Healthy Travel Tips & Win a Subway On-the-Go Kit!

Hello my friends! I’m back in DC after a crazy few days of travel. As you know, I flew off to Houston, TX on Sunday morning for the annual Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE) put on by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and then on Monday night I flew to NYC for a fun meet up with Brooks and my fellow blogger Run Happy Ambassadors. Yesterday morning, I took the train back to DC. I’ll share recaps of my adventures in Texas and NYC next, but for now, I thought this would be an appropriate time to talk about staying healthy while traveling! Plus, I have a fun giveaway to share. :)

Keeping up healthy habits is key for me when traveling so I don’t arrive home feeling like a total hot mess. Obviously, it’s unlikely that you’ll get home feeling 100% awesome after lots of planes, trains, and automobiles, but taking a few simple steps to take care of yourself when you’re on the road will go a long way. Here is how I keep my health and sanity in check while I’m traveling.

Healthy Travel Tips


Bring a reusable water bottle with you and drink LOTS of water. My water bottle comes with me everywhere! When I’m flying instead of driving, like I was this week, I simply bring it through security empty and fill it up at a water fountain on the other side. Saves you from spending a fortune on bottled water, too!



When traveling, I always feel a thousand times more like myself if I make sure to stay active. In Houston, I got my sweat on during a boot camp on Monday morning that was put on by one of the conference sponsors. It was really early to wake up for but totally worth it! In NYC, all of us got in a great morning run on Tuesday with gorgeous views of the Hudson River. Running (and walking!) is my favorite way to see a city when I’m traveling.



    Other ideas:
  • Use your hotel gym
  • Bring resistance bands, a jump rope, printable workout moves, or exercise DVDs
  • Always take the stairs
  • Check out local workout studios – I especially love finding local yoga studios to try when I’m in a new city. Stretching always feels amazing after sitting on planes or in cars!

yoga pearl portland


When I’m traveling, I like to pack lots of snacks so I can stay healthy in between meals.

Favorite packables:

  • Bars (Larabars, KIND Bars, Clif Kit’s Organic Bars, etc.)
  • Homemade trail mix or unsalted nuts
  • Fresh fruit (bananas, apples, etc. — these can also be “borrowed” from hotel continental breakfasts for mid-day snacks) and almond butter packets!


For quick meals on the road, I like to hit up Subway! I’ve written before about how Matt and I love Subway on road trips and in airports, so I’m happy to share a fun giveaway from them today.


Did you know there are 40,000+ Subway Restaurant stores around the world? That’s a lot of Subway! No wonder it’s always easy to find one.

I usually go for turkey on honey wheat and have them pile on the veggies – I love that they have baby spinach! I also love that you get to select all your toppings as you go. My fave sauce, to finish it all off, is their honey mustard. SO delish.


At FNCE this weekend, Subway was there exhibiting and giving out fun “Subway On-the-Go” messenger bag kits to the dietitians who stopped by.


And now one lucky fANNEtastic reader will get one, too! Aiming to help you to more easily be healthy on the go, the kit includes the following:

  • $20 Subway gift card
  • Notebook
  • Water bottle (love how it flattens out when empty – perfect for travel!)
  • Workout cards
  • Cute running headbands


Want to win your own Subway On the Go kit? Simply leave a comment on this post with your favorite tip or way to stay healthy while traveling. Good luck! U.S. Residents only, please. I’ll randomly select and directly notify the winner on Friday. Thank you to Subway for sponsoring the giveaway and this post! This giveaway is now closed. Thank you to all who entered!

I’ll leave you with a random fun fact: Subway uses enough avocado in a year to fill one and a half Olympic sized swimming pools. That sounds… delicious.


  1. 1

    I always bring a bag of almonds or whole wheat crackers when I travel. It’s always tempting to raid the hotel vending machine… but it helps when I know I have healthy snacks in my bag!

  2. 2

    My favorite thing to do when I am traveling is explore by foot- meaning walking, biking or running almost everywhere. We rarely rent cars and have explored multiple cities inside out on the ground- most recently Pittsburgh, Key West, Chicago, Milwaukee and Fort Collins (in safe areas of course!).

  3. 3

    i’m with you – whenever i’m traveling for work, making sure to get in some sort of exercise (gym, walking, mini WOD in the hotel room, whatever) that’s the key for me.

  4. 4

    These are all great tips, thanks for sharing them! I completely agree with you about staying active. Even if I don’t have time to fit in a regular workout, any physical activity is better than none.

  5. 5

    I like to make sure I get in short workouts and take vitamin c packets to help prevent getting sick!

  6. 6

    I only drink water before getting on the plane and while on the plane. The other beverages offered might be tempting, but I find water helps me avoid jet lag and digestive issues from traveling.

  7. 7

    Hi Anne!

    I’m currently completing my internship to become an RD right now. I love your blog and you’re such an inspiration! I hope you had fun at FNCE! When traveling I look up local healthy favorites to try while I’m in town!


  8. 9

    I love to pack my bars as well for a Healthy option and like to plan to see some fun yet healthy restaurants in the area!

  9. 10
    Christine says:

    While traveling I like to make a mix of dry roasted almonds, edamamde and dried cranberries to keep as a snack. I also like to have on hand some sort of fruit and bar. My latest obsession though are quest bars which travel great and are delicious. :)

  10. 11

    I pack healthy snacks and tend to gravitate toward the hotels gym. However with all of the fitness apps and quick HIIT workouts my next business trip I have a few workouts already wrote down!

  11. 12

    preplan travel snacks

  12. 13

    My favorite tip is – get a full night’s rest the day before you travel!

  13. 14

    I walk as much as possible, even if it’s just laps in the airport waiting for flights. Walking/running is also a fun way to explore a new city.

  14. 15

    I travel a lot for work. My best tip is to eat vegetarian meals! That was you are always getting in healthy fruits and veggies. I also always run to discover the new cities.

  15. 16

    Lightly salted almonds and a couple cheese sticks in my carry-on is a must. Spotting a Subway during my travels is a welcome friend in my quest to be healthy.

  16. 17

    If I’m going away by plane, I usually pack pieces of fresh fruit, whole wheat bread or pitas (so i can make pb sandwiches in the hotel room to take with me on whatever adventure we have for the day),nut butter packets, KIND bars, and a big bag of homemade trailmix (my family makes fun of me because I always make sure to pack snacks etc for trips, but then when we’re touring and what not and haven’t had a chance to stop for some food, they come looking to me for food and beg – I now ALWAYS pack a big bag of trailmix for when this happens ;) )

  17. 18

    I travel a lot for work. My best tip is to eat vegetarian meals. Focusing on fruits and veggies really helps to keep me feeling normal!

  18. 19

    Wherever we go, we make sure to go site seeing by foot or bicycling to get some physical activity in.

  19. 20

    I drink lots of water and wash my hands a lot–especially if I’m in an airport. Also, Airborne is a great little boost.

  20. 21

    I make sure to pack healthy snacks such as almonds, fruit and kind bars.

  21. 22
    Samantha Brown says:

    I agree with some of the above… bring your vitamins, make sure you are planning ahead, and RELAX! I get so anxious/stressed traveling I really need to consciously de-stress. I bring yoga videos with me, stretch, and if possible hit up steam rooms/saunas in my hotel.

  22. 23

    Great tips! It’s so easy to forget all those things in the excitement of travel, but it’s soooo worth it to remember! I too love Subway when I’m traveling! So, I’d use that giftcard right up!

  23. 25

    I love all the travel tips you shared and I try to follow them when I travel as well. I definitely try and take advantage of hotel gyn’s (especially nice ones)! Being in a new environment gives me the encouragement I need to give it my all and push myself a bit more! :)

  24. 26

    Drinking enough water has always been a challenge , so I now bring cut up lemon Ina Baggie while traveling. Drink a lot of water when I get to hotel room with the lemon.

  25. 27

    The best way that I stay healthy when traveling is by always packing healthy snacks and breakfasts, and by bringing my Camelbak water bottle with me everywhere!

  26. 28

    I pack my phone or Ipad full of apps. Several good exercise and tracking options.

  27. 29

    When you have a hotel with a free breakfast it’s easy to pack a little ziplock of fruits or n

  28. 30

    I try to fit in a quick circuit workout in my hotel room or run (weather permitting) in the morning before starting my day. I also like to stay active by exploring on foot and trying out new activities when I am in a new place.

  29. 31

    Water, water, water!!! When I travel, it’s not as natural to drink a lot of water as it is when I am just sitting at home or at my desk. Especially on planes, when the cabin is incredibly dry, it’s easy to get dehydrated.

  30. 32

    I like the yoga studio tip. They should tend to use the same kind of stretches and positions which will definitely help stretch you out after a long day or night of traveling. Thank you.

  31. 33

    I bring my own water bottle everywhere! I normally drink a lot of water without thinking about it, but when I travel I make sure I’m downing the stuff. And I take my own snacks – lately I’ve been doing plain mini-rice cakes with little packets of almond butter.

  32. 34

    Great tips! Unfortunately, Subway is HORRIBLY bad for you. Your sandwich (assuming it’s a 12″ from the picture contains 1340 mg of sodium. Obviously, most of that sodium is in the bread. But with a recommended daily intake of 1500 mg of sodium a day, you’ve almost hit that mark with a single sandwich. Even the 6″ has 980 mg of sodium.

    But when travelling you usually have limited choices and sodium is a huge problem with any restaurant. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to list an alternative here. Maybe dump that bread and mix up a salad instead of that sandwich.

    I’m sure Subway is paying you for that plug so I understand the post though!

    I like the bottle idea at the airport though. Even though airports have moved a lot of vending inside the security areas, the prices are INSANE! That’s a perfect idea to cut costs and stay hydrated.

  33. 35

    I have a whole tab titled “Fitness” on my laptop. It’s bookmarked with lots of great workouts that can be done in a hotel room or living room.

  34. 37

    I love exploring by foot, not only for exercise but also to save $$ on transportation. Last time I visted NYC my calves for sore for 7 days from all the walking we did!

  35. 38

    Bring healthy snacks and drink lots of water & walk as much as possible.

  36. 39

    Eat breakfast, always, it’s a great start to the day, traveling or at home

  37. 40

    I always map out walkable points of interest from the hotel. Also ask the front desk or people working at the gym if there are popular running routes nearby or parks.

  38. 41

    My best travel tips are to pack your own snacks and drink plenty of water!

  39. 42
    Ashley N. says:

    Tons of water and lots of Purell :) Walking through the city is a great way to shake out your legs and see some sights. Love that Subway has avocado..SO delicious on a sub!

  40. 43

    I bring my ipod and do my own bootcamp in the hotel room while my husband is still sleeping in the morning.

  41. 44

    I haven’t reinvented the wheel yet, but I always carry an empty Nalgene through airport security to fill throughout the trip and avoid overpriced water bottles and soda temptations.

  42. 45
    Kerri Stewart says:

    On long car trips, I like to pack a small cooler with fresh fruits & veggies for the kids to snack on. Some favorites are grapes, oranges and carrot sticks. Those ranch dipping sauce packets the fast food restaurants carry are the perfect size to pack for the girls and I to dip our carrot sticks in. We stop at rest areas instead of restaurants & eat PB& J sandwiches or baked chicken instead of burgers & fries.
    I couldn’t make it to FNCE this year. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  43. 46

    I also like bringing bars and easy to pack snacks with me on flights – I hate feeling hungry when I only have expensive airport food available!

  44. 47

    When I travel I love to bring snacks such as almonds I also bring raisons for when I have a sweet tooth. When it is time for a meal I try to go to restaurant that have salads no fried foods one favorite lunch places is Sub way fresh all the way.When at hotel I go for a swimming or working out in the pool .

  45. 48

    We recently went to Chicago for a weekend, so I made sure to pack Kind bars and other snacks, stayed in a hotel with a 24 hour fitness center, and spent plenty of time walking around the city instead of taking cabs. I planned our day(s) out ahead of time so we could walk from place to place. We probably walked 10 miles during the trip! Also, our hotel (the W) had apples in the lobby and the gym for guests to take.

  46. 49

    I make sure to bring my own reusable water bottle and drink water religiously, especially if I’m going on a plane. Also, I bring cough drops/throat lozenges because if I am flying, I know for a fact my throat will start to feel sore, no matter what!

  47. 50

    I always have Lara Bars or almonds in my purse, just in case I get an urge to snack. Also a water bottle is a MUST!!!

  48. 51

    I like to have hotel dance parties. Turn on the radio and enjoy the solitude. Also, hotel breakfastbars often have fruit you can take w you during the day.

  49. 53

    Always choose a hotel with a gym

  50. 54

    I bring stuff to have for breakfasts and lunches so I only have to eat out once a day.

  51. 55

    Great post!!
    I love to explore local supermarkets (and even better if it’s an outdoor market!) to see what healthy local & culture-specific foods are popular. I’ve found some of my new favorites by doing this (especially when I lived abroad for a while!).

  52. 56

    I always bring running shoes with me and make it a priority to get out there and exercise. At the very least I have a ton of snacks. Usually apples. I’m obsessed with apples!

  53. 57

    Definitely bringing my own snacks is a must. And exercise – not always easy to get out for a run when you are in a strange place, so using the hotel gym – while not my favorite – is better than nothing!

  54. 58

    Water, Water, Water!!!

  55. 59

    I always make sure to bring a water bottle with me and try to do some type of workout every morning!

  56. 60

    I definitely bring my water bottle with me everywhere. I also like to pack my own cereal in ziploc bags– makes it a lot easier to avoid the waffles and pastries at hotel breakfasts!

  57. 61

    I hate driving, so my favorite way to see a new city (if possible) is to walk everywhere! You get to take in the sights, find some off the beaten path places, and get in a little exercise!

  58. 62

    I always try to walk everywhere. I’m also huge on trying to hit the hotels fitness center. I recently returned from a trip where I took resistance bands and deflated and traveled with my mini-pilates ball. This allowed me to do exercises in my room if I didn’t feel like making the hike through the hotel. I also do my best to avoid the breakfast bar – just take fresh fruit and stay loaded up on water throughout the day. My 32 oz. Bobble never leaves my side!

  59. 63

    Great tips! My favorite healthy thing to do while traveling is to pack my running shoes and a pair of comfortable shoes to walk around in. I also love taking bike tours through new cities when I’m being a tourist.

  60. 64

    When I travel I try to fit in some early morning walks and go for some shorter runs to stretch out my legs. I like bringing my own water with me and try to stay on a similar wake-up/bedtime schedule to my normal routine. I like getting an early start at home so I try not to sleep in too late when I travel! It keeps me less cranky too :)

  61. 65

    My favorite staying healthy tips when traveling are just like yours. I always have a water bottle with me at all times. I tend to dehydrate quickly when traveling so I have to keep a water bottle with me. Also, I bring my own snacks too….apples are my favorite!

  62. 66

    When travelling I usually try to pack my own water and lots of snacks!!

  63. 67

    Lots of water, protein bars, and choosing when I want to indulge!

  64. 68

    I only plan my trips where there will be a subway in the area!!

  65. 69

    My favorite healthy travel tip is definitely walking everywhere – not only is it good exercise, but you get to know a city so much better that way!

  66. 70

    I ALWAYS bring my water bottle when I travel! It has a Britta filter in it, so it makes drinking city water easier! :)

  67. 71

    I stay healthy on vacation by trying local fruits, veggies and seafood dishes!

  68. 72

    Great timing for this post! I have been traveling a lot recently, and am currently at the airport waiting at my gate! I always have my water bottle as well, cause it so hard for me to stay hydrAted on the plane! I also try to stay active by walking everywhere and using the hotel gym or pool.

  69. 73

    definitely lots of water and walking!

  70. 74

    I love traveling and the perfect way to explore is on foot – either running or walking! I can scope out hot spots and then come back later if I need to eat or shop. Doing circuit workouts in the hotel is great for the muscles too…gotta love the burn and feeling sore!

  71. 75

    Bring an empty water bottle through security at the airport. Traveling on planes I never leave home without chewable Airborne. I also love Kind Bars for a quick snack on the run. Whenever I’m near a Jamba Juice I’ll have that for breakfast with an immunity boost just to fight off all the germs I’m exposed to when traveling.

  72. 76

    I always try to get in active sightseeing mostly by foot, but bike tours are slowly working their way in (organized vineyard tour in Italy or just bike rentals to cruise the beach in Kiawah)!

  73. 77

    My favorite tip is one you mentioned… staying active! So many people think of a vacation as total free pass from exercise (I used to think this way), but I always enjoy vacation so much more if I stay somewhat active.

  74. 78

    Hand sanitizer! You are touching so many things that other people have touched, and you don’t have as many opportunities to wash your hands, like before eating.

  75. 79
    Stephanie K says:

    I always bring snacks on the plane, especially if it’s a long trip. If I forget my own snacks and get hungry on the flight there are never very good options and they don’t do a great job of filling you up!

  76. 80

    Love the tips! Water is key for me.

    Speaking of water, I didn’t know you could see the Potomac from NYC :-)

  77. 82

    What a cute on the go kit! My favorite way to stay active and healthy on vacay or while traveling (along with walking everywhere possible) is to try to eat even more fresh foods than I do when I’m at home. Inevitably, when I’m traveling, I like to try a bunch of local (and not so healthy) specialities. To counteract that I try to load up on the fruit and salads to balance everything out.

  78. 83

    Wash your hands often, keep your nails clean, and avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. Eating a lot a dark greens and a good lean protein. Staying away from simple carbohydrates. They may keep your budget in check but proteins helps you resist infection and rebuilds muscles. Plus a good nights sleeps really helps!

  79. 84

    I like to run when I travel. It’s a great way to stay active but also explore new locations that you might otherwise miss out on.

  80. 85

    I love to pull up my favorite videos on youtube and get in a home workout when traveling. Many of the videos can be done without any equipment or with pieces you can find in the hotel gym. When I traveled for work I got in plenty of cardio while walking around college campuses but my heavy bag and long drives took a toll on my back so i always made sure to pack my swimsuit and I’d jump in the hotel pools. It really helped my back and hips.

  81. 86

    I think the best way to explore a new city or location is to go on a run! I have great memories of some fantastic runs in breathtaking locations.

  82. 87

    That waterbottle is awesome! I always use yelp to find local yoga places !!

  83. 88

    My favorite way to stay healthy while traveling is to always take the stairs instead of escalators, carrying luggage up and down stairs will get you some strength and cardio! And don’t use the moving sidewalks at airports unless you are in a huge hurry.

  84. 89

    When traveling, always have an old backpack with items you wish you had every other time you traveled. :)

  85. 90

    Pack your own snacks

  86. 91

    I never travel without exercise clothes and then I feel guilty if I pack them but don’t use them, so I always do!

  87. 92

    I always pack healthy snacks like bars or nuts as well and make sure to bring electrolyte water or coconut water to stay really hydrated!

  88. 93

    Going for walks and drinking lots of water! Also starting off with a healthy breakfast!

  89. 94

    I always pack my running gear and check out prior to arriving at my destination to determine an outdoor running route. If the weather doesn’t allow for an outdoor run, I make sure to utilize the hotel gym.

  90. 95

    I love running in new cities! Getting “lost” on a run is the best way to explore!

  91. 96

    I always make sure to have gum with me- keeps my mouth busy without the extra calories!

  92. 97

    I always bring workout clothes and love to run in whichever city I’m in or at the very least, I walk wherever I can!

  93. 98

    I try to drink mineral water on planes as the natural minerals in the water keep you more hydrated! Upon arrival, I try to explore as much of the location as possible through walking (skip the cab!). You get a better feel for the area and also a bit of exercise in :)

  94. 99

    I always do my best to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. That helps to combat the bloat I seem to get from eating out on trips.

  95. 100
    Meredith B. says:

    I always take healthy snacks, packets of tea, and ginger chews with me when I travel. I also definitely try to stay hydrated and get some good workouts in. But, if it’s a vacation, I also let myself have some fun and relax a little!

  96. 101

    I try to pack oatmeal to make in the hotel room if breakfast isn’t included. Saves time, money and is healthy! I also ask the concierge desk for running routes around my hotel… They usually have suggestions and sometimes even little cards with the routes mapped out.

  97. 102

    I definitely like walking the surroundings of wherever I am staying to see more of that city!

  98. 103

    My top two healthy traveling tips are packing my own snacks and looking ahead at restaurant menus so I have a healthy choice already decided before the intoxicating smell makes me pick something more unhealthy.

  99. 104

    Bringing your own healthy snacks is a must!

  100. 105

    I definitely have to pack snacks for my trips or else I’ll be hungry and just grab whatever sounds good at a gas station. Packing my own snacks saves me money and keeps me from grabbing anything too unhealthy!

  101. 106

    I always have herbal tea when I’m on a plane. I always get a scratchy throat when I fly, and warm liquids soothe it. But I don’t want to have too much coffee!

  102. 108

    I love all the exercise apps and ideas. Also several healthy eating and tracking activity and eating.

  103. 109

    I try to follow through with all of your ideas. Most important to me is always having my Nalgene handy. I get dehydrated easily and hate shelling out $$$ to buy bottled drinks. Thanks for the tips!

  104. 110

    ALWAYS drinking a ton of water while flying – super important because i get really dehydrated and swell a lot when i fly so keeping up my water intake is vital!

  105. 111
    Caitlin F. says:

    I walk everywhere when I travel. Not only do you get a better grasp of the city, but you also burn more calories than you would sitting in a cab!

  106. 112

    Skip the booze while traveling. It’s tempting to have a cocktail or glass of wine before and/or during a flight, but it’s not worth the dehydration.

  107. 113

    My favorite way to stay active while travelling is to walk around while exploring the city. You just never know what sort of fun restaurants, shops or sites you’ll stumble on while on foot! Plus I think it helps you take in more of the culture of the city.

  108. 114
    Katie Armstrong says:

    I always take apples with me in my purse since they don’t tend to bruise easily. And drink water on the plane!

  109. 115

    I’m like you- I love walking, running, or biking around a new city! I also like to try out hiking trails in the area, if it is in that type of setting. Can’t believe that fact about the avocado!

  110. 116

    Staying hydrated and active are huge!! When I travel I love finding healthy restuarants and exploring menus before I arrive and I pack healthy snacks.

  111. 117

    I exercise while I am on vacation. I like running because it is a great way to see the sights and get in some activity

  112. 118

    Bring healthy snacks along! If you don’t, when you get hungry, you will settle for whatever you can find, which typically is fast food when travelling.

  113. 119

    Always water! Especially when traveling you don’t have the ability to grab a quick something to drink, so it’s better to be prepared. Plus I hate that post-plane flight dehydration feeling.

  114. 120

    Bring an exercise band to do toning work in your hotel room!

  115. 121

    Drinking lots of water!!!

  116. 122

    While traveling I always try to find a healthy restaurant that serves local/fresh food, as well as trying to walk everywhere possible. That way you’re not only staying healthy but you get a real feel for where you’re visiting!

  117. 123

    I walk the gates while waiting for my flight. Kills time and burns some calories.

  118. 124

    Make up your own walking tour of the city! Utilize bicycles like Citi bike and Hubway.

  119. 125

    I always look up restaurants at our destination ahead of time to find healthy and delicious options for us to try out

  120. 126

    I always book a hotel with a fun gym. New equipment (to me) is always a motivator.

  121. 127

    How fun! I think my favorite tip is go running and site seeing at the same time! I love running with a view so when I am traveling I use google maps to map out a run with a pretty view. Always gets me motivated! :)

  122. 128

    I jog, at least once, at least a couple of miles. Amazing for clearing my head.

  123. 129

    I always pack my sneakers because they take up so much space – and if I bothered to pack them, I’d better use them!

  124. 130
    Karla Hudson says:

    Workout early so I don’t lose the motivation, plus aim for at least 15 minutes!

  125. 131

    i always make sure that i pack healthy snacks and my running shoes when traveling. :)

  126. 132

    I like to do a few laps in the hotel pool. Tricky when there are other swimmers, but a fun way to get my heart rate up.

  127. 133

    Definitely staying hydrated.

  128. 134

    Drinking lots of water and a kombucha tea really makes me feel re-energized after travel that includes flying.

  129. 135

    I drink tons of water and always bring running shoes!

  130. 136

    make sure to go for runs!

  131. 137
    Stephanie says:

    I hate not exercising when I travel– I always bring a resistance band and I bring running shoes to run outside when I have no gym. I also do crunches and squats in my hotel room!

  132. 138

    When we travel, we love to eat the big hotel breakfasts, so what we try to do is eat a giant breakfast that tides us over until mid-afternoon…then instead of buying an expensive lunch, we just eat snacks like granola bars that we bring! It not only saves money, but it helps you to enjoy the breakfasts and dinners more I think :)

  133. 139

    Whenever I travel I try to walk as much as possible and make sure that I get at least 7 hours of sleep (which is sometimes hard to do because typically I want to get the most of my travel experience by staying up late and getting up early).

  134. 140

    Always take the stairs in airports or hotels to burn some extra calories while traveling.

  135. 141

    Having water at all times for me is a must, even if I’m just going shopping locally. Also, having the pinterest app on my phone is great for pulling up the workouts that I’ve found online

  136. 142

    My favorite tip to staying healthy while traveling is preparing a great playlist before I leave so that I’m excited to get moving (either at the hotel gym or outside)!

  137. 143

    Making sure I fit in exercise somewhere is my favorite way to feel good on a trip. Even if it means a hotel room workout, I always try to get one in.

  138. 144

    My favorite way to stay active in new places is to find a Jazzercise class. I’m an instructor and I love visiting other centers!

  139. 145

    I make sure to always having a healthy snack on hand and MOVE as much as possible when traveling- even if its just a quick stretch in the morning before a conference. I try to make sure I eat at regular intervals, and don’t allow myself to get too hungry which can lead to unhealthy choices.

  140. 146

    I always always always bring healthy snacks (fruit, granola bars, and yogurt) and reusable water bottles with me while traveling! Best way to feel healthy in my opinion!

  141. 147

    I am the same way with my Camelbak water bottle. I call it my “adult bottle” because it never leaves my side! Funny, I wrote a similar post on how I stay healthy when life happens.

  142. 148

    My Nalgene is a lifesaver on trips!! Hydration is sooo important to me feeling 100% while traveling.

  143. 149

    My favorite healthy travel tip is to bring a reusable water bottle (just needs to be empty when you go through security) and either bring or shop for fresh food so you’re not eating every meal out!

  144. 150
    Cassidy Charles says:

    Staying hydrated by bringing my own water bottle!

  145. 151

    Subway is my go to when traveling, and staying active while exploring new places with runs, walks, and any kind of adventures.

  146. 152

    I always care my water bottle and snacks with me!

  147. 153

    As a just under 50 and new/back to exercise executive, I do research before I travel. This research includes the hotel gym, but also the city’s visitor center site for downloadable walking/running tours, tourist sites that have steps (thinking Rocky Steps in Philly). If possible, I stay in a different hotel and walk to the conference/meeting site. I also tap into my (national)professional network to see who else is on the same trip so we can build in an activity/active time together, ie morning walk, meet at the gym, explore together. Not only does this keep me honest, but accountable. The time together is spent networking, mentoring, catching up, etc. And it makes exploring a new city/conference less intimidating and safer and definitely more interesting due to the people you meet.

  148. 154

    While traveling, I try to walk as much as possible and stay hydrated! I try to make healthy food choices and not beat myself up about whatever wrenches traveling puts in my normal eating and exercise habits.

  149. 155
    Carrie C. in VA says:

    my healthy travel tip is to hydrate well to counter the effects of air travel

  150. 156

    Definitely exploring the city by foot and staying hydrated!

  151. 157

    I always make sure to pack a healthy snack so I’m not tempted to eat something that isn’t so good for me.

  152. 158

    Traveling always includes packing snacks and simple exercise items. Walking is always great and get to see the sights.

  153. 159

    Water is a must and I pack stretch bands to get in a little resistance workout in my hotel room.

  154. 160
    Natalie P. says:

    Sleep! Keeping on a semi-normal schedule of sleep helps you feel less worn out….listen to your body and when you are tired, rest!!!

  155. 161

    I use my fitbit to make sure i’m getting all my steps in still!

  156. 162
    Brandie Yee says:

    When I travel I book rooms that includes a kitchenette or at the very least a fridge and microwave. This way I can get to the grocery store (or sometimes carry with me) healthy items I can prepare when I’m in my room to cut down on how much I eat out. Also, I always include lots of sightseeing that includes walking to stay active.

  157. 163

    I love running when I’m in a new city! It’s such a great way to explore!

  158. 164

    I love to try a different workout class while traveling–find a yoga studio or spin class that you would not normaly take at home. It adds an element of fun to the trip!

  159. 165

    I usually run or hike when I’m on vacation.

  160. 166

    While traveling I try and pack what i can to help out, especially for the trip there and back!

  161. 167

    I always try to fit a workout in in the morning, its a good way to start of the day and sets the tone!

  162. 168
    Charlotte G. says:

    Since traveling involves a lot of sitting, I try to walk around the airport before my flight and not sit down (especially since I will be sitting for many hours when I am airborne). I also make sure to wear compression socks on the plane and get up to walk to the bathroom every hour to stay active. It really helps you from getting stir crazy too!

  163. 170

    When I travel, I do my best to walk or run everywhere! At home, I have to leave my house to go to a park and run. When I travel, I ditch the car keys as much as possible to explore the area I am in.

  164. 171

    My favorite way to stay active when I’m traveling is definitely running also. This summer I traveled all around Israel, and to this day my favorite parts of the trip were my morning runs.

  165. 172

    My favorite tip is to bring lots of healthy snacks, water bottles and remember not to eat to much at breakfast. It’s easy to over eat at the free hotel breakfast bar which makes me to skip snacks and lunch. Keep it as normal as possible.

  166. 173
    Charlotte says:

    I love taking a walk or run around a new place to explore!

  167. 174

    When I’m traveling, I must workout. It’s so important to get my sweat on!

  168. 175
    Cindy Childers says:

    As a mom of three kiddos, and now living in NYC, we are on the go all the time. To save money, I bring lots of healthy snacks (fruit, nuts, bars, etc) in my purse so that when we are constantly moving around the city we are not at every corner asking for ice cream, hot dogs, etc.

  169. 176
    Kristin H says:

    Go site-seeing by foot or bike. In the summer go swimming

  170. 177

    Hey Anne! I love using TripAdvisor to plan which restaurants I will go to when traveling. It is easy to look at the menu in advance to avoid places that only offer Greasy Goo Option #1 and This Will Give Me Indigestion Option #2. Too funny that I am typing this post from the airport now!

  171. 178

    I typically leave for trips in the morning, so I try to pack my lunch for that day. Even if it’s the only healthy meal I get on the trip, I know it’s a healthy start. :)

  172. 179

    First of all, I make sure to get in all of my workouts prior to going out of town, in preparation for the extra eating I will most likely do. I try to bring protein bars on the plane with me and pass on the sodas and cookies they tend to hand out. I also try to wake up earlier than my husband most days and hit the gym so I don’t make him wait around too long for me to get ready for the day. Lastly, we walk a lot! We try to walk as much as we can and see the sites.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  173. 180

    I like to see if the hotel has a gym as an amenity ahead of time, or scope out any bike paths or something nearby. When we went to FL in April, there was a really nice park with a mile loop around a lake that was mere yards from the hotel entrance. It was awesome to run around!

  174. 181

    i pack my own snacks. it is tempting to buy things at rest stops but if you have a pre-portioned serving of m&ms, nuts, or popcorn, you save calories and money!

  175. 182

    I always bring my own snacks so that I’m not tempted to hit the fast food restaurants!!

  176. 183

    I love to plan vacations around a destination race!

  177. 184
    Michelle D says:

    I always love going for a run when I get somewhere new, just to take in the scenery. Also packing lots of healthy snacks and bringing water everywhere with me!

  178. 185

    I try and walk everywhere we go! It’s fun to explore.

  179. 186

    If you are driving for hours to get to your destinations back sure to stop every hours to jump around, even if just for 10 minutes!

  180. 187

    I try to bring along as much food as possible when my family goes on trips. I know it is healthy and it is much cheaper than restaurants!

  181. 188
    Doreen G. says:

    Lots of water, walking, enough sleep and Oil of Oregano to stave off any threats of illness!

  182. 189

    I always bring my stuff to run – it’s a great way to explore a new city and always handy if the hotel doesn’t have a great gym.

  183. 190

    I always pack healthy snacks (even when I’m not traveling) and definitely staying active. Walking, hiking, running, and biking are often my favorite ways to explore a new place :)

  184. 191

    I drink lots of water, and make sure to “go a little lighter” the week before- I love trying new regional foods, so I make sure to account for that beforehand!

  185. 192
    Elisabeth says:

    I’m all about drinking plenty of water when traveling – I always feel dehydrated sitting on planes or in cars for a long time. I also like to get my exercise in by walking around & exploring wherever I’m visiting :)

  186. 193

    Download an app for your phone that lets you track calories at restaurants.

  187. 194

    I like exploring new cities by running and traveling around on foot whenever I can instead of using public transportation!

  188. 195

    I keep healthy snacks on hand (or stop by the grocery store when I got to my destination to stock up) and walk as much as possible.

  189. 196

    I search out a running path on Map my Run. Always bring sneakers.

  190. 197

    I stay hydrated

  191. 198

    Whenever i’m traveling I always pack tons of healthy snacks and always make sure to bring a reusable water bottle with me! I’m currently studying abroad in Australia and i’ve been so surprised at how many Subway’s are here! Whenever i’m out and I need a safe healthy meal I always turn to Subway! Turkey on honey oat is my favorite too! Unfortunately none of the Subways in Australia have spinach :( But definitely better than something unhealthy!

  192. 199

    Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! I drink lots of water when I travel. I also love to eat fruits on the road. Thanks for the helpful tips!

  193. 200

    I wear sneakers when flying and take time to explore new airports (its amazing how big some are) during layovers.. it kills time and calories!

  194. 201

    When staying at a hotel without a breakfast included I bring instant oatmeal and peanut butter. You can usually get hot water from the coffee maker to make the oatmeal in your room.

  195. 202

    I always try to bring my own breakfast stuff/hit up the grocery store when I arrive so I can eat a healthy breakfast and usually a pretty healthy lunch… I save my vacation and travel indulgences for dinner!

  196. 203

    I bring Larabars with me EVERYWHERE I go!

  197. 204

    I love Subway! I travel a lot for work, so I try to bring apples and granola bars to keep with me when I get hungry. I also remember to bring my vitamins!

  198. 205

    I make sure to stay hydrated, chose healthy snacks and always exercise! Small indulgences are great but moderation is so much more fulfilling.

  199. 206

    As previously mentioned, I also love compression socks on planes, AND on long car rides – any time I know I’m going to be sitting a lot, really.

  200. 207

    My biggest tip: carry a water bottle to stay hydrated and to ensure you do not mistake thirst for hunger.

  201. 208

    Love all these tips! I’m in australia so can’t enter the competition but hoping some of my other fellow bloggers win :)

  202. 209

    Awesome giveaway! I always pack a little notebook with quick and easy circuit workouts, just in case I don’t have access to a gym….also, lots and lots of easy, healthy snacks!! :)

  203. 210

    I chug water and pack Larabars everywhere I go!

  204. 211

    I’m a big fan of packing my own healthy snacks so I am not tempted by junk at the airport. I also make an effort to get enough sleep while traveling. Nothing makes me feel worse after traveling than being sleep-deprived!

  205. 212

    My favorite thing to do to stay healthy while traveling is walk! I try to explore all by foot if possible. Pack healthy snacks or try to find stores that sell healthy snacks on the road too.

  206. 213

    My favorite thing to do is explore – on foot, on bike … whatever you choose.

  207. 214

    I love to explore the city that I’m visiting and go for a run!

  208. 215

    I always pack a jump rope – even if there is no gym I can still get a great workout!

  209. 216

    The key for me is two fold: explore the city by walking instead of taking cab rides and always bring some baby wipes. They are great for a multitude of reasons when traveling, but especially cleaning your hands.

  210. 217

    I always bring a water bottle and a few nutrition bars with me when I travel.

  211. 218

    I bring water with me EVERYWHERE I go. Sneaking in a few minutes of workouts whenever I can is also another thing I try to do when traveling.

  212. 219

    I always check online about the hotel gym or nearby gyms that may have a new class that I don’t have at my gym. My sneakers are always with me. I also throw a few healthy bars and some fruit in my bag!

  213. 220

    I like to plan trips to places where activity is part of the vacation. . . Like hiking in Colorado!

  214. 221
    Elizabeth says:

    I always bring my running gear with me and do some sightseeing during a morning run – such a fun way to explore!

  215. 222

    I love to run and walk!

  216. 223

    Hi Anne,

    Thanks for the blog post full of great tips!!

    When I travel I always take my skipping rope and scout out the best place to test my balance and enjoy a view!

  217. 224
    Amy Orvin says:

    My favorite way to stay healthy while traveling is to pack healthy snacks to eliminate urges passing fast food joints. Drink plenty of water too. It fills you up.

  218. 225

    So jealous you got to go to FNCE! I went last year and had a blast! Healthy tip for on the go is definitely packing your own snacks and planning to cook some of your own meals if you can instead of eating out all the time.

  219. 226

    I bring my snacks, water bottle & running gear while traveling.

  220. 227

    Hi Anne! I just started following your blog recently (I found you through and have already tried two of your recipes. Thanks for sharing them and all of your great fitness and nutrition tips! When I travel, I also hydrate, take snacks with me, etc. In addition, I try to select healthy options from restaurant menus (as I know that these extra calories can add up when you’re not sticking to your usual diet and exercise routine) and walk as much as possible. Instead of taking mass transit, I try to make it a point to walk those extra few blocks. NYC is a great place for walking — before you know it, you’ve walked those 20 blocks to see Santa at Macy’s!

  221. 229

    Drink lots of water on the plane! And I like to get a quick but sweaty workout in when I arrive (especially if traveling to a different time zone), it really helps with the jet lag!

  222. 230
    Jessica Z says:

    My favorite way to stay fit while traveling is to find healthy options from the area I am visiting.

  223. 231

    Definitely HYDRATE! I always have a water bottle with me!

  224. 232

    We almost always stop at subway when we are on road trips! I also try and get in at least a quick workout most days when I travel.

  225. 233
    Danielle Johnson says:

    Try to get enough sleep! (I always fail.)

  226. 234

    Lots and lots of water and at least a little exercise most days. Always works for me!

  227. 235

    I always try to find a local gym or use my body for resistance training. I also walk whenever possible and drink lots of water!

  228. 236

    I like to plan workouts with friends and integrate them into our plans for our vacation! It’s always fun and definitely a motivator if a friend’s in on it too.

  229. 237

    I Love to run around a new city, and agree it’s the best way to explore! Running around with new scenery helps the time pass much quicker!

  230. 238

    I have a list of “at home” WODs that I use if I can’t make it to the gym. Those are with me when I travel! No equipment necessary!!!

  231. 239
    Catherine P says:

    Like you, my favorite way to stay healthy while travelling is to pack healthy snacks! Otherwise, I’ll hit up Subway!

  232. 240

    On road trips, I always bring a few snacks like almonds and an apple, but not too much or I’ll be tempted to snack the whole car ride!

    I also have a pinterest board full of workouts that I can do without equipment and in a small room to have handy!

  233. 241

    I also bring my water bottle with me everywhere, daily.
    I also make sure I have healthy snacks so things don’t get out of control.
    I like to use apps on my phone for exercises if I can’t run outside or get to a gym! Love my push up & ab apps on my phone!

  234. 242

    My favorite travel snack is raw almonds.

  235. 243

    I always pack healthy snacks to go. That way we aren’t spending money on snacks and we know they are healthy!

  236. 244

    Take fresh fruit & nuts along for a quick snack.
    And keep up your cardio also – you can walk just about anywhere!
    Oh and stop in at a Subway for a healthy meal.
    Thank you.

  237. 245

    My favorite tip is a morning run in the area around the hotel to get a feel for the area.
    And, like you, I always bring an empty Nalgene and fill it up on the other side of security!

  238. 246

    I totally agree with all of your tips, but my true favorite is to pack snacks….definitely helps me stay satisfied between meals. I pack almonds, apples, green tea bags ( because they usually don’t have that in hotel rooms), protein powder with shaker to make a quick smoothie, healthy bars, etc.

  239. 247

    Try to pack as much healthy foods as you can. And bring a few videos to do just in case, you’re
    too busy or don’t like the hotel gym. That should take care of your basic needs. And of course,
    hydrate and sleep.

  240. 248

    If possible, I walk everywhere! I love exploring new cities on foot and just wandering. I also take a piece of fruit to snack on later from continental breakfasts though ;)

  241. 249

    I always try to pack some healthy snacks too!

  242. 250

    I look for running trails near my hotel

  243. 251

    Walk around town and go exploring on foot!

  244. 252

    Love the water bottle idea! I always bring workout clothes when I travel. Having them there helps hold me accountable, there’s nothing worse then coming home and unpacking clean, unused workout clothes. Talk about feeling guilty!

  245. 253

    I bring water and snacks such as Larabars and nuts.

  246. 254

    Walking or running are great ways to explore a new city!

  247. 255

    I use the hotel gym or go for a run outside.

  248. 256

    I always drink tons of water!

  249. 257

    I travel a lot for work. I always make sure to drink plenty of water. I’m also a fan of airborne, if I have been traveling a lot or am feeling extra tired, I take one to ward off any bugs. I also heard once to try and blow the air from the plane directly in front of your face to keep from getting sick on planes. Not sure if its true, but so far if has worked well for me.

  250. 258

    I always wear comfy shoes! I’ve been known to bust out a few moves (jumping jacks, squats, lunges, pushups) during gas stops on a road trip.

  251. 260

    Keep a protein-filled snack (like nuts) and an empty water bottle in your purse!

  252. 261

    This past weekend, we were in D.C. for the Nine Inch Nails concert. We stayed at a B&B in Dupont Circle (which made me think of you and the free yoga). The continental breakfast had a LOT of fruit, thankfully, so after we ate breakfast, I put three pieces and a big bottle of water into my backpack as we were walking down to the monument. It was good to have a small break to people-watch and eat oranges. I had also done some research to have dinner at the Protein Bar, which I was very excited about! I’m still trying to figure out how to be healthier through an airport, but typically know the general calorie counts and healthy combinations needed, so if my only option is a Starbucks, I know what I can get for the right combination of proteins, fats, and carbs!

  253. 263

    I try to either use the hotely gym or find another gym nearby to get a good workout in.

  254. 264

    I always bring healthy snacks like larabars or gnu bars and try to make use of the hotel gym (and love when they offer classes)!

  255. 265

    I love going on runs in new cities. It is such an easy way to explore further distances!

  256. 266
    Jaquise Jones says:

    I pack a cooler full of my favorite healthy snacks and water.

  257. 267

    I try to not splurge on every meal (even though it’s vacation!).

  258. 268

    I always bring healthy snacks with me when I am away.

  259. 269

    If you are able to select you seat before a flight – I recommend the window, it’s easier to sleep and feel “removed” from the crammped airplane environment. However, if you know you will have to use the restroom, the aisle seat may be the better option ;)

  260. 271

    One thing to avoid when traveling is alcohol. Alcohol will leave you dehydrated on long flights or plane rides. It also will disrupt your sleep which is often already off when not in your own bed.

  261. 272

    Thanks for the tips. The one thing I always do when traveling is bring my own water bottle!

  262. 273
    Paige Callahan says:

    I always pack tons of snacks including canned fish, protein powder, oatmeal, popcorn, nuts, bars and always choose to walk and see the area instead of sitting in a car

  263. 274

    Couldn’t agree more with the water tip! I travel every week for work, and I believe this one is key! And staying active, too :)

  264. 275
    Elena Hicks says:

    All your tips are great! But, another important thing to remember is to move around a bit while in a car, plane, train, etc. not just before and after the flight or drive. Wiggling around, a few leg lifts, gentle stretches, and getting out of your seat (in a plane) or car to walk around and shake out your legs prevents blood clots , tightness, and soreness.

  265. 277

    My tip is to find a NEW fun thing to do that is active wherever you are traveling. Find something completely different than your normal routine so it shakes things up!

  266. 278

    I always always always bring bars with me. I can’t count the number of times I have been stuck in an airport or in a plane on the tarmac with nothing to eat. I am a snacker by nature, so not being able to snack is awful for me. The new larabar minis are perfect sized! I also pack resistance bands and hit my favorite websites for resistance band workouts. I can almost always find something and I never travel without my phone so it works out :)

  267. 279

    I hope I’m not too late to enter this giveaway! When I go on trips, I always make sure to pack my vitamins, some stevia, and do a nice abdominal workout every night! :)

  268. 280

    I try to stay active during trips! I always look for a hotel gym when booking hotels :)

  269. 281

    Bring water with you everywhere

  270. 282

    I pack my foam roller!

  271. 283

    I stay healthy on the go by being active as much as possible. I also have healthy snacks in case I can’t find anything good to eat on the go.

  272. 284

    I look for a hotel with a fitness center

  273. 285
    Kate McHugh says:

    While traveling I try to eat a bigger protein packed breakfast and then just eat something small and light like nuts and cheese for lunch. Then I don’t feel too bad about splurging on a nice dinner and a few glasses of wine :)

  274. 286

    I love Subway and try to find Subway on the road when traveling. I will also try to eat as close to normal as possible at restaurants i.e. ordering fish and vegetables v. a burger & fries.

  275. 287

    I try to get in as much walking as possible while traveling, especially if it’s a new area or city I’m visiting as it’s also a great way to see the sights. I visited Italy a few years ago with a friend and it made so much more sense to explore by foot, so I’ve been hooked since then!

  276. 288

    I always use the hotel gym when I’m traveling – I look for hotels with a free one!

  277. 289

    I always hit up the grocery store when I travel for produce and lunch fixings (if needed). Carrots, apples, grapes, oranges, turkey, bread, and nuts are part of my normal haul.

  278. 290

    love to pack my travel snacks and also to get a run wherever i am traveling. great way to see the place and get my exercise in!

  279. 291

    I always fit in time to be active to help me feel better about all the delicious food I eat while traveling.

  280. 292

    To stay healthy while traveling, I always bring plenty of healthy snacks and then hit up a grocery store for more cheap, easy, and healthy meal/snack options during the trip.

  281. 293

    It’s hard when traveling, but I try my best to get at least a reasonable amount of sleep bc when I don’t, I find I catch colds easily while traveling.

  282. 294

    I always try to bring my water bottle with me! I was in Kenya two summers ago and having my own nalgene everywhere I went was literally a lifesaver. Sometimes I forget to empty my water bottle for midday flights though and have to chug like 24oz of water in the security line, lol.

  283. 295

    I always carry around some almonds/almond butter packets and fruit with me! Healthy, portable, and always delicious.

  284. 296
    Janette H. says:

    I love to catch up on some sleep and walk everywhere!

  285. 297

    I totally agree with water. That is my number one for sure!

  286. 298

    When I travel I usually try and take healthy food with me because I do not eat a lot of what my family eats, makes life a lot easier.

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