Trail FAIL.

Guess what? I’m done with Biochem!!!!!!!!!! Well, for now anyway :) We have another harder biochem in the fall and then the spring… bah. But at least I get the summer away from it, haha. The biochem exam wasn’t until noon yesterday (yes, Saturday… weird right?), so I met up with friends Jill and Lindsey for an early morning run to blow off a little steam before the test :)


Lindsey and I decided to introduce Jill to one of our favorite trails nearby where we live. It’s a beautiful one that starts in an open field and then goes along a creek in the woods. Very peaceful!

The run started out well:


And then… this happened:


Um, what?! Since when is this a Copperhead snake reserve?!?!

And since when are their obnoxious “No Trespassing” signs all over the place?! I was just out here with Matt a couple weeks ago and there wasn’t any of this! :(



Bah. There’s a house that backs up to the trail that was for sale for ages, and apparently it has now been purchased by someone who is a huge jerk and doesn’t want to let people run on the trail that goes by their house for 0.2 seconds. Not cool, new person. Not cool. Especially since the trail goes on for miles and miles and that’s near the very beginning of it!

Sadface :(


I’m super bummed since this was my favorite trail that I didn’t have to drive to! Oh, well… guess we need to get creative and find a new one now! :)

We still had a great run though even if it was cut a bit short — we came back into the neighborhood made it 4 miles before calling it quits.


Then it was back to last minute studying before the test! I always make sure to fit exercise into my studying plans since I know I’ll do better if I get some time to de-stress and move a little in between all the sitting. (Check out this post for more of my tips for staying healthy when you’re really busy.) Speaking of, I went to hot yoga again on Friday with Lindsey and it was AWESOME — they actually did more of a power yoga style class since it was a different instructor! Loved it. I ALMOST didn’t go because I was starting to get really stressed about biochem, but having the break definitely helped me to focus better later, as always. :) A good reminder that taking a break can actually be more productive sometimes in the long run!

Anyway, the test yesterday actually went pretty well I think! We’ll see, but I felt okay about it — better than I have after the other tests. I spent the rest of the day enjoying the beautiful weather — Matt and I met his brother Chris and his wife Jess for a leisurely outdoor lunch and then walked around campus some, too. It was SO nice out!

My last final exam is on Tuesday — Medical Nutrition Therapy. It should be hard, but not horrendous. Tomorrow will be dedicated to studying! For now — we have another beautiful day and I’m taking full advantage of it :) Matt and I are going hiking! I’ll be back later with a recap — have a wonderful Sunday!


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    I am in the middle of preparing for finals and this post was just what I needed. I am often tempted to skip my workout because I feel like I should use the time to study. But you are so right, if I workout I end up coming back and being much more productive!

  2. 2

    I’m so happy you took your BioChem exam, I’m sure you did awesome!!!!

    I love today’s blog, you’re hilarious :-)

    I agree working out is very important to continue even during exams….I never missed a workout even with the craziest schedules and deadlines!

    Working out should be “just as important” in your daily routine, as brushing (and flossing!) your teeth.

    Kudos to BioChem… Now go get ‘Em with Nutrition!!!

  3. 3

    Sorry to learn about your favorite nearby trail! But at least you got in 4 miles.

    And congrats on finishing biochem, though an exam on Saturday does sound like cruel and unusual punishment. Bring on the final one…

    Enjoy the hike!

  4. 4

    Congrats on finishing biochem! That class is SO hard that it bet it felt nice to finish up. Have fun hiking!

  5. 5

    Glad you are finished with biochem. I know you did well. We have been seeing a lot of baby snakes around lately, more than usual. It’s spring and they must be hatching. You don’t want to fool around with copperheads.
    Enjoy your hike.

  6. 6

    what a pooey new neighbor! That’s such a letdown, but keep your head up to find something new! runner explorers!

  7. 7
    Kris S says:

    Am I the only one who thinks it is a GREAT idea that someone posted signs??? The last thing you want is a copperhead bite! Yikes!

    • 8

      Haha the snake signs were a very good idea, I agree! We were pissed about all the lame unrelated “no trespassing” signs that new person put up.

  8. 9

    No way about the trail~!! The whole time I was reading this I was saying “no way! why” haha I bet you will find some good trails!
    But at least your done with biomed!! WAHOO!

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