A Beach Sunset & Run

Hello from the road on the way up to D.C.! Matt and I really enjoyed the rest of our time in Bald Head Island for his birthday weekend. We were so sad to leave on the ferry this morning!



We capped off Matt’s birthday yesterday with burgers for dinner :)


It was as delicious as it looks. It’s all about balance, friends.

The birthday boy with his burger:


Wisdom teeth surgery and enormous burgers don’t really go that well together, so he ended up rocking the fork a bit, haha. Still delicious, though :) Plus a beautiful view!


After dinner, we hopped in our awesome golf cart and headed down to the beach! Golf carts are way more fun than cars.


We hung out on the beach for an hour or so to enjoy the sunset. I absolutely love the beach in the evening. So peaceful to sit and watch the waves.





Goodbye, sun! 037

This morning, we visited the beach one last time before heading out in the form of a run!


We ran almost 5 miles (with a little walking — it was SO humid) total. Minus the hot weather, Bald Head Island is perfect for running — very flat!


Around mile 3, we took an offshoot to the beach to cool off :)



Matt ran straight for the water.

049 050

I quickly followed suit. I ditched my camera, shirt, socks, shoes, and Garmin watch — and went in myself!


I wish I could take a beach detour during all my runs! Diving headfirst into cool water when that hot and sweaty was the most amazing thing ever.


After enjoying the water for awhile, we got suited back up and continued our run — 2 more miles to get back to our B&B!


Speaking of our B&B, now that we’ve left, I want to give them a little shout out. We stayed at the Marsh Harbour Inn and it was absolutely wonderful!


It’s situated right in the main marina with gorgeous views from all the balconies.


The place itself was charming, too! I loved our room — the second one up on the left.


Highly recommended if you guys ever come here! Their staff were super nice, too. :)

Time to continue the drive to D.C. We’ll miss you, Bald Head Island!

029  We’ll miss you, too, Old Baldy!

Until next time…


Catch you guys later from D.C. :)


  1. 1

    Can’t go wrong with burgers for dinner :)

  2. 2

    The sunset pictures are beautiful! It makes we want to pack up the car and drive to the beach right now!!

  3. 3

    Beautiful pictures. Matt looks tired while trying to eat burger. I really love the idea of no cars allowed. We use golf carts to get around our town south of Atlanta. We have lanes off the highway just for golf carts. Really easy getting to store and around close to home. Continue having fun.

    • 4
      Pat Elsberry says

      Renie, you and I must live close to one another :) Are you in Peachtree City? I used to live there and we moved to Fayetteville! Loved being able to get around with golf carts!!

      • 5

        Yes I do. I live right off Redwine Road. When we became empty nesters we down graded then 2 years ago two daughters in law and 3 grand kids moved in while our sons are deployed. This is my last move.

        • 6
          Pat Elsberry says

          That’s too funny!! You are about 5-10 mins from us! We live off of 92S going toward Inman/Woolsey. :)

          • 7

            Wow it’s a small world. We go to First Fayetteville Methodist Church. I know exactly where you live.

            • 8
              Pat Elsberry says

              Oh, we know several people who go there! I’m sure you know Dr. Dave Lee … he’s a doll (and my dentist, too!). What a small world! We were also empty nesters, but now have one grandchild who lives with us (he’s 2!) :)

  4. 9

    Wow, jumping in an ocean mid run sounds incredible. Glad you guys had a great time.

  5. 10

    Gorgeous pictures!!! I love cooling off in the water after a hot, steamy run. It’s one of the best feelings, isn’t it??

    Keep on havin’ fun!! Vacations are so lovely and it looks like you guys are having an awesome time. :D

  6. 11

    These pics have been fantastic! I know you guys are having a bomb time :)

  7. 12

    I’m so jealous! Why do I live in the Midwest?

    When I got my wisdom teeth out at 13 (I was that young and that wise), I ate mashed potatoes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a week.

  8. 14

    Ah Bald Head Island, what a gorgeous place!! And no cars keeps all the riff raff out, right? None of that fast & furious nonsense going on in this island!

  9. 16

    Were you in the Yachtmaster after all!?!? Pretty sure that’s the balcony you mentioned.

    • 17

      Sadly not! We were in room #4, the first one right at the top of the stairs. It was so cute! :) I told the innkeeper I knew you guys and she says hello. We talked to a guy named Glen for awhile at breakfast, too, who said he is good friends with your dad! xo

  10. 22

    I love BHI! We are heading down Thursday for Pirate Weekend- it’s my favorite island event, even though there are more people around then.

  11. 26

    Looks like an awesome vacation; You deserve it Anne!
    (btw Happy Birthday Matt!)

    Looks so fun!
    I heart running on the Beach
    -and love going “dipping” even better!!! ;-)

    Thank you for sharing the great photos!
    Have a safe trip to DC

  12. 27

    wow, looks like a great time! i need to go to this place! Happy Birthday Matt!

  13. 28

    Lovely pictures Anne. :) Looks like you had a great trip!

  14. 29

    Sure looks awesome, Anne. Another great adventure. Wonderful photos from a great time!

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