I Heart Hiking

Yesterday was so much fun!


Matt is going on a big hiking trip with friends in a few weeks and wanted to break in his new boots, so we headed south about 10 miles to Haw River yesterday for a little hiking along the riverside trails!


We’d never been there before so it was fun to explore. Very peaceful! 

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I loved how this part looked like an infinity pool with the water just dropping off over the dam!


We also found the remains of some fun rope swings and tree forts:




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This close-up photo of a cicada came out SO cool:


That was taken with my point and shoot, too, not my DSLR! I just put it on the macro setting (the little flower) with no flash. (I wrote a post a long time ago about taking better point and shoot photos, btw, check it out!)

At the end of our hike, we settled in for lunch! I packed us a bunch of stuff to enjoy:


Carrots, grapes, and some trail mix — but the real star was this fun quinoa bean & spinach salad!


YUM! I’ll share the recipe tomorrow :)

This was the view we enjoyed along with our lunch:


Check out this awesome panoramic shot Matt got on his phone:


We also had a friend dine with us:


Heh. We couldn’t believe he didn’t run away immediately when we got this photo!

Matt and I spent the rest of the day outside kicking around the soccer ball and relaxing. Such a nice day :)


I’m off to yoga now and then it’s time to start studying once again — my last final exam, Medical Nutrition Therapy, is early tomorrow morning! I’m excited though because right afterward, all the girls and I are heading out for lunch, shopping, and shenanigans. :) We only get the rest of the week off, though; we start back up with summer school/internship stuff next week! Our real break — 3 weeks — is in August.

Have a great day!

p.s. Check out my latest Attune Foods blog post! This one is all about hidden sources of gluten — we did a project in my Medical Nutrition Therapy class this year on this topic and I was SHOCKED at how many places gluten lurks when you wouldn’t expect it. Go check it out! I also share 4 of my favorite gluten free recipes :)


  1. 1

    that hike sounds awesome!!!

  2. 2

    That is a really cool shot (especially considering you took it with your point + shoot) but cicada’s gross me ooooout!

  3. 3

    What beautiful pictures. Sounds like a great way to spend a Sunday :)

    I really liked your gluten-free piece over at Attune – as someone who follows a gluten-free diet I appreciate that there is increased awareness that there are many hidden sources of gluten out there.

  4. 5

    Good luck on your exam!!!

    Gorgeous hike. I can’t wait to go on a hike with my family. Little B is still a bit on the small side for a real hike because he can’t sit in our packs yet. I’m ready to get out there though!

  5. 6

    Hi! I’m a new blog fan. :D GORGEOUS photos!

  6. 8

    I wish we had a lush place to hike in Tampa, it would sure make summer cardio a tad more tolerable!

  7. 9

    What a fun hike! I wish we had critters like that salamander/ lizard guy around here!

  8. 10

    Good luck with the final exam, Anne. And sure looks like a wonderful hike! Loved the old swimming hole! Can’t believe you didn’t swing in!

  9. 12

    Anne, your photography abilities are awesome. Beautiful. I can just see you swinging in to the swimming hole. Good luck on your exams.

  10. 13

    I had my first backpacking overnight ever this weekend, and loved it. Great photos!

  11. 15

    This is amazing! My boyfriend and I just decided to go gluten free as of yesterday!

  12. 16

    I’ve been wanting to go hiking for so long now! Did you ever go hiking in the VA area? I’m on the hunt for a good trail!

  13. 18

    Awesome place to hike! I always enjoy hearing about all your test taking and studying as I’m interested in going back to school for a Masters in Public Health or R.D. And I love that you girls always celebrate these hard tests with some fun shenanigans. That’s how it should be!

  14. 19

    beautiful photos, I could not be happier that nice hiking weather is back :) (I don’t like to go when it’s cold and muddy, I just don’t enjoy it as much.) I live in PA and the scenic hiking trails are actually one of the perks. Plus it’s my pups favorite excercise too.
    Some day I will email you about becoming and RD and ask you a zillion questions…so there’s something to look forward to… (you’ve been warned.)

  15. 21

    Wow, the cicada photo is awesome!!!

  16. 22

    Ahhh, so peaceful!!! Looks like a perfect day :)

  17. 23

    that’s the life of a student! We never really have breaks, do we. Thank god for hiking with our partners!

  18. 24

    Aw looks so amazing!!! :) And such a fun day!

    I’m planning on heading up to Chapel Hill this summer to check out UNC and the MPH- Nutrition program. :)

  19. 26

    The pictures are amazing!! Everything looks so peaceful and calm. I love hiking!

  20. 27

    what a beautiful hike and such amazing photographs!

    I am going to have to try out my point and shoot’s macro setting I didn’t even think to try that. thanks for the tip! :)

  21. 28

    Wow, what a gorgeous lake! I can’t wait for our weather to stop being bi-polar so weekend hikes can become the norm.

  22. 29

    I heart hiking too! Looks like a wonderful day!

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