Hiking in the Puerto Rican Rainforest!

Yesterday, at the recommendation of a bunch of you guys, Matt and I took a trip out to the rainforest to go hiking!


The first stop on our tour was this cool observation tower.



There were gorgeous views of the rainforest and the ocean from the top! 

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Matt’s Droid phone can take panoramic photos — so cool, right?




And then it was time to head into the rainforest itself! We hiked the La Mina Falls trail in El Yunque National Forest.


The rainforest was beautiful — the only other rainforest I’ve been in was when I studied abroad in Australia in 2003! We actually had orientation in the rainforest when we first arrived — it was really cool. Yesterday’s trip brought back some fun memories of that :)

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It was about a 1.25 mile hike to the waterfall and swimming pool. The water was really cold but we were ready for it after the hike!


My camera didn’t enjoy the glaring sunshine as much as we did, boo. I just brought my point and shoot since I was worried about getting my DSLR wet!



It was a great way to spend the day :)

Oh and in other news, I wouldn’t recommend getting into a fight with this tree:


Today is our last day here in San Juan, Puerto Rico :( Sadness! We leave tomorrow a.m. — I’ll be back later with a recap of our last day!


  1. 1

    Awww I love this post! We went to the rainforest and hiked to the waterfall too! TOTALLY worth it and we went in the freezing cold water too!!

  2. 2

    Your trip looks so amazing! We had one of those trees in my yard growing up (in St. Croix) & called it a “monkey no climb tree”….though it wasn’t nearly as massive! Enjoy the rest of your trip!!

    • 3

      I posted before I read your comment, but I was so excited to see someone else know “monkey no climb!” I grew up in St. Thomas.

  3. 4

    I am SWOONING over those palm fronds and sunshine! Not so much that tree though:)

  4. 5

    It looks like ya’ll have had a great trip. Living in Seattle, the sunshine and the beach look amazing! My Spring Break started today, and I can’t wait to have a week off!

  5. 6

    These pictures are so great. Thanks for sharing your vacation with us!

  6. 7

    Awe back so soon! Well at least you got to see a lot! Safe travels back!
    Fun fact: people have tried to take the coqui’s out of PR but they don’t live. They can only survive in PR :)

  7. 8

    I have enjoyed your travel logue …it makes me want to go to PR….
    Safe travels home…needless to say the sky on the east coast hasn’t been quite so blue!

  8. 9

    Oh Anne, those pictures from the top of the tower are breath taking.Were did you change into that bikini? You must have been wearing it under your shorts and top.Thank you for including us in your vacation to Puerto Rico. Loved it.

  9. 11

    Your gorgeous vacation photos have totally been taking me back to my childhood! I grew up on a different island, but we had to go to PR for most of our major medical care. I’m so thrilled you guys have been having a good time!

    That spiky tree is a “money no climb” by the way :)

  10. 12

    what beautiful pictures! and a great way to get some exericise in! haha

  11. 13

    Gorgeous. Reminds me so much of my beloved Hawai’i. Isn’t hiking in lush forest and swimming at the bottom of waterfalls wonderful?!

  12. 14

    Wow Anne, that’s amazing. I love this rainforest. However, the tree is slightly scary… ;-)

  13. 15

    Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures! You guys must be having such a grand time. :D

    Safe trip home!! :D

  14. 16

    Looks awesome! Glad you guys are having a great time!! :)

  15. 17

    can anyone recommend how to pick where to go to hike and do the zipline? i want the hike to be more challenging and athletic so im not sure i want a group tour. we are staying in san juan. please emil me any suggestions you have! thx [email protected]

  16. 18
    Jenn Ziegler says

    Hi there! I just came across this post and am so excited….I live in Alexandria, VA and my boyfriend and I are heading to Puerto Rico in a couple of weeks. We really want to spend a day hiking in the rainforest, but don’t want to do a trip. Your day there looks amazing! Would you be able to recommend something for us? Did you do the hike on your own or a guided tour? We were thinking of getting a cab there and just picking a trail…would you suggest that? Neither of us have been to a rainforest and really want to see all the beauty and waterfalls. Also, what kind of shoes did you wear? He wants to bring our soloman hiking boots, but am wondering if we will really need them. Any suggestions you could give would be greatly appreciated….thanks!!!


    • 19

      Hi Jenn! You will love Puerto Rico! I’m pretty sure we did a guided trip through our hotel for the hike… I don’t remember the name of the company since it was a couple years ago, I’m sorry! I’m sure wherever you’re staying will have recommendations though. The trail we did was nice (the one I named in the post) so you could definitely just take a cab there if you wanted! Normal sneakers would be fine. Have fun!

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