted to them. So when I was offered a free bib to the ZOOMA half this year as part of a blog ambassador program, I thought, “Hmmm. It could be fun to return to the scene of my very first half. And I mean, it can’t be THAT hot again, right?!”

Um, yeah. Wrong.


Sigh. Here we go again, my friends. Wish us luck! The game plan is to take it slow, not worry about pace, and drink a LOT of water. No time goals for this race, given the heat AND the hills! Hopefully we can just take it easy and have fun with it.

My blog buddy Theodora arrived last night – she was at the beach in NC for a week and is running the race tomorrow, too, so she swung by to stay here for the night and we’ll drive up to Annapolis together later this afternoon.


Given that I just came back from Italy where we spent way too much money on food, I decided cooking something for us at home was a better option than going out. Matt had a soccer game last night so he ate an early dinner, so I threw together a quick and easy meal for me and Theodora.

Into a pan, I threw two chicken breasts, a little olive oil, chicken broth, and lemon juice, some string beans and mushrooms, garlic powder, and a little of this fun artichoke pesto that Theodora gifted us from her travels. Normal artichokes would also work fine in this dish!


I put a lid on the dish so the steam would cook everything through, and let it sit on medium high heat, covered, for about 10 or so minutes until the chicken was cooked through.


That was easy! Really tasty, too! I’m really loving these one pan chicken/veggie creations lately (my other recent favorite is the Saucy Tomato and Artichoke Chicken I posted a few weeks ago).

Served atop some couscous that Matt had prepared earlier. Yum, yum!


Traveling and eating out is always awesome, but it’s nice to get back to healthier, simpler meals too. I’ve been making a lot of big salads for lunch this week – my favorite of which featured this Farmer’s Salsa from Whole Foods – basically normal salsa but with a bunch of veggies added like carrots, zucchini, etc. It’s really good!


I simply topped some arugula with tomato, green pepper, avocado, feta cheese, black beans, the salsa, a squeeze of lime juice and a drizzle of olive oil, salt, pepper, and voila!


Simple, nutritious, and delicious lunch ready in minutes.


I’ve also been loving getting back to my favorite workouts! I haven’t made it back to CrossFit yet, but I got in a couple runs, went to the outdoor free yoga in Dupont Circle on Wednesday night, and also hit up an Ultimate Fitness Kickboxing class (this place is connected to our CrossFit gym) on Tuesday. It was an AWESOME class – I was drenched in sweat afterwards, and it gave me the chance to try out a fun new PWR Love Fit Tee that Reebok sent me this month!


Isn’t it cute?! Reebok is killin’ it with cute workout gear this year. So creative and fun! I loved the combination of the pink and blue, but it comes in a ton of other cute colors, too. I know it’s silly, but I’m definitely more motivated to work hard when I have inspiring gear on, and this shirt did the job.

The other shirt from Reebok I was sent to test out this month was also really cute – it’s the CrossFit inspired PWR Short Sleeve V Neck – I love the “1 more” on the left and “rep” on the right. Again, so creative and fun. Motivating, too!

reebok shirt

I loved the shirts so much and I knew you guys would, too, so I asked Reebok if I could do another giveaway to share the love. They agreed! Just a heads up that the shirts run a little loose, so order a size down if you like tighter shirts!

Two lucky randomly selected fANNEtastic readers will win their choice of either the PWR Love Fit Tee or the PWR Short Sleeve V Neck, in their choice of color and size.

To enter to win, simply leave a comment on this post about the most awesome workout you got in this past week. :)

Want additional optional entries?

I’ll randomly select and notify the winners on Monday. Good luck! U.S. and Canada residents only, please.

The giveaway is now closed – thank you to all who entered!

Have a great weekend everyone, and wish us luck tomorrow for our hot half marathon! Theodora and I are getting a few hours of work done and then hitting the road for Annapolis, where we’ll met up with our buddy Tina. It will be fun to run together again – the last time all three of us did a race together was the Army 10 Miler in October! I’ll be sharing Instagram photos of our adventures throughout the weekend, if you want to follow me over there! :)


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    I tried Crossfit!

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    Follow on twitter

  4. 4

    Got in a killer crossfit workout the other night with burpees and cleans and jerks.

  5. 5

    Best workout this week was a speedy 5k done Tuesday morning where everything was just hitting on all cylinders. It was great…even with the heat! I’ll be at Annapolis too, but just doing the 10k. Good luck!

  6. 7

    I follow you on Twitter!

  7. 8

    My best workout this week was walking the entire 90 minutes my daughter was at softball practice.

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    I like on FB.

  9. 10

    Completed 400 squats in 40 minutes…. PERSONAL BEST!

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    I follow on Twitter as fink_girl.

  11. 13

    I had a great yoga workout with my favorite teacher last night!

  12. 14

    I follow you on twitter @ooze_o

  13. 15

    I run using the Nike Running App on my phone, and two days ago I finally reached the 100 mile mark! It was only a three mile run, but the accomplishment of meeting that mark made it a super awesome workout :).

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    and I also Like you on Facebook

  16. 18
    Charline says

    Had a great Bootcamp workout in the rain on Monday… but really looking forward to tonight’s Mountain Biking in the mud…

  17. 19

    I slightly injured myself while training for the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler. I’m now fully recovered, and I had a great 5 mile run this week!

  18. 20
    Charline says

    Following you on Twitter

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    Charline says

    Liked you on Facebook

  20. 22

    I am with you on hot half marathons! I ran RnR, & NWM too, as well as Alexandria Running Festival Half last weekend and on the docket tomorrow is the VA Wine Country Half Marathon. My plan is same as yours – slow pace (not worrying about time), and LOTS of hydration!

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    I follow you on Twitter already

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    i tried bodypump yesterday for the first time! most definitely best workout of the week. my arms are on fire today.

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    & I like you on FB, too :)

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    like ya on FB :)

  25. 30

    I had my last Crossfit class (groupon expired) and took my best friend! It was a hard but rewarding workout!

  26. 31

    My best was an ugly run after a morning strength training session. I am new to running and was glad I finished!

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    follow you on twitter, too.

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    Follow you on Twitter!

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    Liked you on Facebook!

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    Tweeted about the giveaway!

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    Kathleen says

    I ran 4 miles with Anne! ;)

  32. 38

    I have been doing interval workouts at my local track this week!! They have been tough but awesome!

  33. 39

    I love these shirts! I did my first walk/run in a long time last night :)

  34. 40

    I have a puppy who is too young to be walked outside yet (he doesn’t have all his shots complete) so I ran around the yard with him in circles for 30 minutes. Not my normal run, but I was proud of myself for exercising him and myself at the same time!

  35. 41

    Best workout this week, so far, kettlebells! Feeling it today :)

  36. 42

    On Wednesday, I did a 60 minute killer barre class. I left the class and did a 2 mile run from the barre studio to my yoga studio where I proceeded to do a 60 minute vigorous flow class. Needless to say, I was pooped after all that (but in a good way)!

  37. 43

    My usually quick, 45-min lunchtime yoga class accidentally turned into a hot power yoga class when the substitute instructor left the AC off! It was an amazing workout!

  38. 44

    Great final training run for what will be a very hot 10k this weekend.

  39. 45

    Followed you on Twitter :)

  40. 46

    Love your blog! Love the shirts! Bikram yoga was my workout last night.

  41. 47
    Julie Lenamon says

    I had two awesome boxing classes this weekend. I left a sweaty mess.

  42. 48

    I had a great run on Wednesday because I didn’t see any snakes on the trail!! I hate that snake encounters are the norm for me now…I do not remember so many snakes here in Colorado in years past – what is the deal??

  43. 50

    I follow you on FB!

  44. 51

    My favorite workout from the week was one that I did with my friend! Friends always make it better! It was just at the gym but we chatted the whole time :)

    Seeee you sooon!

  45. 52

    I follow you on Twitter!

  46. 53

    Best workout was a solid run with some friends Wednesday morning–I’m slowly getting back to running from an injury, so it feels good to even just get 3.5 miles in!

  47. 54

    Follow you on Twitter already! ;-)

  48. 55

    I just started a marathon training program this week for a race in September. I did my first tempo run in AGES Thursday. It felt awesome! Good luck in your race this weekend!

  49. 56

    I follow you on twitter.

  50. 57

    “Louder than 10” was my favorite workout this week (after riding 110 miles on my bike over the long weekend). 5 20# ball slams, 10 push ups, 15 35# kettle bell swings, 11x for time. Unfortunately because of the heat in Boston today, I wasn’t as fast as I like, but it’s the best workout!

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    I like you on FB!

  52. 59

    I did Jillian Michael’s work out and she can make a girl sore.

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    I like you on FB.

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    I follow you on Twitter.

  55. 62
  56. 63
    Mary Ruth says

    I had a great Zumba workout this week. Fun, fun, fun!

  57. 64
    Brittany says

    I did my first crossfit class!

  58. 65
    Mary Ruth says

    I follow you on Twitter!

  59. 66

    I’m training for my first half marathon. I finally got “fitted” for good shoes so I’m testing them out on the treadmill. Too much rain and flooding to run outside!!!!!!!!!

  60. 67

    I liked you on Facebook!

  61. 68

    I got my longest ever treadmill run done yesterday, usually I can’t focus on them, but knew I needed to get my run in whether it was raining or not!!

  62. 69
    Mary Ruth says

    Just tweeted about the contest!

  63. 70

    I liked you on FB!

  64. 71

    I am training for my 2nd half marathon and have gotten some great runs in this week! Also, trying Crossfit for the first time tomorrow morning!! :)

  65. 72

    Following your tweets, too :)

  66. 73

    I did a little more core work this week than I have been doing. That was fun.

  67. 74

    I liked you on Facebook.

  68. 75
    terri d. says

    I did the hero WOD, Murph, on Monday. It was really tough but I had a great time and I hope that next time, I will finish even faster (and do more pull ups/fewer pull up attempts)!

  69. 76

    I’m following on Twitter.

  70. 77

    I went to two killer bootcamp classes this week! It’s too hard to pick which was better!

  71. 78
    Kaylynne says

    I started a run club in my small northern community and this Wednesday we had 16 ladies running! From learn to run to a 10 km training program. Many were new to running and were tryingit for their first time. While I might not be pushing my limits on run club nights, seeing the progress of everyoen else, and the realization that they can do it is unreal!

  72. 79


  73. 80

    I had been avoiding the deadmill the past several weeks and enjoying running in the warm weather but this week i wanted to do a speedier run and the treadmill helps me control my pace better so I did a quick treadmill run where I was MUCH speedier than I expected to be and actually really enjoyed it! At the end i felt great and so accomplished!

  74. 81

    I tweeted the giveaway!

  75. 82

    my best workout was an elliptical and stair master combo! i have also been trying to add in more core work and push ups

  76. 83

    The most awesome workout of my week was a racquetball game. I hit ace after ace after ace, and it felt pretty great :)

  77. 84
    Paige Callahan says

    I did 7 miles at 6:45 pace after a 4+ hour car ride back from New York!

  78. 85

    I’ve been too busy at school to pay much attention to my yard, but now that I am done for the summer, I did major gardening outside for hours earlier this week…lots of squats! I was sore and exhausted, but it was worth it!

  79. 86
    Danielle says

    I ran 11 miles in preparation for my upcoming half marathon!

  80. 87

    Had an awesome morning run Thursday for my best workout this week. Three miles all under a 9 minute pace. Not bad considering the humidity and that I’ve never held that pace for that long. All prepared now for a hot 8K in VA.

  81. 88
    Danielle says

    I follow you on Twitter!

  82. 89

    I already liked your page on Facebook :)

  83. 90

    I’m 7 weeks pregnant and all of a sudden morning sickness has hit me hard this week! I have been feeling too sick and tired to do a lot of hard workouts. Yesterday, instead of sitting on the couch after work, I decided to bust out an old Bar Method DVD and give it a try. It was a GREAT choice: low impact for my low energy level but the isometrics were so intense that my legs were literally shaking halfway through!!

  84. 91

    I already follow you on Twitter!

  85. 92

    I did Murph at my box on Memorial Day and was sore for 3 days after that!

  86. 93

    I tweeted the giveaway on Twitter! I’m @twinbean02

  87. 94

    Best workout was a 3 mile run with a friend that somehow turned into 7 because we were too busy talking. And it was all in the hot hot heat and humidity..and it felt good!

  88. 95

    I followed you on Twitter :)

  89. 96
    Stephanie says

    I ran/walked 6.5 miles and only walked about a mile of the total distance in short spurts. I was so proud of myself since its the longest distance I’ve covered since recovering from an ankle injury!

  90. 97

    I did a circuit + HIIT workout this week and whew, I was sweating up a storm!

  91. 98

    I tweeted!

  92. 99

    I tried a Plyojam class this week (cardio dance with plyo mixed in), and WOW was it intense. I loved it!

  93. 100

    I did a great tabata sprint run on Wednesday!

  94. 101

    I follow you on Twitter (@blevy88)

  95. 102

    I liked your page on FB!

  96. 103


  97. 104

    I tried a new bootcamp workout yesterday. I am sore today!!!! Much needed!

  98. 105
    Jessica C says

    Just got out of spin class! It was a doozy!

  99. 106

    I made it to CrossFit 4 times this week…with the first of this week being “Murph”. I usually on get to CF 2-3 times per week because of my kids. But with school winding down..I can amp up my time at my box!! I LOVE it!!!

  100. 107

    I don’t just “LIKE” you on FB..I LOVE you!! :-) And I also follow you on Twitter and have tweeted my desire to win!! :-)

  101. 108

    Best of luck tomorrow. Stay hydrated!!

  102. 109

    Just ran my first marathon last weekend so I’m in recovery mode this week – haven’t done much other than a few short bike rides :) Good luck this weekend!

  103. 110

    I tried a new bootcamp workout and it totally kicked my butt!! Good luck this weekend!

  104. 111
    Megan B. says

    My most awesome workout this week was a hike. . . the snow is finally melting in the mountains, so this was the first real hike of the season! About 6.5 miles roundtrip, with a beautiful waterfall at the turn around point. Being 5 months pregnant, it definitely took a little extra oomph to get up some of those inclines!

  105. 112

    This week was kind of a workout bust but I plan to take the dog for a hike this evening!

  106. 113

    I tried a tabata workout with all step ups, calve raises, and squats for an hour and it felt great!

  107. 114

    I did a yoga sculpt class at CorePower Yoga with the most awesome teacher. Left drenched in sweat, such an amazing feeling!

  108. 115

    I had an awesome track workout yesterday…kicked my butt :)

  109. 116

    Liked you on Facebook!

  110. 117

    Finally getting back to some yoga this week!

  111. 118

    Follow you on Twitter!

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    FB like you!

  113. 120

    Twitter follow

  114. 121

    Had a rough start to the morning so a workout was really needed to get things back on track! Did two back-to-back arm workout videos from FitSugar and then my own circuit of glute and leg work after that. Fitness makes everything better!

  115. 122
    Meredith B. says

    I took a GREAT bootcamp class on Tuesday and taught an awesome spin class last night! It’s been a really good week of workouts for me this week! Good luck this weekend!

  116. 123

    Best workout this week was a spin class!

  117. 124
    Michelle says

    I just started running about a month ago and I’m doing my very first 5k in July. Well today I ran for 2 miles without stopping and was super pumped about it! I’ll be moving on to those half marathons in no time. :)

  118. 125
    Lindsey S says

    A tough interval workout with kettlebells, TRX bands and plyo moves incorporated during breaks.

  119. 126
    Michelle says

    I also “Like” you on FB.

  120. 127
    Courtney C says

    My favorite workout this week was on Tuesday when I went to a FREE (and OUTDOOR!) yoga class at a nearby park. It was so calming and I’ve been feeling centered all week.

  121. 128
    Courtney C says

    I like you on Facebook

  122. 129

    Unfortunately I just had surgery so I can’t workout right now, but I’d love to rock this shirt when I return to the pavement!

  123. 130

    Yesterday was a double session day! I did the elliptical and ran at the gym in the morning and then met a friend for a long walk in the evening. We usually meet for a glass of wine every so often, but it was so great to catch up with her and know that she’s on the fitness kick too!

  124. 131
    Courtney C says

    I follow you on twitter – @courtneyc_media

  125. 132

    I’ve been sick with the crud all week, but I am dreaming up some sweet welcome back to sweat sessions for Sunday! Good luck y’all!

  126. 133
  127. 134

    I did an awesome leg workout that involved tons of squats, lunges, reverse lunge – step ups, and leg extensions! I did it on Wednesday and am still a little sore today :)

  128. 135

    I did an incredible workout of stair runs with burpees at the top of each run.

  129. 136

    I also like you on Facebook :)

  130. 137
    Michelle says

    I went to a strength training class and tried out a new yoga class! Love the first shirt especially!

  131. 138

    Well, speaking of hot runs I did a hilly 5K run in 81 degree weather earlier this week to get ready for the Twilight 6K I’m running tonight. I’m from Anchorage and it isn’t usually so warm here. I couldn’t figure out why the “hill of death” was SO HARD until I got back to my office and into my car and realized how hot it actually was. Oops. I guess I’m ready for my race tonight, which is supposed to be a much more pleasant 66 degrees.

  132. 139

    i went to a great bootcamp class on wednesday- we did tire flips and jumped over these wall things, so much more fun that the squats and lunges we normally do!

  133. 140

    I follow on twitter

  134. 141

    My fave workout this week was a 5k I did pushing my 4 month old in her stroller – killer hill included!!

  135. 142

    Memorial Day Murph at crossfit! 1 mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats, 1 mile run. Followed by a nice cold PBR :).

    • 143

      Nice Laura, I did that also, only I did a half Murph, because its’ only my second month at Crossfit and I didnt think I could do it, I wish I had done the whole thing!

  136. 144

    I follow you and Twitter and Facebook as well.

  137. 145

    I got an awesome cross training workout in this week! 45 minutes of my own spin routine followed immediately by a 2 mile run in 15 minutes flat! Loving the spin bike lately!

  138. 146

    I like you on FB.

  139. 147

    I did two great spin classes this week!

  140. 148

    My best workout this week was definitely at my Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5:30 am muscle pump class! It feels so good to get my workout in before most people are even out of bed! Good luck this weekend! Hope the weather isn’t too hot! This recipe also looks amazing. I love that you always have such simple and healthy recipe ideas.

  141. 149

    I like you on FB

  142. 150

    I follow you on Twitter

  143. 151

    I tweeted!

  144. 152

    I had an awesome tabata workout Thursday. I have been running so much, I have let my tabata workout go by the wayside, but I’m back Tabata!

  145. 153

    I tweeted:
    Debbie ‏@hlthyrunningmom 3s
    I want to win a @Reebok shirt from @fANNEtasticfood ! #livewithfire #fitfluential “

  146. 154

    Got in an awesome 18 mile/2 hour bike ride with my bestie yesterday in preparation for our upcoming Metric Century.

  147. 155

    Walking with my mom – not exactly high-impact, but still a great time :)

  148. 156

    I got in 3 awesome CrossFit workouts this week, one of them was on memorial day, I did “Murph” well I did half a Murph because it was my first time. I did 1/2 mile run, 50 pullups, 100 pushups, 150 squats and 1/2 mile run. It was awesome! I would love to win the shirt! I love Reebok, just got my new nanos Wed!

  149. 157

    I haven’t done any awesome workouts this week per say, but I did walk 20,000 steps on Wednesday :)

  150. 158

    I had an awesome (and hot) 4 mile run this morning along the Charles River in Boston!

  151. 159

    tweet tweet @hillontherun

  152. 160

    PS. I also liked you on facebook, I’m still trying to figure out the Twitter thing, lol

  153. 161

    Like FF on FB.

  154. 162

    Follow ya on Twitter!

  155. 163

    Crossfit! We had a killer 20min EMOTM :D

  156. 164

    I follow you on twitter!

  157. 165
  158. 166

    I joined an indoor cycling gym a couple of weeks ago and I have been loving the classes. Yesterday I took a class and it was a great workout.

  159. 167
    Kimberly says

    I found new-to-me yoga videos online that had me sweating during the workout and sore the next day!

  160. 168

    Went to a great pilates class on Tuesday – I felt like jello after I left from all the streches she had us doing!

  161. 169

    Following on Twitter!

  162. 170

    I just joined bodysmith gym in Logan Circle and took a really tough Kettlebells class – it was awesome! Good luck (and stay hydrated) on the race tomorrow! I’m running it too – it will be my first Zooma race, so pretty excited!

  163. 171

    I had a fantastic run this morning – a first in a week as I’ve battled a stomach bug. It felt good to move and sweat!

  164. 172

    My best workout this week was an awesome spinning class on Wednesday followed by yoga!
    13.2 miles in 65 minutes, my legs are still sore.
    Have fun in Annapolis, Anne! I’ll be rooting for you, ladies!

  165. 173

    I am looking forward to the last few workouts until my wedding next Saturday! I’ve been doing more crossfit inspired workouts lately and plan to do those leading up to the wedding. Hopefully it will help with the stress :)

  166. 174

    I follow you on Twitter!

  167. 175
    cara bednar says

    My best work out this week was also my hardest! It is heating up here in Boston this week, so I did speed work on Wednesday. 8 800s @ 3:13, it was hot, hard, and I wanted to quit- but I did not, and finished strong! The shirts are adorable, so happy I found your blog, I also follow you on Facebook, Twitter and re -twitted the give away!

  168. 176

    I did a circuit this week at the park that included running and full body body weight exercises. I was feeling it the next day, in a good way!

  169. 177
    cara bednar says

    Following you on Twitter

  170. 178
    cara bednar says

    Following you on FB

  171. 179
    cara bednar says

    Just re twitted

  172. 180

    Yesterday after work I almost skipped my 4 mile run that I had planned, but I stuck with it despite this crazy DC heat and humidity. It was an awful run – way too hot and I didn’t have any water – but I stuck it out anyway! Even though it was supposed to be a quick and easy 4 mile run, it wound up being the best workout I had all week!

  173. 181

    I had a great five mile run on Monday, which was a great way to start the week! Good luck this weekend and have fun!

  174. 182

    I did a Jackie Warner ab DVD and one of Tina from Best Body Fitness”s arm work outs. Hurt so good!

    I like you on Facebook already.

  175. 183

    Last night’s yoga class was heaven!

  176. 184

    I already follow you on twitter!

  177. 185

    since falling down the stairs probably doesn’t count as a workout, i will talk about the one mile i walked. HA. recovering from surgery and have strict instructions to not do much at all.

  178. 186

    tweeted from @letstalkandwalk

  179. 187

    I did a nice 5k run on the treadmill yesterday, beat the heat!

  180. 188

    I followed you on #twitter!

  181. 189

    I liked your facebook page :)

  182. 190

    Two things:
    1. I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since that half in Annapolis. I so distinctly remember reading your recap on that race and contemplating starting my own blog as I had just started running. Crazy how time flies!
    2. Most awesome workout? Yesterday’s at CrossFit:
    50 Lunges with MB Overhead
    200m run with MB
    50 Slam Ball
    200m run with MB
    50 Wall Ball
    200m run with MB
    50 Russian Twists
    200m run with MB
    50 Push Ups on MB
    Mostly b/c it was hot as hell out.
    200m run with MB

  183. 191
    Lynn Fleshman says

    I went for a hot and hilly trail run with my jogging group! We pushed it and were really proud of ourselves at the end.

  184. 192
    Chrissy Rival says

    I recently bought a HOT pink tank – the color actually makes me look tan – I LOVE IT!!

  185. 193

    I busted my butt at kickboxing — and then ran five miles! :)

  186. 194
    Chrissy Rival says

    Liked on FB!

  187. 195

    hmm, i did a 6 mile run in montreal with friends, the morning of another friends wedding…that was nice! :)

  188. 196
    Chrissy Rival says

    Following you on Twitter (owenjulesmommy). Thanks for the great giveaway!

  189. 197

    I was on the elliptical this morning watching old “what not to wear” shows online (with my laptop propped up on the bars), and got so carried away I ended up staying on for about an hr. & a 1/2 accidentally! I was actually late to work. lol

    Awesome giveaway! I adore the LOVE FITNESS tee!

  190. 198

    I’ve “liked” your Facebook page ever since I found out you had one! We’re connected on LinkedIn, too, now :)

  191. 199

    Again, already following you on Twitter :) @cox_2446

  192. 200

    I am followimg you on Twitter and posted the message!

  193. 201

    tweeted! @cox_2446

  194. 202

    I went out for what I thought would be a short run – wasn’t feeling great and thought some fresh air would help a bit. Boy was I right – I got outside & quickly felt energized, and 8 miles later ended up having my best run of the spring!

    And I totally hear you about the fun gear – just got some ultra light-weight tanks from City Sports I am loving . Crucial for DC summers!

  195. 203

    I ran 6 miles!

  196. 204

    My best workout was my run & strength workout that I did on Memorial day! And, not having any injury flare-ups when teaching my second double of the week yesterday!

  197. 205

    I “like” you on facebook!

  198. 206

    I follow you on Twitter (@burpeestobubbly)!

  199. 207

    My best workout for the week was this morning. I did just over 7 miles on the trails near my house. It was gorgeous out with sunshining, and I alwasy feel like I am miles away from civilization when I am on the trails. It was a the most awesome run, b/c no knee pain!!

    Also, good luck on your Half!! I am sure you’ll do great. I ran Boston last year when it was record highs and I survived, although my time was a lot slower. But you’ve done it before so you know how to prepare!! Make sure you don’t consume to much water though, as I did in Boston last year and got hyponatremia; make sure you have your electrolytes!!

  200. 208

    My best workout was a yoga class on Thursday night. I was feeling good and was able to do a strength move that I hadn’t been able to do before. Yay for progress!!

  201. 209

    Oh and I just tweeted about the Reebok giveway and I am liking you on facebook!!

  202. 210

    Was at Disneyland this week so only got in a five mile run with my hubby and siblings!

  203. 211

    This most exercise I’ve gotten in this week has been chasing around and lifting my 8 month old. Yeesh.

  204. 212

    I follow you on Twitter.

  205. 213

    I had a great yoga workout earlier this week!

  206. 214

    I follow you on Twitter!

  207. 215

    I tweeted about this giveaway.

  208. 216
  209. 217

    An awesome 15 mile run early on Sunday morning…. it was cool and sunny…. not looking forward to my run this weekend in the heat!

  210. 218
    Kristina says

    I took an awesome ballet fit online class through Barre3’s website! Loved it!

  211. 219

    I’ve actually scaled back my workouts a tad since I’m “training” two new friends. It’s been pretty rewarding and great experience since I’m currently studying for my fitness trainer cert. I’d say it’s totally worth it!

  212. 220
    Elizabeth says

    I had a great run earlier this week!

  213. 221

    I started triathlon training!

  214. 222

    Good luck tomorrow! I hope to bump into you before the start :)

  215. 223

    FB liker

  216. 224

    I liked your page on FB!

  217. 225

    I follow you on Twitter!

  218. 226

    Your food pictures are mouth watering! The best workout I had yesterday was at CrossFit. 25 thrusters, 25 med ball sit ups to standing… 4 rounds! My quads are killin me today!

  219. 227

    I am already following you on Twitter!

  220. 228

    & liked on good ol’ FB

  221. 229

    I had an awesome Yoga Practice with a free online class by Fiji McAlpine on, , So Great!

  222. 230

    I like you on facebook!

  223. 231

    I follow you on twitter!

  224. 232

    Good luck this weekend! My “best” workout involved my dog, Lucy. Usually, we don’t go very far on our walks because something will spook her (like the wind, such a baby) and she’ll want to go back inside. But this time, she was ready to walk and walk and walk, so we did! :)

  225. 233

    I tweeted!

  226. 234
    TiffanyS says

    I would love to try out the PWR Short Sleeve V Neck for my CF workouts! I love vnecks especially when it gets hotter. My favorite workout this week of Murph on Memorial Day. It was a great way to be reminded of the sacrifices our soldiers make. My box had a huge Muprh event, and everyone working out together and raising money for the Wounded Warriors was awesome.

  227. 235
    TiffanyS says

    I also follow you on facebook:)

  228. 236


  229. 237

    I’ve been seeing that Love Fitness shirt everywhere and am dying to have it! My best workout this week was Murph on Monday!!!

  230. 238

    I follow you on Twitter!

  231. 239

    I got in a 5 mile run + leg day on Tuesday… sooo sore the rest of the week!

  232. 240

    I tried a barre workout for the first time at a new studio in my area. Loved it, but man it’s expensive! Definitely a “treat” workout.

  233. 241

    I follow you on twitter (@emily__lynn)

  234. 242

    A great workout from the Fitnessista!

  235. 243

    Got in a great Pilates workout on the reformer this morning. Looking forward to a hot 10k race in Boston this weekend! :-)

    Glad to “like” you on FB too!

  236. 244
    Angie J. says

    I do JAZZERCIZE at least 3 times per week and LOVE it!

  237. 245
    jess @ burgers and thighs says

    a beauitful run by the ocean on monday! and a few level 2 30 day shred workouts. good luck this weekend!!!

  238. 246
    Angie J. says

    Already “like” you on FB!

  239. 247
    Teresa M. says

    Set a new 5k record last Saturday during a training run.

  240. 248
    Stefanie Gladden says

    I did an hour of kickboxing on monday! i loved it!

  241. 249
    Stefanie Gladden says

    liked on fb – Steph Coupns

  242. 250
    Stefanie Gladden says

    following on twitter – steffie516

  243. 251
    Stefanie Gladden says
  244. 252

    I think my best workout this week was my mile repeats on Tuesday! I ran at just over an 8:30 pace which is super fast for me!!!

  245. 253

    I like fANNEtastic Food on Facebook!!

  246. 254

    I follow you on Twitter!!

  247. 255

    Good luck tomorrow in that heat!

  248. 256
  249. 257

    I did a 10 mile race on Sunday and rocked it!

  250. 258

    i ran my first 5K today and it felt GREAT. normally i flag, walk, feel like i’m about to die etc. but something about the sunshine, the perfect temperature and lovely scenery kept me motivated, and i owned it!

  251. 259

    I’m training for a tri and got in a great bike and short run on Saturday. Also, I love all things Bella Cucina (the artichoke pesto). The owner lives in Atlanta and lots of stores sell it here, plus she has her own store full of good food.

  252. 260

    I just went to the gym with a friend and we did a hard arm workout!

  253. 261

    My pain-free mile jog this morning was pretty sweet. After very little running this year because of injury, I’ll take it.

  254. 262

    I ran my fastest 5k that still felt like an “easy” run!! So happy to be seeing improvements in my running!

  255. 263

    The best workout I did this week was my body pump class MWF at 5:40 am! It’s early, but I love what lifting weights is doing to my body!

  256. 264

    Circuit training!

  257. 265

    My best workout this week was 45 minutes on the treadmill, followed by legs.

  258. 266

    I got in an AMAZING spin class this week!

  259. 267

    I liked FANNEtastic Food on Facebook.

  260. 268

    I did some really great hot yoga!

  261. 269

    My favorite workout was the Bayshore Half Marathon almost a week ago, beautiful course, great weather, and a PR!!!!

  262. 270

    Interval treadmill workout!

  263. 271

    The most awesome workout I got last week was an 8 mile run on the country roads by my parents house!

  264. 272

    My last Body Pump workout was awesome … moved up in weight in chest and back. I was proud. Also proud that I lift heavier on the shoulders than almost anyone else. :)

  265. 273

    I like FF on FB (Shana Hattis)

  266. 274

    I follow on Twitter (shertz1981)

  267. 275
  268. 276

    I had a great spin class today!

  269. 277

    I went open water swimming!

  270. 278

    And I tweeted!

  271. 279

    I did a 5k run!

  272. 280

    I went for a long run.

  273. 281

    I followed you on twitter

  274. 282

    Tried a Barre class for the first time last night. I didn’t expect it to be easy and it wasn’t. I finished my bottle of water before class was half over. Next time I’ll bring two! Good luck tomorrow.

  275. 283

    I follow you on twitter!

  276. 284
    Natalie S says

    I went to a muscle definition class!

  277. 285
    Natalie S says

    I like your page on facebook!

  278. 286
    Natalie S says

    I follow you on twitter

  279. 287

    Ran with my hubby this morning at a brisk pace followed by an app ab workout. My belly is screaming now because it’s been over a year since I did any crunches or planks.

  280. 288

    I did a Jillian Michael’s DVD workout the other day – she always kicks my butt!

  281. 289

    Best workout this week was created by and done with three of my friends–25 minutes of cardio, 25 minutes of strength, and a lovely 10 minute stretch.

  282. 290

    I went on a beautiful run this week!

  283. 291

    I did a long walk around a local trail with my daughter.

  284. 292

    I Follow you on twitter(kellydinpa)

  285. 293

    My most awesome workout this week was last night–it’s what I call the “Les Mills trifecta.” :-) BodyStep express, CX Worx, and BodyPump express!

  286. 294

    I follow you on Twitter.

  287. 295

    I tweeted about the giveaway!

  288. 296
    Whitney S. says

    Morning sickness leaves me with 0 energy, so walking my dog 3 miles a day + a 3 mile run another is about as extreme as I get these days. Not to mention it’s about 100* in the sunny High Desert of Cali.

  289. 297
    Lauren S says

    This past Saturday I was 3 weeks postpartum and completed a 4.25 mile walk/jog. It took me 55 minutes but I was proud of myself and now have a goal to run that same route in 40 minutes by the end of June!

  290. 298
    Lauren S says

    I follow you on [email protected]

  291. 299

    I was able to bike commute multiple times this week from Duke to UNC, logging about 60 miles! Love combining my workout with my commute :)

  292. 300

    I ran a speedy 5k followed by 30 mins of free weights yesterday am.

  293. 301

    I had meniscus surgery this week, so no workouts anytime soon. I also found out I have arthritis in that knee, so doc says no more running for me. I guess my workout this week is Mental: channelling that disappointment into enthusiasm for my future favorite hobbies: cycling and yoga!

  294. 302

    I tweeted about the giveaway

  295. 303

    Unfortunately workouts have been few and far between this week. I plan to make up for it tonight dancing my a** off tonight at a bachelorette party :)

  296. 304

    i like riding my bike after work.

  297. 305
    Elizabeth says

    Jillian Michaels’ 30 day shred is always a good workout. Thanks for the giveaway, and good luck with the race!

  298. 306

    I ran 4 miles at about a 9:30 pace. I haven’t run that consistently or at that pace in years! Feels great and I’m considering a half marathon!
    I also already follow Fannetastic Food on Facebook and Twitter.

  299. 307
    Mackenzie says

    I love the Love Fit tee, so cute!

  300. 308

    Good luck at Zooma! I’ll be doing the 10k! :) I’m doing the Runner’s World Summer Running Streak, so I’ve been getting in some hot miles!

  301. 309

    Following you on Twitter :)

  302. 310

    I took a KILLER kickboxing class!

  303. 311

    I went on a group cycling ride with Team Luna Chix and it was a beautiful night in Chapel Hill-went to the Maple View Creamery after for ice cream! I know you used to go there :)

  304. 313

    I had a great week of workout – Monday, hike with my dog & boyfriend.. Tuesday a 6 mile trail run, Wednesday Harvard Stadium Stairs with November Project for a PR, Thursday a 4.5 mile run in the morning with my best friend and a 2 mile run at night with my boyfriend, Friday – Hill Sprints up Summit Ave, Brookline, MA with November Project in the heat!

    Overall a great week of working out to get me into a *fingers crossed PR for my 10k Sunday!!!

    Good Luck at your half, lots of water walk the hills if you need to conserve your energy!

    – Genevieve, Be Fresh Fit

  305. 314

    I like your page on FB!

  306. 315

    does my new job count? haha. i recently started working as a vet tech and i swear lifting all those dogs really gives you a good work out!

    but a REAL workout that i recently did was a new arm strengthening circuit style work out. sounds simple, but i never use to focus on my arms and now i am and am LOVING seeing the growth. AND it’s helping me lift those heavy dogs! so a win all around!

  307. 316

    i already like you on facebook!

  308. 317

    already follow you on twitter <3

  309. 318

    Best workout-beautiful early morning 4 mile run.

  310. 319
    Anel Perez says

    Early on this week, I ran a 5 mile run near the beach! Slowly increasing my mileage and hoping to run half a marathon at some point this year! Good luck on your race; that’s a hot run!!

  311. 320
    Anel Perez says
  312. 321
    Anel Perez says

    I follow you on twitter, too! @pereza04

  313. 322
    Anel Perez says

    Liked you on FB. Well, from my sister’s page because I don’t have one. Does that count?

  314. 323

    I got in a 5.5 mile run! The farthest I’ve run without walking. I’m training for my first half! So excited! I’d love to run in one of these tops!!

  315. 324

    Liked on Facebook

  316. 325

    I ran 3.5 miles this week, which is an accomplishment since it is the furthest I have run so far this year!

  317. 326

    I already like your Facebook page.

  318. 327

    I tweeted!

  319. 328

    Kickboxing – new partner this week.. so I really had to shine! :)

  320. 329

    My last tempo run before the San Diego RnR 1/2 marathon this weekend.

  321. 330
    Celina L. says

    We had a Bike Fest in my city last weekend. The day started biking downtown, a 30 min workout, more biking, and ended with yoga. Glorious day!

  322. 331

    My coworker is a spinning instructor in Boston. On Thursday night, she organized a “Spin with Stephanie” session, where half of our organization took a private spinning class with her! It was SO awesome to visit a new gym, work with a “new” instructor, and get excited about fitness with my fellow coworkers!

  323. 332
    Elizabeth Castruita says

    My best workout this week was running 4 miles on the streets of Guatemala City, where I have been for a month.

  324. 333

    My most awesome workout this week was today’s CrossFit WOD – back squats at BW, pull ups, and HRPU. High reps = high pain, but it’s so rewarding afterward!

  325. 334

    Today I moved to a new apartment- definitely my hardest workout of the week- 2 hours of carrying boxes up and down 2 flights of stairs in 80 degrees! Plus it put me in such a great mood to use so many muscles AND be super productive at the same time!

  326. 335

    I follow you on Facebook!

  327. 336

    I follow you on twitter!

  328. 337

    Yum! That salad looks delish. I’ve been so lazy this week, so I’m going to share last week’s best workout! I went on a nice hike with my dad. I don’t get to see much of him with work, so it was definitely a good day!

  329. 338

    I just tried my first hot yoga class and it was awesome

  330. 339

    FB Follower

  331. 340

    I did a good total body weigt session on Tuesday

  332. 341

    Twitter follower

  333. 342
    brittany says

    I did my first post pregnancy half marathon last weekend (my little guy is 10 weeks) and it felt so good to push my legs and lungs!

  334. 343

    I completed my first 5k under 30 minutes on Memorial Day!

  335. 344
    Christine says

    Got in 2 awesome cross fit workouts this week!

  336. 345
    Michelle P says

    I ran a 5K on friday evening and it was sooooo hot.

  337. 346
    Alexis W. says

    I’ve been getting in some great strength training this week and super sweaty interval workouts!!

  338. 347

    8x800s! I was a sweaty mess but it felt so good!

  339. 348

    I did a tabata lower body workout this week that really kicked my butt. Still sore 3 days later!

  340. 349

    I just did a great Cardio/Strength Intervals workout class!

  341. 350

    I follow on Twitter!

  342. 351
    Christine He says

    Hi, Anne,

    The awesome workout I did this week was the Nike Abs workout combined with Pilates.

    Gotta be skinny for my best friend’s wedding in June.

  343. 352
    Christine He says
  344. 353

    Finally ran the whole trail for the first time since my foot surgery!

  345. 354

    I’ve been super stressed and busy this week, but I was able to make time for yoga and it was just what I needed!

  346. 355

    I was able to get a good walk/run with my kids. It’s such a busy time I he year it’s hard to go do other stuff!

  347. 356

    I follow on twitter!


  348. 357


  349. 358

    I have had some good runs lately.

  350. 359

    My best workout of the week was on Memorial day – Crossfit hero WOD “Lumberjack 20”. It was killer and I was sore for days!

  351. 360

    Liked you on facebook!

  352. 361

    Following you on twitter!

  353. 362

    Tweeted! @rachelhopb

  354. 363

    I hope your race went well and it wasn’t too hot! The outdoor pool opened at the YMCA this week and I enjoyed 3000m in the bright sunshine.

  355. 365
    Roadrunner says

    6.5 miles at a sub-7 pace followed by considerable ab and upper body exercises!

  356. 366
    Carleigh says

    My best workout was an awesome leg circuit!

  357. 367
    Carleigh says

    Liked on Facebook!

  358. 368
    Carleigh says

    Followed on twitter!

  359. 369

    my most awesome workout of the week will be tomorrow morning’s yoga class =)

  360. 370
    Lauren K says

    This week I had a pretty awesome post-wedding run with fANNEtastic food herself :) Definitely one of my favorite memories from the trip!

  361. 372
    Lauren K says

    I follow on Twitter

  362. 373
    Lauren K says

    I also follow you on facebook!

  363. 374

    Rowing! A nice change of pace!

  364. 375

    I am a runner (just did my first half on may 19th. 2:34:21) and I’ve been doing CrossFit for over a year (competed in the open this year) Love love love it and I love reading your blog.

  365. 377

    I went to SELF Workout in the Park this morning in Chicago. It was so much fun! And I have to agree, I always feel awesome in cute workout clothes.

  366. 379

    I did a trail half marathon this morning! It was super tough–all hills and stairs, but tons of fun and really motivating!

  367. 380

    Also I follow you on twitter!

  368. 381

    Forgot my workout

    This week I would have to say the DEL WOD was the toughest.
    25 burpees run 400m 25 weighted pull ups run 400m 25 handstand push ups run 400m 25 chest to bar pull ups run 400m 25 burpees

  369. 382

    I follow you on twitter
    . I posted on twitter that I want to win a shirt
    I follow you on FB


  370. 383

    Recovering from surgery.. best workout this week was a nice 2 mile walk… can’t wait to start working out again.. 4 more weeks.. 6 more and I can start running again..

  371. 384
  372. 385

    Water aerobics has started up for the summer and the first class was awesome!

  373. 386

    I ran 3.5 miles to my Y and went on the rowing machine and spin bike. I got inside just before the rain started. It’s makes me feel really efficient when I get in a workout as transportation!!!

  374. 387

    I was put in a boot cast for my achilles tendon this week so the best workout I did was when I went to the gym, did a 40 minute bike and some arms and abs.

  375. 388

    i liked on facebook

  376. 389
  377. 390

    6 mile run at 6am, outdoors – finally nice enough to run outside

  378. 391

    5-mile run followed by a swim….preparing for a sprint triathlon in August.

  379. 392
    Tiffany R says

    My best workout this week was “Pheezy” at crossfit. So many pull-ups… :P

  380. 393
    Tiffany R says

    I also follow on Twitter: Tiff_Ru

  381. 394

    My most intense workout this week was the zooma half in Annapolis! I had no idea it would be so hilly. I can’t believe that was your first. Very intense.

    • 395

      Yeah I can’t believe it was either. It was nice to go back and redeem the experience – although those hills and that heat was still hard!

  382. 396

    My best workout this past week was walking 6 miles through Tokyo, Japan with my boyfriend. So fun!

  383. 397

    My best workout was a speedy three mile run with my husband. We hardly ever run together because our schedule clash, so it was nice to spend some time together – especially since I always run faster with him!

  384. 398

    I also follow you on Twitter! :)

  385. 399

    In the past week, the most awesome workout I did was an 8 mile run before work. The sun was shining, the temperature was perfect, the lush, spring greenery was gorgeous, and I felt good!

  386. 400

    I like you on Facebook!

  387. 401

    I follow you on twitter!

  388. 402
  389. 403

    I got in a great workout walking and running for an hour yesterday.

  390. 404

    I found a Zumba class that I really liked!

  391. 405

    My best workout this week was moving furniture and tons of boxes into our new (and first!) home!!

  392. 406

    I follow you on Twitter!

  393. 407

    And I “like” you on Facebook!

  394. 408

    My most awesome workout would definitely have to be a 5 mile run followed by bodypump. I would normally say CF, but my schedule didn’t allow it this week. I’d love some Reebok gear!

  395. 409

    Liked of FB!

  396. 410

    Already followed on Twitter. @PhDStrides

  397. 411

    Already following on Facebook!

  398. 412
    Melissa C. says

    I ran my first 10k this weekend! :)

  399. 413

    I went on a 20 mile bike ride with my dad yesterday. It was a beautiful route through the agricultural areas of my county. I even found and saved a box turtle that was in the middle of the road!

  400. 414

    I flew to Chicago for the 2nd annual Kellogg 5k for kids! (Which I helped start last year!)

  401. 415

    I also follow you on twitter!

  402. 416

    I’ve been doing GPP workouts lately and I’m LOVING it!!

  403. 417

    Best workout this week was a run through a new city! I was visiting Chicago for the weekend and able to get a run in- it was such a great way to see the city!

  404. 418
    Lindsey R says

    The most awesome workout I had this week was a 3.5 mile run with my loves- baby, puppy & hubby

  405. 419
    Danielle Johnson says

    i PR’d a 20k! :)

  406. 420
    Danielle says

    I took a spin class that had me drenched!

  407. 421

    Did a favorite weight workout this last week from an online bootcamp and tonight I did a hill interval workout on the treadmill. Feels good to move!

  408. 422

    I follow you on Twitter (ActiveFingers)

  409. 423

    Tweeted about he giveaway

  410. 424

    We moved to a new neighborhood and I tried out the 3 mile walk from the train station to our house. It wasn’t the “toughest” workout, but as a busy mom, I need to double down and make my commute time double as workout time too!

  411. 425
    Melissa Pang says

    I’ve been doing the insanity workouts and they are all pretty intense but I’m loving them. These shirts are awesome and I agree… Cool workout gear is such a great motivator!! Thanks!!

  412. 426

    I went on an extremely hot six mile run today!! hope the half marathon went well!

  413. 427

    Just lifted some weights yesterday and I’m so sore!

  414. 428
    Greta Coan says

    Cute shirts! This past week I ran my first half marathon in Boston. I was inspired by your blog and other healthy living/running blogs in realizing that this goal was attainable. Then I shocked myself by finishing in 1:53! It was definitely the most awesome workout of the week!

  415. 430

    I had a great 5 mile run in cool weather and NO humidity! It was relaxing and my black lab loved it as much as it did.

  416. 431

    I took my first ever spin class. :-)

  417. 432

    It was a hot weekend up in NJ but I managed 2 sweaty runs around town and incorporated ab workouts at the end of each (including some much-loved burpees and jump squats!)

  418. 433

    I liked you on facebook!

  419. 434
    CrystalB says

    My awesome workout was getting back to walking. I was finally cleared to walk/run, but my aerobic capacity is completely diminished and my heart rate was ridiculous so I can’t go as fast as I want to. 19 minute miles are not fun. I was feeling really bad for myself, until I realized that I haven’t been able to do anything for a year. So yes, my 19 minute miles suck, but I gotta start somewhere. :)

  420. 436

    a run to the beach in 90 degree heat-I was soaked with sweat!

  421. 437
    Alexandra says

    a quick and sweaty 3 mile run late in the afternoon when I ALMOST threw in the towel for a workout that day – felt SO much better 25 minutes later :)

  422. 438

    We painted our new place all weekend…my arms are killed now ;)

  423. 439

    The best workout I got in this week was my Tough Mudder race on Saturday! 12 grueling miles of running and mountain climbing in the hot sun!

  424. 440

    I follow you on Twitter!

  425. 441

    Anddd I tweeted about the giveaway!