A Photo Journey of San Juan, Puerto Rico (Part 2)!

Miss Part 1? Check that out, first :)


(Click below to see the rest of the photos! As before, didn’t want my homepage to take forever to load.)

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I will end with my new favorite sign:



After walking around all day yesterday exploring and taking photos, Matt and I raced back to our hotel to catch our bus to go night kayaking in one of the famous Puerto Rico bioluminescent bays! Unfortunately we didn’t get any photos since it was pitch black, but it was one of the coolest experiences ever. Kayaking at night was really cool — and kind of scary, too! To get to the bay, we had to kayak through a small channel lined by tropical low hanging trees — it was SO dark and we definitely hit a few of them, lol. Everyone had little lights on their kayaks so we just did our best to follow the leader! We heard a few splashing sounds near us and found out later that apparently the iguanas drop into the water from the trees — eek! I had a fish fly over my feet at one point but thankfully no iguanas fell on us. :) Anyway, the reason the bay is called “bioluminescent” is because there are microscopic plankton that produce light as a defense mechanism to motion (aka a predator). So anytime we dipped our hands into the water and shook them around, or dipped our oars in to row, the water lit up! SO cool. The night sky was really beautiful, too. It was so peaceful being on the water! If you’re ever in Puerto Rico, you have to go night kayaking in a bioluminescent bay :) Thanks to everyone who recommended we do that!

I’ll be back shortly with a recap of today’s adventure — hiking in the rainforest! We swam in waterfalls and it was so much fun.


  1. 1

    You guys are such adventurous vacationers!!

  2. 2

    Looks like so much fun. Enjoy (The city looks very crowded) How is Matt’s sunburned tummy?

  3. 4

    I am glad you are having a blast the water is sooo blueee!

  4. 5

    I was watching an episode of “Off The Map” a few weeks ago, and saw this bio-luminescent bay. I am so happy for you… that you were able to experience something so awesome. I can’t wait to experience it myself!

  5. 6

    Good lord in heaven. I am currently basking in the rays of sunshine being emitted by my computer screen. Puerto Rico is too gorgeous, I am teleporting right now!

  6. 7

    This is total deja vu, my husband and I took a trip to Puerto Rico a few years ago, it was beautiful!! We loved old San Juan! We did the rainforest hike too, LOVED it! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  7. 8

    Your activities sound so fun and I love the picture of the orange kitty!

  8. 9

    We got to experience a bit of PR last year for a weekend before our cruise left out of San Juan. We loved it so much that we are going back in April and were planning on doing the biobay out of Vieques. Since you enjoyed yours so much, which one did you go to?
    Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

    • 10

      Our tour was with Enchanted Island Eco Tours ( and we loved them! It was about 1.5 hours from San Juan. I’ve heard doing the tours out of Vieques is the best though because they let you swim in the bay – plus that island is apparently amazing! We just didn’t have time/money to head out there!

  9. 11

    omg that trip looks so awesome!!!

  10. 12

    I strongly recommend you eat at Marmalade in old San Juan, get reservations.

    Also, you must visit El Yunque. Hike up to the Mt. Britton lookout tower. See for pics.

  11. 13

    Sounds awesome! I wish I could have seen all the marine bioluminescent organisms! :)

  12. 15

    I am catching up on posts and just had to comment on this post — I did the bays when I went to Puerto Rico as a teenager and have been wanting to go back specifically to do it again ever since. I keep telling my boyfriend it is one thing HE HAS TO EXPERIENCE! Amazing right!?

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