Goodbye, sunshine…

I’ll miss you!!


And… I’m back in D.C.!! I was supposed to fly to the closer in D.C. airport via Chicago, but after hearing all the Chicago flights were getting cancelled due to snow, I was luckily able to switch to a direct flight to the farther out D.C. airport instead. SWEET!!! Got home earlier than planned, too! :) Mental note: Don’t book flights that connect through Chicago in January!


Anyway, my last day in southern California yesterday was wonderful! The theme of the day was: ROAD TRIP!!


My cousin Willow and I headed to Ventura for the day, a beach town about 45 minutes from where we were staying.

This whole week we’ve been trying to pack lunches and snacks to save money. Today’s lunch was turkey, tomato, and spinach sandwiches on whole wheat along with lots of afternoon snacks :) I’m the type of person that needs to eat like every hour, so bringing food along is always a must! Anyone else??



It was a BEAUTIFUL drive!


We enjoyed spectacular views of the mountains and orange trees :)


We stopped at one of the orchards along the way for provisions, obviously. I love little places like this!




124131 126

It was purdy :)


A little while later, we arrived in Ventura!


145 141

We ended up not doing the kayaking because we found the best biking trail ever that went all along the ocean for miles! It was just to the right of these train tracks — we couldn’t have had a better view. The whole time we were like… ”Is this for real!?”


We spent the afternoon enjoying the scenery, fresh air, and exercise.



Yep… totally biked in flip flops. What of it? :)


Willow and I biked back to the pier in town just in time to check out the sunset, since we’re obsessed with sunsets over the beach ;)



I’m really going to miss seeing this!


200 201

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And so my adventure ends. I hope you’ve enjoyed coming along with me via the blog! I have a trips to New York City (seeing friends) and to Seattle (visiting grad schools and a friend) planned for later this month, so you have some more fun travel-related posts to look forward to :) Regularly scheduled blogging will continue in the meantime! Stay tuned for new exercise moves and more fun recipes. :)

Classes start up again on Monday — if you’re new to the blog, I’m currently taking prerequisites for Masters in Dietetics programs, and applying to start somewhere in the fall. I’m signed up for Human Nutrition and Anatomy & Physiology this semester. Good times! I’ll be heading back to work on Monday, too. (I’m a writer/editor for a company here in Virginia.) My school schedule is a little more open this semester so I’m going to be increasing my hours and working on site more often as opposed to just from home — gotta make that moolah!

I’m off to scrounge around for some food and reorganize my life! Ta-ta!


p.s. Totally went through security in the Los Angeles airport RIGHT next to Keri Russell, aka Felicity!!! She is pretty :) And tiny! So excited to have gotten in a celeb sighting ;)


  1. 1

    Yay! Congrats on your first celeb sighting! Have fun back at school-rock those classesss!

  2. 2

    Yay so you are coming back to the snow we are suppose to get in NOVA today/tomorrow. Ick!! Based on your pics, the weather was super nice down there and looks like you had lot of fun.

  3. 3

    Congrats on seeing Keri Russell. I think she’s so pretty too and she was fantastic in August Rush.

    Welcome back to the tundra that is DC. I was wondering if you’ve ever eaten at Toscana Grill (Green) in Arlington? Or what are some of your recommendations for good restaurants in DC?

    Haha thanks, it’s cold!! I actually never have been to Toscana Grill, but I might have to try it because that menu looks great! I had no idea it was eco-friendly and organic! My favorite restaurant in DC is probably Hook in Georgetown – a bit pricey, but awesome and sustainable seafood with unique sides. So good! Great wine, too :) If you want more restaurant recommendations feel free to email me with the type of food you’re looking for! -Anne

  4. 4

    sometimes I feel like I can’t even make it 60 minutes without eating!

  5. 5

    I’m the same way. If I didn’t have food with me, I’d feel like I’d need to track down a grocery store

  6. 6

    Felicity was my most favorite show ever . . . so obsessed.

  7. 7

    Are you really wearing shorts and a tank top? Ugh, I feel so bad for the cold you are about to experience here on the Ice Age side of the world!!! :)

    Glad you made it home safe and sound. I have been thinking so much about the Cherry Blossom race in April. I really can’t wait and I also can’t wait to meet you miss Anne! :)

    Yeah I’m totally jealous of myself yesterday wearing shorts. Sigh!! Yay Cherry Blossom! :) -Anne

  8. 8

    Great pictures! Glad you had fun. ^_^

  9. 9

    Keri Russell! I love her!

    And, on behalf of Chicago, I’m glad you avoided us. We are a mess right now and practically uninhabitable in January.

    Lol! I’m glad, too ;) -Anne

  10. 10

    kerri russell is so cute…what a great celeb siting if you’re going to have one!

    I just want to say that you are an OUTSTANDING photographer! I’ve loved looking at your pictures and pining away to live on the west coast :)

    Thanks! :) I really love taking pictures, especially creative ones! And I’m totally pining away for the west coast right now, too… -Anne

  11. 11

    So. So. Breath taking. Wow, what a wonderful vacation!!
    (haha and I love that persimmoms are 4/$1 there and $4/1 here!! :lol:)

  12. 12

    All those pictures make me wish I was somewhere warm! AMAZING! That little market is so cute, I love places like that too! I love that you bikes in flip flops, you are hard core girlie! I would have lost a toe for sure!!!!

  13. 13

    Those views are AMAZING!! After seeing and hearing so much, I so want to move to California (or at least visit)!

    And i’m totally the type of person who has to eat at least every 2 hours… I always carry snacks, my purse has a plethora of bars at all times!

  14. 14

    OMG it’s gorgeous there!! I think I need to move to CA ASAP!!

  15. 15

    What beautiful pictures!! love your blog :)

  16. 16

    As always, gorgeous pictures!! I helps me forget about the darkness and snow in Germany!!! ;) (It’s 8:30am here right now, and still dark outside…)

  17. 17

    What a beautiful trip! I’ve been reading for awhile, first time commenter, and I really enjoy your blog! I’m applying to grad school in Seattle. I haven’t been out there to visit but I’m scared of the dreary winters! I’m from WI so I don’t mind the cold but I need to see the sun! I hope you enjoy visiting out there, I look forward to hearing your take on the city.

    Thanks! :) I’m the same way needing the sun… so we’ll see if I actually go for it or not!! -Anne

  18. 18

    aaaaaaaand, now i miss cali something crazy.

    what kind of camera do you use? your pictures are stunning! as are you!

  19. 19

    Ah, love Keri Russell! She has all that crazy curly hair that I want and don’t have.

  20. 20

    amazing photos! i’m glad you enjoyed your trip to the west siiiiiiiide… i of course have a bias, but i think it’s pretty amazing… and you’re heading to seattle soon too!?!? leave the flipflops and pack some galoshes ;)
    seattle is a great city! you really should just swoop through PORTLAND while you’re over here (just sayin)…

    i’m excited to follow your travels!

    Haha I wish! I’ve always wanted to check out Portland, I hear it’s awesome! -Anne

  21. 21

    wow what camera do you use? have you ever taken a class? your photos are GORGEOUS

  22. 22

    Hi Anne!

    I just found your site via Jenna’s and I love it! I live in Fairlington (South Arlington, VA) and work in downtown DC. I saw another commenter wrote about Cherry Blossom. Are your running? I ran it last year and can’t wait to run in it again. I look forward to checking back!


    I am indeed running it! I’m excited, minus training in these frigid temps ;) -Anne

  23. 23

    Wow! It looks beautiful! Looks like it was an amazing trip to Cali!!


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